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yafm(freshmeat) YaFM YaFM is a Web-based file manager. It allows you... Télécharger
antmeat(freshmeat) AntMeat AntMeat is a task for the Apache Ant build tool... Télécharger
templatethis(freshmeat) TemplateThis TemplateThis is a PHP templating system used to... Télécharger
inmf(freshmeat) Intelligent Network Management Framework Intelligent Network Management Framework allows... Télécharger
xiron(freshmeat) xiron xiron is a rapid development framework to build... Télécharger
j2megl(freshmeat) Java 2 Micro Edition Game Library J2MEGL is a highly customizable library to spee... Télécharger
nius(freshmeat) Node Interactive Use Scheduler NIUS allows reservation of Linux and Unix nodes... Télécharger
emailsoap(freshmeat) emailsoap emailsoap is a Sendmail Milter designed to alte... Télécharger
onejar(freshmeat) One-JAR One-JAR is a simple solution to the problem of ... Télécharger
soap-stone(freshmeat) Soap-Stone Soap-Stone is a Java network benchmark tool whi... Télécharger
upics(freshmeat) MicroPics MicroPics is a GNOME applet displays a thumbnai... Télécharger
mpak(freshmeat) Mongoose Package Manager The Mongoose Package Manager is a full featured... Télécharger
psinib(freshmeat) Perl Snapshot Is Not Incremental Backup Perl Snapshot Is Not Incremental Backup backs u... Télécharger
asteriskapplescripts(freshmeat) Asterisk AppleScripts Asterisk AppleScripts is a set of clickable app... Télécharger
ports-explorer(freshmeat) Ports Tree Explorer Ports Tree Explorer is a small tool that allows... Télécharger
yawp(freshmeat) Yawp Yawp is a single-file rapid application develop... Télécharger
imgsizer(freshmeat) imgsizer imgsizer is a generator for HTML IMG tags' widt... Télécharger
jdbctester(freshmeat) JDBC Tester JDBC Tester is a software that allows you to pr... Télécharger
nafe(freshmeat) NAFE nafe (Not Another Font Editor) is a tool to con... Télécharger
cidentd(freshmeat) Custom Ident Daemon The cidentd program is written for people who w... Télécharger
sign(freshmeat) sign sign is a file signing and signature verificati... Télécharger
wfic(freshmeat) WDMédia Flash IRC Client WDMédia Flash IRC Client (WFIC) is a Flash IRC ... Télécharger
argh(freshmeat) Argh! Argh! is an esoteric programming language in th... Télécharger
phpcast(freshmeat) PHPCast: A PHP mp3 streamer PHPCast is a PHP script that "emulates&quo... Télécharger
ascent(freshmeat) Ascent Ascent is a comprehensive asset management syst... Télécharger
pinegpg(freshmeat) PINE.GPG PINE.GPG is a PINE message filter for interfaci... Télécharger
dtaus(freshmeat) dtaus dtaus contains a library that can read and writ... Télécharger
bouncer(freshmeat) Bouncer Bouncer is an IRC session manager that can shar... Télécharger
peace(freshmeat) PEACE PEACE is a set of programs to run Win32 applica... Télécharger
drbs(freshmeat) distributed replicated blob server This software is a distributed replicated blob ... Télécharger
jdip(freshmeat) jDip jDip is an adjudicator and mapping program for ... Télécharger
glsee(freshmeat) glsee GLsee is a fast OpenGL image viewer for new NVi... Télécharger
slackmore(freshmeat) slack*more Slack*more installs and secures Slackware Linux... Télécharger
collabrex(freshmeat) Collabrex Collabrex is a Web-based system that makes it ... Télécharger
asteriskassistantsosx(freshmeat) Asterisk Assistants Asterisk Assistants is a suite of Assistants (&... Télécharger
apt_indicator(freshmeat) APT Indicator APT Indicator is a small applet that looks like... Télécharger
jootemplates(freshmeat) JooTemplates JooTemplates is a Java library to dynamically g... Télécharger
etherpuppet(freshmeat) Etherpuppet Etherpuppet is a small program for Linux that w... Télécharger
ex(freshmeat) OSSP ex OSSP ex is a small ISO-C++ style exception hand... Télécharger
cpsskins(freshmeat) CPSSkins CPSSkins allows you to create cross-platform th... Télécharger
mysql-cocoa(freshmeat) MySQL Cocoa project The MySQL Cocoa project provides a standard MyS... Télécharger
maxmediamanager(freshmeat) Max Media Manager Max Media Manager is an ad server based on phpA... Télécharger
draconiautomation(freshmeat) DRACONi Automation DRACONi Automation aims to be a home automation... Télécharger
porrog(freshmeat) Porrog Porrog is a Rogue-like game with the traditiona... Télécharger
ftpcopy(freshmeat) ftpcopy ftpcopy is a small mirror-like utility to copy ... Télécharger
source-navigator(freshmeat) Source-Navigator Source-Navigator is a source code analysis tool... Télécharger
gcb-globalclipboard(freshmeat) Global Clipboard Global Clipboard allows users to easily copy an... Télécharger
nodemap(freshmeat) Internode Nodemap Internode Nodemap is a network visualization to... Télécharger
canny(freshmeat) Canny Canny is a template library for Ruby. Its templ... Télécharger
glirnath(freshmeat) Glirnath The Glirnath is a Web utility to browse and pla... Télécharger
x10web(freshmeat) X10dev GUI This Java Client demonstrates the simplicity of... Télécharger
kokogut(freshmeat) Kokogut Kokogut is a compiler of the Kogut programming ... Télécharger
vcf(freshmeat) Visual Component Framework The Visual Component Framework is a cross platf... Télécharger
tsclassic(freshmeat) tinysofa classic server tinysofa classic server is a small, fast and se... Télécharger
phpmms(freshmeat) phpMMS phpMMS is a Web-based frontend for XMMS. It all... Télécharger
skystreets(freshmeat) SkyStreets SkyStreets is a remake of the old DOS game Skyr... Télécharger
twindb(freshmeat) TwinDB TwinDB is an embedded key/value database based ... Télécharger
gtweakui(freshmeat) gTweakUI gTweakUI is a collection of extra preference di... Télécharger
unirewriter(freshmeat) Unicode Rewriter Unicode Rewriter is a tool that converts ID3 ta... Télécharger
onlineorganizer(freshmeat) MyOrgBook MyOrgBook is an Open Source online organizer ... Télécharger
psgml(freshmeat) PSGML PSGML is a GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGM... Télécharger
records(freshmeat) Online Journal (Records Mode for Emacs) Records allows Emacs users to keep an online pe... Télécharger
htmltidy(freshmeat) HTML Tidy HTML TIDY is a free utility to fix mistakes mad... Télécharger
gnake(freshmeat) Gnake Gnake is a Nibbles-like game for the console. I... Télécharger
picocom(freshmeat) picocom picocom is a minimal dumb-terminal emulation pr... Télécharger
asparaginoscomicviewer(freshmeat) Asparagino's Comic Viewer Asparagino's Comic Viewer is a minimal applicat... Télécharger
confstore(freshmeat) confstore Confstore is a configuration backup utility. It... Télécharger
narc(freshmeat) NARC NARC (Netfilter Automatic Rules Configurator) i... Télécharger
xmlmp(freshmeat) xmlmp xmlmp facilitates authoring of Unix manpages us... Télécharger
bannerfilter(freshmeat) BannerFilter BannerFilter is a redirect script for the Squid... Télécharger
bie(freshmeat) BIE BIE (Business Integration Engine) is an open so... Télécharger
gspeedstep(freshmeat) gspeedstep gspeedstep is a small GTK tool that allows you ... Télécharger
esound(freshmeat) esound EsounD mixes multiple digitized audio streams a... Télécharger
daemon(freshmeat) daemon daemon turns other processes into daemons. Ther... Télécharger
movix2(freshmeat) MoviX2 MoviX2 is a small Linux distro that transforms ... Télécharger
m3uniq(freshmeat) m3uniq m3uniq removes duplicates from m3u (Winamp) pla... Télécharger
qvv(freshmeat) QVV The QVV image viewer is targeted for keyboard u... Télécharger
crasm(freshmeat) crasm crasm is a portable assembler for 6800, 6801, 6... Télécharger
spinneret(freshmeat) Spinneret Spinneret is a structured storage engine that c... Télécharger
elmo(freshmeat) elmo Elmo is a feature-rich console mail client for ... Télécharger
avsap(freshmeat) avsap avsap is a powerful, flexible, and complete fin... Télécharger
libtholoura(freshmeat) libtholoura libtholoura is a text-image distortion library,... Télécharger
ct48fb(freshmeat) C&T 65548 fbdev driver This is a framebuffer driver for the Linux 2.4.... Télécharger
wdfink(freshmeat) WDFink? WDFink? is a GUI wrapper for the Fink project. ... Télécharger
makerpm(freshmeat) makerpm.pl makerpm.pl automatically builds an RPM or PPM p... Télécharger
synclair(freshmeat) Synclair Synclair is a command-line tool for diffing and... Télécharger
cdmp3(freshmeat) cdmp3 cdmp3 uses cdparanoia or cdda2wav to extract si... Télécharger
lavaps(freshmeat) lavaps LavaPS is an interactive process-tracking progr... Télécharger
xephyrus-jst(freshmeat) Xephyrus Java Simple Template Engine The Java Simple Templates Engine provides an ea... Télécharger
kahenbook(freshmeat) kahenbook Kahenbook is a simple, easy-to-use guestbook. ... Télécharger
stonx(freshmeat) STonX StonX is an Atari ST emulator for X. It support... Télécharger
midea(freshmeat) midea Midea is a robust C string API set with regex ... Télécharger
oligopoly(freshmeat) Oligopoly Oligopoly is a Monopoly-like game as a Java app... Télécharger
tabatha(freshmeat) Tabatha Tabatha is a GTK2 popup menu for tablet PCs, ha... Télécharger
up2dateiso(freshmeat) up2dateiso up2dateiso is a program that creates current CD... Télécharger
itm_libxml(freshmeat) IT/m libxml IT/m libxml provides the required class and fr... Télécharger
recap(freshmeat) ReCaP ReCaP (Remote Copy and Paste) is a piece of sof... Télécharger
dndskan(freshmeat) DndSkan DndSkan is an helper for developers that want t... Télécharger
uschedule(freshmeat) uschedule uschedule is a job scheduler aimed to replace c... Télécharger
ccs(freshmeat) Console Configuration Suite The Console Configuration Suite will be a set o... Télécharger

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