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tngcalendar(freshmeat) tngCalendar tngCalendar is a Web calendar addon to the TNG ... Télécharger
flexplaylist(freshmeat) FlexPlaylist FlexPlaylist is an XMMS/WinAmp-style playlist f... Télécharger
pynovas(freshmeat) PyNOVAS PyNOVAS allows you to calculate the position a... Télécharger
xcircuit(freshmeat) XCircuit XCircuit is a UNIX/X11 program for drawing publ... Télécharger
smbaudit(freshmeat) SMBD Audit SMBD(Samba) Audit is a set of VFS audit modules... Télécharger
usbmount(freshmeat) usb-mount usb-mount provides desktop integration for syst... Télécharger
namespawner(freshmeat) NameSpawner NameSpawner can be used to generate random name... Télécharger
qpolymer(freshmeat) QPolymer QPolymer is a Qt-based polymer-flow dynamics an... Télécharger
decreasoner(freshmeat) Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner allows a p... Télécharger
ff-bash(freshmeat) For each File For each File is a Bash script wrapper for repe... Télécharger
revsh(freshmeat) Reverse Shell Reverse Shell is used along a tunnel created wi... Télécharger
loghack(freshmeat) LogHack LogHack is a logfile analyzer for NetHack. It p... Télécharger
pam_sessionrun(freshmeat) PAM Sessionrun PAM Sessionrun is a PAM module that can run a s... Télécharger
wmifinfo(freshmeat) wmifinfo wmifinfo is a Window Maker applet showing basic... Télécharger
dbxquery(freshmeat) Relational XQuery Abacus Systems's Relational XQuery is an XQJ-co... Télécharger
foxtrotfulltext(freshmeat) Foxtrot full text Foxtrot is a full text indexing software for PD... Télécharger
pagemanager(freshmeat) Page Manager Page Manager is an easy content management syst... Télécharger
ntlmaps(freshmeat) NTLM Authorization Proxy Server 'NTLM Authorization Proxy Server' (APS) is a pr... Télécharger
captive(freshmeat) Captive Captive provides full read/write access to NTFS... Télécharger
edireader(freshmeat) EDIReader EDIReader is a Java package for parsing busines... Télécharger
sopeq(freshmeat) Sopeq Sopeq is a stealth ingress and egress filtering... Télécharger
srccontrol(freshmeat) SrcControl SrcControl is a new form of package management ... Télécharger
floranta(freshmeat) Floranta The Floranta AJAX libraries are used to build R... Télécharger
xfa(freshmeat) XFA The XFA library implements an API that can be u... Télécharger
meanwhile(freshmeat) Meanwhile Meanwhile is an implementation of the Lotus Sam... Télécharger
termatrix(freshmeat) TERMatrix TERMatrix emulates Matrix terminals' "gree... Télécharger
yxe(sfnet) Yaoqiang XPDL Editor Yaoqiang XPDL Editor (YXE) is a graphical edito... Télécharger
peephole(freshmeat) Peephole Peephole is a GNU/linux server that periodicall... Télécharger
gettext_po(freshmeat) Gettext PO syntax highlighting for Vim The Gettext PO format is used by translators to... Télécharger
awhttpd(freshmeat) Anti-Web httpd Anti-Web httpd is a single-process Web server t... Télécharger
therev(freshmeat) The Revisionist The Revisionist is a tool for extracting and in... Télécharger
osdl-project(freshmeat) Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer provid... Télécharger
blosxom_ia_feeds(freshmeat) Blosxom Immediate Action Feeds The Blosxom Immediate Action Feeds Plugin adds ... Télécharger
ldaptemplate(freshmeat) LdapTemplate LdapTemplate is a framework to simplify LDAP pr... Télécharger
orte(freshmeat) Open Real Time Ethernet The Open Real-Time Ethernet (ORTE) is an implem... Télécharger
sipsak(freshmeat) sipsak sipsak is a command line tool for performing v... Télécharger
keywatcher(freshmeat) KeyWatcher KeyWatcher is a daemon that monitors events fro... Télécharger
ceylan(freshmeat) Ceylan The Ceylan library is a general-purpose portabl... Télécharger
xorio(freshmeat) Xorio Xorio is a Web application framework for Java w... Télécharger
thrust(freshmeat) Thrust Thrust is a rewrite of the classic Commodore 64... Télécharger
oma(freshmeat) Open Meta Archive Open Meta Archive is a multimedial content mana... Télécharger
defendguin(freshmeat) Defendguin Defendguin is a clone of the Williams arcade cl... Télécharger
ow2wiki(freshmeat) OW2 wiki OW2 is a wiki/BBS management system that offers... Télécharger
modifile(freshmeat) modifile Modifile is an application to modify the conten... Télécharger
jarnal(freshmeat) Jarnal Jarnal is a java based notetaking/sketching app... Télécharger
agal(freshmeat) Another Gallery Another Gallery is a PHP port of the Zgal galle... Télécharger
octopussh(freshmeat) OctopuSsh OctopuSsh is a simple application that can help... Télécharger
muine(freshmeat) Muine Muine is an innovative music player. It has a s... Télécharger
sajax(freshmeat) Sajax Sajax is a simple toolkit to expose functions i... Télécharger
freeswitch(freshmeat) FreeSWITCH FreeSwitch is a telephony application built fro... Télécharger
newsdeliver(freshmeat) NewsDeliver NewsDeliver is a simple but customizable NNTP t... Télécharger
tratitrack(freshmeat) Technorati Tracker Technorati Tracker will examine an Apache Web s... Télécharger
dbix-wrapper-config(freshmeat) DBIx::Wrapper::Config The DBIx::Wrapper::Config module allows the use... Télécharger
attnsheet(freshmeat) Attendance sheet Attendance sheet is a simple script that will h... Télécharger
messaging-midp(freshmeat) Messaging-MIDP Messaging-MIDP is a MMS Client that runs on a ... Télécharger
sypscript(freshmeat) Syp Script Syp Script (Simple Yet Powerful Scripting Langu... Télécharger
disguise(freshmeat) DisGUISE The DisGUISE C# library provides easy and objec... Télécharger
turnracer(freshmeat) Turnracer turnracer is a turn-based race game. An AI is n... Télécharger
paperharbour(freshmeat) Paper Harbour Paper Harbour is a professional multi-user docu... Télécharger
pwim(freshmeat) Play What I Mean pwim (Play What I Mean) plays media files on a ... Télécharger
coverviewer(freshmeat) CoverViewer CoverViewer is an XMMS plugin that displays ima... Télécharger
nautilus-audio-convert(freshmeat) nautilus-audio-convert nautilus-audio-convert is an extension of Gnome... Télécharger
squale(freshmeat) SQuaLe SQuaLe provides an easy and very fast way to se... Télécharger
jd4x(freshmeat) Java Desktop for X Window Java Desktop for X Window is a completely Java-... Télécharger
titration(freshmeat) Titration Titration is a multi-user, multi-project tracki... Télécharger
backup2(freshmeat) backup Backup adds instant version control to any file... Télécharger
mplex13818(freshmeat) mplex13818 mplex13818 is an ISO 13818 stream multiplexer f... Télécharger
z3lib(freshmeat) z3lib z3lib is an RFC 1951/1952 compliant compression... Télécharger
dbi4php(freshmeat) dbi4php php4dbi is a database abstraction layer for PHP... Télécharger
bitterbpp(freshmeat) bitterbpp bitterbpp is a GUI interface that uses MPlayer ... Télécharger
insurrection(freshmeat) Insurrection Insurrection is a Web interface and RSS and Ato... Télécharger
ossdvd(freshmeat) cdrtools DVD Extensions cdrtools DVD Extensions adds DVD support to cdr... Télécharger
hgsm(freshmeat) Hierarchical Grid Site Managment Hierarchical Grid Site Management is a Web appl... Télécharger
ftpsyncagent(freshmeat) FTP SyncAgent FTP SyncAgent will keep a local folder and a re... Télécharger
dhtmlxgrid(freshmeat) dhtmlxGrid dhtmlxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid c... Télécharger
turtlefirewall(freshmeat) Turtle Firewall A firewall configuration project based on Linux... Télécharger
gtkvolumecontrol(freshmeat) Volume Control VolumeControl is an audio mixer for Linux. It r... Télécharger
mwcollect(freshmeat) mwcollect mwcollect is an easy solution to collect worm-l... Télécharger
j-eai(freshmeat) J-EAI J-EAI is an XMPP-based Enterprise Application ... Télécharger
pikescriptrunner(freshmeat) Pike ScriptRunner Pike ScriptRunner allows you to run scripts wri... Télécharger
sgqi(freshmeat) SGQI SGQI is a print quota system for CUPS. It featu... Télécharger
openvpnn-control(freshmeat) OpenVPN-Control OpenVPN-Control is a multi-platform GUI managem... Télécharger
csound(freshmeat) CSound Csound is a powerful and yet easy to use musica... Télécharger
libaiml(freshmeat) libaiml libaiml is a C++ AIML intepretor in the form of... Télécharger
passwordnotify(freshmeat) PasswordNotify PasswordNotify was written to solve a long-stan... Télécharger
llgen(freshmeat) LLgen LLgen is a LL(1) parser in the style of yacc. I... Télécharger
mysqlard(freshmeat) MySQL Activity Report The mysqlard daemon collects MySQL performance ... Télécharger
pychecker(freshmeat) PyChecker PyChecker is a tool for finding common bugs in ... Télécharger
xfirelib(freshmeat) xfirelib XFirelib is a C++ library which implements the ... Télécharger
hponline(freshmeat) Hot Potato Online Hot Potato Online is a fast paced arena sport g... Télécharger
palmfs(freshmeat) palmfs palmfs is a PalmOS filesystem access software f... Télécharger
kdesvn-build(freshmeat) kdesvn-build kdesvn-build is a script to automate the proces... Télécharger
luola(freshmeat) Luola Luola is a cavern-flying game for 2-4 players. ... Télécharger
sebie(freshmeat) Semi-Batched-Image-Editor SeBIE (the Semi-Batched-Image-Editor) has the f... Télécharger
phpmanta-mdoc(freshmeat) phpManta Mdoc Mdoc is an auto-documentation tool for PHP code... Télécharger
ccontrol(freshmeat) ccontrol The ccontrol program takes over the roles of th... Télécharger
ngstar(freshmeat) NGStar NGStar is a clone of the HP48 game dstar. A lit... Télécharger
footprint(freshmeat) footprint footprint is a tool that makes it easier to cre... Télécharger
jmba(freshmeat) Junk Mail Buffering Agent Junk Mail Buffering Agent is a tool for prevent... Télécharger
newbie(freshmeat) NeWBIE NeWBIE is a NetBSD live CD geared towards the d... Télécharger

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