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famuko(freshmeat) Famuko Famuko is a little antivirus program for filese... Télécharger
mp3ql(freshmeat) mp3ql mp3ql is a highly customizable tool for browsin... Télécharger
freesb(freshmeat) FreeSB FreeSB is a (service oriented) alternative to h... Télécharger
mount-iso-image(freshmeat) Mount ISO image Mount ISO Image is an advanced script that make... Télécharger
pkgrebuild(freshmeat) pkgrebuild pkrebuild is a tool for rebuild pkg packages. I... Télécharger
makemake(freshmeat) Makemake Makemake.pl generates C/C++ makefiles out of sh... Télécharger
wflogs(freshmeat) WallFire wflogs Wflogs is a firewall log analysis tool. It can ... Télécharger
jsynoptic(freshmeat) JSynoptic JSynoptic is a tool dedicated to rendering info... Télécharger
vexim(freshmeat) Virtual Exim Virtual Exim is a PHP-enabled Web interface for... Télécharger
ehs(freshmeat) Embedded HTTP Server Embedded HTTP Server (EHS) is a C++ class which... Télécharger
pme(freshmeat) PME PME is a C++ wrapper around the PCRE library. ... Télécharger
lesshotspotserv(freshmeat) Less Networks Hotspot Server The Less Networks Hotspot Server is a free WiFi... Télécharger
lpm(freshmeat) Linux from scratch Package Manager LPM, the Linux from scratch Package Manager, pr... Télécharger
cube-osx(freshmeat) Cube-OSX Cube-OSX is an unofficial port of Wouter van Oo... Télécharger
jxl(freshmeat) JExcelApi JExcelAPI allows Java developers to read Excel ... Télécharger
hiercat(freshmeat) hiercat Hiercat is an automatic text classifier that us... Télécharger
kcolors(freshmeat) Kinga's Colors Kinga's Colors is a Java (MIDL1) clone of a gam... Télécharger
librational(freshmeat) libRational libRational provides a C++ class interface arou... Télécharger
pluk(freshmeat) Pluk Pluk is an object-oriented programming language... Télécharger
kim-browser(freshmeat) KDE CIM browser The KDE CIM Browser is a KDE-based frontend to ... Télécharger
news-archive(freshmeat) News::Archive News::Archive is a Usenet news archiving packag... Télécharger
libglfps(freshmeat) libglfps libglfps adds a framerate display to OpenGL ap... Télécharger
gtktetcolor(freshmeat) gtktetcolor gtktetcolor is a GTK+ reimplementation of tetco... Télécharger
nerorip(freshmeat) NeroRip NeroRip is a tool that rips tracks from Nero 5.... Télécharger
msysklogd(freshmeat) msysklogd Msysklogd is a small and simple syslog and kern... Télécharger
qdu(freshmeat) QDU QDU is a graphical disk usage tool. It lets you... Télécharger
pmem(freshmeat) pmem pmem (Process Memory Information) is a small Li... Télécharger
innacl(freshmeat) INN ACL INN ACL is the INN News server with patches for... Télécharger
freestdf(freshmeat) Free STDF The FreeSTDF project is about providing open s... Télécharger
dbixframe(freshmeat) DBIx::Frame DBIx::Frame is an extension of the standard DBI... Télécharger
ldapfs(freshmeat) LDAPfs LDAPfs is pseudo filesystem that provides acce... Télécharger
tcb-mysql(freshmeat) TCB::mysql TCB::mysql is a DBIx::Frame interface to the de... Télécharger
roundhouse(freshmeat) Roundhouse Roundhouse is a modular J2EE application platfo... Télécharger
ipfm2psql(freshmeat) ipfm2psql ipfm2psql is a Perl script to parse the IP Flow... Télécharger
tcb-conference(freshmeat) TCB::Conference TCB::Conference is a DBIx::Frame object written... Télécharger
rivet(freshmeat) Apache Rivet Apache Rivet is a system for creating dynamic W... Télécharger
tacshell(freshmeat) tacshell tacshell is a drop-in replacement for sdshell (... Télécharger
configfile(freshmeat) ConfigFile ConfigFile is a configuration file reader class... Télécharger
cajun(freshmeat) Cajun Cajun is a program that allows you to turn any ... Télécharger
naf(freshmeat) NAF NAF is a set of administration programs for use... Télécharger
krdesktop(freshmeat) krdesktop krdesktop is a KDE (QT3) front-end for rdesktop... Télécharger
librasch(freshmeat) libRASCH Devices for the measurement of signals use diff... Télécharger
nbtstat(freshmeat) nbtstat.pl nbtstat.pl is a simple Perl script that provide... Télécharger
qtella(freshmeat) Qtella Qtella is a client for the Gnet with many usefu... Télécharger
nwr(freshmeat) Net Worm Race Net Worm Race is a highly customizable on- line... Télécharger
stepulator(freshmeat) Stepulator Stepulator is an RPN scientific calculator for ... Télécharger
beautifulsoup(freshmeat) Beautiful Soup Beautiful Soup is a self-contained parser that ... Télécharger
mckoievaluator(freshmeat) McKoi SQL Evaluator McKoi SQL Evaluator is a simple SQL Query tool ... Télécharger
simulacrum_rss(freshmeat) Simulacrum Image Viewer Simulacrum is a Java RSS image aggregator and s... Télécharger
edk(freshmeat) Enhanced Dispositioned Keyboard Enhanced Dispositioned Keyboard consists of a ... Télécharger
warsync(freshmeat) Warsync Warsync (Wrapper Around Rsync) is a server repl... Télécharger
sonix(freshmeat) Sonix SN9C102 based webcam driver Sonix SN9C102 based webcam driver is a driver f... Télécharger
rrs(freshmeat) Reverse Remote Shell rrs is a reverse (connecting) remote shell. Ins... Télécharger
gp32linux(freshmeat) gp32linux gp32linux is a Linux port for the GP32 portable... Télécharger
vnetinfo(freshmeat) Netinfo information collector Netinfo is a IP/MAC address locater for switche... Télécharger
parexec(freshmeat) parexec parexec executes multiple commands in parallel ... Télécharger
gemhun(freshmeat) Gemhun Gemhun is a game in which the player groups tog... Télécharger
logbot(freshmeat) LogBot LogBot is an IRC bot that creates Web-based log... Télécharger
xinabse(freshmeat) xinabse xinabse is a search engine for small to medium-... Télécharger
easyshape(freshmeat) Easy Shape "Easy Shape" is a Web-based frontend ... Télécharger
steelme(freshmeat) steelme steelme is a theme manager for Java Swing progr... Télécharger
raknet(freshmeat) RakNet RakNet is a networking API that is a wrapper f... Télécharger
edoomgaming(freshmeat) EDGE The EDGE (Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine) project... Télécharger
jlguiapplet(freshmeat) jlGuiApplet jlGuiApplet plays any MP3 or M3U loaded from yo... Télécharger
sabernetdcs(freshmeat) SaberNet DCS SaberNet DCS is enterprise labor data collectio... Télécharger
mailtomutt(freshmeat) MailtoMutt MailtoMutt is a URL helper for the mailto sche... Télécharger
codeseeker(freshmeat) CodeSeeker CodeSeeker is an application level firewall and... Télécharger
spalah(freshmeat) Spalah Flash Spalah Flash is a GTK2/GNOME2 based application... Télécharger
orpheus(freshmeat) Stochastic Orpheus Stochastic Orpheus is lisp code that generates ... Télécharger
pscdcover(freshmeat) PostScript::CDCover PostScript::CDCover generates a Postscript prog... Télécharger
sword(freshmeat) Sword Sword is a general-purpose C++ library which gi... Télécharger
gnown(freshmeat) gnown Gnown is an abstract knowledge management tool.... Télécharger
x-evian(freshmeat) X-Evian X-Evian is a complete Debian-based live CD Lin... Télécharger
trooponline(freshmeat) TroopOnline TroopOnline is an easy-to-use content managemen... Télécharger
shfs(freshmeat) SHFS SHFS (sshfs) is a simple and easy-to-use Linux ... Télécharger
elal(freshmeat) EL Artificial Life EL is an experiment in Artificial Life. It is a... Télécharger
php-syslog-ng(freshmeat) php-syslog-ng php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog... Télécharger
mmsnfs(freshmeat) Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem is... Télécharger
gecko(freshmeat) Gecko Multimedia System Gecko Multimedia System is a complete media sol... Télécharger
xorm(freshmeat) XORM XORM is an extensible object-relational mapping... Télécharger
smarttagfix(freshmeat) SmartTagFix SmartTagFix is a simple utility that fills in ... Télécharger
tcvp(freshmeat) TCVP TCVP is a modular and configurable audio and vi... Télécharger
pdfbarcode(freshmeat) PDFBarcode PDFBarcode is a simple PHP function for adding... Télécharger
pdctl(freshmeat) Pole Display Control Program Pole Display Control Program is a simple progra... Télécharger
gkrellsun(freshmeat) gkrellm Sun Clock gkrellsun is a GKrellM plugin that displays inf... Télécharger
instantrss(freshmeat) instantRSS instantRSS takes an appropriately-"tagged&... Télécharger
ephy-extensions(freshmeat) Epiphany Extensions Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensio... Télécharger
korweblog(freshmeat) KorWeblog KorWeblog is highly customizable PHP/SQL Weblog... Télécharger
libnova(freshmeat) libnova libnova is a general purpose, double precision,... Télécharger
htcheck(freshmeat) ht://Check ht://Check is a link checker derived from ht://... Télécharger
scmnote(freshmeat) Scheme Note Scheme Note is a Scheme-like music file format ... Télécharger
cg_spam_filter_pl(freshmeat) CG_spam_filter.pl CG_spam_filter.pl provides a content filter pro... Télécharger
aping(freshmeat) aping aping is a program for monitoring network hosts... Télécharger
jackit(freshmeat) Jack Audio Connection Kit JACK is a low-latency audio server. It can conn... Télécharger
rulecore(freshmeat) ruleCore The ruleCore Engine is an event-driven rule eng... Télécharger
gcb(freshmeat) gcb gcb is a GTK copy-paste buffer somewhat like xc... Télécharger
pliant-perl(freshmeat) Pliant Perl Binding The goal of the Pliant Perl Binding is to allow... Télécharger
charmap(freshmeat) Charmap Charmap is a powerful character map for the GN... Télécharger
xtopdf(freshmeat) xtopdf xtopdf is a converter of other file formats to ... Télécharger
jupload(freshmeat) J'upload J'upload is an upload applet to use with Web si... Télécharger

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