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candid(freshmeat) CANDIDv2 CANDIDv2 is a Web-based interface for managing ... Télécharger
accessform(freshmeat) AccessForm AccessForm is a small modification of PEAR's H... Télécharger
jessentials(freshmeat) Essential Management Essential Management is a multi-user project ma... Télécharger
py-xexpr(freshmeat) py-xexpr py-xexpr is a tool to parse XML into an Xexpr a... Télécharger
rwdmovies(freshmeat) rwdmovies rwdmovies is a simple little database program u... Télécharger
pdfomatic(freshmeat) PdfOMatic PdfOMatic is a PDF parsing library written in C... Télécharger
etlive(freshmeat) ET Live ET Live is a live server viewer for the game &q... Télécharger
nasty(freshmeat) Nasty Nasty is an advanced tool for recovering GPG pr... Télécharger
murdoc(freshmeat) Murdoc Murdoc is a system for documenting system manag... Télécharger
openmosix(freshmeat) openMosix Cluster for Linux openMosix is a a set of extensions to the stand... Télécharger
mychat(freshmeat) MyChat MyChat is a simple client/server chat applicati... Télécharger
minder(freshmeat) The Minder The Minder is a small network application for a... Télécharger
getopt-sharp(freshmeat) GetOpt# GetOpt# is an implementation of GNU getopt for C#. Télécharger
perlpanel(freshmeat) Perl Panel PerlPanel is an attempt to build a useable, lea... Télécharger
g-wrap(freshmeat) G-Wrap G-Wrap is a tool (and Guile library) for genera... Télécharger
catalyst(freshmeat) Catalyst Catalyst is a Web application framework for Per... Télécharger
agr(freshmeat) AGR AGR (Amiga Guide Reader) is an Amiga Guide file... Télécharger
epylog(freshmeat) Epylog Epylog is a log notifier and parser that period... Télécharger
platonos(freshmeat) The Platonos Projects The Platonos Projects are a group of sub projec... Télécharger
saturn-sched(freshmeat) Saturn network job scheduler Saturn is a job scheduler for networks that mak... Télécharger
cgipplib(freshmeat) cgipplib cgipplib is a small collection of support class... Télécharger
einstein(freshmeat) Einstein@GNOME Einstein@GNOME is a GNOME panel applet that let... Télécharger
pypo(freshmeat) pypo Pypo is script that uses Blowfish to store your... Télécharger
jcae(freshmeat) jCAE Java Computer Aided Engineering (jCAE) is a Jav... Télécharger
dbl-browser(freshmeat) DBL Browser The DBL-Browser (Digital Bibliographic Library ... Télécharger
findbugs(freshmeat) FindBugs FindBugs looks for bugs in Java programs. It ca... Télécharger
deskbar(freshmeat) deskbar deskbar is a lightweight, modular system monito... Télécharger
cfind(freshmeat) cfind cfind (Content FINDer) provides functionality s... Télécharger
glbmp(freshmeat) glbmp glbmp is a lightweight and portable partial gla... Télécharger
translucency(freshmeat) translucency loadable kernel module translucency is a loadable kernel module for Li... Télécharger
gat(freshmeat) GAT GAT is a VCS which uses the basic ideas from GI... Télécharger
fckosc(freshmeat) FCKosc FCKosc puts a WYSIWYG HTML editor into OsCommer... Télécharger
nirawari(freshmeat) Nirawari Nirawari helps the user build Web applications ... Télécharger
gtactoe(freshmeat) GTacToe GTacToe is a Tic Tac Toe game that features int... Télécharger
openmoveover(freshmeat) OpenMoveOver OpenMoveOver is a user friendly tool to migrate... Télécharger
uesqlc(freshmeat) UESQLC Universal Embedded SQL Compiler (UESQLC) is a c... Télécharger
mqs(freshmeat) Minimalist Queue Services MQS (Minimalist Queue Services) is a minimalist... Télécharger
libphidgets(freshmeat) libphidgets libphidgets is a user-space access library for ... Télécharger
metronomos(freshmeat) Metronomos Metronomos is a programmable metronome which ca... Télécharger
tyrant(freshmeat) Tyrant Tyrant is a game of heroic adventure in the sty... Télécharger
fract(freshmeat) Fract Fract is a Web-based fractal zoomer for the Man... Télécharger
config-maker(freshmeat) Config::Maker Config::Maker takes a file with data in simple ... Télécharger
feidian(freshmeat) FEIDIAN FEIDIAN is a tool for working with bitplane/bit... Télécharger
deforaos-accessories(freshmeat) DeforaOS Accessories DeforaOS Accessories provides a few small utili... Télécharger
pywebsms(freshmeat) pyWebSMS pyWebSMS is a program which lets you send SMS t... Télécharger
dvbd(freshmeat) dvbd The idea behind dvbd is to make maximum use of ... Télécharger
ilohamail(freshmeat) IlohaMail IlohaMail is a lightweight, multilingual Webmai... Télécharger
libxbgi(freshmeat) libXbgi libXbgi is a compatibility library that aids in... Télécharger
axx(freshmeat) AXX AXX is an automated and secure download system ... Télécharger
w3pw(freshmeat) w3pw w3pw is a Web based password wallet manager wri... Télécharger
powerdnsadmin(freshmeat) PowerDNS Administration PowerDNS Administration is a PowerDNS administr... Télécharger
sydi(freshmeat) SYDI-Linux SYDI-Linux is a tool which helps people to docu... Télécharger
ark(freshmeat) Arusha Project The Arusha Project (ARK) seeks to provide a fra... Télécharger
interapplet(freshmeat) InterApplet Interapplet is a GNOME applet that allows for i... Télécharger
spastic(freshmeat) SPASTIC SPASTIC is an easy-to-use, powerful set of emai... Télécharger
phpcomplocator(freshmeat) phpComputerLocator phpComputerLocator provides a visual interface ... Télécharger
mod_ftpd(freshmeat) mod_ftpd mod_ftpd is an FTP server module for Apache usi... Télécharger
tablaunch(freshmeat) TabLaunch TabLaunch is a simple and lightweight but cool-... Télécharger
system_stats(freshmeat) Raven's System Stats Raven's System Stats allows users to collect de... Télécharger
tambur(freshmeat) Tambur Messaging Gateway Tambur Messaging Gateway is an SMS/MMS messagin... Télécharger
ekg2(freshmeat) EKG2 EKG2 is an IM client for Unix systems (Linux, *... Télécharger
iota(freshmeat) iOta iOta (Image Organization Tool and Archiver) is ... Télécharger
xlsjdbc(freshmeat) xlsjdbc xlsjdbc is a JDBC-compliant driver which allows... Télécharger
capers(freshmeat) capers Capers provides a visual interface to so-called... Télécharger
natrail(freshmeat) NatRail NatRail provides an easy way to find UK train t... Télécharger
openfaq(freshmeat) OpenFAQ OpenFAQ is a PHP application that lets Webmaste... Télécharger
deforaos-pdfviewer(freshmeat) DeforaOS PDFViewer DeforaOS PDFViewer is a PDF viewer for the Def... Télécharger
phpmycomic(freshmeat) PhpMyComic PhpMyComic is an organizing package for collect... Télécharger
pdfripimage(freshmeat) PdfRipImage PdfRipImage is a utility to extract images from... Télécharger
monocalendar(freshmeat) MonoCalendar MonoCalendar is a calendar application that sup... Télécharger
gpg-ezmlm(freshmeat) GPG-Ezmlm encrypted mailing list GPG-Ezmlm is an encrypted mailing list. PGP or ... Télécharger
asm21(freshmeat) asm21 asm21 is a cross-assembler for the HP 21xx/HP 1... Télécharger
pport(freshmeat) PPort PPort is a simple yet handy automation program ... Télécharger
catweaselsid(freshmeat) CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux Driver The CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux Driver accesses the S... Télécharger
mailcheck(freshmeat) asus-mailcheck asus-mailcheck is an application to turn on the... Télécharger
phpdatetime(freshmeat) phpDateTime phpDateTime provides classes for Date, Time, Da... Télécharger
phpamx(freshmeat) Php AMX Php AMX is a Web interface for managing Half-Li... Télécharger
libvarexp(freshmeat) libvarexp libvarexp is a C++ library that allows its user... Télécharger
libksnmp(freshmeat) libksnmp libksnmp is a KDE library that wraps around net... Télécharger
hgrapher(freshmeat) Host Grapher Host Grapher is a very simple collection of Per... Télécharger
gaul(freshmeat) GAUL The Genetic Algorithm Utility Library (GAUL) is... Télécharger
accounts(freshmeat) Accounts Accounts is a simple application based on the H... Télécharger
jmetar(freshmeat) jMetar jMetar is a small program that receives aviatio... Télécharger
anduril(freshmeat) Anduril Consulting Management System Anduril attempts to provide a comprehensive in... Télécharger
cdshell(freshmeat) CD Shell CD Shell is a scriptable menu system that provi... Télécharger
nest(freshmeat) Nest Nest is a secure IP VPN tunnel for FreeBSD. It ... Télécharger
btnsms(freshmeat) btnSMS Library btnSMS Libaray is a C library that provides an ... Télécharger
rmake(freshmeat) RMake RMake is a simple recursive makefile system. It... Télécharger
haricow(freshmeat) hariCow hariCow is a French content management system t... Télécharger
lucane(freshmeat) Lucane Lucane is a free groupware platform written in ... Télécharger
crogai(freshmeat) Crogai Crogai is a mix of crowd simulation, artificial... Télécharger
smarth(freshmeat) sMArTH sMArTH is an equation editor built on open Web ... Télécharger
bewareserv(freshmeat) beware irc services beware irc services is a set of P10 protocol IR... Télécharger
openshore(freshmeat) OpenSHORE SHORE (Semantic Hypertext Object Repository) is... Télécharger
echolot-pinger(freshmeat) echolot-pinger Echolot-pinger is a pinger for anonymous remai... Télécharger
mcrcon(sfnet) mcrcon Mcrcon is IPv6 compliant minecraft rcon client ... Télécharger
xquisitor(freshmeat) XQuisitor XQuisitor is a simple GUI tool for running XQue... Télécharger
pgtcl(freshmeat) pgtcl pgtcl is a package that adds PostgreSQL extensi... Télécharger
py-radix(freshmeat) py-radix py-radix is an implementation of a radix tree d... Télécharger
forma(freshmeat) Forma Forma (Framework for Resource Management Applic... Télécharger

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