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d-e-b-t-s(freshmeat) Double Entry Based Transaction System DEBTS (Double Entry Based Transaction System) a... Télécharger
codeville(freshmeat) Codeville Codeville is a distributed version control syst... Télécharger
horatio(freshmeat) Horatio: Authenticated Network Access The Horatio system is a firewall authentication... Télécharger
sendxmpp(freshmeat) sendxmpp sendxmpp is a command-line tool which makes sen... Télécharger
ltpanel(freshmeat) ltpanel ltpanel is a lightweight window list for the X ... Télécharger
dsmtk(freshmeat) dsmtk dsmtk is PC-side software for programming Dalla... Télécharger
kcdspeed(freshmeat) KCdSpeed KCdSpeed is a little applet for K Desktop Envir... Télécharger
fishworld(freshmeat) FishWorld Fishworld is a Java applet game where fishes co... Télécharger
opag(freshmeat) opag Opag, which stands for "Option Parser Gene... Télécharger
yaced(freshmeat) yaced yaced (Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution) p... Télécharger
gsmile(freshmeat) gSmile gSmile is an emoticon manager. It lets you stor... Télécharger
glpi(freshmeat) GLPI GLPI (Gestion Libre de Parc Informatique) is an... Télécharger
spamguard(freshmeat) EnderUNIX spamGuard spamGuard is a collection of small applications... Télécharger
cks(freshmeat) CryptNET_Keyserver CKS is an openPGP (RFC2440) compliant public ke... Télécharger
kysms(freshmeat) KySMS KySMS is yet another graphical frontend for sms... Télécharger
openfts(freshmeat) OpenFTS OpenFTS (Open Source Full Text Search engine) i... Télécharger
jsostructure(freshmeat) JsoStructure JsoStructure is a jEdit plugin for outlining Ja... Télécharger
abcpp(freshmeat) abcpp abcpp is a simple yet powerful preprocessor des... Télécharger
gopdc(freshmeat) GOpdc GOpdc is a set of LDAP backend scripts for Samb... Télécharger
mini_sendmail(freshmeat) mini_sendmail mini_sendmail reads its standard input up to an... Télécharger
ucw(freshmeat) UnCommon Web UnCommon Web is a Web application framework. Un... Télécharger
memoria(freshmeat) Memoria Memoria is a version of the traditional game of... Télécharger
mailto(freshmeat) mailto.php Mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from the... Télécharger
rottlog(freshmeat) GNU RottLog GNU Rottlog is a replacement to Red Hat's logro... Télécharger
geoxygene(freshmeat) GeOxygene GeOxygene is an open framework which implements... Télécharger
acdk(freshmeat) Artefaktur Component Development Kit ACDK is a development framework with a similar ... Télécharger
ibxm(freshmeat) IBXM Integer Java MOD/XM Music Player. IBXM is a pure Java library for playing Protrac... Télécharger
swbis(freshmeat) swbis Swbis aims to implement the POSIX packaging sta... Télécharger
ivalidator(freshmeat) iValidator iValidator is a Java Framework for XML-based te... Télécharger
xab(freshmeat) XAB Toolkit The XAB Toolkit is an application to build data... Télécharger
jhttpupload(freshmeat) HttpUpload HttpUpload is a Java multipart file parser. It ... Télécharger
ezcalendar(freshmeat) eZ calendar eZ calendar is an eZ publish 2 module that prov... Télécharger
gnuitar(freshmeat) GNUitar GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows ... Télécharger
2pong(freshmeat) 2Pong 2Pong is a pong clone. However, there is one vi... Télécharger
clusterknoppix(freshmeat) ClusterKNOPPIX ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix distribut... Télécharger
phpstat(freshmeat) phpStat phpStat is a set of PHP scripts that can analyz... Télécharger
spicetrade(freshmeat) Spice Trade Spice Trade is an RPG/adventure/strategy game i... Télécharger
advancecd(freshmeat) AdvanceCD AdvanceCD is a bootable live CD, DVD, and USB d... Télécharger
romakana(freshmeat) RomaKana RomaKana is a Javascript Romaji->Kana conver... Télécharger
srg(freshmeat) SRG SRG (Squid Report Generator) is a log file anal... Télécharger
easyfwgen(freshmeat) Easy Firewall Generator Easy Firewall Generator is a PHP Web applicatio... Télécharger
braincurses(freshmeat) BrainCurses BrainCurses is an ncurses-based clone of the Ma... Télécharger
smlnj-readline(freshmeat) SML/NJ Readline SML/NJ Readline is a libreadline interface for ... Télécharger
postan(freshmeat) postan postan (POSTfix log ANalysis & RBL counter)... Télécharger
wmldonkey(freshmeat) wmldonkey wmldonkey is a dockapp that gives various infor... Télécharger
file_lister(freshmeat) File Lister FileLister is a Web interface for listing files... Télécharger
rearview(freshmeat) rearview Rearview is a three dimensional computer graphi... Télécharger
booby(freshmeat) Booby Booby is a Web-based Personal Information Manag... Télécharger
soe(freshmeat) Secret of Eternia Secret of Eternia is a 2D RPG using the ClanLib... Télécharger
phptoclib(freshmeat) PHPTocLib PHPTocLib is a PHP class that connects to AIM s... Télécharger
dicemail(freshmeat) Dicemail Dicemail is a Perl library for working with ema... Télécharger
sickle(freshmeat) Sickle Sickle is an email filter tool that operates ov... Télécharger
knick(freshmeat) Knick Knick is a simple unread email lister based on ... Télécharger
destiney_rated_images(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts Rated Images Destiney Rated Images script is continuation of... Télécharger
gaimencryption(freshmeat) Gaim-Encryption Gaim-Encryption provides transparent RSA encryp... Télécharger
hashgen(freshmeat) hashgen hashgen is a small utility written in C that co... Télécharger
getwifi(freshmeat) getwifi Getwifi is a command line tool for joining spec... Télécharger
verbum(freshmeat) Verbum Verbum is a program to punch human-readable tex... Télécharger
edukator(freshmeat) Edukator EduKator is a KDE-based education program for l... Télécharger
libfget(freshmeat) libfget fget is a commandline tool for mirroring remote... Télécharger
phpflow(freshmeat) PHPflow PHPflow is a program that provides browser-view... Télécharger
pptpclient(freshmeat) PPTP Client PPTP Client allows you to connect to a PPTP ser... Télécharger
tuxrip(freshmeat) tuxrip Tuxrip is a Linux bash script for ripping and e... Télécharger
torsmo(freshmeat) Torsmo Torsmo (TyopoytaORvelo System MOnitor) is a sys... Télécharger
ist-shaper(freshmeat) Ist Shaper Ist Shaper is a program which uses Apache-like ... Télécharger
tex-refs(freshmeat) References for TeX and Friends References for TeX and Friends is an ongoing pr... Télécharger
saccs(freshmeat) Saccs personal accounting Saccs is a simple Web-based personal accounting... Télécharger
wprint(freshmeat) WorldPrint WorldPrint is a filter for Mozilla (Galeon, etc... Télécharger
basicxslt(freshmeat) Basic XSLT Basic XSLT is a tool for performing XSL transfo... Télécharger
psmon(freshmeat) PSMON psmon is a Perl script which can be run as a st... Télécharger
caprice32(freshmeat) Caprice32 Caprice32 is a software emulator of the Amstrad... Télécharger
cm4phprojekt(freshmeat) Content management module for PHProjekt This module let users manage content pages for ... Télécharger
biborb(freshmeat) BibORB BibORB is a Web-based tool for managing bibliog... Télécharger
caos(freshmeat) cAos cAos is a Linux distribution created by the com... Télécharger
apapi(freshmeat) aPapi aPapi is a PHP class that simplifies getting an... Télécharger
usbphone(freshmeat) USB Phone Connector USB Phone Connector is a framework for connecti... Télécharger
staffhols(freshmeat) Staffhols Staffhols is a PHP/MySQL system to allow self-b... Télécharger
epor(freshmeat) epor EPOR is an extensible package organiser for Uni... Télécharger
libopendaap(freshmeat) libopendaap libopendaap is a library used to access iTunes ... Télécharger
tunesbrowser(freshmeat) TunesBrowser TunesBrowser discovers iTunes shares over Rende... Télécharger
cw2dmk(freshmeat) Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools The Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools are a set... Télécharger
amcl(freshmeat) GNOME-Mud GNOME-Mud (formerly AMCL) is a Multi-User Dunge... Télécharger
knopils(freshmeat) knopILS knopILS is a customized version of Knoppix that... Télécharger
stegui(freshmeat) SteGUI SteGUI is a graphical front-end to Steghide tha... Télécharger
jhttptunnel(freshmeat) JHttpTunnel JHttpTunnel is an implementation of the GNU ht... Télécharger
lcvs(freshmeat) lcvs lcvs maintains a global log file for a CVS modu... Télécharger
tcpipcutter(freshmeat) TCP/IP Connection Cutter Cutter allows network administrators to close T... Télécharger
movida(freshmeat) Movida Movida helps you organize your movie collection... Télécharger
stroq(freshmeat) StroQ Stroq is a Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude clone. It ... Télécharger
makefiles(freshmeat) makefiles Makefiles is a high-level build system and suit... Télécharger
nhc98(freshmeat) nhc98 nhc98 is a small and highly portable compiler ... Télécharger
tardiff(freshmeat) TarDiff TarDiff compares two related tarballs and repor... Télécharger
freeb(freshmeat) FreeB FreeB is a medical billing engine. It is a col... Télécharger
yasql(freshmeat) Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement YASQL is an open source Oracle command line int... Télécharger
nsc(freshmeat) Nagios Console Monitor nsc (Nagios Console Monitor) is a curses-based ... Télécharger
dnsproxy(freshmeat) dnsproxy dnsproxy is a proxy for DNS queries. It forward... Télécharger
spoofax-editor(freshmeat) Spoofax Editor The Spoofax Editor is a basic, context-aware ed... Télécharger
gxmms(freshmeat) gxmms gxmms is a simple GNOME panel applet that lets ... Télécharger
ovanttasks(freshmeat) Orangevolt Ant Tasks Orangevolt Ant Tasks is the successor of ROXES ... Télécharger
mpsetup(freshmeat) MPlayer Setup MPlayer Setup is an installer for MPlayer and i... Télécharger

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