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javanntrain(freshmeat) Java Neural Network Trainer Java Neural Network Trainer is a neural network... Télécharger
sowa_data_capacitor(freshmeat) Sowa Data Capacitor Sowa Data Capacitor is a unified Java API for a... Télécharger
slothrpg(freshmeat) Sloth Online RPG Sloth Online RPG is a fully graphical online ro... Télécharger
qconsolewidget(freshmeat) QConsole Class The QConsole class is a custom widget that impl... Télécharger
annotate(freshmeat) Annotate Annotate provides an annotation facility for Do... Télécharger
ajaqs(freshmeat) Ajaqs Ajaqs is a Web application that organizes FAQs ... Télécharger
photodirectory(freshmeat) Photo Directory PhotoDirectory is a cross-platform application ... Télécharger
ktranslator(freshmeat) KTranslator KTranslator is a dictionary application for KDE... Télécharger
gpass(freshmeat) GNOME Password Manager GPass is a simple GNOME application that lets y... Télécharger
expiretable(freshmeat) Expiretable Expiretable is a utility for removing entries f... Télécharger
tableutil(freshmeat) Tableutil Tableutil is a utility for converting, aggregat... Télécharger
alambic(freshmeat) Alambic Alambic is an enterprise class solution for cre... Télécharger
esper-cep-esp-engine(freshmeat) Esper Esper is a Java component for applications whic... Télécharger
blockish(freshmeat) Blockish Blockish is an NBD server with multiple backend... Télécharger
autopackage(freshmeat) autopackage autopackage allows developers to produce "... Télécharger
stemminglibrary(freshmeat) Oleander Stemming Library Oleander is a word stemming library that uses P... Télécharger
dbacl(freshmeat) dbacl dbacl is a digramic Bayesian text classifier. G... Télécharger
shabdshilpa(freshmeat) shabdashilpa ShabdaShilpa is an English to Kannada translato... Télécharger
jsignal(freshmeat) JSignal JSignal is a JavaScript signaling library writt... Télécharger
kaffeine(freshmeat) Kaffeine Player Kaffeine is a simple and easy to use media play... Télécharger
spoink(freshmeat) spoink Spoink is an output plugin for snort that works... Télécharger
pinkytagger(freshmeat) Pinky-Tagger Pinky-Tagger is a program for editing and mass ... Télécharger
playbilling(freshmeat) PlayBilling PlayBilling is a billing system for internet ca... Télécharger
tesspinbox(freshmeat) tesSpinbox tesSpinbox is a DHTML Spinbutton, Spinbox, Spin... Télécharger
galaxymage(freshmeat) GalaxyMage GalaxyMage is a tactical/strategic RPG. A tacti... Télécharger
dbix-wrapper(freshmeat) DBIx::Wrapper DBIx::Wrapper is a Perl module that serves as a... Télécharger
slauth(freshmeat) Slauth Slauth is a Perl-based authentication and autho... Télécharger
bungmeter(freshmeat) bungmeter Bungmeter is fork of fnetload. It's a small net... Télécharger
nux(freshmeat) Nux Nux is a Java toolkit that makes efficient and ... Télécharger
quotehist(freshmeat) Finance-QuoteHist Finance-QuoteHist provides Finance::QuoteHist, ... Télécharger
onedb(freshmeat) One$DB One$DB is an open source version of Daffodil DB... Télécharger
math-objects(freshmeat) Math Objects Math Objects is a math template library for C++... Télécharger
xtranslate(freshmeat) xtranslate xtranslate is a tool to convert the text in the... Télécharger
py_sqlplug_mysql(freshmeat) py-sqlplug_mysql py-sqlplug_mysql is a module for CPython that i... Télécharger
dgnlib(freshmeat) DGNLib DGNLib is a small C/C++ library for reading and... Télécharger
ansi-cio(freshmeat) ANSI-CIO ANSI-CIO is a set of transparent replacements f... Télécharger
qmail-1_03_isp_patch(freshmeat) qmail-1.03.isp.patch qmail-1.03.isp.patch is a combination of severa... Télécharger
ldapvacation(freshmeat) ldapvacation ldapvacation is an LDAP-enabled version of the ... Télécharger
cvslines(freshmeat) cvslines CVSLines helps when committing changes on sever... Télécharger
interface(freshmeat) Template Interface Engine Template Interface Engine joins back-end code (... Télécharger
simpleshedsimulator(freshmeat) SimpleShedSimulator SimpleShedSimulator provides classes for schedu... Télécharger
highmoon(freshmeat) HighMoon HighMoon is an Artillery/Worms-like duel game i... Télécharger
linuxstok(freshmeat) LinuxStok LinuxStok is software for managing the life of ... Télécharger
ap-utils(freshmeat) Access Point Utilities for Unix Access Point Utilities for Unix is a set of uti... Télécharger
dvbshout(freshmeat) dvbshout dvbshout takes an MPEG transport stream from a ... Télécharger
phpwiki(freshmeat) PhpWiki PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone written in PHP. ... Télécharger
json-rpc-java(freshmeat) JSON-RPC-Java JSON-RPC-Java provides an RPC implementation th... Télécharger
bakery(freshmeat) Bakery Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating GNOME ap... Télécharger
glom(freshmeat) Glom Glom allows you to design database table defini... Télécharger
borges(freshmeat) Borges Documents Management System Borges is an open-source project aimed at XML-a... Télécharger
libnmd(freshmeat) libnmd Libnmd is a C library for interfacing with NetM... Télécharger
commitrc(freshmeat) commitrc commitrc is a tool to put your /etc files (and ... Télécharger
class_hash_crypt(freshmeat) Secure hash based encryption Secure hash based encryption is a PHP class tha... Télécharger
glibc-audit(freshmeat) glibc-audit glibc-audit is a modified version of glibc for ... Télécharger
xgridagent-java(freshmeat) Xgrid Agent for Java Xgrid is an agent for Apple's Xgrid clustering ... Télécharger
wist(freshmeat) Web Interface for SIP Trace WIST is a PHP Web Interface that permits you to... Télécharger
xparse(freshmeat) xParse xParse is a light-weight XML Parser written in ... Télécharger
ipg(freshmeat) Infins Picture Gallery Infins Picture Gallery (IPG) is an image galler... Télécharger
wop(freshmeat) Wörms of Prey Wörms of Prey is a multi-player, real-... Télécharger
enemylines3(freshmeat) enemy lines 3 enemy lines 3 is a semi-abstract first person 3... Télécharger
bibtexgui(freshmeat) BibTexGui BibTexGui is an editor for BibTeX files. It hel... Télécharger
atmelprog(freshmeat) atmelprog atmelprog is an Atmel AT89Cx051 microcontroller... Télécharger
cynthiune(freshmeat) Cynthiune Cynthiune is a free software and romantic music... Télécharger
abiss(freshmeat) Active Block I/O Scheduling System ABISS (Active Block I/O Scheduling System) is a... Télécharger
adesklets(freshmeat) adesklets adesklets is an interactive Imlib2 console for ... Télécharger
feta_asset(freshmeat) Feta Asset Tracking Feta (Feta Efficiently Tracks Assets) is a Web-... Télécharger
qmail-scanner(freshmeat) Qmail-Scanner Qmail-Scanner, (also known as scan4virus) is an... Télécharger
libvisca(freshmeat) VISCA Camera Control Library libvisca is a control library for VISCA-complia... Télécharger
date_calc_sk(freshmeat) Date Calculator Date Calculator is a SuperKaramba theme and a s... Télécharger
gcontact(freshmeat) GContact GContact is a Web application that allows you t... Télécharger
kavi2svcd(freshmeat) kavi2svcd kavi2svcd is a GUI for generating MPEG files f... Télécharger
dissent(freshmeat) DisSent DisSent (short for "Distribute Sent Mails&... Télécharger
xwpe-alpha(freshmeat) xwpe-alpha Xwpe is a programming environment with a user i... Télécharger
fusedav(freshmeat) fusedav fusedav is a userspace WebDAV filesystem driver... Télécharger
kaffe(freshmeat) kaffe Kaffe is a free software VM and development env... Télécharger
webme(freshmeat) WebMe WebME is a really simple CMS with blog and podc... Télécharger
moreutils(freshmeat) moreutils moreutils is a growing collection of the Unix t... Télécharger
gtksourceviewmm(freshmeat) gtksourceviewmm gtksourceviewmm is a C++ wrapper for the gtksou... Télécharger
katsudoku(freshmeat) Kat's Sudoku Kat's Sudoku is a simple helper program for sol... Télécharger
qtcpufreq(freshmeat) qtcpufreq qtcpufreq is a administrative tool for cpufreqd... Télécharger
cmu-netreg(freshmeat) Carnegie Mellon NetReg The CMU NetReg package is a scalable and flexib... Télécharger
winswitch(freshmeat) WinSwitch WinSwitch is a compact replacement for Apple's... Télécharger
imagespace(freshmeat) ImageSpace ImageSpace creates 2D images by mutating syntax... Télécharger
myactiverecord(freshmeat) MyActiveRecord MyActiveRecord is a PHP implementation of Marti... Télécharger
amicus(freshmeat) A.M.I.C.U.S. A.M.I.C.U.S. (Automatic Multimedia Installation... Télécharger
autoprofile(freshmeat) AutoProfile AutoProfile is an extension to Gaim that allows... Télécharger
bookmarkbridge(freshmeat) BookmarkBridge BookmarkBridge is a small, easy to use, multi-p... Télécharger
ezavtools(freshmeat) EZ-AV Tools for Unix EZ-AV Tools for Unix is a set of CLI tools that... Télécharger
cocoaultrasms(freshmeat) Cocoa UltraSMS Cocoa UltraSMS is a from scratch Cocoa rewrite ... Télécharger
spring-rich-c(freshmeat) Spring Rich Client The Spring Rich Client Project (RCP) is a sub-p... Télécharger
sqlitewrapped(freshmeat) sqlitewrapped sqlitewrapped is a minimal C++ wrapper library ... Télécharger
phkp(freshmeat) PHKP PHKP is an implementation of the OpenPGP HTTP K... Télécharger
generecon(freshmeat) GeneRecon GeneRecon is a software package for linkage dis... Télécharger
rx4rdf(freshmeat) Rx4RDF Rx4RDF is a set of technologies designed to mak... Télécharger
rhizome-wiki(freshmeat) Rhizome Wiki Rhizome is a Wiki-like content management and d... Télécharger
pptools(freshmeat) PPTools PPTools contains several tools designed to ease... Télécharger
maemopadplus(freshmeat) Maemopad+ Maemopad+ is a tree-based notes application wit... Télécharger
phpmakeupdate(freshmeat) phpMakeUpdate phpMakeUpdate is a Web-based intranet tool for ... Télécharger
deimosproject(freshmeat) The Deimos Project The Deimos Project is a 3D space combat simulat... Télécharger
phpodpworld(freshmeat) phpODPWorld phpODPWorld is a package that allows you to dis... Télécharger

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