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btmux(freshmeat) BattletechMUX Battletech MUX is an Internet based, real-time ... Télécharger
pysnippet(freshmeat) PySnippet PySnippet is a code snippet manager for any lan... Télécharger
pysctp(freshmeat) PySCTP PySCTP offers Python bindings for the SCTP tran... Télécharger
vislib(freshmeat) VisLib VisLib is a GTK application for visualizing, ed... Télécharger
osla(freshmeat) OSLA OSLA (Open Source Logistics System) is an open ... Télécharger
libqmsg(freshmeat) libqmsg libqmsg is a library that implements parts of t... Télécharger
monarch(freshmeat) GroundWork Monitor Architect GroundWork Monitor Architect (Monarch) is a Web... Télécharger
robotflow(freshmeat) RobotFlow RobotFlow is a mobile robotics tookit based on ... Télécharger
simplog(freshmeat) Simplog Simplog provides an easy way for users to add b... Télécharger
packeth(freshmeat) packETH packETH is a Linux GUI packet generator tool fo... Télécharger
appleseed(freshmeat) Appleseed Appleseed is a social networking software, simi... Télécharger
yafc(freshmeat) yafc Yafc is yet another FTP client which features a... Télécharger
sendpgpmail_cgi(freshmeat) sendPGPmail.cgi sendPGPMail.cgi is a small CGI script for sendi... Télécharger
aptcacher(freshmeat) apt-cacher apt-cacher is a CGI script which can be used by... Télécharger
buffyz(freshmeat) Buffy and Libbuffy Buffy displays a window with a summary of your ... Télécharger
adcensor(freshmeat) AdCensor Ad Censor is a Web proxy which filters out anno... Télécharger
epf(freshmeat) Mol's Easy PHP Framework Mol's Easy PHP Framework is a set of PHP 5 clas... Télécharger
transfodocbook(freshmeat) TransfoDocbook TransfoDocbook is an application that converts ... Télécharger
abiword(freshmeat) AbiWord AbiWord is a free word processing program simil... Télécharger
necessitas(freshmeat) Necessitas Necessitas is an Eclipse plug-in that adds a cl... Télécharger
kcachegrind(freshmeat) KCachegrind KCachegrind visualizes profiles of program runs... Télécharger
iselect(freshmeat) OSSP iselect OSSP iselect is an interactive line selection t... Télécharger
dupseek(freshmeat) Dupseek Dupseek finds and interactively removes duplica... Télécharger
truevision(freshmeat) Truevision Truevision is a 3D modeler designed for povray ... Télécharger
phpmywap(freshmeat) phpMyWAP phpMyWAP is a simple Web-based application that... Télécharger
abersim(freshmeat) AberSim AberSim makes use of the Motorola as11 assemble... Télécharger
cgi_trampoline(freshmeat) cgi_trampoline.c cgi_trampoline.c is a parametric C program whic... Télécharger
phpcodebuster(freshmeat) PhpCodeBuster PhpCodeBuster is a PHP class to obfuscate your ... Télécharger
archzoom(freshmeat) ArchZoom ArchZoom is a Web-based browser for the GNU Arc... Télécharger
archway(freshmeat) ArchWay ArchWay is a full-featured graphical user inter... Télécharger
axp(freshmeat) AXP AXP stands for Arch eXtension Platform. It feat... Télécharger
nodoze(freshmeat) nodoze nodoze is a Perl script to repair websites buil... Télécharger
linux-libc-headers(freshmeat) linux-libc-headers linux-libc-headers is a set of Linux kernel hea... Télécharger
apt-mirror(freshmeat) Apt-Mirror Apt-Mirror is a small tool that provides the ab... Télécharger
netmonitor(freshmeat) Netmonitor Netmonitor is a console application that monito... Télécharger
laughman(freshmeat) Laughing Man Laughing Man is an application that detects if ... Télécharger
base-php(freshmeat) Basic Analysis and Security Engine BASE is the Basic Analysis and Security Engine.... Télécharger
pdf417_encode(freshmeat) pdf417_encode pdf417_encode converts ASCII strings into pdf41... Télécharger
astbill-live-cd(freshmeat) AstBill Live CD AstBill Live CD is a live CD distribution with ... Télécharger
ruqueue(freshmeat) ruQueue ruQueue is Rutgers University's queue-based pro... Télécharger
ivatagroupware(freshmeat) ivata groupware ivata groupware is a groupware/intranet portal ... Télécharger
openvmps(freshmeat) OpenVMPS OpenVMPS implements a Cisco switch-compatible V... Télécharger
tagit(freshmeat) TagIt TagIt is a mock object-based library for unit t... Télécharger
qmrtg(freshmeat) qmrtg Qmrtg is a modular tool to help monitoring the ... Télécharger
tunequeue(freshmeat) tunequeue tunequeue is a Web based Internet radio station... Télécharger
yaucp(freshmeat) YAuCP YAuCP is a collection of tools for uC (micro-co... Télécharger
slackselect(freshmeat) slackselect Slackselect is a package manager for Slackware ... Télécharger
kta(freshmeat) The Kava Telnet Application The Kava Telnet Application is complete telnet ... Télécharger
jarida(freshmeat) Jarida Jarida is a blogging software that has been tra... Télécharger
xexec(freshmeat) xexec xexec is a client/server system to locate a pro... Télécharger
dbox2tradio(freshmeat) dbox2Tradio dbox2Tradio allows you to listen to radio and w... Télécharger
zoom(freshmeat) Zoom Zoom is an interpreter for Z-Code adventures, s... Télécharger
libcvs(freshmeat) LibCVS Perl LibCVS Perl simplifies the job of writing tools... Télécharger
cl-ipc(freshmeat) CL-IPC CL-IPC provides Common Lisp programs with acces... Télécharger
sa(freshmeat) OSSP sa OSSP sa is an abstraction library for the Unix ... Télécharger
lmtp2nntp(freshmeat) OSSP lmtp2nntp OSSP lmtp2nntp is an LMTP service for use in co... Télécharger
al(freshmeat) OSSP al OSSP al defines an abstract data type of a data... Télécharger
sio(freshmeat) OSSP sio OSSP sio is an I/O abstraction library for laye... Télécharger
coc(freshmeat) CoC Character Generator CoC is a character generator for Call of Cthulh... Télécharger
ciberia(freshmeat) Ciberia Content Federator Ciberia is a free blog aggregator, or content f... Télécharger
ehomeconfig(freshmeat) eHomeConfigurator eHomeConfigurator is a set of tools and an envi... Télécharger
divmod_xapwrap(freshmeat) Xapwrap Xapwrap provides an improved interface to the X... Télécharger
simg(freshmeat) SImg SImg is a software for astronomical image proce... Télécharger
narcisse81(freshmeat) Narcisse81 Narcisse81 is a graphical frontend for Diogene8... Télécharger
xephyrus-datastructs(freshmeat) Xephyrus Data Structures Tag Library The Xephyrus Data Structures Tag Library provid... Télécharger
hotelbuster(freshmeat) Hotelbuster Hotelbuster is a tile-based, turn-based strate... Télécharger
cocoaiaxping(freshmeat) Cocoa IAX Ping Cocoa IAX Ping is a tool for checking if firewa... Télécharger
mkpkg(freshmeat) mkpkg mkpkg is a small toolkit for automatically buil... Télécharger
shorturl(freshmeat) ShortURL ShortURL shortens URLs using different Web serv... Télécharger
groff(freshmeat) Groff The Groff package contains the traditional UN*X... Télécharger
vdowall(freshmeat) VDOWall VDOWall is an application which allows you to c... Télécharger
nobel(freshmeat) nobel nobel is a small ANSI C boolean expression pars... Télécharger
calcore(freshmeat) Calcore CalCore is an advanced, flexible calendaring co... Télécharger
jxtaim(freshmeat) JXTA Instant Messenger JXTA Instant Messenger (JIM) aims to establish ... Télécharger
miningco(freshmeat) miningco Miningco is an automatic data-mining tool. It c... Télécharger
javaftpapi(freshmeat) Java FTP API Java FTP API is a full featured FTP library. It... Télécharger
elvis(freshmeat) Elvis Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX ed... Télécharger
pycipher(freshmeat) pycipher pycipher is a Python module that implements sev... Télécharger
rtbteam(freshmeat) RealTimeBattle Team Framework RealTimeBattle Team Framework is a C++ framewor... Télécharger
linux4geeks(freshmeat) Linux4Geeks Linux4Geeks is a LFS-based small distro which w... Télécharger
ascpu(freshmeat) ascpu ascpu is an X windows applet with AfterStep loo... Télécharger
mcm(freshmeat) Magic Collection Manager Magic Collection Manager is a collection manage... Télécharger
mailstorage(freshmeat) MailStore MailStore is a tool that provides a mail proxy ... Télécharger
avadan(freshmeat) Avadan Avadan is a role-playing game situated in space... Télécharger
downloadphp(freshmeat) Download.php Download.php can count the download of files an... Télécharger
horsepower(freshmeat) HorsePower HorsePower is J2ME scientific calculator optimi... Télécharger
lfsb(freshmeat) lfsb lfsb is a Linux utility to change the base cloc... Télécharger
bnrt(freshmeat) bnrt bnrt is 2 programs, a client and a server, that... Télécharger
pyracerz(freshmeat) pyRacerz pyRacerz is a multiplayer top view 2D racing ga... Télécharger
ffsearch(freshmeat) Fast File Search Fast File Search crawls FTP servers and SMB sha... Télécharger
mailgraph(freshmeat) mailgraph Mailgraph is a very simple mail statistics RRDt... Télécharger
projectpisces(freshmeat) Project Pisces Project Pisces provides a distributed testing ... Télécharger
yp-tools(freshmeat) yp-tools yp-tools is an implementation of the NIS client... Télécharger
wireless-tools(freshmeat) wireless tools The Wireless Tools is a set of tools allowing t... Télécharger
jvoiplib(freshmeat) Jori's Voice over IP Library JVOIPLIB is an object-oriented Voice-over-IP (V... Télécharger
oglft(freshmeat) OpenGL/FreeType2 Text Rendering Library OpenGL/FreeType2 Text Rendering Library (OGLFT... Télécharger
jdumpviewer(freshmeat) JDumpViewer JDumpViewer is a tool for analyzing Java thread... Télécharger
dlini(freshmeat) DLini The DLini library provides functions for readin... Télécharger
acasuserfolder(freshmeat) ACASUserFolder ACASUserFolder is a User Folder implementing th... Télécharger
polymer(freshmeat) Infotrope Polymer Infotrope Polymer is a fully roaming online IMA... Télécharger

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