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arri(freshmeat) Arri Arri provides an interface for accessing arrays... Télécharger
speedysu(freshmeat) SpeedySu SpeedySu is a modification of SpeedyCGI (a.k.a.... Télécharger
nematocyst(freshmeat) Nematocyst Nematocyst is an active counter-measure for the... Télécharger
m-cube(freshmeat) mCube Music Manager mcube is a digital music manager. Its goal is t... Télécharger
tn3270rg(freshmeat) TN3270 Resource Gateway TN3270RG is a TCP/IP TN3270 gateway that dynam... Télécharger
sql-ledger(freshmeat) SQL-Ledger Accounting SQL-Ledger is a Web-based, multiuser, double en... Télécharger
saprfc_php(freshmeat) SAPRFC SAPRFC is the extension module for PHP that al... Télécharger
apache_mina(freshmeat) Apache MINA Apache MINA (Multipurpose Infrastructure for Ne... Télécharger
pisi(freshmeat) PiSi PiSi is a modern package manager for UNIX syste... Télécharger
kiscsiadm(freshmeat) kiscsiadmin kiscsiadm is an intuitive user interface for IS... Télécharger
gchore(freshmeat) Gchore Gchore is a simple tool that tracks your chores... Télécharger
htmltmpljit(freshmeat) HTML::Template::JIT HTML::Template::JIT is a just-in-time compiler ... Télécharger
dienesrsa(freshmeat) dienesRSA dienesRSA is a class that implements methods fo... Télécharger
trimeshinfo(freshmeat) VCG TriMeshInfo VCG TriMeshInfo is a tool designed to inspect 3... Télécharger
irisvid(freshmeat) Iris Video Conversion Utility Iris is a video conversion utility that works a... Télécharger
paud(freshmeat) PAUD PAUD (Parted And Utilities Disk) is a floppy di... Télécharger
abbot(freshmeat) Abbot Abbot is a framework for testing Java GUIs. It ... Télécharger
estraier(freshmeat) Estraier Estraier is a full-text search system for perso... Télécharger
tic98(freshmeat) tic98 tic98 is an image compressor specialized for sc... Télécharger
flagedit(freshmeat) flagedit Flagedit is a CLI USE flags and package keyword... Télécharger
amsn(freshmeat) Alvaro's Messenger Alvaro's Messenger is a Tcl/Tk client for MSN M... Télécharger
supersm(freshmeat) Super Slide Me SSM (Super Slide Me) is an application to creat... Télécharger
lue(freshmeat) LX/LuelinX LX is a community-driven Web site program in wh... Télécharger
baghdad(freshmeat) Baghdad The Baghdad project is an Arabic spell checker. Télécharger
canoe(freshmeat) Canoe Canoe is an online book cataloging system. All ... Télécharger
banteng(freshmeat) Banteng Banteng is cross-platform, visual JavaScript ID... Télécharger
openpro(freshmeat) openPro openPro is a Web based document management syst... Télécharger
dpss(freshmeat) dpss dpss is a system to manage (Italian specific) s... Télécharger
gtkadi(freshmeat) GTK ADI Library GTK ADI Library is a library containing GTK ADI... Télécharger
musedaemon(freshmeat) MuSE Streamer MuSE is a user-friendly tool for network audio ... Télécharger
acctail(freshmeat) acctail AccTail shows extended resource usage informat... Télécharger
slackgreek(freshmeat) SlackGreek SlackGreek is a free tool for supporting the Gr... Télécharger
rifelaszlo(freshmeat) RIFE/Laszlo RIFE/Laszlo is based on RIFE/Jumpstart and gear... Télécharger
unbounded(freshmeat) Unbounded Tic-Tac-Toe Unbounded Tic-Tac-Toe is an implementation of a... Télécharger
pllprogram(freshmeat) PLLProgram The PLLProgram is a tool to design and analyse ... Télécharger
spam_pl(freshmeat) spam.pl spam.pl reads an email from stdin and creates a... Télécharger
screenalert(freshmeat) ScreenAlert ScreenAlert allows users and programs to pop up... Télécharger
lars(freshmeat) Lars Lars helps you mass-produce audio CDs from MP3s. Télécharger
libquran(freshmeat) libquran libquran is a base library for reading the Holy... Télécharger
qtquran(freshmeat) QtQuran QtQuran is a Qt client using libquran which is ... Télécharger
nachocalendar(freshmeat) NachoCalendar NachoCalendar is intended to provide a fully cu... Télécharger
cycling(freshmeat) Cycling Cycling helps you in managing your training. It... Télécharger
xmms-rootvis(freshmeat) XMMS Root Visualization Plugin XMMS Root Visualization Plugin is a little XMMS... Télécharger
ptyaim(freshmeat) ptyaim ptyaim is a small text-based chat client with a... Télécharger
gnickr(freshmeat) Gnickr Gnickr allows you to manage photos on your Flic... Télécharger
littlechat(freshmeat) Little chat Littlechat is fast chat application in Javascri... Télécharger
archetypes(freshmeat) Archetypes Archetypes is a framework for developing new co... Télécharger
microcalls_org(freshmeat) microcalls.org A microcall is an XML-dialect used to communica... Télécharger
gebora(freshmeat) GEBORA GEBORA is an administrative tool for Oracle. It... Télécharger
rusxmms(freshmeat) RusXMMS RusXMMS provides character set conversion for l... Télécharger
ultrizetimesheet(freshmeat) Ultrize TimeSheet Ultrize TimeSheet is a Web based time card to k... Télécharger
webknock(freshmeat) WebKnock Webknock is a program that continuously scans A... Télécharger
kpl(freshmeat) Kpl Kpl is a KDE program for two- and three-dimensi... Télécharger
lpd(freshmeat) Local Projects Database The Local Projects Database (LPD) is a Web-base... Télécharger
areaedit(freshmeat) AreaEdit AreaEdit is a browser-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor... Télécharger
led-ticker(freshmeat) LED Ticker Tool LED Ticker is a tool for programming LED ticker... Télécharger
pyemf(freshmeat) pyemf pyemf is a Python module that provides the abil... Télécharger
eierjagd(freshmeat) Sarah-Marie's Eierjagd Sarah-Marie's Eierjagd is a small game that use... Télécharger
wakearp(freshmeat) wakearp wakearp is a small utility to induce ARP resolu... Télécharger
cddb(freshmeat) CDDB / CDDB_get The CDDB/CDDB_get Perl module gets the CDDB in... Télécharger
stdin2news(freshmeat) stdin2news stdin2news is a simple script that posts imput ... Télécharger
pychart(freshmeat) pychart PyChart is a Python library for creating high-q... Télécharger
gai-temp(freshmeat) GAI Temp GAI Temp can read the temperatures acpi, Lm_sen... Télécharger
criticalmass(freshmeat) Critical Mass Critical Mass (Critter) is an SDL/OpenGL space ... Télécharger
pyxmlsec(freshmeat) PyXMLSec PyXMLSec is a set of Python bindings for the XM... Télécharger
libpcl(freshmeat) Portable Coroutine Library This is a Portable Coroutine Library implementa... Télécharger
fulltext4sqlite3(freshmeat) Full Text for SQLite3 Full Text for SQLite3 is a full text indexer fo... Télécharger
overtime(freshmeat) Overtime Meter Overtime Meter is a small program which stays i... Télécharger
dumprestore(freshmeat) Dump/Restore The dump package contains both dump and restore... Télécharger
mcron(freshmeat) mcron Mcron is a 100% Vixie cron replacement written ... Télécharger
gifsicle(freshmeat) Gifsicle Gifsicle is a powerful command-line program for... Télécharger
dnsadministration(freshmeat) DNS Admin DNS Admin is a Web DNS administration tool deve... Télécharger
openmaillist(freshmeat) Openmaillist Openmaillist is written to be a hybrid of a mai... Télécharger
payroll(freshmeat) Payroll Perl Modules Business::Payroll is a series of Perl modules t... Télécharger
pageforward(freshmeat) PageForward PageForward is a proxy browsing program that us... Télécharger
snake5(freshmeat) snake5 snake5 is a communication algorithm for exchang... Télécharger
arrayprobe(freshmeat) arrayprobe Arrayprobe is a command-line utility that repor... Télécharger
ajaxgame(freshmeat) A Jack's Game A Jack's Game is a real-time game that runs in ... Télécharger
staden(freshmeat) Staden Package The Staden Package is a set of interactive tool... Télécharger
opennap-ng(freshmeat) Opennap NG Opennap NG is a Napster-like sever based on Ope... Télécharger
openchatterbox(freshmeat) OpenChatterBox OpenChatterBox is an LANChat-like application w... Télécharger
libshout(freshmeat) libshout Libshout allows applications to easily communic... Télécharger
libpaje(freshmeat) libPaje libPaje is a library developed with the GNUstep... Télécharger
simplejta(freshmeat) SimpleJTA SimpleJTA implements a stand-alone JTA-complian... Télécharger
gestshin(freshmeat) gestshin Gestshin is a Web application for administering... Télécharger
smiletag(freshmeat) SmileTAG SmileTAG is a shoutbox written in PHP. It has a... Télécharger
oprepos(freshmeat) Oracle Password Repository OPR (Oracle Password Repository) is a Unix-base... Télécharger
yabook(freshmeat) YaBook YaBook is a powerful PHP 5 guestbook that featu... Télécharger
sourdough(freshmeat) Sourdough Sourdough is a comprehensive Web application ... Télécharger
lmaker(freshmeat) lMaker lMaker is a PHP class designed for Webmasters a... Télécharger
polld(freshmeat) polld polld is a simple daemon that periodically open... Télécharger
eolfix(freshmeat) eolfix eolfix is a command line utility to report, and... Télécharger
webcid(freshmeat) WebCID WebCID is a caller ID application for analog ph... Télécharger
pgrd(freshmeat) Program Guard Program Guard allows the user of a Linux workst... Télécharger
ath(freshmeat) mod_athena mod_athena is an Apache-based application load ... Télécharger
dimvisual(freshmeat) DIMVisual DIMVisual (Data Integrated Model for Visualizat... Télécharger
gettext-commons(freshmeat) Gettext Commons The Gettext Commons project provides Java class... Télécharger
beprommer(freshmeat) BEprommer BEprommer is an (e)eprom programming software f... Télécharger
sdvalidator(freshmeat) Structured Document Validator Structured Document Validator implements a gene... Télécharger
gkrellmpmuplugin(freshmeat) GKrellM-PMU Plugin GKrellM-PMU is a plugin for GKrellM to create a... Télécharger

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