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wxchecksums(freshmeat) wxChecksums wxChecksums is a program which calculates and v... Télécharger
libbraille(freshmeat) libbraille Libbraille makes it easy to access Braille disp... Télécharger
mediacenter(freshmeat) mediaCenter mediaCenter is a startup center for multimedia ... Télécharger
aspectes(freshmeat) AspectES AspectES is an implementation of Aspect-Oriente... Télécharger
cowdancer(freshmeat) cowdancer cowdancer allows copy-on-write file access. You... Télécharger
rvsnoop(freshmeat) RvSnoop RvSnoop is a Swing-based GUI that provides deve... Télécharger
jajouka(freshmeat) Jajouka Jajouka is a nice GUI interface for the GiantDi... Télécharger
gnome-osd(freshmeat) Gnome OSD Gnome OSD is an OSD (On Screen Display) infrast... Télécharger
geekast(freshmeat) Geekast Geekast is an alternative to the Peercast (http... Télécharger
smpencode(freshmeat) smp-encode smp-encode is a compact utility that encodes gr... Télécharger
straw(freshmeat) Straw Straw is a desktop RSS and Atom aggregator for ... Télécharger
heavenos(freshmeat) HeavenOS HeavenOS is an original, alternative 32-bit ope... Télécharger
rife(freshmeat) RIFE RIFE offers an alternative approach to web appl... Télécharger
contenido(freshmeat) Contenido Contenido is a CMS (content management system) ... Télécharger
nbdhttp(freshmeat) nbd-http NBD-HTTP is a user-space tool that exposes a fi... Télécharger
dkimproxy(freshmeat) DKIM Proxy dkimproxy is an SMTP proxy that signs and/or ve... Télécharger
freedoom(freshmeat) Freedoom Freedoom is a project to create a complete, fre... Télécharger
cdargs(freshmeat) cdargs cdargs adds a bookmark feature and a simple fil... Télécharger
smsframework(freshmeat) SMS Framework SMS Framework is an Objective C framework for d... Télécharger
kandau(freshmeat) Kandau Kandau is a library that offers an easy way to ... Télécharger
oscache(freshmeat) OpenSymphony Cache OSCache is a high performance J2EE caching solu... Télécharger
tkviewman(freshmeat) TkViewMan TkViewMan is a graphical man page viewer. It fe... Télécharger
cpumon(freshmeat) CpuMon CpuMon monitors the CPU activity of a multi-cor... Télécharger
vrb(freshmeat) Virtual Ring Buffer The VRB library is a virtual ring buffer. It us... Télécharger
timer_q(freshmeat) Timer_q Timer_q is a shared C library which implements ... Télécharger
vstr(freshmeat) Vstr string library Vstr is a safe and fast string library for C. I... Télécharger
schema-compare(freshmeat) schema-compare Schema-compare is a script that will compares t... Télécharger
natrium(freshmeat) Natrium Engine The Natrium Engine tracks groups of parts by le... Télécharger
flatgallery(freshmeat) FlatGallery FlatGallery is a simple image gallery that does... Télécharger
changeblindness(freshmeat) ChangeBlindness ChangeBlindness is a small game that demonstrat... Télécharger
sat(freshmeat) Simple scAnning Tool SAT (Simple scAnning Tool) is a simple and fast... Télécharger
picturemanager(freshmeat) easy picturesManager easy picturesManager (ePM) is an Internet appli... Télécharger
books2burn(freshmeat) books2burn books2burn is a text to audio program for conve... Télécharger
cppxstream(freshmeat) cpp xstream cpp xstream is a collection of several streambu... Télécharger
libdvbsiplusplus(freshmeat) libdvbsi++ libdvbsi++ is a DVB SI parser library. Télécharger
lazar(freshmeat) lazar lazar (Lazy-Structure-Activity Relationships) i... Télécharger
dobackup_pl(freshmeat) dobackup.pl dobackup.pl is a flexible Perl script to handle... Télécharger
clustercontrol(freshmeat) ClusterControl ClusterControl is a Web interface to simplify d... Télécharger
visualregexp(freshmeat) Visual REGEXP Visual REGEXP lets you easily design and debug ... Télécharger
slocate(freshmeat) Secure Locate Secure locate provides a secure way to index an... Télécharger
dnsutl(freshmeat) dnsutl The dnsutl package is a collection tools to mak... Télécharger
tonic(freshmeat) Tonic Tonic is a "less is more", RESTful We... Télécharger
demokritos(freshmeat) Demokritos Demokritos is a server implementation of the At... Télécharger
gshare(freshmeat) G-Share G-Share is a script that allows you to share yo... Télécharger
swpartc(freshmeat) swpartc swpartc is a simple but reliable utility for c... Télécharger
skudoku(freshmeat) Su-per-Doku Su-per-Doku is a sudoku puzzle game for superka... Télécharger
hatimmanager(freshmeat) Hatim Manager Hatim Manager is a Web application which manage... Télécharger
rocap(freshmeat) rocap rocap is an IP bandwidth monitoring system base... Télécharger
smewebapp(freshmeat) SME Web Application Framework SMEWebApp is a framework for constructing Web a... Télécharger
bandsaw(freshmeat) Band Saw Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNO... Télécharger
cache4j(freshmeat) cache4j cache4j is a cache for Java objects with a simp... Télécharger
jakelib2(freshmeat) Jakelib2 Jakelib2 is a cross platform C++ class library ... Télécharger
jconfigxml(freshmeat) jConfigXML jConfigXML is a configuration manager written i... Télécharger
rss2writer(freshmeat) RSS2Writer RSS2Writer is a simple class which allows the c... Télécharger
rigel(freshmeat) RIGEL RIGEL is a lightweight evolutionary algorithms ... Télécharger
nageographer(freshmeat) Nageographer Nageographer is a graphical utility to aid in p... Télécharger
rcplive(freshmeat) RCPlive RCPlive is a router live CD based on Debian 7 a... Télécharger
jigsaw_php_js(freshmeat) PHP/Javascript Jigsaw puzzle PHP/Javascript Jigsaw puzzle automatically crea... Télécharger
mulumis(freshmeat) Simulum Simulum deals with different simulations of sta... Télécharger
lxbios(freshmeat) Lxbios Lxbios is a utility for reading and writing Li... Télécharger
matchbox(freshmeat) Matchbox Matchbox provides a lightweight, flexible base ... Télécharger
xrestop(freshmeat) xrestop Xrestop uses the X-Resource extension to provid... Télécharger
aeskulap(freshmeat) Aeskuap Aeskulap is a medical image viewer. It is able ... Télécharger
multicursor-wm(freshmeat) Multi-Cursor Window Manager Multi-Cursor Window Manager creates a desktop e... Télécharger
globs(freshmeat) GL O.B.S. GL O.B.S. (GL Open Benchmark Suite) is based ar... Télécharger
pyannolib(freshmeat) PyAnnolib PyAnnolib is a library that lets your Python pr... Télécharger
yeahconsole(freshmeat) yeahconsole Yeahconsole puts an xterm or rxvt-unicode windo... Télécharger
libcmt(freshmeat) LibCMT LibCMT (Composable Memory Transactions Library)... Télécharger
rox-system(freshmeat) ROX System Monitor The ROX System Monitor displays a large window ... Télécharger
pythmloo(freshmeat) pyhtmloo pyhtmloo is a library allowing Python developer... Télécharger
cattty(freshmeat) catty (cat-tty) catty is a small utility to write to and read f... Télécharger
tappipe(freshmeat) tappipe tappipe is a VPN that is very small and very ea... Télécharger
teamplanner(freshmeat) TeamPlanner TeamPlanner is an organization application that... Télécharger
wifiroamd(freshmeat) wifiroamd wifiroamd is a background program which tries t... Télécharger
polarviewer(freshmeat) PolarViewer PolarViewer is a viewer application for exercis... Télécharger
kuartetdesktop(freshmeat) Kuartet Desktop The Kuartet Desktop project aims to create a v... Télécharger
jreepad(freshmeat) Jreepad Jreepad allows you to store and edit all your l... Télécharger
prtunnel(freshmeat) prtunnel prtunnel tunnels a TCP connection through to a ... Télécharger
ifsgr(freshmeat) IFSgr IFSgr is a command line two-dimensional linear ... Télécharger
evs4j(freshmeat) Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java is a pure J... Télécharger
programd(freshmeat) Program D Program D is a widely used AIML bot platform. I... Télécharger
iaxdissect(freshmeat) IaxDissect IaxDissect is a dissector for the Inter-Asteris... Télécharger
cdrw-taper(freshmeat) Amanda CDRW-Taper The Amanda CDRW-Taper is a drop-in replacement ... Télécharger
vtkflrenderwindowinteractor(freshmeat) vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor is a class which en... Télécharger
tivonage(freshmeat) TiVonage TiVonage allows Vonage customers to use a TiVo ... Télécharger
pisg(freshmeat) Perl IRC Statistics Generator pisg is a smart Perl script which generates sta... Télécharger
frysk(freshmeat) Frysk The goal of the Frysk project is to create an i... Télécharger
usbheadsetbuttons(freshmeat) USB Headset Buttons USB Headset Buttons is a tool that enables volu... Télécharger
ibwebadmin(freshmeat) ibWebAdmin ibWebAdmin is a web based admin tool for the In... Télécharger
jhighlight(freshmeat) JHighlight JHighlight is an embeddable Java syntax highlig... Télécharger
mapguideopensource(freshmeat) MapGuide Open Source MapGuide Open Source is a Web-based platform t... Télécharger
jboolexpr(freshmeat) JBooleanExpression JBooleanExpression is a simple Java API to eval... Télécharger
luma(freshmeat) Luma Luma is a graphical utility for accessing and m... Télécharger
iftools(freshmeat) Ionflux Tools Class Library The Ionflux Tools Class Library is a lightweigh... Télécharger
amyedit(freshmeat) amyedit AmyEdit is a LaTeX editor. It currently feature... Télécharger
authmemcookie(freshmeat) Auth MemCookie Auth MemCookie is an Apache v2 authentication a... Télécharger
siar(freshmeat) SIAR SIAR (Simple IP Account Reporter) is a plug-in ... Télécharger
symtone(freshmeat) symTone symTone is a dual cursor image manipulation pro... Télécharger
maverickdbms(freshmeat) MaVerick - MultiValue Database Management System MaVerick is a MultiValue database management sy... Télécharger
swish(freshmeat) SWISH++ SWISH++ is a Unix-based file indexing and searc... Télécharger

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