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phpmvc(freshmeat) php.MVC Web Application Framework php.MVC is an open source framework for PHP Web... Télécharger
netfico(freshmeat) netfico netfico is a complete Linux/netfilter (iptables... Télécharger
dslinux(freshmeat) DSLinux DSLinux is a port of Linux to the Nintendo DS g... Télécharger
rssticker(freshmeat) Backstage RSS Ticker The BBC Backstage RSS Ticker is a platform inde... Télécharger
dijjer(freshmeat) Dijjer Dijjer is a peer-to-peer HTTP cache, designed t... Télécharger
strangewiki(freshmeat) StrangeWiki StrangeWiki uses Web 2.0 concepts to integrate ... Télécharger
plugboard(freshmeat) PlugBoard PlugBoard is an Application framework made in P... Télécharger
adcfw-log(freshmeat) adcfw-log adcfw-log is a tool for analyzing firewall logs... Télécharger
xarchive(freshmeat) XArchive XArchive is a GUI frontend for command-line arc... Télécharger
credence(freshmeat) Credence Credence is a tool for combating spam and pollu... Télécharger
l4ip(freshmeat) L4ip l4ip is a daemon that extends IPFilter's simple... Télécharger
yaorb(freshmeat) Yet Another Object Request Broker Yet Another Object Request Broker is an impleme... Télécharger
vcalendar(freshmeat) VCalendar VCalendar (Virtual Calendar) is a Web calendar ... Télécharger
qtodo(freshmeat) QTodo QTodo is a todo-list manager that was designed ... Télécharger
xamber(freshmeat) Amber for Parrot Amber for Parrot is an object-oriented scriptin... Télécharger
dtcltiny(freshmeat) dtcltiny dtcltiny is a small SRCP client using SRCP prot... Télécharger
coasim(freshmeat) CoaSim CoaSim is a tool for simulating the coalescent ... Télécharger
ootts(freshmeat) OO Text To Speech OO-TTS is a text-to speech macro for OpenOffice... Télécharger
gedi(freshmeat) GeDI GeDI, the GEneric Diskless Installer, is a set ... Télécharger
rpmdc(freshmeat) RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository... Télécharger
resynthesizer(freshmeat) Resynthesizer Resynthesizer is a Gimp plug-in that when given... Télécharger
rhapsody(freshmeat) Rhapsody IRC Rhapsody is a text console IRC client for Unix ... Télécharger
minix3(freshmeat) MINIX 3 MINIX 3 is an operating system designed to be h... Télécharger
prebuild(freshmeat) Prebuild Prebuild is a cross-platform XML-driven pre-bui... Télécharger
scmxx(freshmeat) SCMxx SCMxx is a console program that allows you to e... Télécharger
libstree(freshmeat) libstree libstree is a generic suffix tree implementatio... Télécharger
magpy(freshmeat) magpy magpy is a Python wrapper for the mg full-text ... Télécharger
lomoco(freshmeat) lomoco lomoco can configure vendor-specific options on... Télécharger
aspirenn(freshmeat) ASpiReNN ASpiReNN is a little C library (with Python bin... Télécharger
pysubmind(freshmeat) PySubMind PySubMind is a personal notes manager with orga... Télécharger
codstats(freshmeat) codstats.tcl codstats.tcl is an eggdrop Tcl script that comm... Télécharger
greent(freshmeat) GreenT GreenT is a Linux terminal emulator written in ... Télécharger
gnu-mode(freshmeat) GNU-mode GNU-mode is a collection of games for i-mode mo... Télécharger
gtkatlantic(freshmeat) GtkAtlantic GtkAtlantic is a client for playing Monopoly-li... Télécharger
pcitygen(freshmeat) PCity PCity is a procedural city generator. It uses a... Télécharger
pigeonreader(freshmeat) PigeonReader PigeonReader is the Web mail client of the Pige... Télécharger
pigeonadmin(freshmeat) PigeonAdmin PigeonAdmin is the mail administration interfac... Télécharger
pigeondeliver(freshmeat) PigeonDeliver PigeonDeliver is the delivery agent of the Pige... Télécharger
quantian(freshmeat) The Quantian Scientific Computing Environment Quantian is a directly bootable and self-config... Télécharger
logrep(freshmeat) Logrep Logrep is a secure multi-platform tool for the ... Télécharger
cyberduck(freshmeat) Cyberduck Cyberduck is an SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer)... Télécharger
ssddiff(freshmeat) SSDDiff SSDDiff is a diff application similar to GNU d... Télécharger
ruby-password(freshmeat) Ruby/Password Ruby/Password is a set of useful methods for cr... Télécharger
imggeoref(freshmeat) ImgGeoRef.app ImgGeoRef.app is an application that allows geo... Télécharger
adqt(freshmeat) adqt adqt is a GUI database query tool that lets us... Télécharger
referrercop(freshmeat) ReferrerCop ReferrerCop parses Apache log files and AWStats... Télécharger
worminator(freshmeat) Worminator Worminator 3 is akin to many Apogee Software an... Télécharger
tagmogrify(freshmeat) The TagMogrifier library for PHP The purpose of the Tagmogrifier library is to l... Télécharger
klibido(freshmeat) KDE Linux Binaries Downloader KLibido is a Usenet (NNTP) file grabber for KDE... Télécharger
tclperl(freshmeat) tclperl Tclperl allows the execution of Perl code from ... Télécharger
dnsflood(freshmeat) DNS Flood Detector DNS Flood Detector was developed to detect abus... Télécharger
gtkdive(freshmeat) gtkdive gtkdive is dive simulation based on the impleme... Télécharger
niki(freshmeat) Niki Niki is a quick and simple program for organizi... Télécharger
wxchecksums(freshmeat) wxChecksums wxChecksums is a program which calculates and v... Télécharger
libbraille(freshmeat) libbraille Libbraille makes it easy to access Braille disp... Télécharger
mediacenter(freshmeat) mediaCenter mediaCenter is a startup center for multimedia ... Télécharger
aspectes(freshmeat) AspectES AspectES is an implementation of Aspect-Oriente... Télécharger
cowdancer(freshmeat) cowdancer cowdancer allows copy-on-write file access. You... Télécharger
rvsnoop(freshmeat) RvSnoop RvSnoop is a Swing-based GUI that provides deve... Télécharger
jajouka(freshmeat) Jajouka Jajouka is a nice GUI interface for the GiantDi... Télécharger
gnome-osd(freshmeat) Gnome OSD Gnome OSD is an OSD (On Screen Display) infrast... Télécharger
geekast(freshmeat) Geekast Geekast is an alternative to the Peercast (http... Télécharger
smpencode(freshmeat) smp-encode smp-encode is a compact utility that encodes gr... Télécharger
straw(freshmeat) Straw Straw is a desktop RSS and Atom aggregator for ... Télécharger
heavenos(freshmeat) HeavenOS HeavenOS is an original, alternative 32-bit ope... Télécharger
rife(freshmeat) RIFE RIFE offers an alternative approach to web appl... Télécharger
contenido(freshmeat) Contenido Contenido is a CMS (content management system) ... Télécharger
nbdhttp(freshmeat) nbd-http NBD-HTTP is a user-space tool that exposes a fi... Télécharger
dkimproxy(freshmeat) DKIM Proxy dkimproxy is an SMTP proxy that signs and/or ve... Télécharger
freedoom(freshmeat) Freedoom Freedoom is a project to create a complete, fre... Télécharger
cdargs(freshmeat) cdargs cdargs adds a bookmark feature and a simple fil... Télécharger
smsframework(freshmeat) SMS Framework SMS Framework is an Objective C framework for d... Télécharger
kandau(freshmeat) Kandau Kandau is a library that offers an easy way to ... Télécharger
oscache(freshmeat) OpenSymphony Cache OSCache is a high performance J2EE caching solu... Télécharger
tkviewman(freshmeat) TkViewMan TkViewMan is a graphical man page viewer. It fe... Télécharger
cpumon(freshmeat) CpuMon CpuMon monitors the CPU activity of a multi-cor... Télécharger
vrb(freshmeat) Virtual Ring Buffer The VRB library is a virtual ring buffer. It us... Télécharger
timer_q(freshmeat) Timer_q Timer_q is a shared C library which implements ... Télécharger
vstr(freshmeat) Vstr string library Vstr is a safe and fast string library for C. I... Télécharger
schema-compare(freshmeat) schema-compare Schema-compare is a script that will compares t... Télécharger
natrium(freshmeat) Natrium Engine The Natrium Engine tracks groups of parts by le... Télécharger
flatgallery(freshmeat) FlatGallery FlatGallery is a simple image gallery that does... Télécharger
changeblindness(freshmeat) ChangeBlindness ChangeBlindness is a small game that demonstrat... Télécharger
sat(freshmeat) Simple scAnning Tool SAT (Simple scAnning Tool) is a simple and fast... Télécharger
picturemanager(freshmeat) easy picturesManager easy picturesManager (ePM) is an Internet appli... Télécharger
books2burn(freshmeat) books2burn books2burn is a text to audio program for conve... Télécharger
cppxstream(freshmeat) cpp xstream cpp xstream is a collection of several streambu... Télécharger
libdvbsiplusplus(freshmeat) libdvbsi++ libdvbsi++ is a DVB SI parser library. Télécharger
lazar(freshmeat) lazar lazar (Lazy-Structure-Activity Relationships) i... Télécharger
dobackup_pl(freshmeat) dobackup.pl dobackup.pl is a flexible Perl script to handle... Télécharger
clustercontrol(freshmeat) ClusterControl ClusterControl is a Web interface to simplify d... Télécharger
visualregexp(freshmeat) Visual REGEXP Visual REGEXP lets you easily design and debug ... Télécharger
slocate(freshmeat) Secure Locate Secure locate provides a secure way to index an... Télécharger
dnsutl(freshmeat) dnsutl The dnsutl package is a collection tools to mak... Télécharger
tonic(freshmeat) Tonic Tonic is a "less is more", RESTful We... Télécharger
demokritos(freshmeat) Demokritos Demokritos is a server implementation of the At... Télécharger
gshare(freshmeat) G-Share G-Share is a script that allows you to share yo... Télécharger
swpartc(freshmeat) swpartc swpartc is a simple but reliable utility for c... Télécharger
skudoku(freshmeat) Su-per-Doku Su-per-Doku is a sudoku puzzle game for superka... Télécharger
hatimmanager(freshmeat) Hatim Manager Hatim Manager is a Web application which manage... Télécharger

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