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javalayerme(freshmeat) JavaLayerME JavaLayerME is the J2ME-oriented version of the... Télécharger
ptimetracker(freshmeat) PTimeTracker PTimeTracker is a small Qt-based program that h... Télécharger
bwentbot(freshmeat) BwentBot BwentBot is an event-driven IRC bot that is com... Télécharger
yafca(freshmeat) Yafca Yafca (Yafca's Another Flash Card Application) ... Télécharger
wsmanager(freshmeat) Desktop Manager Desktop Manager is an easy-to-use virtual deskt... Télécharger
waveblend(freshmeat) waveblend Waveblend is a focus enhancing tool. It impleme... Télécharger
_calc(freshmeat) _calc The calc command may be used to do simple integ... Télécharger
change(freshmeat) change Change is a non-interactive text editor, simila... Télécharger
compare(freshmeat) compare compare is similar to cmp but faster and with b... Télécharger
hac4linux(freshmeat) HAC4Linux HAC4Linux is an application for bicycle compute... Télécharger
butterflyxml(freshmeat) Butterfly XML Editor and IDE The Butterfly XML Editor and IDE is an XML edit... Télécharger
qtnjb(freshmeat) qtnjb qtnjb is a program to transfer MP3s between you... Télécharger
drftpd(freshmeat) Distributed FTP Daemon DrFTPD is an FTP server written in Java. It doe... Télécharger
yaphptodo(freshmeat) Yet Another PHP TODO Yet Another PHP TODO is a simple, Web-based, mu... Télécharger
wet_impostor(freshmeat) Impostor.pl Impostor is a set of IRC services for Wolfenste... Télécharger
logicaldesktop(freshmeat) Logical Desktop LD (Logical Desktop) is a program that allows y... Télécharger
p2pwall(freshmeat) P2Pwall The P2Pwall project aims to provide tools and d... Télécharger
mbcd(freshmeat) MultiBootCD MBCD (MultiBootCD) is a shell script to make a ... Télécharger
wimon(freshmeat) wimon wimon is a curses-based wireless connection mon... Télécharger
arianne(freshmeat) arianne Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to devel... Télécharger
mydhcpgen(freshmeat) MySQL DHCP Generator MyDhcpGen is a small application that allows yo... Télécharger
cses(freshmeat) C# Email Server C# Email Server provides individual SMTP and PO... Télécharger
libreponcal(freshmeat) libreponcal The libreponcal library provides functions to e... Télécharger
jaws(freshmeat) JAWS Project Jaws is a framework and content management syst... Télécharger
knetworkled(freshmeat) KNetworkLED KNetworkLED is a KDE system tray app that basic... Télécharger
sharpigd(freshmeat) SharpIGD SharpIGD is a Linux C# daemon that implements t... Télécharger
pmiw(freshmeat) Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper a clean and simple A... Télécharger
cafeterra(freshmeat) Cafeterra Cafeterra is a message queue-based EAI project ... Télécharger
inetlib(freshmeat) inetlib inetlib is a small and optimized library for wr... Télécharger
wmpeople(freshmeat) WMpeople WMpeople is a GUI (WindowMaker Dockapp) for pee... Télécharger
spfmilter(freshmeat) spfmilter spfmilter is a milter (sendmail mail filter) wh... Télécharger
dbtcp(freshmeat) dbtcp dbtcp is a package of libraries which provides ... Télécharger
pathogenwarrior(freshmeat) Pathogen Warrior Pathogen Warrior is a puzzle game about matchin... Télécharger
imp3sh(freshmeat) imp3sh imp3sh (interactive MP3 shell) is a flexible pl... Télécharger
kissq(freshmeat) Keep It Simple Stock Quote Live Quotes! KISSQ will link to Yahoo's financi... Télécharger
xmms-fc(freshmeat) xmms-fc xmms-fc is an input plugin for XMMS to play bac... Télécharger
jabsync(freshmeat) JabSync JabSync synchronizes the rosters of two or more... Télécharger
iconaradom(freshmeat) Iconara DOM Iconara DOM framework is a Cocoa framework for ... Télécharger
plflow(freshmeat) PL/FLOW PL/FLOW is a workflow engine for Oracle9i writt... Télécharger
gmfsk(freshmeat) gMFSK gMFSK is a multimode HF terminal program that c... Télécharger
sqlline(freshmeat) SqlLine SqlLine is a small console utility for connecti... Télécharger
orion(freshmeat) Orion Orion is a window manager for the X11 windowing... Télécharger
virtual_tour(freshmeat) Virtual Tour Virtual Tour allows an administrator to glue to... Télécharger
gendoc(freshmeat) GenDoc GenDoc (formerly GenDiapo) is an XML Editor bas... Télécharger
chorddb(freshmeat) ChordDB ChordDB is a Web-based database front-end for k... Télécharger
ocan(freshmeat) oCAN oCAN is a device driver for the Intel 82527 CA... Télécharger
gnomesword(freshmeat) Xiphos Xiphos (formerly GnomeSword) is a Bible study t... Télécharger
echelonlinux(freshmeat) Echelon Linux Echelon Linux is a Linux distribution designed ... Télécharger
twind(freshmeat) Twin Distress Twin Distress is a game in which the object is ... Télécharger
platen(freshmeat) Platen Platen is a Java library for working with Movab... Télécharger
bilda(freshmeat) bILDA The bILDA project consists of a specialized ope... Télécharger
logtime(freshmeat) lt lt is a simple, fast command-line perl script i... Télécharger
qazoo(freshmeat) Qazoo Qazoo is a Yahoo! instant messenger client for ... Télécharger
pkdump(freshmeat) pkdump pkdump detects TCP and UDP port scans and conn... Télécharger
ifactory(freshmeat) iFactory iFactory is an OpenGL-accelerated image manipul... Télécharger
xenomorph(freshmeat) Xenomorph Image Processor Xenomorph is a floating-point image processor b... Télécharger
netbeep(freshmeat) netBeep netBeep is a collection of Perl scripts that en... Télécharger
webkalk(freshmeat) WebKalk WebKalk is a Web-based enterprise resource plan... Télécharger
swh-plugins(freshmeat) SWH Plugins SWH Plugins are a set of audio plugins for the ... Télécharger
lutz(freshmeat) Lutz Lutz is a fast and small stealth port scanner, ... Télécharger
lattekom(freshmeat) LatteKOM LatteKOM is a LysKOM client library. The projec... Télécharger
gg--(freshmeat) GG++ GG++ is a Linux console Gadu Gadu client that i... Télécharger
utf8script(freshmeat) UTF8Script UTF8Script provides an additional binary format... Télécharger
mmkc(freshmeat) MultiMedia Keyboard (+Mouse) Controller MultiMedia Keyboard Controller is a project tha... Télécharger
elementals(freshmeat) Elementals Elementals is a project to build elementals. It... Télécharger
imdispatch(freshmeat) IMDispatch IMDispatch is a Perl script that closely emulat... Télécharger
epkg(freshmeat) epkg epkg is a package manager which uses the Encap ... Télécharger
amh(freshmeat) apt-method-https apt-method-https is an HTTPS (SSL)-capable meth... Télécharger
mw(freshmeat) MidWay MidWay is a service request broker. It provides... Télécharger
ninive(freshmeat) Ninive Ninive is an XML socket server. It accepts TCP ... Télécharger
utest(freshmeat) utest utest is a C++ library that facilitates unit te... Télécharger
xmlresume(freshmeat) XML Resume Library The XML Resume Library is an XML and XSL based ... Télécharger
colorize(freshmeat) colorize colorize reads text files or the standard input... Télécharger
cmicwiki(freshmeat) CmicWiki Based on UseMod wiki, CmicWiki has a lot of fea... Télécharger
rowo(freshmeat) Robotworld Robot World aims to be a distributed physical e... Télécharger
ginsuginsu(freshmeat) Ginsu Chat Client Ginsu is a client for the Gale chat system. It ... Télécharger
script4rss(freshmeat) script4rss Some news Web sites don't work with RSS feeds y... Télécharger
ksocrat(freshmeat) KSocrat KSocrat is the simple English/Russian and Russi... Télécharger
zphoto(freshmeat) zphoto zphoto is a Web/Flash-based zooming photo album... Télécharger
lease-parser(freshmeat) Lease Parser Lease Parser saves lease states from an ISC DHC... Télécharger
mlautosearch(freshmeat) MLAutosearch MLAutosearch is a shell script which is good fo... Télécharger
xmlrpc-c-palm(freshmeat) Xmlrpc-c-palm Xmlrpc-c-palm is a partial port of the Xmlrpc-C... Télécharger
jzuul(freshmeat) JZuul JZuul is a text adventure and interactive ficti... Télécharger
dhcpdman(freshmeat) DHCPDman DHCPDman is a Python/PyGTK project providing a ... Télécharger
mi2e(freshmeat) Mobile i2e Mobile i2e is a MIDP adaptation of the Linux tr... Télécharger
yawikiphp(freshmeat) Yawiki PHP Yawiki is a powerful Wiki system for collaborat... Télécharger
text_wiki(freshmeat) Text_Wiki The Text_Wiki package allows you to transform t... Télécharger
apachejetspeed(freshmeat) Apache Jetspeed Apache Jetspeed is an Enterprise Information Po... Télécharger
nvram-wakeup(freshmeat) NVRAM WakeUp NVRAM WakeUp can read and write the WakeUp time... Télécharger
gfxindex(freshmeat) GFXIndex GFXIndex creates thumbnails (small representati... Télécharger
phpmyblacklist(freshmeat) phpMyBlacklist phpMyBlacklist is a collection of documents and... Télécharger
obliquid(freshmeat) obliquid Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building gr... Télécharger
capitalizer(freshmeat) Capitalizer Capitalizer is a MiddleCapsHack work-alike that... Télécharger
jweather(freshmeat) jweather jweather is a Java library for parsing raw weat... Télécharger
portsman(freshmeat) Ports Manipulator Ports Manipuator is a graphical ports collectio... Télécharger
jaffa(freshmeat) Jaffa Jaffa (Java Application Framework For All) is a... Télécharger
beatforce(freshmeat) BeatForce BeatForce is a computer DJing system, with two ... Télécharger
snowpath(freshmeat) Snow Path Formation Simulator Snow Path Formation Simulator is a program that... Télécharger
vector3d(freshmeat) Tcl Vector 3d Tcl Vector 3d is a C-level extension to acceler... Télécharger
kbioritmi(freshmeat) KBioritmi KBioritmi is a biorhythm generator for KDE. It ... Télécharger

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