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guihelper(freshmeat) GuiHelper GuiHelper is a very simple utility for designin... Télécharger
qpasswd(freshmeat) qpasswd The qpasswd tools are a collection of various t... Télécharger
reformat(freshmeat) reformat reformat reads plain ASCII texts from stdin, re... Télécharger
kmameleon(freshmeat) KMameleon KMameleon is a slick and easy to use KDE XMame ... Télécharger
acpmodem(freshmeat) ACP modem (Mwave) driver This is a set of Linux drivers for the ACP mode... Télécharger
qslimp3(freshmeat) QSlimp3 QSlimp3 is a GUI client for the SlimServer desi... Télécharger
lvs(freshmeat) eLViS: Linux Video Surveillance Linux Video Surveillance (eLViS) provides a use... Télécharger
chorus-wcms(freshmeat) Chorus WebCMS Chorus WebCMS allows the developer to specify ... Télécharger
b_(freshmeat) b. b. is a Web-based manager for bookmarks (which ... Télécharger
pat(freshmeat) PHP Admin Tools PHP Admin Tools (PAT) is a Web application that... Télécharger
warewulf(freshmeat) Warewulf Warewulf is an operating system management tool... Télécharger
enforcer(freshmeat) Enforcer Enforcer is a Linux security module designed to... Télécharger
geximon(freshmeat) geximon geximon is a Gtk2 reimplementation of eximon, a... Télécharger
dicegame_garbage(freshmeat) dicegame_garbage dicegame_garbage is a dice game called garbage.... Télécharger
pkg_db_pl(freshmeat) pkg_db.pl pkg_db.pl generates a pretty-printed HTML list ... Télécharger
audio_burn(freshmeat) audio_burn audio_burn is a commandline audio cd burning ap... Télécharger
bochstools(freshmeat) Bochs-Tools Bochs-Tools is a collection of scripts and prog... Télécharger
fnattlabme(freshmeat) FnattLabME FnattLabME is a port of Fnattlab (a Java-based ... Télécharger
pse(freshmeat) Personal Search Engine Personal Search Engine (PSE) allows a webmaster... Télécharger
uwadv(freshmeat) Underworld Adventures Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate ... Télécharger
mknfonts(freshmeat) mknfonts mknfonts doesn't completely automate the proces... Télécharger
docman(freshmeat) Document Manager Document Manager is a document management syste... Télécharger
anarchist(freshmeat) Anarchist Anarchist is a tactics RPG. It draws heavy infl... Télécharger
spiceplot(freshmeat) spiceplot spiceplot creates graphs from SPICE simulation ... Télécharger
jcalendar(freshmeat) JCalendar The JCalendar library is a set of Java classes ... Télécharger
quizmaster(freshmeat) Quizmaster Quizmaster is a type-oriented quiz program that... Télécharger
midp-emu(freshmeat) MIDP Emulation Layer The aim of MIDP Emulation Layer is to create an... Télécharger
delineate(freshmeat) Delineate Delineate is a tool for converting bitmap raste... Télécharger
ls-dj(freshmeat) LS-DJ LS-DJ is an fm synthesizer with a rudimentary c... Télécharger
hangman_sg(freshmeat) ShiftyGames Hangman ShiftyGames Hangman is a game that challenges y... Télécharger
gnarusfrete(freshmeat) GnarusFrete GnatusFrete is a class that can be used to calc... Télécharger
libexecstream(freshmeat) libexecstream Libexecstream is a C++ library that allows you ... Télécharger
multisync(freshmeat) MultiSync MultiSync is a free modular program to synchron... Télécharger
matplc(freshmeat) MatPLC MatPLC is a software-based PLC (Programmable Lo... Télécharger
zongle(freshmeat) zongle zongle compares the schemas of two PostgreSQL d... Télécharger
logtool(freshmeat) Log Tool Logtool is a syslog file parser, report generat... Télécharger
jwgc(freshmeat) Jabber WindowGram Client The Jabber Windowgram Client is based entirely ... Télécharger
xqbridge(freshmeat) XQuark Bridge XQuark Bridge expands existing relational datab... Télécharger
ndir(freshmeat) NDir NDir is a terminal tool to display the contents... Télécharger
mozilla-bonobo(freshmeat) mozilla-bonobo Mozilla-bonobo is a Netscape-compatible browser... Télécharger
namefind(freshmeat) Name::Find Perl Module Name::Find Perl Module is a Perl module for fin... Télécharger
adoxml(freshmeat) ADOXML This class is meant to execute a SELECT query o... Télécharger
jamesproject(freshmeat) James Project JAMES is a framework which enhance collaborativ... Télécharger
hamcannon(freshmeat) HamCannon HamCannon is a Zope/Plone product for managing ... Télécharger
aiakos(freshmeat) Aiakos Aiakos is an innovative distributed authenticat... Télécharger
qscanq(freshmeat) qscanq qscanq provides a virus-scanning wrapper for qm... Télécharger
lincs(freshmeat) LinCS LinCS (Linux Configuration System) is a config... Télécharger
mp3spi(freshmeat) MP3 SPI MP3 SPI adds MP3 audio format support to the Ja... Télécharger
dbfclass(freshmeat) DBF Class DBF Class extracts database information from a ... Télécharger
gacs(freshmeat) Genetic Algorithm Class Scheduler The goal of the GACS system is to provide acade... Télécharger
svggraph(freshmeat) Ruby SVG::Graph SVG:::Graph is a pure Ruby library for generati... Télécharger
tdbcc(freshmeat) tdbengine Control Center tdbengine Control Center is a Web-based front e... Télécharger
jcetaglib(freshmeat) JCE taglib for JSP JCE taglib is a set of Open Source JSP tags, co... Télécharger
pydbdesigner(freshmeat) PyDBDesigner PyDBDesigner is an entity-relation (ERW) databa... Télécharger
jset(freshmeat) jset JSet is an implementation of the Set board game... Télécharger
weirdx(freshmeat) WeirdX WeirdX is a pure Java X Window System server. W... Télécharger
rsyslog(freshmeat) rsyslog Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd. ... Télécharger
tumbler(freshmeat) tumbler tumbler enables a client to securely tell a ser... Télécharger
mysignupsheet(freshmeat) My Signup Sheet My Signup Sheet is a simple Web-based applicati... Télécharger
tkdesk(freshmeat) TkDesk TkDesk is a graphical file manager for Unix and... Télécharger
updatedd(freshmeat) UpdateDD UpdateDD is a command line tool that updates a ... Télécharger
openhacha(freshmeat) OpenHacha OpenHacha is an implementation of the proprieta... Télécharger
phpnewsgroups(freshmeat) PHPnewsGroups PHPnewsGroups is a Usenet news client written i... Télécharger
phpwebform(freshmeat) phpWebForm phpWebForm is a dynamic form processing script ... Télécharger
simple-multitrack(freshmeat) Simple Multitrack Simple Multitrack is a set of programs that all... Télécharger
towel(freshmeat) Towel Towel is a lightweight program to play audio fi... Télécharger
php-html(freshmeat) HTML Parser for PHP 4 HTML Parser for PHP 4 is an object-oriented par... Télécharger
dact(freshmeat) DACT DACT is a compression tool designed to compress... Télécharger
browse_edit(freshmeat) BrowseEdit This PHP class displays results of MySQL querie... Télécharger
jini_jndi(freshmeat) JINI_JNDI JINI_JNDI is a read-only JNDI Context implement... Télécharger
memodisx(freshmeat) MemoDisx MemoDisx is a Web-based application that catalo... Télécharger
antg(freshmeat) aNTG aNTG (another Network Traffic Grapher) is a PHP... Télécharger
cwplaner_leaque(freshmeat) ClanWar Planner :: Leaque ClanWar Planner::Leaque is a league administrat... Télécharger
mygrid(freshmeat) MyGrid MyGrid is an Open Source grid and grid middlewa... Télécharger
zambeel(freshmeat) Zambeel Zambeel is an e-mail based archiving system tha... Télécharger
camas(freshmeat) CAMAS CAMAS (CAudium Mail Access System) is a Webmail... Télécharger
xmms-iris(freshmeat) xmms-iris xmms-iris is an advanced OpenGL Visualization p... Télécharger
rcsi(freshmeat) RCSI RCSI is a kind of coloured ls for RCS files. It... Télécharger
cctde(freshmeat) Covert Channels and Tunnels Detection Engine CCTDE is designed as an analysis back-end for t... Télécharger
knofault(freshmeat) KNoFault KNoFault is a tool that protects your files wit... Télécharger
geekcredit(freshmeat) Geek Credit Geek Credit is a digital community currency for... Télécharger
ecamegapedal(freshmeat) Ecamegapedal Ecamegapedal is real-time effects processor sof... Télécharger
openim(freshmeat) OpenIM OpenIM is a Java implementation of a Jabber ser... Télécharger
servletspeedster(freshmeat) ServletSpeedster ServletSpeedster is a simple servlet compositio... Télécharger
bobs(freshmeat) Browseable Online Backup System Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a com... Télécharger
sablacklist(freshmeat) sa-blacklist sa-blacklist is a hand-checked list of over 10,... Télécharger
webplan(freshmeat) Webplan Webplan is a small Web tool for resource or shi... Télécharger
x-itools(freshmeat) X-Itools The goal of the X-itools project is to propose ... Télécharger
isotope(freshmeat) isoTope isoTope is a PHP Web application framework that... Télécharger
tapestry(freshmeat) Tapestry Tapestry is a rich, component-based object mode... Télécharger
dchat(freshmeat) Distributed Chat Distributed Chat is a distributed text chat sol... Télécharger
nrobot(freshmeat) NRobot NRobot is an autonomous robot fighting game. In... Télécharger
smm(freshmeat) SaveMyModem SaveMyModem is an anti-spam, email-shaping, and... Télécharger
pnob(freshmeat) PHP News or Weblog PHP News or Weblog is a news management system.... Télécharger
wavsplit(freshmeat) WavSplit WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time p... Télécharger
wmget(freshmeat) wmget wmget lets you run multiple downloads and monit... Télécharger
pycontigviewer(freshmeat) Py_ContigViewer Py_ContigViewer is a contig viewer, a stand alo... Télécharger
wiked(freshmeat) WikEd WikEd is a WikiWiki plugin for the Vim editor. ... Télécharger
kraptor(freshmeat) Kraptor Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game... Télécharger
shanty(freshmeat) Shanty Shanty generates PostScript files from a suppl... Télécharger

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