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easydialup(freshmeat) Easy DialUp Easy DialUp is a simple Web-based dialup/modem ... Télécharger
perlorm(freshmeat) PerlORM PerlORM is Perl library that implements object-... Télécharger
primagis(freshmeat) PrimaGIS PrimaGIS is a collaborative Web mapping applica... Télécharger
af-arch(freshmeat) AF Architecture Af-Arch is an N-tier development framework to q... Télécharger
asmutils(freshmeat) asmutils asmutils is a set of miscellaneous utilities wr... Télécharger
vobject(freshmeat) vobject vobject is a Python library for processing iCal... Télécharger
spamprobe(freshmeat) SpamProbe SpamProbe is a spam detection program that uses... Télécharger
oinkmaster(freshmeat) oinkmaster Oinkmaster is a tool that will help you update ... Télécharger
rmold(freshmeat) rmold rmold is a command-line tool which searches eac... Télécharger
unweave(freshmeat) unweave unweave opens each of a list of image files, re... Télécharger
cl-emb(freshmeat) CL-EMB CL-EMB is a library which embeds Common Lisp an... Télécharger
blogfs(freshmeat) BlogFS BlogFS is a FUSE-based filesystem to mount Word... Télécharger
ghost-diagrams(freshmeat) Ghost Diagrams Ghost Diagrams is a small program that takes se... Télécharger
advancemame(freshmeat) AdvanceMAME AdvanceMAME is a port of the MAME and MESS emul... Télécharger
qmail-rblchk(freshmeat) qmail-rblchk qmail-rblchk filters all incoming mail and chec... Télécharger
personalbackup(freshmeat) PersonalBackup Personalbackup is a network-wide backup system ... Télécharger
digicamerge(freshmeat) digicamerge DigicaMerge is a commandline tool to merge dire... Télécharger
arguvision(freshmeat) Arguvision ARGUVISION is an enterprise class video surveil... Télécharger
afiledialog(freshmeat) aFileDialog aFileDialog is an Android 2.2+ library that imp... Télécharger
v-q(freshmeat) Virtual Qmail Virtual Qmail offers a set of applications that... Télécharger
mediatagtools(freshmeat) Media Tag Tools Media Tag Tools is a collection of tools to hel... Télécharger
kdbus(freshmeat) kdbus kdbus is a D-BUS service browser for KDE. It is... Télécharger
liliboggie(freshmeat) LiliBoggie LiliBoggie is a Boggle-like video game. It can ... Télécharger
tscat(freshmeat) tscat tscat is a simple filter that reads a line from... Télécharger
valid_fields(freshmeat) Validate_fields Class The Validate_fields Class is an easy-to-use for... Télécharger
spalah_cms(freshmeat) Spalah CMS Spalah CMS is a simple content management syste... Télécharger
sharedance(freshmeat) Sharedance Sharedance is a high-performance server that ce... Télécharger
musicbox(freshmeat) CGI-Musicbox CGI-Musicbox is a collection of programs to man... Télécharger
denat(freshmeat) DeNAT DeNAT is a script that detects computers using ... Télécharger
nlog(freshmeat) NLog NLog is a .NET logging library designed with si... Télécharger
gitmail(freshmeat) Ghost In The Mail Ghost In The Mail (also known as gitmail) is a ... Télécharger
dvdrtools(freshmeat) dvdrtools dvdrtools is a suite of software based on cdrto... Télécharger
glock(freshmeat) Glock Glock is a simple analog clock program. Along w... Télécharger
color-bandwidth-meter(freshmeat) Color Bandwidth Meter The Color Bandwidth Meter (cbm) is a small prog... Télécharger
gifdis(freshmeat) Gif Disassembler Gif Disassembler is a Web script that lets you ... Télécharger
bswc(freshmeat) Weight Calculator The Weight Calculator calculates the number of ... Télécharger
pymadea(freshmeat) Pymadea Pymadea (PYthon MAil DElivery Agent) is a simpl... Télécharger
qubit(freshmeat) Qubit Qubit (Qmail Ultimate Backend Integration Tool)... Télécharger
aspectjs(freshmeat) AspectJS AspectJS is a simple and practical aspect-orien... Télécharger
aylet(freshmeat) aylet aylet is a player for music files in the "... Télécharger
animmaker(freshmeat) animmaker animmaker is a utility for producing a raw AVI ... Télécharger
minihuff(freshmeat) minihuff minihuff is a data compression library that ena... Télécharger
xmltv2html(freshmeat) xmltv2html xmltv2html is a script that transforms the XML ... Télécharger
kosmos(freshmeat) Kosmos Kosmos is a collection of JSR-168-compliant por... Télécharger
whoisdomcheck(freshmeat) Whoisdomaincheckup Whoisdomaincheckup is a Web-based (PHP) applica... Télécharger
lotrtrivia(freshmeat) lotr-trivia lotr-trivia is a simple trivia application. You... Télécharger
hydrogen(freshmeat) Hydrogen Hydrogen is a simple real-time Drum machine/seq... Télécharger
centericq-expl(freshmeat) centericq-expl centericq-expl is a script to extract some info... Télécharger
tinystats(freshmeat) tinystats tinystats is a filter that reads tinydns logs a... Télécharger
activecalendar(freshmeat) Active Calendar Active Calendar is a PHP class that generates c... Télécharger
xzero(freshmeat) XZero XZero is a simple board game. The winner of the... Télécharger
mtasc(freshmeat) MTASC MTASC (Motion-Twin ActionScript2 Compiler) is a... Télécharger
ivupy(freshmeat) IVuPy IVuPy (I-View-Py) is a Python extension module ... Télécharger
boxbackup(freshmeat) Box Backup Box Backup is an online backup system for Unix.... Télécharger
openstar(freshmeat) OpenStar OpenStar is a value-added PostNuke distribution... Télécharger
splittar(freshmeat) splittar splittar allows you to create one or more tar f... Télécharger
photomolo(freshmeat) pHoToMoLo pHoToMoLo is a toolset for managing JPEG images... Télécharger
libmime(freshmeat) libmime libmime is a MIME parser in the same vein as Ex... Télécharger
macts(freshmeat) MACTS MACTS is a traffic shaper which uses MAC addres... Télécharger
ljsimple(freshmeat) LJ::Simple LJ::Simple is a Perl module to provide a simple... Télécharger
hp3900-series(freshmeat) HP ScanJet 3900 series backend This is a backend to control HP Scanjet 3900 se... Télécharger
gandi(freshmeat) GANDI GANDI (Gathering of Additional Ncurses Developm... Télécharger
tile-world(freshmeat) Tile World Tile World is an emulator of "Chip's Chall... Télécharger
tableextract(freshmeat) HTML::TableExtract HTML::TableExtract is a Perl module that simpli... Télécharger
soundtracker(freshmeat) SoundTracker SoundTracker is a pattern-oriented music editor... Télécharger
playground(freshmeat) playground playground is a simple GNOME panel applet that ... Télécharger
flowd(freshmeat) flowd flowd is a small, fast, secure, and featureful ... Télécharger
flashboot(freshmeat) flashboot for OpenBSD flashboot for OpenBSD is a set of makefiles, sc... Télécharger
xtla(freshmeat) Xtla Xtla is the Emacs front-end to the GNU Arch rev... Télécharger
errhdl(freshmeat) errhdl liberrhdl is a small C library that offers erro... Télécharger
seeyoulater(freshmeat) SeeYouLater SeeYouLater's purpose is to fetch a list of IPs... Télécharger
modpsldap(freshmeat) mod_psldap mod_psldap is an Apache module that performs au... Télécharger
freemind(freshmeat) FreeMind FreeMind is Mind-Mapping tool and an intuitive ... Télécharger
contactsmanager(freshmeat) easy contactsManager easy contactsManager [eCM] is a Web application... Télécharger
pngtoico(freshmeat) pngtoico pngtoico is a small utility to convert a set of... Télécharger
pbfielddesigner(freshmeat) Field Designer The Field Designer is a program for designing s... Télécharger
dyna_form(freshmeat) Dynamic form class lib Dynamic form class lib is a PHP class library t... Télécharger
phpmvc(freshmeat) php.MVC Web Application Framework php.MVC is an open source framework for PHP Web... Télécharger
netfico(freshmeat) netfico netfico is a complete Linux/netfilter (iptables... Télécharger
dslinux(freshmeat) DSLinux DSLinux is a port of Linux to the Nintendo DS g... Télécharger
rssticker(freshmeat) Backstage RSS Ticker The BBC Backstage RSS Ticker is a platform inde... Télécharger
dijjer(freshmeat) Dijjer Dijjer is a peer-to-peer HTTP cache, designed t... Télécharger
strangewiki(freshmeat) StrangeWiki StrangeWiki uses Web 2.0 concepts to integrate ... Télécharger
plugboard(freshmeat) PlugBoard PlugBoard is an Application framework made in P... Télécharger
adcfw-log(freshmeat) adcfw-log adcfw-log is a tool for analyzing firewall logs... Télécharger
xarchive(freshmeat) XArchive XArchive is a GUI frontend for command-line arc... Télécharger
credence(freshmeat) Credence Credence is a tool for combating spam and pollu... Télécharger
l4ip(freshmeat) L4ip l4ip is a daemon that extends IPFilter's simple... Télécharger
yaorb(freshmeat) Yet Another Object Request Broker Yet Another Object Request Broker is an impleme... Télécharger
vcalendar(freshmeat) VCalendar VCalendar (Virtual Calendar) is a Web calendar ... Télécharger
qtodo(freshmeat) QTodo QTodo is a todo-list manager that was designed ... Télécharger
xamber(freshmeat) Amber for Parrot Amber for Parrot is an object-oriented scriptin... Télécharger
dtcltiny(freshmeat) dtcltiny dtcltiny is a small SRCP client using SRCP prot... Télécharger
coasim(freshmeat) CoaSim CoaSim is a tool for simulating the coalescent ... Télécharger
ootts(freshmeat) OO Text To Speech OO-TTS is a text-to speech macro for OpenOffice... Télécharger
gedi(freshmeat) GeDI GeDI, the GEneric Diskless Installer, is a set ... Télécharger
rpmdc(freshmeat) RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository... Télécharger
resynthesizer(freshmeat) Resynthesizer Resynthesizer is a Gimp plug-in that when given... Télécharger
rhapsody(freshmeat) Rhapsody IRC Rhapsody is a text console IRC client for Unix ... Télécharger
minix3(freshmeat) MINIX 3 MINIX 3 is an operating system designed to be h... Télécharger

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