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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
sabernetdcs(freshmeat) SaberNet DCS SaberNet DCS is enterprise labor data collectio... Télécharger
mailtomutt(freshmeat) MailtoMutt MailtoMutt is a URL helper for the mailto sche... Télécharger
codeseeker(freshmeat) CodeSeeker CodeSeeker is an application level firewall and... Télécharger
spalah(freshmeat) Spalah Flash Spalah Flash is a GTK2/GNOME2 based application... Télécharger
orpheus(freshmeat) Stochastic Orpheus Stochastic Orpheus is lisp code that generates ... Télécharger
pscdcover(freshmeat) PostScript::CDCover PostScript::CDCover generates a Postscript prog... Télécharger
sword(freshmeat) Sword Sword is a general-purpose C++ library which gi... Télécharger
gnown(freshmeat) gnown Gnown is an abstract knowledge management tool.... Télécharger
x-evian(freshmeat) X-Evian X-Evian is a complete Debian-based live CD Lin... Télécharger
trooponline(freshmeat) TroopOnline TroopOnline is an easy-to-use content managemen... Télécharger
shfs(freshmeat) SHFS SHFS (sshfs) is a simple and easy-to-use Linux ... Télécharger
elal(freshmeat) EL Artificial Life EL is an experiment in Artificial Life. It is a... Télécharger
php-syslog-ng(freshmeat) php-syslog-ng php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog... Télécharger
mmsnfs(freshmeat) Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem is... Télécharger
gecko(freshmeat) Gecko Multimedia System Gecko Multimedia System is a complete media sol... Télécharger
xorm(freshmeat) XORM XORM is an extensible object-relational mapping... Télécharger
smarttagfix(freshmeat) SmartTagFix SmartTagFix is a simple utility that fills in ... Télécharger
tcvp(freshmeat) TCVP TCVP is a modular and configurable audio and vi... Télécharger
pdfbarcode(freshmeat) PDFBarcode PDFBarcode is a simple PHP function for adding... Télécharger
pdctl(freshmeat) Pole Display Control Program Pole Display Control Program is a simple progra... Télécharger
gkrellsun(freshmeat) gkrellm Sun Clock gkrellsun is a GKrellM plugin that displays inf... Télécharger
instantrss(freshmeat) instantRSS instantRSS takes an appropriately-"tagged&... Télécharger
ephy-extensions(freshmeat) Epiphany Extensions Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensio... Télécharger
korweblog(freshmeat) KorWeblog KorWeblog is highly customizable PHP/SQL Weblog... Télécharger
libnova(freshmeat) libnova libnova is a general purpose, double precision,... Télécharger
htcheck(freshmeat) ht://Check ht://Check is a link checker derived from ht://... Télécharger
scmnote(freshmeat) Scheme Note Scheme Note is a Scheme-like music file format ... Télécharger
cg_spam_filter_pl(freshmeat) CG_spam_filter.pl CG_spam_filter.pl provides a content filter pro... Télécharger
aping(freshmeat) aping aping is a program for monitoring network hosts... Télécharger
jackit(freshmeat) Jack Audio Connection Kit JACK is a low-latency audio server. It can conn... Télécharger
rulecore(freshmeat) ruleCore The ruleCore Engine is an event-driven rule eng... Télécharger
gcb(freshmeat) gcb gcb is a GTK copy-paste buffer somewhat like xc... Télécharger
pliant-perl(freshmeat) Pliant Perl Binding The goal of the Pliant Perl Binding is to allow... Télécharger
charmap(freshmeat) Charmap Charmap is a powerful character map for the GN... Télécharger
xtopdf(freshmeat) xtopdf xtopdf is a converter of other file formats to ... Télécharger
jupload(freshmeat) J'upload J'upload is an upload applet to use with Web si... Télécharger
gnuwash(freshmeat) GNUWash GNUWash is a configurable GNUstep timer applica... Télécharger
heaplayers(freshmeat) Heap Layers Heap Layers is a template-based infrastructure ... Télécharger
gnommind(freshmeat) gnommind gnommind is a Master Mind game for GNOME. Télécharger
sebseti(freshmeat) sebseti sebseti is a CLI-based work unit manager and ca... Télécharger
tex-fontconfig(freshmeat) tex-fontconfig tex-fontconfig is a script to create, with litt... Télécharger
gaol(freshmeat) gaol Gaol is a C++ library for interval arithmetic. ... Télécharger
rpn(freshmeat) RPN Interpreter A reverse-polish notation shell and interpreter... Télécharger
mstrip(freshmeat) mSTRIP The primary goal of mSTRIP is to be a very simp... Télécharger
zulu_spellchecker(freshmeat) Zulu Spellchecker Zulu Spellchecker is a spellchecker for the Zul... Télécharger
gxanim(freshmeat) GXAnim GXAnim is a GTK+ front-end for the XAnim video ... Télécharger
atedit(freshmeat) A.T.Edit A.T.Edit is a Tcl/Tk-based text editor. It work... Télécharger
noiseclock(freshmeat) noiseclock Noiseclock is a console-based program designed ... Télécharger
pmg(freshmeat) Perl Mail Grabber Perl Mail Grabber (PMG) is yet another POP3 ema... Télécharger
plopfolio(freshmeat) PlopFolio PlopFolio is a free clone of Serence's excellen... Télécharger
noplaylogtools(freshmeat) Noplay’s logtools Noplay's logtools are some scripts for manipula... Télécharger
db_esession(freshmeat) DB_eSession DB_eSession is a feature-packed PHP class that ... Télécharger
rumt(freshmeat) Running Unix Memory Test The goal of RUMT is to check the memory of a co... Télécharger
kderadiostation(freshmeat) KDE Radio Station KDE Radio Station enables easy access to Intern... Télécharger
knoppix64(freshmeat) Knoppix 64 Knoppix 64 is a version of the Knoppix Linux d... Télécharger
apt-axel(freshmeat) Apt-Axel Apt-Axel mixes the power of apt-get and the acc... Télécharger
s3dmesh(freshmeat) s3dmesh s3dmesh is an automatic mesh generation applic... Télécharger
nuiton-js(freshmeat) Nuiton-JS Nuiton-JS aims to help you manage your JavaScri... Télécharger
albumine(freshmeat) Albumine Albumine is a music database program. It treat... Télécharger
communitymapbuilder(freshmeat) Community Mapbuilder The Community Mapbuilder allows users to enter... Télécharger
srvncviewer(freshmeat) Sun Ray VNC Project The goal of the Sun Ray VNC Project is a bridgi... Télécharger
cecid(freshmeat) CECID CECID (The CEnsorship CIrcumvention Device) is ... Télécharger
xmailheaders(freshmeat) xmailheaders xmailheaders is a mail notification utility tha... Télécharger
ldapusertools(freshmeat) UserTools UserTools is a set of utilities for managing us... Télécharger
darpwatch(freshmeat) Darpwatch Darpwatch provides a system for monitoring wid... Télécharger
lcdfun(freshmeat) LCDFun LCDFun is a program that can display all kinds ... Télécharger
gjlv(freshmeat) Java log viewer for GNOME The Java log viewer for GNOME allows browsing l... Télécharger
jmock(freshmeat) jMock jMock is a library for testing Java code using ... Télécharger
jbattleship(freshmeat) JBattleship JBattleship is a network-aware battleship game ... Télécharger
ndns(freshmeat) NDns NDns is a DNS client library written for .NET. ... Télécharger
ircsentinel(freshmeat) Sentinel IRC Services Sentinel provides statistical and operator serv... Télécharger
xlightframe(freshmeat) xLightFrame The Philips LightFrame2 is a technology for TV-... Télécharger
edenmath(freshmeat) EdenMath EdenMath is a scientific calculator that does s... Télécharger
bluelava(freshmeat) BlueLava BlueLava is a Web and WAP (CGI-based) x10 inter... Télécharger
linux-abi(freshmeat) Linux ABI The Linux ABI is a patch to the Linux kernel th... Télécharger
ghextris(freshmeat) Ghextris Ghextris is a Tetris-like game for GNOME 2 with... Télécharger
wl(freshmeat) wl wl is a whitelist/blacklist program for email. ... Télécharger
pain(freshmeat) PAiN PAiN is a new MUD codebase written in Java. It ... Télécharger
libsigc(freshmeat) Libsigc++ libsigc++ implements a full callback system for... Télécharger
jamod(freshmeat) Java Modbus Library jamod is an object oriented Modbus protocol imp... Télécharger
jpegrdf(freshmeat) jpegrdf Jpegrdf reads and manipulates RDF metadata stor... Télécharger
xmail-ctrlclnt(freshmeat) XMail Control Client A Java library to control an XMail server using... Télécharger
gnvisitorinfo(freshmeat) gnVisitorInfo The gnVisitorInfo class gathers some informatio... Télécharger
apt-got(freshmeat) apt-got apt-got is a customizable mirror engine. It wor... Télécharger
jdic(freshmeat) JDIC JDIC (JDesktop Integration Components) makse it... Télécharger
netbsd-ppbus(freshmeat) NetBSD Ppbus Project The NetBSD Ppbus Project aims to remedy some of... Télécharger
movielibrarian(freshmeat) Movie Librarian Movie Librarian is a Web-based movie database t... Télécharger
sh2html(freshmeat) sh2html sh2html is a shell wrapper and awk script that ... Télécharger
pod2ooo(freshmeat) Pod::OOoWriter Pod::OOoWriter is a Perl module that converts t... Télécharger
assp(freshmeat) Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project ... Télécharger
imwheel(freshmeat) imwheel Imwheel makes the wheel of your Intellimouse (a... Télécharger
easytpl(freshmeat) EasyTPL EasyTPL is a PHP class for developing Web pages... Télécharger
jrel(freshmeat) JRel JRel is a Relation manager which aims to be a u... Télécharger
rome-rss(freshmeat) Rome Rome is a set of Atom/RSS Java utilities that m... Télécharger
erni(freshmeat) Erni Erni replaces "su {user} -c {command}"... Télécharger
kshowmail(freshmeat) kShowmail kShowmail is a KDE tool for watching for email ... Télécharger
rlchecker(freshmeat) @1 Reciprocal Link Checker RLC is a tool that performs reciprocal link che... Télécharger
wordfreak(freshmeat) WordFreak WordFreak is a Java-based linguistic annotation... Télécharger
pyatcron(freshmeat) Py@Cron Py@Cron helps desktop users to easily design cr... Télécharger
temerity(freshmeat) Temerity Web Tools Temerity Web Tools is a Perl program to help us... Télécharger

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