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raddy(freshmeat) RADDY RADDY is a project that supports Rapid Applicat... Télécharger
javapsionlink(freshmeat) Java Psion Link Java Psion Link (JPL) is intended to be a cross... Télécharger
yumtk(freshmeat) yumtk yumtk is a GUI front-end for yum, the Yellow do... Télécharger
swm(freshmeat) Small Window Manager sWM (the Small Window Manager) provides a very ... Télécharger
jscsseditor(freshmeat) jsCSSEditor jsCSSEditor is a Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) edi... Télécharger
logictree(freshmeat) logictree logictree solves propositional formulas and tri... Télécharger
gpg-remote(freshmeat) gpg-remote gpg-remote allows cleartext signing of remote d... Télécharger
tkhangman(freshmeat) TkHangman TkHangman is a cute Tcl/Tk version of the clas... Télécharger
came(freshmeat) camE camE is a Webcam grabber designed for video4lin... Télécharger
helpmeict(freshmeat) HelpmeICT HelpmeICT provides support team help desk func... Télécharger
ecgnosis(freshmeat) Electrocardiognosis Electrocardiognosis is a software package desig... Télécharger
wmdrawer(freshmeat) wmDrawer wmDrawer is a dockapp which provides a drawer (... Télécharger
quadros(freshmeat) QuadrOs QuadrOs is Tetris and Pentix clone, with multip... Télécharger
web2mail(freshmeat) web2mail web2mail is a small SMTP mail server that fetch... Télécharger
knuckle_cracker(freshmeat) knuckle cracker knuckle cracker includes a tool that compares t... Télécharger
fiacvi(freshmeat) File Activity Viewer File Activity Viewer opens a file, shows the la... Télécharger
popselect(freshmeat) Popselect Popselect is a tool to manage a POP 3 mailbox. ... Télécharger
chroniclelite(freshmeat) Chronicle Lite Chronicle Lite provides a friendly blogging cli... Télécharger
tanky(freshmeat) Tanky Tanky is a tank shooting game with old-school g... Télécharger
3ddepthsort(freshmeat) 3D depth sort This project is a 3D depth sort implementation ... Télécharger
bhpos(freshmeat) BananaPos BananaPos is point of sale system that consists... Télécharger
maverix(freshmeat) Maverix Maverix is an AOLserver module that implements ... Télécharger
zipdiff(freshmeat) zipdiff The zipdiff tool compares the contents of two z... Télécharger
ksetispy(freshmeat) KSetiSpy KSetiSpy is a KDE utility that monitors the pro... Télécharger
ipac-ng(freshmeat) IPAC-NG IPAC-NG is the iptables/ipchains-based IP accou... Télécharger
condorcet_dd(freshmeat) Condorcet with Dual Dropping Condorcet with Dual Dropping is a ranking syste... Télécharger
superalbum(freshmeat) SuperAlbum SuperAlbum is a Java-based digital photo album ... Télécharger
popdns(freshmeat) POP3 DNS updater popdns is a small daemon that aims at simplifyi... Télécharger
cogdb(freshmeat) Cog Object Database Cog is the Checkpointed Object Graph object dat... Télécharger
phpfriendly(freshmeat) phpFriendlyAdmin phpFriendlyAdmin is a remote database managemen... Télécharger
zonenotify(freshmeat) zonenotify This program sends zone change notify messages ... Télécharger
comment(freshmeat) Comment Comment is a command line directory context no... Télécharger
mulimidix(freshmeat) Mulimidix Mulimidix is a mini Linux distribution for buil... Télécharger
gaipal(freshmeat) GAI Pal GAI Pal is a dockapp and GNOME 2 panel applet t... Télécharger
edi4j(freshmeat) EDI4J EDI4J is a toolkit to read, write and translate... Télécharger
cutemarks(freshmeat) CuteMarks CuteMarks is a cute little bookmark manager for... Télécharger
newuser(freshmeat) newuser "newuser" is a program which provides... Télécharger
looper(freshmeat) LooperNG LooperNG is an intelligent event routing daemon... Télécharger
zgc(freshmeat) Zope Group Calendar The Zope Group Calendar is an effort to create ... Télécharger
bchunk(freshmeat) bchunk bchunk, an Unix version of the BinChunker utili... Télécharger
lisodsp(freshmeat) lisodsp lisodsp is a multi-open device driver for Linux... Télécharger
icam(freshmeat) Independent Coffeeshop Access Manager ICAM is a Web application which provides a user... Télécharger
zapmultiplayer(freshmeat) ZAP Multiplayer ZAP is a team-based Internet multiplayer game w... Télécharger
vesta(freshmeat) Vesta Vesta is an advanced system for source code con... Télécharger
nekodtd(freshmeat) CyberNeko DTD Converter NekoDTD is a configuration that parses Document... Télécharger
jor(freshmeat) JOR JOR is a lightweight Java Object Relation mappi... Télécharger
sysinit(freshmeat) sysinit Sysinit is a system-initialization scheme for u... Télécharger
yaffa(freshmeat) YAFFA YAFFA is an SFTP/FTP application and filemanage... Télécharger
rsmf(freshmeat) RSMF RSMF is a simple Apache log analyzer framework ... Télécharger
sec(freshmeat) Simple Event Correlator SEC (Simple Event Correlator) is an event corre... Télécharger
cafe-linux(freshmeat) CAFE Linux CAFE Linux (Class And Functionality Enumerator ... Télécharger
php-orbit(freshmeat) PHP-ORBit PHP-ORBit is a PHP4 module which can be used to... Télécharger
libsharedmime(freshmeat) Shared Mime Library A library for reading freedesktop.org's shared ... Télécharger
ojb(freshmeat) ObJectRelationalBridge ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) is an Object/Relat... Télécharger
sourceidliberty(freshmeat) SourceID Liberty SourceID Liberty is a Java implementation of th... Télécharger
stegnate(freshmeat) stegnate stegnate is a program to hide data in BMPs or W... Télécharger
rsanetcat(freshmeat) RSANetcat RSANetcat is somewhat like the netcat tool, but... Télécharger
ldbc(freshmeat) Liberty Data Base Connectivity Liberty Data Base Connectivity is a JDBC driver... Télécharger
ttrk(freshmeat) tektracker ttrk (tektracker) is a console MIDI sequencer w... Télécharger
j-titan-gs(freshmeat) TitanGS Java TitanGS Java is a project to create a game base... Télécharger
cash2me(freshmeat) Cash2ME Cash2ME is a J2ME midlet that keeps track of ex... Télécharger
mwlib(freshmeat) mwlib mwlib is a homepage framework which provides ev... Télécharger
imappserver(freshmeat) SDBA Revolution SDBA Revolution is an open-source architecture ... Télécharger
dd2(freshmeat) Dodgin' Diamond 2 Dodgin' Diamond 2 is a little shoot-'em-up arca... Télécharger
rtldi(freshmeat) rtldi rtldi is an ELF program interpreter that makes ... Télécharger
util-vserver(freshmeat) util-vserver util-vserver is a Linux virtual server utility ... Télécharger
cpuspeedy(freshmeat) Cpuspeedy Cpuspeedy allows you to change the clock speed ... Télécharger
scoop(freshmeat) Scoop Scoop is a database-backed weblog management sy... Télécharger
jetcat(freshmeat) jetcat jetcat is a throughput meter and throttle. It t... Télécharger
kfreedb(freshmeat) KFreeDB KFreeDB is an application for interacting with ... Télécharger
amberfish(freshmeat) Amberfish Amberfish is a general purpose text/XML retriev... Télécharger
tdigs(freshmeat) The Digital Image Gallery System The Digital Image Gallery System (TDIGS) is a s... Télécharger
booklib(freshmeat) BookLib BookLib is software that will help you keep man... Télécharger
sakreble(freshmeat) Sakreble! Sakreble! is a word game based loosely on Scrab... Télécharger
html2php(freshmeat) HTML2PHP API HTML2PHP API is a complete set of classes which... Télécharger
aether(freshmeat) Aether Aether is a wiki-esque CGI script for creating ... Télécharger
kwappen(freshmeat) KWappen KWappen is a colorful KDE3.2 board game. The go... Télécharger
mvideo(freshmeat) MVideo MVideo manages a collection of films It uses a ... Télécharger
httpwebserver(freshmeat) XWeb HTTP Server XWeb is a simple Web server which supports CGI ... Télécharger
automatous_monk(freshmeat) Automatous Monk Automatous Monk is an application that maps cel... Télécharger
rsp(freshmeat) Retargetable Server Pages RSP is a retargetable language for writing port... Télécharger
moyoman(freshmeat) moyoman moyoman is a program that can play Go at the a... Télécharger
earutils(freshmeat) earutils earutils provides utilities for working with J2... Télécharger
multiping(freshmeat) MultiPing MultiPing is a multi-protocol, multi-host, grap... Télécharger
nullabletypes(freshmeat) NullableTypes NullableTypes allows C# developers to assign nu... Télécharger
klat(freshmeat) Klat Klat is a LaTeX editor for KDE. It supports a u... Télécharger
jbinclock(freshmeat) jBinClock jBinClock is a small application displaying a b... Télécharger
gtk2edit(freshmeat) GTK2 Text Editor GTK2 Text Editor is a simple Unicode text edito... Télécharger
divifund(freshmeat) Divifund Divifund is a personal finance program written ... Télécharger
buildtool(freshmeat) Buildtool Buildtool is a set of integrated utilities whic... Télécharger
deep-water(freshmeat) Deep-Water/Linux Deep-Water/Linux is a fully graphical minimalis... Télécharger
simbot(freshmeat) SimBot SimBot is an IRC bot implemented via the Perl O... Télécharger
glimpse-soft(freshmeat) Abhishek's GLIMPSE GLIMPSE is a multi-platform image manipulation ... Télécharger
spuc(freshmeat) SPUC Signal Processing using C++ (SPUC) is a C++ sou... Télécharger
file-butler(freshmeat) file-butler file-butler is a plugin for XChat to serve loca... Télécharger
etv(freshmeat) ETV Personal Video Recorder ETV is a personal video recorder (PVR) especial... Télécharger
xhekys(freshmeat) xhkeys xhkeys allows you to assign an action to any ke... Télécharger
notemeister(freshmeat) Notemeister Notemeister is a note and thought organizer for... Télécharger
md5backup(freshmeat) md5backup md5backup allows users to back up files to anot... Télécharger
ptybuffer(freshmeat) ptybuffer ptybuffer was designed to get rid of screen/exp... Télécharger

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