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datechooser(freshmeat) DateChooser DateChooser is a Java class that allows a progr... Télécharger
ldapview(freshmeat) LDAPview LDAPview is a Perl-based framework for doing LD... Télécharger
jgram(freshmeat) jgram jgram is a simple markov-chain library suitable... Télécharger
fileprune(freshmeat) Fileprune Fileprune will delete files from a collection, ... Télécharger
passwords(freshmeat) passwords Passwords is a program that stores passwords an... Télécharger
exact(freshmeat) EXACT EXACT is a program that implements POP-before-S... Télécharger
libtunepimp(freshmeat) TunePimp The TunePimp library is an audio file tagging l... Télécharger
drjava(freshmeat) DrJava DrJava is an integrated Java development enviro... Télécharger
infocentral(freshmeat) InfoCentral InfoCentral is a PHP/MySQL application to track... Télécharger
nekopull(freshmeat) CyberNeko Pull Parser NekoPull is an XML document parsing API that ex... Télécharger
javadbf(freshmeat) JavaDBF JavaDBF is a Java library for reading and writi... Télécharger
spit(freshmeat) Spit Spit is a graphical picture indexing tool. It c... Télécharger
cgoban(freshmeat) CGoban Cgoban (Complete Goban) is a computerized go bo... Télécharger
kupu(freshmeat) Kupu Kupu is a client-side JavaScript What You See I... Télécharger
pbnc(freshmeat) pbnc pbnc runs in userland and acts as a simple TCP ... Télécharger
mpeg2videotools(freshmeat) MPEG-2 Video Tools mpeg2videotools is a C library and set of tools... Télécharger
tjdo(freshmeat) TriActive Java Data Objects TriActive Java Data Objects (TJDO) is an imple... Télécharger
reptor(freshmeat) Reptor Reptor is a utility designed to aid the analysi... Télécharger
jmusic(freshmeat) jMusic jMusic provides a library of classes for genera... Télécharger
bossogg(freshmeat) Boss Ogg Boss Ogg is a server-based Ogg, MP3, and Flac p... Télécharger
fbsuite(freshmeat) Xfbsuite Xfbsuite is a benchmark suite (frontend) for th... Télécharger
dynamator(freshmeat) Dynamator Dynamator solves the server pages maintenance p... Télécharger
pypebbles(freshmeat) PyPebbles PyPebbles is another little Tetris-like game. I... Télécharger
pogserver(freshmeat) PoGPowerServer PoGPowerServer is an advanced server for the on... Télécharger
sdlblock(freshmeat) SDLBlock SDLBlock is a 3d Tetris game, a clone of BlockO... Télécharger
umpl_xmail(freshmeat) UMPL for XmailServer UMPL for XmailServer is a Web frontend for mana... Télécharger
ql(freshmeat) qmail Lazydog qmail Lazydog (previously known as Big Q) is an... Télécharger
phunami(freshmeat) Phunami Phunami is a PHP script that provides nearly-st... Télécharger
trollbridgeauth(freshmeat) TrollBridge TrollBridge is a set of scripts that allows you... Télécharger
dirtywater(freshmeat) Dirty Water Dirty Water is an original MUD server/engine w... Télécharger
dlink-syslog(freshmeat) D-link DI-624 Wireless Router Syslog Utility D-link DI-624 Wireless Router Syslog Utility pu... Télécharger
gaileds(freshmeat) GAI Leds GAI Leds is a GNOME panel applet and a dockapp ... Télécharger
vorbisspi(freshmeat) Vorbis SPI Vorbis SPI is a 100% Java SPI (Service Provider... Télécharger
mjpeg-jpegs(freshmeat) mjpeg-jpegs mjpeg-jpegs is a tool for coverting Motion-JPEG... Télécharger
lals_cue2toc(freshmeat) lals cue2toc Cue2toc is a free program for UNIX systems to c... Télécharger
pysaprfc(freshmeat) Python SAP RFC module The Python SAP RFC module enables programming r... Télécharger
abpd(freshmeat) Allen Bradley PCMK Driver The Allen Bradley PCMK Driver is a PCMCIA modul... Télécharger
cddb2md(freshmeat) cddb2md cddb2md is a tool for automatically setting the... Télécharger
mudsbuilder(freshmeat) mudsbuilder Mudsbuilder is a set of tools for the creation ... Télécharger
gilot(freshmeat) GILoT GILoT is an interpreting and formatting log tai... Télécharger
ulogmonitor(freshmeat) ulog-monitor ulog-monitor is a console program which shows p... Télécharger
pagify(freshmeat) Pagify Pagify is a simple script that removes the cruf... Télécharger
orbit-linc(freshmeat) linc linc is a library that eases the task of writin... Télécharger
otak(freshmeat) Otak Otak provides a visual interface to command lin... Télécharger
web-cyradm(freshmeat) web-cyradm web-cyradm is a Web-based tool to admin the Cyr... Télécharger
hoarescope(freshmeat) Hoarescope Hoarescope helps to prove partial correctness a... Télécharger
happy_parser_generator(freshmeat) Happy parser generator Happy is a parser generator system for Haskell,... Télécharger
myqueryreporting(freshmeat) My Query Report My Query Report is a simple class that generate... Télécharger
tcltp(freshmeat) TclTP TclTP (pronounced "Tickle-Type") is a... Télécharger
standbayemail(freshmeat) StandBayeMail StandBayeMail is a POP3 proxy that classifies m... Télécharger
stat4proftpd(freshmeat) stat4proftpd stat4proftpd is a Perl script (with a console i... Télécharger
bluephone(freshmeat) GNOME BluePhone BluePhone is a bluetooth mobile phone manager f... Télécharger
jbouncer(freshmeat) JBouncer IRC Proxy JBouncer is an implementation of a simple IRC p... Télécharger
comicbot(freshmeat) Comic Bot Comic Bot is an IRC bot based on the PircBot fr... Télécharger
prc-eclipse(freshmeat) prc-eclipse prc-eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that provides ... Télécharger
alienpool(freshmeat) Alien Pool Alienpool is a space-shooter that is similar to... Télécharger
wavtools(freshmeat) WavTools WavTools is a set of simple programs for proces... Télécharger
sysv-rc-conf(freshmeat) sysv-rc-conf sysv-rc-conf gives administrators an easy-to-us... Télécharger
py-iso8211(freshmeat) Python ISO8211 Library This project provides a library written in Pyth... Télécharger
mysqlstress(freshmeat) mysqlstress mysqlstress is small but powerful program in th... Télécharger
filetype(freshmeat) FileType FileType is a file type detection engine writte... Télécharger
xprint(freshmeat) Xprint Xprint is an advanced printing API based on the... Télécharger
cdcd(freshmeat) cdcd cdcd is a CD player which is usable from the co... Télécharger
libcdaudio(freshmeat) libcdaudio libcdaudio is a portable library that provides ... Télécharger
phpmycdarchive(freshmeat) phpMyCdArchive phpMyCdArchive allows users to easily manage an... Télécharger
genecys(freshmeat) Genecys Genecys is a massively multi-player online RPG.... Télécharger
somatic(freshmeat) Somatic Somatic is a generic 3D puzzle solver for soma ... Télécharger
autorpm(freshmeat) AutoRPM AutoRPM is a program that can do any combinatio... Télécharger
imagebackup(freshmeat) ImageBackup ImageBackup is a fully automatic incremental ba... Télécharger
movix(freshmeat) MoviX MoviX is a small Linux distro that transforms y... Télécharger
easypdflib(freshmeat) EASY pdflib The EASY pdflib provides a set of functions and... Télécharger
ascension-email(freshmeat) Ascension Email Ascension is a KDE email client. It supports IM... Télécharger
mailman-pop3d(freshmeat) mailman-pop3d mailman-pop3d provides a POP3 interface to GNU ... Télécharger
lemick(freshmeat) Lemick Lemick is a programming language similar to tra... Télécharger
plm(freshmeat) Patch Lifecycle Manager The Patch Lifecycle Manager (PLM) provides a ce... Télécharger
wikipdf(freshmeat) wiki2PDF wiki2PDF is a collection of scripts to allow on... Télécharger
e2tools(freshmeat) E2tools E2tools is a simple set of utilities for readin... Télécharger
fsheal(freshmeat) FSHeal FSHeal aims to be a general filesystem tool tha... Télécharger
sfc(freshmeat) SoundFontCombi SoundFontCombi takes advantage of the ALSA seq... Télécharger
efax(freshmeat) efax efax is a small ANSI C/POSIX program that sends... Télécharger
e2undel(freshmeat) e2undel e2undel is an interactive console tool that rec... Télécharger
hackndev(sfnet) Hacking and Development Hack&Dev project's goal is to bring Linux t... Télécharger
gqmpeg(freshmeat) GQmpeg GQmpeg is a frontend to various audio players, ... Télécharger
gaibgswitcher(freshmeat) GAI bgswitcher GAI bgswitcher is a dockapp and GNOME 2 panel a... Télécharger
cug(freshmeat) cug Cug is an equation plotter with a heavy emphasi... Télécharger
nab(freshmeat) NAB NAB is a network simulator targeted at wireless... Télécharger
las(freshmeat) Local Area Security Knoppix Local Area Security Knoppix is a 'Live CD' dist... Télécharger
xmms-dvb(freshmeat) XMMS DVB Input Plugin XMMS DVB Input Plugin is a plugin for XMMS for ... Télécharger
bombers60(freshmeat) Bomber Bomber is an award winning game for Nokia Seri... Télécharger
ripe_wrap(freshmeat) ripe_wrap ripe_wrap is a script to view IPv4 declarations... Télécharger
annotateit(freshmeat) AnnotateIt! AnnotateIt! is an open source electronic respon... Télécharger
sancho(freshmeat) sancho sancho is a graphical user interface for P2P co... Télécharger
sntm(freshmeat) Snort Monitor sntm (Snort Monitor) is a Qt-based GUI snort mo... Télécharger
lssbus(freshmeat) lssbus lssbus is a small utility for Linux/SPARC that ... Télécharger
guihelper(freshmeat) GuiHelper GuiHelper is a very simple utility for designin... Télécharger
qpasswd(freshmeat) qpasswd The qpasswd tools are a collection of various t... Télécharger
reformat(freshmeat) reformat reformat reads plain ASCII texts from stdin, re... Télécharger
kmameleon(freshmeat) KMameleon KMameleon is a slick and easy to use KDE XMame ... Télécharger
acpmodem(freshmeat) ACP modem (Mwave) driver This is a set of Linux drivers for the ACP mode... Télécharger
qslimp3(freshmeat) QSlimp3 QSlimp3 is a GUI client for the SlimServer desi... Télécharger

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