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pfflowd(freshmeat) pfflowd pfflowd is a small daemon which converts real-t... Télécharger
pearpc(freshmeat) PearPC PearPC is a platform-independent PowerPC archi... Télécharger
care2002(freshmeat) CARE2X Care2x (formerly Care 2002) is software for hos... Télécharger
mp3rip(freshmeat) mp3Rip mp3Rip is yet another MP3 ripper. This one requ... Télécharger
binary-clock(freshmeat) binary-clock binary-clock prints the current time to STDOUT ... Télécharger
metawm(freshmeat) Meta Window Manager A Meta Window Manager is a means to write windo... Télécharger
tbfirewall(freshmeat) TBFirewall TBFirewall is a front-end created to control fi... Télécharger
dctcd(freshmeat) dctcd dctcd is a background-running wrapper for DCTC... Télécharger
dfbcar(freshmeat) DFBCar DFBCar is a GUI multimedia frontend for xine- l... Télécharger
cpuburn(freshmeat) cpuburn cpuburn is is a set of programs that load x86 ... Télécharger
tfmx-play(freshmeat) tfmx-play tfmx-play is a player for TFMX (The Final Music... Télécharger
sakuraplayer(freshmeat) Sakuraplayer Sakuraplayer is a Qt/KDE-based frontend for the... Télécharger
tdbsql(freshmeat) tdbSQL tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY ... Télécharger
sdd(freshmeat) sdd sdd is a replacement for a program called 'dd'.... Télécharger
internetdocumentandreportserve(freshmeat) Internet Document and Report Server The Internet Document And Report Server (IDRS) ... Télécharger
fix-mime-charset(freshmeat) fix-mime-charset Fix-mime-charset automatically detects characte... Télécharger
bluewonder(freshmeat) BlueWonder BlueWonder is a framework for building all kind... Télécharger
bl0rp(freshmeat) bl0rp This is a reincarnated version of Justin Franke... Télécharger
webtribute(freshmeat) WebTribute WebTribute is a Web-based alternative to Macrom... Télécharger
fpgrowth-tiny(freshmeat) FP-Growth-Tiny FP-Growth-Tiny introduces a space optimization ... Télécharger
domc(freshmeat) DOMC DOMC is a lightweight implementation of the Doc... Télécharger
jh2n(freshmeat) Jh2n JH2N (Java host to named conversion program) co... Télécharger
tylers_file_cmd(freshmeat) Tyler's File Commands Tyler's File Commands is a set of enhanced file... Télécharger
hashish(freshmeat) Hashish Hashish is a file or string hashing utility wit... Télécharger
peptool(freshmeat) The PEP tool PEP is a modeling and verification framework fo... Télécharger
cwxml(freshmeat) CWXML CWXML is an high-performance, open-source C-la... Télécharger
skunkweb(freshmeat) SkunkWeb SkunkWeb is a scalable, extensible, and easy-to... Télécharger
mail2rss(freshmeat) mail2rss mail2rss converts an mbox to a RSS syndication ... Télécharger
realmforge(freshmeat) RealmForge RealmForge is a .NET 3D game engine predecessor... Télécharger
profitpy(freshmeat) ProfitPy ProfitPy is a collection of Python packages, m... Télécharger
matrixss(freshmeat) matrixss matrixss is a package for the GAP system (gap-s... Télécharger
webadmin(freshmeat) webadmin.php webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager... Télécharger
amberlist(freshmeat) amber-list Amber sits in the tcpserver chain for qmail and... Télécharger
knode(freshmeat) KNode KNode is a newsreader for the K Desktop Environ... Télécharger
simpleform(freshmeat) Simple Form Simple Form is a form processor written in Perl... Télécharger
gallery(freshmeat) Apache::Gallery Apache::Gallery is a mod_perl handler that sits... Télécharger
sdlvexed(freshmeat) SDL Vexed SDL Vexed is a puzzle game written in Perl-SDL.... Télécharger
kalternatives(freshmeat) Kalternatives Kalternatives is a KDE GUI application to easil... Télécharger
prometeo(freshmeat) prometeo Prometeo is a modular, extensible proxy. It com... Télécharger
paloma(freshmeat) Paloma Paloma is a program to manage an SQL database o... Télécharger
pyalog(freshmeat) Pyalog Pyalog aims to be a complete object-oriented im... Télécharger
xds(freshmeat) OSSP xds The OSSP xds library is generic and extensible ... Télécharger
josso(freshmeat) JOSSO JOSSO (Java Open Single Sign-On) is J2EE-based ... Télécharger
generalpurposehashfunctionlibr(freshmeat) General Purpose Hash Function Library The General Purpose Hash Function Algorithm lib... Télécharger
sunjammer(freshmeat) Sunjammer Sunjammer is a KDE CD Player supporting CDDB, p... Télécharger
mtop(freshmeat) mtop mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL database show... Télécharger
klipoquery(freshmeat) KlipOQuery The KlipOQuery panel applet for KDE is meant to... Télécharger
mmtl(freshmeat) MMTL MMTL (Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission L... Télécharger
fundamental(freshmeat) fundamental fundamental uses reverse polish notation and ca... Télécharger
jboss(freshmeat) JBoss JBoss is an Open Source, standards-compliant, E... Télécharger
soya3d(freshmeat) Soya 3D Soya 3D is a high-level 3D engine for Python, d... Télécharger
binder(freshmeat) Binder Binder is a program that provides a Web-based c... Télécharger
ebotula(freshmeat) Ebotula Ebotula is an IRC bot for administration tasks ... Télécharger
ralfchat(freshmeat) Ralf's Chat Ralf's Chat is a CGI chat script which supports... Télécharger
fastgeo(freshmeat) FastGEO FastGEO is a computational geometry library fo... Télécharger
projman(freshmeat) Tcl/Tk Project Manager Tcl/Tk Project Manager is a full IDE for progra... Télécharger
merge(freshmeat) Bookmark file merger merge is a Perl script that merges Netscape and... Télécharger
projectfoundry(freshmeat) Project Foundry Project Foundry is a tool to create and maintai... Télécharger
libxmlpp(freshmeat) libxml++ libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML pa... Télécharger
ytnef(freshmeat) Yerase TNEF Stream Reader ytnef is a program to decode TNEF streams (winm... Télécharger
railroad(freshmeat) Railroad Repository Railroad is a standards-based repository for la... Télécharger
stan(freshmeat) Stream Analyzer Stan is a console application that analyzes bin... Télécharger
xdebug(freshmeat) Xdebug The Xdebug PHP extension aids script debugging ... Télécharger
badwm(freshmeat) BadWM BadWM is a minimalistic window manager for the ... Télécharger
gsss(freshmeat) Game Server Startup Script Game Server Startup Scripts is a startup script... Télécharger
muhasebeci(freshmeat) Muhasebeci muhasebeci is an accounting program in Turkish ... Télécharger
synclosure(freshmeat) Synclosure Synclosure is an RSS aggregator for flexibly do... Télécharger
buckwalter2unicode(freshmeat) buckwalter2unicode buckwalter2unicode is a fairly simple Python sc... Télécharger
simpleaim(freshmeat) SimpleAIM SimpleAIM is a miniature console-based AIM clie... Télécharger
spillwords(freshmeat) Spillwords Spillwords is a clone of the classic board game... Télécharger
nethogs(freshmeat) NetHogs NetHogs is a small 'net top' tool. Instead of b... Télécharger
wavesurfer(freshmeat) WaveSurfer WaveSurfer is a sound visualization/manipulatio... Télécharger
oxyus(freshmeat) Oxyus Oxyus is a search engine that is intended to s... Télécharger
aodv-nist(freshmeat) NIST Ad-Hoc On Demand Distance Vector Driver The NIST Implementation of the Ad-Hoc On Demand... Télécharger
xmlindent(freshmeat) XML Indent XML Indent is an XML stream reformatter written... Télécharger
wspp(freshmeat) Wspp WSP is an HTTP to WSP proxy that can be used to... Télécharger
lcrack(freshmeat) Lepton's Crack Lepton's Crack is a generic password cracker. I... Télécharger
my-ericsson(freshmeat) My Ericsson My Ericsson is an administration tool for the ... Télécharger
monouml(freshmeat) MonoUML MonoUML is a CASE (Computer-Aided Software En... Télécharger
qbabbel(freshmeat) QBabbel QBabbel is a very simple Qt-based VoIP applicat... Télécharger
eestock(freshmeat) eeStock eeStock is a Web application that allows you to... Télécharger
libpropc(freshmeat) libpropc++ libpropc++ is a template library for properties... Télécharger
pakt(freshmeat) Warsaw Pakt Pakt is an XML abstraction layer for GObjects. ... Télécharger
htmlrecode(freshmeat) htmlrecode htmlrecode applies modifications to a HTML file... Télécharger
minigui(freshmeat) MiniGUI MiniGUI is a mini graphical user interface (GUI... Télécharger
cecilia(freshmeat) Cecilia Cecilia is a graphic user interface for the sou... Télécharger
mailfeeder(freshmeat) MailFeeder MailFeeder is a tool that was designed to injec... Télécharger
parchive(freshmeat) Parchive Parchive is a tool to apply the data-recovery c... Télécharger
mounttero(freshmeat) Mounttero Mounttero automatically mounts most storage dev... Télécharger
keep(freshmeat) Keep keep is a program which deletes everything in a... Télécharger
gpp(freshmeat) GPP GPP is a general-purpose preprocessor with cust... Télécharger
stash(freshmeat) stash Stash is a package manager for non-root users. ... Télécharger
slimpy(freshmeat) Slimpy Slimpy is an alternative, Java-based server for... Télécharger
pksampler(freshmeat) The PKSampler Project The PKSampler is a live DJ tool. It is differen... Télécharger
tapeback(freshmeat) Tapeback Tapeback is command line software for backing u... Télécharger
javamatch(freshmeat) JavaMatch JavaMatch is an engine that can search inside r... Télécharger
mysqldialog(freshmeat) MySQL Dialog MySQL Dialog is a simple MySQL database access ... Télécharger
cammanager(freshmeat) CamManager CamManager is a program to manage HP Photosmart... Télécharger
xdbmoney(freshmeat) XDB-Money XDB Money is a Web-based personal finance syste... Télécharger
plarpebu(freshmeat) Plarpebu Plarpebu is a karaoke player that runs on any a... Télécharger

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