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doorman(freshmeat) The Doorman The Doorman is a "port-knocking" list... Télécharger
iserver(freshmeat) Servertec Internet Server Servertec Internet Server is a small, fast, sca... Télécharger
pos(freshmeat) Servertec Persistent Object Store Servertec Persistent Object Store (POS) is a h... Télécharger
vistag(freshmeat) Vistag Vistag is a full-featured massive audio ripping... Télécharger
verlof(freshmeat) Verlof Verlof is a Web application for registering and... Télécharger
heuristics(freshmeat) heuristics heuristics is an adaptive heuristic algorithms ... Télécharger
kat(freshmeat) Kat Kat is a framework for KDE designed to index fi... Télécharger
crtsystem(freshmeat) Customer Request Tracking System CRTSystem allows customers to submit requests a... Télécharger
ufoclock(freshmeat) UFOClock UFOClock draws an astronomical clock. From it y... Télécharger
mamook(freshmeat) Mamook The Mamook software system is a Web-based recru... Télécharger
tinyradius(freshmeat) TinyRadius TinyRadius is a simple, small, fast, and reliab... Télécharger
viperinz(freshmeat) Viperin-Z Viperin-Z is a taskbar applet to manage virtual... Télécharger
libsssd(freshmeat) Simple Sound for Small Devices Simple Sound for Small Devices (libsssd) is a ... Télécharger
qpos(freshmeat) Qt Based Point Of Sale qPos is Point of Sale (POS) and inventory manag... Télécharger
overslack(freshmeat) Overslack Overslack is a slackline simulator/game. A conf... Télécharger
workertimer(freshmeat) WorkerTimer WorkerTimer lets you record the time you spend ... Télécharger
phpmultiauth(freshmeat) phpMultiAuth phpMultiAuth is a PHP authentication library to... Télécharger
gnoppix(freshmeat) Gnoppix Gnoppix is a live Linux CD based on Debian GNU/... Télécharger
vigyaancd(freshmeat) Vigyaan Vigyaan is an electronic workbench for bioinfor... Télécharger
sitecache(freshmeat) Site Cacheability Analyzer Site Cacheabilty Analyzer is a fast network too... Télécharger
tourviewer(freshmeat) TourViewer TourViewer is a program to evaluate CicloSport ... Télécharger
libircservice(freshmeat) libircservice Libircservice provides an event-driven API to d... Télécharger
zebedee(freshmeat) Zebedee Zebedee is a simple program to establish an enc... Télécharger
tuneroid(freshmeat) tuneroid tuneroid is a tuner for variety of musical inst... Télécharger
elmerfem(freshmeat) Elmer FEM Elmer is a computational tool for multi-physics... Télécharger
phpwscite(freshmeat) phpwscite phpwscite is an optimized development environme... Télécharger
gebogebo(freshmeat) GeboGebo Wiki GeboGebo is a wiki system written for tdbengine... Télécharger
latexcdcover(freshmeat) A LaTeX CD cover class This LaTeX class allows one to print CD covers ... Télécharger
fruitynagios(freshmeat) Fruity Nagios Configuration Tool Fruity is a Web-based configuration tool for th... Télécharger
harvestman(freshmeat) HarvestMan HarvestMan is a multithreaded off-line browser.... Télécharger
zenwatchdog(freshmeat) Watchdog Service Monitor Watchdog is a tool designed to monitor IT servi... Télécharger
libptp(freshmeat) The Picture Transfer Protocol library libptp is a Picture Transfer Protocol support l... Télécharger
uget(freshmeat) Uget Uget is a download manager that uses GTK+2 and ... Télécharger
asyncj(freshmeat) asyncj async-j is an architecture for building long-ru... Télécharger
qbounce(freshmeat) QBounce QBounce is an IRC bouncer which features SSL an... Télécharger
jkflow(freshmeat) JKFlow.pm JKFlow is an easy XML configurable report modul... Télécharger
i18n(freshmeat) I18N I18N is a class that gets translation texts fro... Télécharger
auctiongallery(freshmeat) AuctionGallery AuctionGallery is a terminal script that create... Télécharger
shrinkingman(freshmeat) Shrinking Man Shrinking Man is an application for tracking yo... Télécharger
java_lzma(freshmeat) JAVA LZMA SDK JAVA LZMA SDK provides developers with document... Télécharger
stchat(freshmeat) Small Telnet Chat Small Telnet Chat (STC) is a chat server to whi... Télécharger
midpsmtp(freshmeat) midpsmtp midpsmtp is a Java (J2ME) MIDP application (MID... Télécharger
geniusvp2(freshmeat) geniusvp2 geniusvp2 is a SANE backend for the Genius Colo... Télécharger
diyblog(freshmeat) DIYBlog DIYBlog allows you to create a blog even if the... Télécharger
gtkvumeter(freshmeat) gtkVUMeter gtkVUMeter is a VU Meter for gtk+. It provides ... Télécharger
daemonzup(freshmeat) Daemonzup Daemonzup is a server monitoring tool that will... Télécharger
ragi(freshmeat) Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface (RAGI) is a fra... Télécharger
gipspin(freshmeat) GIPSpin GIPSpin is a graphical interface programming sy... Télécharger
gtkglgraph(freshmeat) gtkGLGraph gtkGLGraph is an OpenGL/Gtk2.0 graphing widget ... Télécharger
cc2cvs(freshmeat) cc2cvs cc2cvs exports ClearCase version control inform... Télécharger
sl-pos(freshmeat) SL-POS SL-POS is a patch that adds significant point o... Télécharger
grider(freshmeat) Grider Grider is a PHP class that can be used to visua... Télécharger
qds(freshmeat) Q Desktop Services QDS is a library for Qt developers which provid... Télécharger
pam_pkcs11(freshmeat) PAM_pkcs#11 PAM_pkcs#11 is a Linux-PAM login module that al... Télécharger
tsep(freshmeat) The Search Engine Project TSEP is a search engine for Web sites that supp... Télécharger
phpwebtools(freshmeat) phpwebtools phpwebtools is a full-featured Web toolkit, con... Télécharger
wxoptparse(freshmeat) wxOptParse wxOptParse is a Python program that brings up a... Télécharger
stdgui(freshmeat) Standard GUI Framework for C Standard GUI Framework for C is a framework for... Télécharger
mmrun(freshmeat) mmrun mmrun is a simple tool to distribute a list of ... Télécharger
qtruco(freshmeat) QTruco QTruco is an implementation of games played wi... Télécharger
mayavi(freshmeat) MayaVi MayaVi is a free, cross platform, easy-to-use s... Télécharger
lmbench(freshmeat) lmbench lmbench is a suite of simple, portable ANSI/C ... Télécharger
autodl2(freshmeat) AutoDL2 Autodl2 is a simple to manage and extensible fi... Télécharger
webcp(freshmeat) web-cp web-cp is a Web hosting control panel. It consi... Télécharger
build-interceptor(freshmeat) Build Interceptor Build Interceptor captures the .i files of any ... Télécharger
gdivelog(freshmeat) gdivelog gdivelog is a SCUBA dive logging application fo... Télécharger
pittrainer(freshmeat) pittrainer pittrainer provides a cockpit trainer for the F... Télécharger
xgestures(freshmeat) xgestures xgestures is a gesture recogniztion program for... Télécharger
qa-assistant(freshmeat) QA Assistant QA Assistant is a Gnome-Python application that... Télécharger
mkdoc(freshmeat) MKDoc MKDoc is a Web site building, serving, and cont... Télécharger
oswiki(freshmeat) osWiki CMS osWiki CMS is a Web-based content management sy... Télécharger
avrsimu(freshmeat) AVRsimu AVRsimu is a simulator for Atmel AVR microcontr... Télécharger
evms(freshmeat) Enterprise Volume Management System The Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) ... Télécharger
newsyslog-perl(freshmeat) Perl newsyslog newsyslog is a faithful Perl rewrite of the MIT... Télécharger
phpbt(freshmeat) phpBugTracker phpBugTracker is an attempt to copy the functio... Télécharger
hask2e(freshmeat) hask2e hask2e takes a Haskell type as input and transl... Télécharger
genresort(freshmeat) Genre-sort Genre-sort is a script that parses ID3 tags for... Télécharger
jmplayer(freshmeat) Jmplayer Jmplayer is a simple mplayer GUI. Télécharger
ooop(freshmeat) ooop ooop is an SSL-capable POP 3 server that suppor... Télécharger
json-11(freshmeat) Json-11 Json-11 is yet another C++ class implementing t... Télécharger
skyeye(freshmeat) SkyEye Originating from GDB/Armulator, the SkyEye proj... Télécharger
gplink(freshmeat) GPLink GPLink is a Unix tool to connect to the GP32 ha... Télécharger
ecvsbuild(freshmeat) ecvsbuild ecvsbuild is an easy-to-use Enlightenment e17 b... Télécharger
xsudosh(freshmeat) xsudo.sh xsudo.sh is an X11 sudo wrapper. It is intende... Télécharger
asciidoc(freshmeat) AsciiDoc AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing ... Télécharger
jackmeter(freshmeat) JACK Meter Jack Meter is a basic console based DPM (Digita... Télécharger
dynamite(freshmeat) Dynamite Dynamite is an isometric puzzle game. The evil ... Télécharger
binfind(freshmeat) binfind binfind searches files for a byte sequence. The... Télécharger
sanvirc(freshmeat) SaNVirC SaNVirC is a script for KVirc that includes fun... Télécharger
survivalbattle(freshmeat) Battle for Survival Battle for Survival is a toy/game written in Ja... Télécharger
cccp-jsp(freshmeat) CCCP Common Clan Portal CCCP Common Clan Portal is a Web site applicati... Télécharger
nova(freshmeat) Nova I.O.E. Nova is a free Integrated Observational Environ... Télécharger
eprints(freshmeat) GNU EPrints GNU EPrints is a solution for sites wanting to ... Télécharger
xpmt(freshmeat) eXtreme Project Management Tool eXtreme Project Management Tool is a project to... Télécharger
remem(freshmeat) Remembrance Agent The Remembrance Agent (RA) watches your over yo... Télécharger
sikher(freshmeat) Sikher Sikher is a desktop program designed to archive... Télécharger
ilist(freshmeat) iList iList is an intelligent playlist for the KDE me... Télécharger
ganttweb(freshmeat) ganttweb ganttweb is a tool for publishing Gantt charts ... Télécharger
pqadmin(freshmeat) PQAdmin PQAdmin is a frontend to configure Linux print ... Télécharger
getpkg(freshmeat) GETPKG Getpkg is used to download and install packages... Télécharger

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