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beatforce(freshmeat) BeatForce BeatForce is a computer DJing system, with two ... Télécharger
snowpath(freshmeat) Snow Path Formation Simulator Snow Path Formation Simulator is a program that... Télécharger
vector3d(freshmeat) Tcl Vector 3d Tcl Vector 3d is a C-level extension to acceler... Télécharger
kbioritmi(freshmeat) KBioritmi KBioritmi is a biorhythm generator for KDE. It ... Télécharger
kdigest(freshmeat) KDigest KDigest is a program to check and create digest... Télécharger
pyaudioplay(freshmeat) PyAudioPlay PyAudioPlay is a set of Python classes that tie... Télécharger
neopop-sdl(freshmeat) NeoPop-SDL NeoPop-SDL is the SDL port of NeoPop, a portabl... Télécharger
odmrd(freshmeat) odmrd odmrd is a server for the "On Demand Mail-... Télécharger
skijump(freshmeat) Open Ski Jumping Open Ski Jumping is a ski jumping simulation ga... Télécharger
bclock(freshmeat) BClock BinClock is a program which shows the system ti... Télécharger
bontmia(freshmeat) Bontmia Bontmia is a network-based backup tool that sav... Télécharger
qgamma(freshmeat) qgamma qgamma lets you customize the gamma correction ... Télécharger
linuxk8055(freshmeat) k8055 k8055 is a sample program to use the Velleman K... Télécharger
dwi(freshmeat) DWI DWI, Data With Interaction, is an Object-to-Rel... Télécharger
securediary(freshmeat) Secure Java Diary Secure Diary is a Java application that uses th... Télécharger
bbla(freshmeat) Big Brother Log Analyzer The Big Brother Log Analyzer (BBLA) is package ... Télécharger
cooledit(freshmeat) Cooledit Cooledit is a text editor for the X Window Syst... Télécharger
antjmx(freshmeat) Ant JMX Tasks With the integration of JMX into the core of th... Télécharger
phpautogallery(freshmeat) phpAutoGallery phpAutoGallery is an auto-indexing image galler... Télécharger
jammod(freshmeat) jammod jammod is a program which loads a Linux kernel ... Télécharger
timbiriche(freshmeat) Timbiriche Timbiriche is a traditional dots-and-boxes penc... Télécharger
remotewap(freshmeat) RemoteWAP RemoteWAP is a remote administration tool for m... Télécharger
pdfmap(freshmeat) PDFMap PDFMap is a command line tool and Python librar... Télécharger
mass(freshmeat) Mass This is a work in progress game where you contr... Télécharger
libbsl(freshmeat) libbsl libbsl (Basic System Library) is a powerful, ea... Télécharger
jpunit(freshmeat) JpUnit JpUnit is a direct port of the JUnit unit testi... Télécharger
japha(freshmeat) Japha Japha is an effort to implement the major funct... Télécharger
plugger(freshmeat) plugger Plugger is a multimedia plugin for Unix Netscap... Télécharger
strutsdoc(freshmeat) StrutsDoc StrutsDoc is an Ant task that generates JavaDo... Télécharger
jesktop(freshmeat) Jesktop Jesktop is a desktop system written in Java tha... Télécharger
phpshop(freshmeat) phpShop phpShop is a PHP-based e-commerce application. ... Télécharger
storyboard(freshmeat) Storyboard Storyboard is a simple 3D graphic editor where ... Télécharger
kiss4lin(freshmeat) kiss4lin kiss4lin is a Linux server for the PC-Link feat... Télécharger
hermeswos(freshmeat) Hermes HERMES is a Web application framework designed ... Télécharger
3dfb(freshmeat) 3dFB 3dFB is a 3D file manager and browser. 2D file ... Télécharger
mapacman(freshmeat) mapacman mapacman (multiplayer arianne pacman) is a mult... Télécharger
pyle(freshmeat) pyle PyleWiki is a WikiClone written entirely in Pyt... Télécharger
shalvideo(freshmeat) shalvideo shalvideo allows you to program the TV recordin... Télécharger
tcoo(freshmeat) The Community OpenORB The Community OpenORB is a fork of OpenORB that... Télécharger
zmeter(freshmeat) zmeter zmeter is a serial interface for the RadioShack... Télécharger
gnome-pkgtool(freshmeat) gnome-pkgtool gnome-pkgtool is a GTK+/GNOME front-end to Slac... Télécharger
sunself(freshmeat) Sun Self Self is an object oriented programming language... Télécharger
ftpproxy(freshmeat) ftpproxy ftp.proxy is an application level gateway for F... Télécharger
gtams(freshmeat) GTAMSAnalyzer GTAMSAnalyzer is a qualitative data analysis sy... Télécharger
lcdnetstat(freshmeat) LCDNetstat LCDNetstat is a program that displays the TCP/I... Télécharger
gosiege(freshmeat) Go Siege Go Siege is a transformation of the ancient Chi... Télécharger
php_db2util(freshmeat) php_db2util php_db2util is a module that extends PHP with m... Télécharger
rpcalc(freshmeat) rpCalc rpCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notation... Télécharger
skopje(freshmeat) Skopje Skopje is a collection of small utility classes... Télécharger
vibodev(freshmeat) ViboDev ViboDev (formerly opDeveloper) is a multiple-fi... Télécharger
qgonki(freshmeat) Qgonki Qgonki is a small tool for converting Polish le... Télécharger
condict(freshmeat) Condict Condict is a program for creating dictionaries.... Télécharger
hymn(freshmeat) hymn hymn (Hear Your Music aNywhere) makes it possib... Télécharger
cl-fmod(freshmeat) CL-FMOD CL-FMOD is a set of Common Lisp bindings to FMO... Télécharger
slashmanager(freshmeat) slashManager slashManager is a fast file manager for Unix sy... Télécharger
kablam(freshmeat) KaBlam KaBlam is a non-linear text editing tool that b... Télécharger
dtmfkit(freshmeat) DTMFkit DTMFkit is an application to decode or encode D... Télécharger
config2xml(freshmeat) config2xml config2xml is a shell script that creates an XM... Télécharger
sloccount(freshmeat) SLOCCount SLOCCount is a suite of programs for counting p... Télécharger
dsmcc-mhp-tools(freshmeat) dsmcc-mhp-tools dsmcc-mhp-tools is a collection of utilities fo... Télécharger
asciireportstoopenofficespread(freshmeat) Republic Republic enables old-style computer reports (fo... Télécharger
exibomb(freshmeat) ExiBomb Mail ExiBomb is a system designed to monitor email t... Télécharger
acftools(freshmeat) ACFTools ACFTools is a utility for manipulating X-Plane ... Télécharger
jrobin(freshmeat) JRobin JRobin is a 100% pure Java replacement for Tobi... Télécharger
x3dtoolkit(freshmeat) X3DToolKit X3DToolKit is a portable C++ toolkit for loadin... Télécharger
rcomics(freshmeat) rComics rComics is a versatile comic fetcher that does... Télécharger
glimmer(freshmeat) Glimmer Glimmer is an all-purpose programmer's editor f... Télécharger
audiotag(freshmeat) Audiotag Audiotag is a command line tool for ID3/Ogg tag... Télécharger
txt2xhtml(freshmeat) txt2xhtml txt2xhtml is a plain text to XHTML converter. I... Télécharger
quarters(freshmeat) Quarters Board Game Quarters is a strategy game for two players. Al... Télécharger
hermes-imaging(freshmeat) Hermes Imaging Hermes provides various image processing tasks.... Télécharger
wp-extended(freshmeat) WP-eXtended WP-eXtended is a fork of the WordPress blogging... Télécharger
selfdhcp(freshmeat) selfDHCP selfDHCP is a utility to automatically detect a... Télécharger
html2db(freshmeat) html2db html2db.xsl converts an XHTML source document i... Télécharger
pywordnet(freshmeat) PyWordNet PyWordNet is a Python interface to the WordNet ... Télécharger
gmailarchiver(freshmeat) GMail Archiver GMail Archiver is a tool for archiving IMAP, mb... Télécharger
bff(freshmeat) bff Moderately optimizing BF interpreter (bff) is a... Télécharger
j-po(freshmeat) Java Picture Organizer Java Picture Organizer lets users build collect... Télécharger
hexedit(freshmeat) hexedit hexedit displays, edits, and searches files and... Télécharger
dvb-scripts(freshmeat) dvb-scripts dvb-scripts is a set of scripts that form a ver... Télécharger
sdltk(freshmeat) SDLTk SDLTk is a generic widget library that uses ima... Télécharger
fpoc(freshmeat) Fingerprint-POC Fingerprint-POC is a fingerprint matching appli... Télécharger
testimony(freshmeat) Testimony Testimony is a tool to send data files to the c... Télécharger
cute(freshmeat) CUTE User-friendly Text Editor CUTE is a text editor, based on Qt and Scintill... Télécharger
cryptomail(freshmeat) CryptoMail CryptoMail is an end-to-end secure email system. Télécharger
capivm(freshmeat) CVM CVM is the CAPI Voice Mail System, and it is de... Télécharger
batchgimp(freshmeat) batchgimp batchgimp is a batch processor for rendering of... Télécharger
bdisc(freshmeat) Bdisc Bdisc is a Web-based software suite to organiz... Télécharger
tintware(freshmeat) Tintware Tint is a string substitution language; it is i... Télécharger
bitchxmms(freshmeat) bitchxmms bitchxmms is a script for BitchX users that lik... Télécharger
phpfootball(freshmeat) PHPFootball PHPFootball is football management software. It... Télécharger
mysqlradiusd(freshmeat) mysqlRadiusd mysqlRadiusd is a RADIUS daemon based on the 1... Télécharger
philtron(freshmeat) Philtron Philtron is a proxomitron-like filtering HTTP p... Télécharger
pdm(freshmeat) PHP Backup Maker PHP Backup Maker (PDM) is a smart PHP backup so... Télécharger
cipe(freshmeat) CIPE CIPE (Crypto IP Encapsulation) is an ongoing pr... Télécharger
ctw(freshmeat) CurseTheWeather CurseTheWeather is a console weather forecast p... Télécharger
bdiff(freshmeat) Binary diff utility bdiff is a simple and small program to do what ... Télécharger
phosphofind(freshmeat) PhosphoFind PhosphoFind locates and quantifies phosphorylat... Télécharger
gtk123(freshmeat) gtk123 gtk123 is a frontend for mpg123, mpg321, and ot... Télécharger
document(freshmeat) document document is an XML vocabulary for source code d... Télécharger

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