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rlchecker(freshmeat) @1 Reciprocal Link Checker RLC is a tool that performs reciprocal link che... Télécharger
wordfreak(freshmeat) WordFreak WordFreak is a Java-based linguistic annotation... Télécharger
pyatcron(freshmeat) Py@Cron Py@Cron helps desktop users to easily design cr... Télécharger
temerity(freshmeat) Temerity Web Tools Temerity Web Tools is a Perl program to help us... Télécharger
delivermaildir(freshmeat) Deliver Maildir Deliver Maildir is a tool that delivers message... Télécharger
streamboxcd(freshmeat) StreamBOX-LiveCD StreamBOX-LiveCD is a KNOPPIX-based boot CD whi... Télécharger
mod_xhtml_neg(freshmeat) XHTML negotiation module This C code module gives the Apache 1.3.x HTTP ... Télécharger
mrwtoppm(freshmeat) Mrwtoppm Mrwtoppm provides a command line utility and a ... Télécharger
jdwglib(freshmeat) jdwglib jdwglib is a Java library for accesing files in... Télécharger
gabadec(freshmeat) Gabadec Gabadec is a .bag file decoder that can be used... Télécharger
libfactory(freshmeat) libfactory++ libfactory++ is a C++ template framework for ru... Télécharger
lzmdb(freshmeat) lzMovieDB lzMovieDB is a PHP/MySQL database script to sor... Télécharger
rdds(freshmeat) Ruby Dynamic DNS Client Ruby Dynamic DNS Client is a highly customizabl... Télécharger
pre_html(freshmeat) Pre_Html Pre_Html is a very simple HTML preprocessor wri... Télécharger
qwtplot3d(freshmeat) qwtplot3d qwtplot3d is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI... Télécharger
cks-dns(freshmeat) DNS-based OpenPGP Keyserver for CryptNET This project is a DNS-based server front-end to... Télécharger
memcheckdeluxe(freshmeat) MemCheck Deluxe MemCheck Deluxe is a memory usage tracker and l... Télécharger
pdmenu(freshmeat) pdmenu Pdmenu is a full screen menuing system for Unix... Télécharger
mconv(freshmeat) Mconv BBS mconv is an Internet BBS modelled after Monochr... Télécharger
xml-ui-viewer(freshmeat) xml-ui-viewer xml-ui-viewer is a simple tool for viewing user... Télécharger
kphotools(freshmeat) KPhoTools KPhoTools is an Image Album generation tool. It... Télécharger
cheetahd(freshmeat) Cheetah Server Cheetah is a very minimal Web server for testin... Télécharger
gl-117(freshmeat) GL-117 GL-117 is an OpenGL- and SDL-based action fligh... Télécharger
wmtheme(freshmeat) wmtheme wmtheme is a Perl program for managing Blackbox... Télécharger
parfparse(freshmeat) PerfParse PerfParse is a tool for analysing the binary p... Télécharger
xlc(freshmeat) X LineControl Client LineControl Clients allow you to remotely contr... Télécharger
rdesktopgui(freshmeat) rDesktopGui rDesktopGui is a frontend to the rdesktop progr... Télécharger
luau-x(freshmeat) Luau-X Luau-X is the X frontend to the Luau auto-updat... Télécharger
kfile-cert(freshmeat) KFile-Cert KFile-Cert is a kfile-plugin for KDE. It offers... Télécharger
libgdamm(freshmeat) libgdamm libgdamm is a set of C++ bindings for the libgd... Télécharger
slinkydetect(freshmeat) Slinky-detect Slinky-detect is a bootable hardware detection ... Télécharger
jst(freshmeat) JSecureTunneling JSecureTunneling is a Java SSH client that is e... Télécharger
arrowheadasp(freshmeat) ArrowHead ASP Server ArrowHead ASP Server is a Java Servlet which su... Télécharger
jchess(freshmeat) VDB Janus Chess VDB Janus Chess is a variant of chess. The tabl... Télécharger
patcheditor(freshmeat) PatchEditor PatchEditor is a simple, easy-to-use patch edit... Télécharger
qico(freshmeat) qico qico is a small, robust mailer (MTA) for FIDO a... Télécharger
hypermail(freshmeat) Hypermail Hypermail 2 is a much enhanced version of the p... Télécharger
htdig(freshmeat) ht://Dig The ht://Dig system is a complete WWW indexing ... Télécharger
prairieengine(freshmeat) The Prairie Engine Prairie Engine is a framework for creating pers... Télécharger
xenintranet(freshmeat) XenIntranet XenIntranet is a modular intranet/extranet solu... Télécharger
gkrellmmailwatch(freshmeat) GKrellM Mailwatch GKrellM Mailwatch is a GKrellM plugin which mon... Télécharger
c2nak(freshmeat) Cocoon 2 NetKernel Adaption Kit The Cocoon Adaption Kit is a NetKernel module w... Télécharger
xbis(freshmeat) XML Binary Infoset Encoding XML Binary Infoset Encoding (XBIS) is an encodi... Télécharger
mzvim(freshmeat) MzVim MzVim is the Vim editor with an embedded MzSche... Télécharger
pyeximon(freshmeat) PyEximon PyEximon is a GNOME monitor and manager for Exi... Télécharger
midirgui(freshmeat) midirgui midirgui is a a simple MIDI router. It routes M... Télécharger
sefa(freshmeat) SEmplici Fatture SEmplici Fatture is a very simple invoice Web a... Télécharger
nxskinner(freshmeat) NXSkinner NXSkinner is a Graffiti and status bar skin cho... Télécharger
jumpnbump(freshmeat) Jump n Bump You, as a bunny, have to jump on your opponents... Télécharger
exult(freshmeat) Exult Exult is an open-source game engine for playing... Télécharger
palmfontconv(freshmeat) PalmFontConv PalmFontConv is a collection of command-line ut... Télécharger
flac2ogg(freshmeat) flac2ogg flac2ogg converts FLAC or shorten files to Ogg ... Télécharger
yawte(freshmeat) YAWTE YAWTE (Yet Another Web Template Engine) is an a... Télécharger
autodir(freshmeat) Autodir Autodir is a tool for creating directories tran... Télécharger
wui(freshmeat) WUI WUI (Web User Interface) is an MVC framework fo... Télécharger
nasbackup(freshmeat) NasBackup NasBackup is a solution for backing up desktop ... Télécharger
phpweather(freshmeat) PHP Weather PHP Weather makes it easy to show the current w... Télécharger
lisppaste(freshmeat) Lisppaste Lisppaste is a fully-featured pastebot that pro... Télécharger
mlpcap(freshmeat) MLpcap MLpcap provides access to all libpcap functions... Télécharger
wmxkb(freshmeat) wmxkb wmxkb shows and controls XKB groups (XFree86 ke... Télécharger
jaron(freshmeat) jaron Jaron is a modularized text mode screen saver. ... Télécharger
qmbtagger(freshmeat) QMBTagger QMBTagger is a Qt-based frontend to the MusicBr... Télécharger
mozillaqs(freshmeat) Mozilla Quickstarter Mozilla Quickstarter is a small utility which r... Télécharger
preprocess(freshmeat) Preprocess Preprocess allows you to write unit-style singl... Télécharger
ical2rss(freshmeat) ical2rss ical2rss converts an iCalendar file to an RSS s... Télécharger
bbg_resources(freshmeat) BBG_resources BBG_resources is a library which provides an ap... Télécharger
remotebox(freshmeat) RemoteBox RemoteBox is a graphical tool which lets you ad... Télécharger
dvdvault(freshmeat) DVD-Vault DVD-Vault is an implementation of a filesystem ... Télécharger
odeiavir(freshmeat) OdeiaVir OdeiaVir intercepts email messages about to go ... Télécharger
lalr1-push(freshmeat) Bison C++ Push-Parser Skeleton Bison C++ Push-Parser Skeleton generates a Push... Télécharger
jzw(freshmeat) JavaZoneWriter JavaZoneWriter is a multi-threaded daemon used ... Télécharger
scr2css(freshmeat) scr2css scr2css allows you to write a screenplay on you... Télécharger
exchange-away(freshmeat) exchange-away exchange-away is a script that assists with the... Télécharger
wormik(freshmeat) Wormik Wormik is an implementation of the classic worm... Télécharger
dsprec(freshmeat) dsprec dsprec reads samples from the /dev/dsp device a... Télécharger
mp3cat_util(freshmeat) mp3cat utility mp3cat reads MP3 files from standard input and ... Télécharger
maildirpop3d(freshmeat) maildirpop3d maildirpop3d offers multiple POP mailboxes (wit... Télécharger
watch_dvb(freshmeat) watch_dvb watch_dvb is a simple script that allows DVB us... Télécharger
phpmp(freshmeat) phpMp phpMp (PHP Music Player) is a Web interface for... Télécharger
getphoto(freshmeat) getphoto getphoto is a tool that lets you get photos fro... Télécharger
gecc(freshmeat) Group Enabled Cluster Compiler The Group Enabled Cluster Compiler (gecc) distr... Télécharger
swfw(freshmeat) Swfw Swfw is a Perl CGI Web generator project. It ge... Télécharger
stickytime(freshmeat) Stickytime Stickytime is a digital clock that also display... Télécharger
calcrogue(freshmeat) CalcRogue CalcRogue is a Rogue-like game in the style of ... Télécharger
srrtp(freshmeat) SR-RTP The SR-RTP library enables real-time streaming ... Télécharger
regwatch(freshmeat) Regwatch Regwatch is a regex-based logfile watcher. It ... Télécharger
jaxlib(freshmeat) JaXLib JaXLib is a library that provides efficient in-... Télécharger
icel(freshmeat) icel.tcl ICEL stands for Interactive Commands for E-Lear... Télécharger
relister(freshmeat) Relister Relister is a curses-based tool which takes a p... Télécharger
cdbdatastore(freshmeat) Constant::datastore Constant::datastore is a C++ class providing ac... Télécharger
cellumat3d(freshmeat) Cellumat3D Cellumat3D is a tool for simulating and explor... Télécharger
m3play(freshmeat) mp3play mp3play is a major mode for emacs to control mp... Télécharger
sqlshout(freshmeat) SQLshout SQLshout is a Shoutcast-compatible streaming so... Télécharger
tivosync(freshmeat) tivosync Tivosync will automatically download shows from... Télécharger
dietrouter(freshmeat) Diet-Router Diet-Router is a Linux router that is small eno... Télécharger
mp3burn(freshmeat) mp3burn mp3burn is a simple command-line tool for makin... Télécharger
libmls(freshmeat) libmls libmls is a library that can be used to measure... Télécharger
123tkshop(freshmeat) 123tkShop 123tkShop is an e-Business framework which allo... Télécharger
sysexxer(freshmeat) SysExxer SysExxer is a tool to send and receive MIDI-Dev... Télécharger
duplexpr(freshmeat) Duplex Duplex is a set of shell scripts (bash) that em... Télécharger

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