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jetcat(freshmeat) jetcat jetcat is a throughput meter and throttle. It t... Télécharger
kfreedb(freshmeat) KFreeDB KFreeDB is an application for interacting with ... Télécharger
amberfish(freshmeat) Amberfish Amberfish is a general purpose text/XML retriev... Télécharger
tdigs(freshmeat) The Digital Image Gallery System The Digital Image Gallery System (TDIGS) is a s... Télécharger
booklib(freshmeat) BookLib BookLib is software that will help you keep man... Télécharger
sakreble(freshmeat) Sakreble! Sakreble! is a word game based loosely on Scrab... Télécharger
html2php(freshmeat) HTML2PHP API HTML2PHP API is a complete set of classes which... Télécharger
aether(freshmeat) Aether Aether is a wiki-esque CGI script for creating ... Télécharger
kwappen(freshmeat) KWappen KWappen is a colorful KDE3.2 board game. The go... Télécharger
mvideo(freshmeat) MVideo MVideo manages a collection of films It uses a ... Télécharger
httpwebserver(freshmeat) XWeb HTTP Server XWeb is a simple Web server which supports CGI ... Télécharger
automatous_monk(freshmeat) Automatous Monk Automatous Monk is an application that maps cel... Télécharger
rsp(freshmeat) Retargetable Server Pages RSP is a retargetable language for writing port... Télécharger
moyoman(freshmeat) moyoman moyoman is a program that can play Go at the a... Télécharger
earutils(freshmeat) earutils earutils provides utilities for working with J2... Télécharger
multiping(freshmeat) MultiPing MultiPing is a multi-protocol, multi-host, grap... Télécharger
nullabletypes(freshmeat) NullableTypes NullableTypes allows C# developers to assign nu... Télécharger
klat(freshmeat) Klat Klat is a LaTeX editor for KDE. It supports a u... Télécharger
jbinclock(freshmeat) jBinClock jBinClock is a small application displaying a b... Télécharger
gtk2edit(freshmeat) GTK2 Text Editor GTK2 Text Editor is a simple Unicode text edito... Télécharger
divifund(freshmeat) Divifund Divifund is a personal finance program written ... Télécharger
buildtool(freshmeat) Buildtool Buildtool is a set of integrated utilities whic... Télécharger
deep-water(freshmeat) Deep-Water/Linux Deep-Water/Linux is a fully graphical minimalis... Télécharger
simbot(freshmeat) SimBot SimBot is an IRC bot implemented via the Perl O... Télécharger
glimpse-soft(freshmeat) Abhishek's GLIMPSE GLIMPSE is a multi-platform image manipulation ... Télécharger
spuc(freshmeat) SPUC Signal Processing using C++ (SPUC) is a C++ sou... Télécharger
file-butler(freshmeat) file-butler file-butler is a plugin for XChat to serve loca... Télécharger
etv(freshmeat) ETV Personal Video Recorder ETV is a personal video recorder (PVR) especial... Télécharger
xhekys(freshmeat) xhkeys xhkeys allows you to assign an action to any ke... Télécharger
notemeister(freshmeat) Notemeister Notemeister is a note and thought organizer for... Télécharger
md5backup(freshmeat) md5backup md5backup allows users to back up files to anot... Télécharger
ptybuffer(freshmeat) ptybuffer ptybuffer was designed to get rid of screen/exp... Télécharger
gaialbum(freshmeat) GAI Album GAI Album is a Gnome panel applet, wmapplet/doc... Télécharger
jch(freshmeat) Javac Compiler Helper Javac Compiler Helper, is a wrapper for javac ... Télécharger
jcgrid(freshmeat) JCGrid JCGrid is a set of easy-to-use tools for real-w... Télécharger
gplspeedtouch(freshmeat) Speedtouch USB ADSL Drivers The GPL Speedtouch USB ADSL driver is different... Télécharger
nwsmon(freshmeat) NWSMon NWSMon is a utility to monitor and react to wea... Télécharger
trapdoor2(freshmeat) trapdoor2 trapdoor2 allows remote users to execute local ... Télécharger
lzbstatus(freshmeat) lzBNCStatus lzBNCStatus uses a psyBNC process to display us... Télécharger
vrs(freshmeat) The Virtual Rendering System The Virtual Rendering System is a computer gra... Télécharger
regxmaker(freshmeat) RegXmaker RegXmaker is a library and set of utilities for... Télécharger
pbp(freshmeat) Python Browser Poseur Python Browser Poseur (PBP) is a Web test tool... Télécharger
fsearch(freshmeat) FtpSearch FTP spider periodically checks for a registered... Télécharger
icam2(freshmeat) iCam2 iCam2 is a video4linux/imlib2 based application... Télécharger
alb(freshmeat) Alb Alb generates hierarchical, captioned, XHTML 1.... Télécharger
yakuns(freshmeat) yakuns Yakuns is a simple DNS server that can work as ... Télécharger
s10sh(freshmeat) s10sh s10sh is a software utility to download picture... Télécharger
gencore(freshmeat) genCore genCore is a part of GAF (Genetic Algorithms Fr... Télécharger
shenan(freshmeat) SHENAN SHENAN is a customizable ncurses-based C/C++ ID... Télécharger
kwebget(freshmeat) KWebGet KWebGet is a KDE based frontend to wget. It can... Télécharger
kload(freshmeat) kload kload is a kicker applet showing current info a... Télécharger
gtksql(freshmeat) GtkSQL GtkSQL is an interactive query tool for Postgre... Télécharger
atsar(freshmeat) atsar The atsar command can be used to detect perform... Télécharger
tallxslt(freshmeat) TallXSLT The Template Abstraction Layer Library for XSLT... Télécharger
cvshist(freshmeat) CVSHistory CVSHistory is a Web-based tool for browsing CVS... Télécharger
agst0xirc(freshmeat) aEGiS t0xirc t0xirc is a PHP class that enable applications ... Télécharger
filelister(freshmeat) FileLister FileLister is a filesystem indexing tool with a... Télécharger
xname(freshmeat) XName XName is an engine for providing modular Web-ma... Télécharger
mp3roaster(freshmeat) MP3Roaster MP3Roaster is a tool for burning audio CDs from... Télécharger
coverhunter(freshmeat) Cover Hunter CoverHunter will scan your digital music albums... Télécharger
dirwall(freshmeat) dirwall dirwall is a small Linux iptables firewall scri... Télécharger
phpman(freshmeat) phpman phpman is a PHP/MySQL-based system to publish y... Télécharger
lincity(freshmeat) Lincity Lincity is an SVGALIB (Linux only) and X based ... Télécharger
snipscrape(freshmeat) Snipscrape Snipscrape enables you to import pages from one... Télécharger
wpp(freshmeat) WPP WPP is a small perl5 script that allows preproc... Télécharger
kionjb(freshmeat) Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave is a KDE iosl... Télécharger
krang-bricloader(freshmeat) Krang BricLoader The Krang BricLoader add-on allows Krang to loa... Télécharger
fotoon(freshmeat) Fotoon Fotoon is an application that helps users manag... Télécharger
ldapxml(freshmeat) LDAPXML LDAPXML is a set of Java classes that allow yo... Télécharger
sigbrowser(freshmeat) SigBrowser SigBrowser is a GTK+ and OpenGL application tha... Télécharger
fenris(freshmeat) Fenris Fenris is a multipurpose tracer, debugger, and ... Télécharger
uno-darmstadt(freshmeat) UNO-Darmstadt UNO-Darmstadt is a program which allows you to ... Télécharger
bbq(freshmeat) BBQ-CDR BBQ-CDR is a batch burner with queues, a set of... Télécharger
stars-py(freshmeat) Space Time Analysis of Regional Systems STARS is an exploratory data analysis package d... Télécharger
timestamp(freshmeat) GkrellM Timestamp GkrellM Timestamp is a GkrellM plugin that show... Télécharger
fxscintilla(freshmeat) FXScintilla FXScintilla is an implementation of the Scintil... Télécharger
libcli(freshmeat) libcli libcli provides a shared library for including ... Télécharger
javalayerme(freshmeat) JavaLayerME JavaLayerME is the J2ME-oriented version of the... Télécharger
ptimetracker(freshmeat) PTimeTracker PTimeTracker is a small Qt-based program that h... Télécharger
bwentbot(freshmeat) BwentBot BwentBot is an event-driven IRC bot that is com... Télécharger
yafca(freshmeat) Yafca Yafca (Yafca's Another Flash Card Application) ... Télécharger
wsmanager(freshmeat) Desktop Manager Desktop Manager is an easy-to-use virtual deskt... Télécharger
waveblend(freshmeat) waveblend Waveblend is a focus enhancing tool. It impleme... Télécharger
_calc(freshmeat) _calc The calc command may be used to do simple integ... Télécharger
change(freshmeat) change Change is a non-interactive text editor, simila... Télécharger
compare(freshmeat) compare compare is similar to cmp but faster and with b... Télécharger
hac4linux(freshmeat) HAC4Linux HAC4Linux is an application for bicycle compute... Télécharger
butterflyxml(freshmeat) Butterfly XML Editor and IDE The Butterfly XML Editor and IDE is an XML edit... Télécharger
qtnjb(freshmeat) qtnjb qtnjb is a program to transfer MP3s between you... Télécharger
drftpd(freshmeat) Distributed FTP Daemon DrFTPD is an FTP server written in Java. It doe... Télécharger
yaphptodo(freshmeat) Yet Another PHP TODO Yet Another PHP TODO is a simple, Web-based, mu... Télécharger
wet_impostor(freshmeat) Impostor.pl Impostor is a set of IRC services for Wolfenste... Télécharger
logicaldesktop(freshmeat) Logical Desktop LD (Logical Desktop) is a program that allows y... Télécharger
p2pwall(freshmeat) P2Pwall The P2Pwall project aims to provide tools and d... Télécharger
mbcd(freshmeat) MultiBootCD MBCD (MultiBootCD) is a shell script to make a ... Télécharger
wimon(freshmeat) wimon wimon is a curses-based wireless connection mon... Télécharger
arianne(freshmeat) arianne Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to devel... Télécharger
mydhcpgen(freshmeat) MySQL DHCP Generator MyDhcpGen is a small application that allows yo... Télécharger
cses(freshmeat) C# Email Server C# Email Server provides individual SMTP and PO... Télécharger
libreponcal(freshmeat) libreponcal The libreponcal library provides functions to e... Télécharger

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