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xtpl4py(freshmeat) XTemplate4Python XTemplate4Python is a Python port of PHP XTempl... Télécharger
operbot(freshmeat) OperBot OperBot is an IRC bot that provides /ctcp INVIT... Télécharger
poogle(freshmeat) Poogle Poogle is a POP3 proxy for Gmail. Items in your... Télécharger
multigate(freshmeat) MultiGate MultiGate is a multi-function security gateway ... Télécharger
tps(freshmeat) TransparentPreparedStatement TransparentPreparedStatement is a class that pr... Télécharger
linux-igd(freshmeat) The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project The Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device Project ... Télécharger
phplayersmenu(freshmeat) PHP Layers Menu PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical DHTML menu sy... Télécharger
yajoglb(freshmeat) YAJOGLB YAJOGLB (Yet Another Java OpenGL Binding) allow... Télécharger
groovestry(freshmeat) Groovestry Groovestry integrates the Groovy scripting lang... Télécharger
mod-auth-plain(freshmeat) mod_auth_plain mod_auth_plain implements authentication routin... Télécharger
elbot(freshmeat) ELBot ELBot is a automated character (a "bot&quo... Télécharger
fench(freshmeat) fEncH fEncH is a fast and simple, yet hard to crack ... Télécharger
loaf(freshmeat) LOAF LOAF (List Of All Friends) is an extension to e... Télécharger
kstella(freshmeat) KStella KStella is a KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emu... Télécharger
highlnk(freshmeat) HighLnk HighLnk is a hard-linking tool, which scans the... Télécharger
sharpwebmail(freshmeat) SharpWebMail SharpWebMail is an ASP.NET webmail application.... Télécharger
openupsd(freshmeat) OpenUPSd OpenUPSd is a UPS monitoring daemon for some Be... Télécharger
e-xmms(freshmeat) E-xmms E-xmms is a Enlightenment epplet that interface... Télécharger
icewmcp(freshmeat) IceWM Control Panel IceWM Control Panel is a full-featured, GTK-bas... Télécharger
icepref2(freshmeat) IcePref2 IcePref2 is an updated, overhauled, improved, a... Télécharger
icewm-td(freshmeat) IceWM Theme Designer IceWM Theme Designer is an intuitive program f... Télécharger
icesoundmanager(freshmeat) Ice Sound Manager Ice Sound Manager was designed to ease the mana... Télécharger
gtkpccard(freshmeat) GtkPCCard GtkPCCard is an application for managing PC car... Télécharger
phrozenclock(freshmeat) PhrozenClock PhrozenClock is a Gtk-based clock application, ... Télécharger
gib_(freshmeat) GNOME Iconset Builder GIB is a tool which takes an existing icons/ima... Télécharger
helene(freshmeat) Helene Helene is a Web-based text editor with syntax h... Télécharger
guile-alsaplayer(freshmeat) guile-alsaplayer guile-alsaplayer is a set of guile bindings for... Télécharger
rulz_net(freshmeat) Rulz.NET Rulz.NET is an extension to C#. It brings the b... Télécharger
rioutil(freshmeat) rioutil rioutil is a utility designed for the use of in... Télécharger
qpopper-mrtg(freshmeat) Qpopper-mrtg Qpopper-mrtg is a script to generate qpopper st... Télécharger
phpfotolog(freshmeat) phpFotolog phpFotolog is a PHP/MySQL script that mimics th... Télécharger
mckoidb(freshmeat) Mckoi SQL Database Mckoi SQL Database is a full featured SQL-92 re... Télécharger
outlook2ical(freshmeat) Outlook2Ical outlook2ical is a simple Perl script that conve... Télécharger
xeuphoric(freshmeat) Xeuphoric Xeuphoric is a port of Euphoric, Fabrice Francè... Télécharger
quasi(freshmeat) Quasi Quasi is a Python shell which supports pluggabl... Télécharger
alienblaster(freshmeat) alienblaster alienblaster is an action-loaded 2D arcade shoo... Télécharger
qmptombox(freshmeat) qmptombox qmptombox converts QuickMail Pro files to mbox ... Télécharger
macy(freshmeat) MaCy MaCy is a cybercafe administration system. It f... Télécharger
jammr(freshmeat) Jam Jam is a make(1) replacement that makes buildin... Télécharger
bbiso(freshmeat) bbiso bbiso is a shell script used to build a CD imag... Télécharger
tritag(freshmeat) TriTag TriTag helps you to get a clear MP3 collections... Télécharger
ibank(freshmeat) IBank IBank is an image message board featuring forum... Télécharger
earth3d(freshmeat) Earth3D Earth3D visualizes the earth in realtime in a 3... Télécharger
itramp(freshmeat) iTramp iTramp is a small personal accounting applicati... Télécharger
codeprinter(freshmeat) CodePrinter CodePrinter is a tiny utility to print out sour... Télécharger
fam-ruby(freshmeat) FAM-Ruby FAM-Ruby provides FAM bindings for Ruby. Télécharger
xmms-ruby(freshmeat) Xmms-Ruby Xmms-Ruby provides XMMS bindings for Ruby. Télécharger
pycrash(freshmeat) PyCrash PyCrash is a run-time exception dumper which h... Télécharger
apctl(freshmeat) apctl A simple command line sound player based on gui... Télécharger
airportstatus(freshmeat) AirportStatus AirportStatus is a gtkmm2 program that can mon... Télécharger
smindexer(freshmeat) Simple Media Indexer Small Media Indexer is a small and easy applica... Télécharger
xbashserv(freshmeat) XBashServ XBashServ is program to help run and manage com... Télécharger
phpcoder(freshmeat) PHPCoder PHPCoder is a Web-based frontend to the Turck M... Télécharger
webgres(freshmeat) webgres webgres is a Web interface to PostgreSQL. It is... Télécharger
lost-tips(freshmeat) Linux-One-Stanza-Tips LOST is a project born to enable passive diss... Télécharger
tnmud(freshmeat) tnMUD tnMUD is MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) server writte... Télécharger
avsomat(freshmeat) avsomat Avsomat is a variable star astronomy framework.... Télécharger
foo(freshmeat) Wireless strength monitor foo is a small ncurses-based program for monito... Télécharger
freeswan(freshmeat) Linux FreeS/WAN Linux FreeS/WAN provides IPSEC (IP Security, wh... Télécharger
atarisio(freshmeat) AtariSIO AtariSIO is a Linux kernel driver module plus a... Télécharger
tpb(freshmeat) ThinkPad Buttons ThinkPad Buttons makes it possible to bind prog... Télécharger
prologia-i18n(freshmeat) Prologia-I18N Prologia-I18N allows easy internationalization ... Télécharger
lockout(freshmeat) Lockout Lockout is a tool for slackers that browse the ... Télécharger
kludge3d(freshmeat) kludge3d Kludge3d is a simple 3D model editor in the spi... Télécharger
ourtunes(freshmeat) ourTunes ourTunes is an itunes client/browser. It allows... Télécharger
gfccore(freshmeat) GFC-Core The GTK+ Foundation Classes is a set of integra... Télécharger
gfcui(freshmeat) GFC-UI The GTK+ Foundation Classes is a set of integra... Télécharger
qamoose(freshmeat) QaMoose QaMoose is an English/Arabic user-defined dicti... Télécharger
bicon(freshmeat) BiCon BiCon is a tool which allows the usage of Arabi... Télécharger
sysmonlog(freshmeat) sysmonlog Sysmon is a CPU and network status monitoring a... Télécharger
capo(freshmeat) CaPo CaPo is a simple redirector for Squid which is ... Télécharger
allin1(freshmeat) Allin1 Allin1 is a little dock applet for FluxBox and ... Télécharger
javadictd(freshmeat) JavaDICTD JavaDICT is a server for the DICT protocol (RFC... Télécharger
q-mail-max-rcpt-patch(freshmeat) Q-Mail Max Rcpt Patch Q-Mail Max Rcpt Patch allows you to set a limit... Télécharger
cpmanager(freshmeat) Complex Project Manager Complex Project Manager is a project planing an... Télécharger
webrary(freshmeat) Webrary Webrary is a virtual library able to catalog it... Télécharger
pyml(freshmeat) Pyml Pyml is a Python-based HTML preprocessor in the... Télécharger
dbxml-core(freshmeat) dbXML dbXML is a Native XML Database (NXD). NXDs are ... Télécharger
kdar(freshmeat) KDE Disk archiver KDE Disk archiver is a disk-based archiving and... Télécharger
stp(freshmeat) Scalable Test Platform The Scalable Test Platform provides a test fra... Télécharger
gsquery(freshmeat) gsQuery gsQuery is a PHP library that allows you to que... Télécharger
pcrepp(freshmeat) PCRE++ PCRE++ is a C++ wrapper-class for PCRE library ... Télécharger
slashheadlines(freshmeat) PHP SlashHeadlines Class PHP SlashHeadlines Class is a class to grab he... Télécharger
enlightenment(freshmeat) Enlightenment Enlightenment is a themeable, fast, flexible, a... Télécharger
tithumb(freshmeat) tiThumb tiThumb is a lightweight image viewer with thum... Télécharger
galoisfieldarithmeticlibrary(freshmeat) Galois Field Arithmetic Library The Galois Field Arithmetic Library is a simple... Télécharger
image_gis(freshmeat) PEAR::Image_GIS PEAR::Image_GIS provides a parser for the most ... Télécharger
leads4web(freshmeat) leads4web leads4web is a customizable, multilingual, Web-... Télécharger
icecc(freshmeat) IceWM Control center The IceWM Control Center allows you to run vari... Télécharger
pyopenglchess(freshmeat) 3D Python OpenGL Chess Game 3D Python OpenGL Chess Game is a normal chess ... Télécharger
puredata(freshmeat) PureData PD (Pure Data) is a real-time graphical program... Télécharger
gridflow(freshmeat) GridFlow GridFlow is a plugin for PureData, Ruby, and jM... Télécharger
downlets(freshmeat) Downlets Downlets provides scripts for automatic downloa... Télécharger
xswm(freshmeat) eXtreme Speed Window Manager XSWM is a minimalist window manager based on ev... Télécharger
platypuswiki(freshmeat) Platypus Wiki Platypus Wiki is an enhanced Wiki Wiki Web with... Télécharger
calendar(freshmeat) Szado's Calendar Szado's Calendar is a simple Java calendar. Télécharger
mondtag(freshmeat) Mondtag Mondtag is a lunar calendar. It calulates the l... Télécharger
candle-app-platform(freshmeat) Candle App Platform Candle App Platform is an XML-centric rich appl... Télécharger
portkey(freshmeat) Portkey Portkey is a port-knocking daemon. It allows yo... Télécharger
ksubtile(freshmeat) KSubtile KSubtile allows moving, stretching, and editing... Télécharger

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