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linq(freshmeat) LinQ LinQ is a full featured, modern Jabber instant ... Télécharger
ptlinkservices(freshmeat) PTlink IRC Services PTlink IRC Services provides channel/nick regis... Télécharger
tsombie(freshmeat) Tsombie Tsombie is an arcade game that features a good ... Télécharger
autofiler(freshmeat) Autofiler Autofiler is an automatic server-side mail file... Télécharger
goki(freshmeat) Goki Goki has grown from an IRC bot that reads RSS f... Télécharger
profiler4j(freshmeat) Profiler4j Profiler4j is a simple-to-use CPU profiler for ... Télécharger
tgrep(freshmeat) tgrep Tgrep's purpose in life is to grep files for ti... Télécharger
quickstep(freshmeat) QuickStep QuickStep is a fast, simple image viewer. It ca... Télécharger
fswordfinder(freshmeat) FS.WordFinder FS.WordFinder is a PHP word search puzzle. You ... Télécharger
pkipplib(freshmeat) pkipplib pkipplib is a Python library which can create, ... Télécharger
udis86(freshmeat) Udis86 Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassemb... Télécharger
freedaisy(freshmeat) Freedaisy Freedaisy is a free implementation of Daisy boo... Télécharger
taggee(freshmeat) Taggee Taggee is a platform independent tagging server... Télécharger
railshistory(freshmeat) Rails History Plugin The Rails History Plugin is a Ruby on Rails plu... Télécharger
accessmodifier(freshmeat) Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in The AccessModifier Plug-in for Eclipse allows t... Télécharger
cvsweb-scrape(freshmeat) cvsweb-scrape cvsweb-scrape is a small tool that downloads a ... Télécharger
kexec-chooser(freshmeat) kexec-chooser kexec-chooser is a thin wrapper around the kexe... Télécharger
libsmtp(freshmeat) lib smtp libsmtp allows programs to send mail directly t... Télécharger
paratim(freshmeat) Paratim Paratim (Paratrooper Improved) is a remake of t... Télécharger
phpusenet(freshmeat) PHPUsenet PHPUsenet is a set of scripts that allow you to... Télécharger
tpm4java(freshmeat) tpm4java tpm4java is a library for accessing trusted pla... Télécharger
gezel(freshmeat) GEZEL GEZEL is a language and open environment for ex... Télécharger
spaghettionsnails(freshmeat) Spaghetti on Snails Spaghetti on Snails is a lightweight Model/View... Télécharger
cloudwiki(freshmeat) Cloud Wiki Cloud Wiki is a wiki engine written in Python a... Télécharger
statit(freshmeat) PHP StatIt PHP StatIt keeps track of visitor counts and ot... Télécharger
svg-cards(freshmeat) SVG-cards SVG-cards is a set of decks of playing cards ma... Télécharger
irc-proxy(freshmeat) irc-proxy Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering... Télécharger
fusepod(freshmeat) FUSEPod FUSEPod is a virtual user-space filesystem that... Télécharger
cgi-utils(freshmeat) CGI::Utils CGI::Utils is a Perl module for retrieving info... Télécharger
readpreprompt(freshmeat) readpreprompt This is a simple program to read a string of te... Télécharger
rib(freshmeat) Repository in a Box RIB is a software package for creating WWW meta... Télécharger
slimsearch(freshmeat) SlimSearch SlimSearch is a quick and easy search extension... Télécharger
jootemplatefiller(freshmeat) JooTemplateFiller JooTemplateFiller is a library that creates rep... Télécharger
tuxcards(freshmeat) TuxCards TuxCards provides a hierarical notebook similar... Télécharger
logfmon(freshmeat) Log file monitor Logfmon monitors a set of log files and process... Télécharger
rugg(freshmeat) Rugg Rugg is a hard drive and filesystem harness too... Télécharger
intelp6microcodeupdateutility(freshmeat) Intel IA32 Microcode Update Utility The microcode_ctl utility is a companion to the... Télécharger
qtty(freshmeat) QTTY QTTY is a console client software, running on L... Télécharger
bsponmpi(freshmeat) BSPonMPI BSPonMPI is a platform-independent communicatio... Télécharger
codeinvaderschallenge(freshmeat) CodeInvaders Challenge CodeInvaders Challenge is a Java-based, real-ti... Télécharger
seofilter(freshmeat) SEO Filter SEO Filter is a search engine optimization soft... Télécharger
nelit2e(freshmeat) Nelit2 Engine Nelit2 Engine is a game engine that uses a Mode... Télécharger
cyvis(freshmeat) CyVis CyVis is a software metrics collection, analysi... Télécharger
gendistcrisol(freshmeat) gendist-crisol Gendist is a live CD generator system. It has n... Télécharger
dietlibc(freshmeat) diet libc diet libc contains the system call wrappers and... Télécharger
golly(freshmeat) The Golly Game of Life Simulator Golly is a new implementation of John Conway's ... Télécharger
srcat(freshmeat) srcat The srcat tool can retrieve data from disks onc... Télécharger
ntlogon(freshmeat) NTLogon NTLogon is a Python script that generates Samba... Télécharger
bueasy(freshmeat) Backup Easy Backup Easy is a tool that automatically backs ... Télécharger
rubyzip(freshmeat) rubyzip rubyzip is a Ruby module for reading and writin... Télécharger
gomyplace(freshmeat) goMyPlace goMyPlace is a reverse proxy software and a dae... Télécharger
slicetime(freshmeat) SliceTime SliceTime is a graphical time management progra... Télécharger
cppunit(freshmeat) CppUnit CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit fra... Télécharger
apgweb(freshmeat) apgWeb apgWeb is a simple AJAX front end for the Autom... Télécharger
a3b(freshmeat) a3b a3b is a viewer for ASCII art and ANSI art file... Télécharger
ggcov(freshmeat) ggcov Ggcov is a GTK+ GUI for exploring test coverage... Télécharger
awf(freshmeat) Adaptive Website Framework Adaptive Website Framework (AWF) is a modern co... Télécharger
goim(freshmeat) GOIM GOIM (Gamers Own Instant Messenger) is a full f... Télécharger
live-f1(freshmeat) Live-F1 Live F1 is a native Linux client for viewing th... Télécharger
wicket(freshmeat) Wicket Wicket is a Java Web application framework impl... Télécharger
quicktimeforlinux(freshmeat) Quicktime for Linux Quicktime for Linux lets you read and write Qui... Télécharger
gene-xml(freshmeat) GENE Graph Export Engine GENE Graph Export Engine is a complex convertor... Télécharger
smarttemplate(freshmeat) SmartTemplate QuickSkin (formerly SmartTemplate) is a PHP tem... Télécharger
clarosmini(freshmeat) Claros Mini Claros Mini is a multi-protocol (POP3/IMAP) Web... Télécharger
dcmms(freshmeat) DC Maintenance Management System DC Maintenence Management System is a Web-base... Télécharger
psyncce(freshmeat) PSyncCE PsyncCE is an offline PDA/MDA client for PHProj... Télécharger
gneutronica(freshmeat) Gneutronica Gneutronica is a MIDI drum machine for Linux wi... Télécharger
libwebserver(freshmeat) libwebserver libwebserver is a library for adding Web-based ... Télécharger
shopping-cart(freshmeat) Shopping Cart Shopping Cart is a set of PHP scripts to manage... Télécharger
newsoutlook(freshmeat) NewsOutlook NewsOutlook is a tool that aims to improve the ... Télécharger
libplis(freshmeat) libplis libplis is library for Perl-like string manipul... Télécharger
itc(freshmeat) Inter-Thread Communication Inter-Thread Communication (ITC) aims to make i... Télécharger
rapidwatcher(freshmeat) RapidWatcher RapidWatcher is an infrastructure to implement ... Télécharger
databeans(freshmeat) databeans databeans is a fully object oriented (not relat... Télécharger
mycgr(freshmeat) MyCGR MyCGR implements the research of the thesis of ... Télécharger
bib_errors(freshmeat) bib_errors bib_errors can be used to intercept runtime err... Télécharger
gorilla(freshmeat) Password Gorilla Password Gorilla is a password manager that sto... Télécharger
opentranquera(freshmeat) Open Tranquera Open Tranquera is a repository of reusable comp... Télécharger
harminv(freshmeat) Harminv Harminv is a free program and C library for har... Télécharger
nasal(freshmeat) Nasal Nasal (Not another scripting language) is a sm... Télécharger
cal3d(freshmeat) cal3d Cal3d is a skeletal-based 3D character animatio... Télécharger
globule(freshmeat) Globule Globule is a module for the Apache Web server t... Télécharger
gphpedit(freshmeat) gPHPEdit gPHPEdit is a GNOME2 editor that is dedicated t... Télécharger
cocoe(freshmeat) Contact Conductance Estimator Contact Conductance Estimator (CoCoE) is a prog... Télécharger
fwlogview(freshmeat) fwLOGview fwLOGview is a graphical, real-time, colorized ... Télécharger
ror_sublist(freshmeat) Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin The Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin makes it easy ... Télécharger
mix2005(freshmeat) Mix2005 Mix2005 is a graphical volume control that was ... Télécharger
bytehoard(freshmeat) ByteHoard ByteHoard is a remote file storage system that ... Télécharger
ror_rdb(freshmeat) Ruby Datavision Bridge The Ruby DataVision Bridge (RDB) makes it easy ... Télécharger
ntwlisp(freshmeat) NTW Lisp NTW Lisp is a server written in Common Lisp for... Télécharger
repeatfinder(freshmeat) RepeatFinder RepeatFinder is a console-based bioinformatics ... Télécharger
speechd-el(freshmeat) speechd-el speechd-el is an Emacs client to Speech Dispatc... Télécharger
logcheck(freshmeat) Logcheck Logcheck parses system logs and generates email... Télécharger
octod(freshmeat) octod Octod is a network controlled download manager ... Télécharger
trss(freshmeat) tRSS tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headl... Télécharger
cm(freshmeat) cm Compilation Manager cm is a build management tool similar in spirit... Télécharger
chpox(freshmeat) chpox chpox provides transparent checkpointing and re... Télécharger
bantam(freshmeat) Bantam Bantam is a fast, light file manager for X11. I... Télécharger
canon-capture(freshmeat) Remote Capture for Canon PowerShot cameras Remote Capture for Canon PowerShot cameras is a... Télécharger
crm114(freshmeat) CRM114 Discriminator CRM114 is a Controllable Regex Mutilator and Sm... Télécharger

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