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targa(freshmeat) Targa reader/writer Targa reader/writer is an implementation of Tar... Télécharger
artie(freshmeat) Artie Artie is a Java program that fetches cover artw... Télécharger
ttmap(freshmeat) ttmap ttmap passively analyzes values of TCP Timestam... Télécharger
x10mms(freshmeat) X10MMS X10MMS is a software suite that provides suppor... Télécharger
hypermammut(freshmeat) HyperMammut HyperMammut transforms a sound or an image usin... Télécharger
fkeeper(freshmeat) Intelligent Filesystem Guard Intelligent Filesystem Guard is a tool that mon... Télécharger
gotmail(freshmeat) Gotmail Gotmail is a utility to non-interactively downl... Télécharger
xmlgawk(freshmeat) XMLgawk XMLgawk is an extension of GAWK (the GNU implem... Télécharger
tofuhunt(freshmeat) Tofuhunt Tofuhunt is a "whats wrong with this pictu... Télécharger
pajax(freshmeat) PAJAX PAJAX is a framework that facilitates the creat... Télécharger
jvending(freshmeat) JVending JVending is a P2P (JXTA) based mobile content p... Télécharger
thautoindex(freshmeat) Thumbnail AutoIndex PHP Thumbnail AutoIndex is a thumbnail index ge... Télécharger
cursor_brushes(freshmeat) GIMP cursor brushes GIMP cursor brushes is a set of (50) brushes fo... Télécharger
ibrouteur(freshmeat) ibrouteur ibrouteur is a Web-based image gallery software... Télécharger
eyedb(freshmeat) EyeDB EyeDB is an object oriented database management... Télécharger
comicreader(freshmeat) ComicReader The ComicReader is a program to read daily comi... Télécharger
mp3webplayer(freshmeat) MP3 Web Player MP3 Web Player is a simple, yet functional PHP ... Télécharger
xealous-nets(freshmeat) Xealous Nets Xealous Nets is a set of programs to be used as... Télécharger
metadot(freshmeat) Metadot Portal Server Metadot Portal Server is point-and-click Web si... Télécharger
latexdb(freshmeat) LaTeXDB LaTeXDB brings together LaTeX and a MySQL datab... Télécharger
xajax(freshmeat) xajax xajax is a PHP class library that allows you to... Télécharger
multistat(freshmeat) Multistat Multistat is designed to be a flexible log file... Télécharger
pldap(freshmeat) pldap pldap is a PAM module for LDAP authentication. ... Télécharger
circle_brushes(freshmeat) GIMP circle brushes GIMP circle brushes provides circle brushes for... Télécharger
bup(freshmeat) bup bup is a patch for bash that modifies the shell... Télécharger
kingpixelsad(freshmeat) KingpixelsAd KingpixelsAd is a commercial GPL pixel ad modul... Télécharger
wmrack(freshmeat) WMRack WMRack is a combined CD-Player and Mixer Applet... Télécharger
index_rb(freshmeat) ruby index/search index.rb is a general indexing framework for Ru... Télécharger
peagle(freshmeat) Peagle Peagle is a stand-alone Web frontend for the Be... Télécharger
ffep(freshmeat) Free Finite Element Package The Free Finite Element Package is a modular co... Télécharger
wapircgw(freshmeat) wapircgw wapircgw allows a WAP-capable mobile phone to e... Télécharger
sigof(freshmeat) sigof SIGOF (Security Information Graphics Oriented F... Télécharger
open1x(freshmeat) open1x Open1x is an open source implementation of the ... Télécharger
xj3d(freshmeat) Xj3D Xj3D is a project of the Web3D Consortium focus... Télécharger
gmutoo(freshmeat) gMUTOO gMUTOO is a service launcher/stopper/monitor th... Télécharger
viewglob(freshmeat) Viewglob Viewglob is a filesystem visualization add-on f... Télécharger
lths(freshmeat) laptop-hotswap The lt_hotswap kernel module enables hot-swappi... Télécharger
netcom(freshmeat) Network Communicator Netcom is a simple script for sending and recei... Télécharger
cocoadialog(freshmeat) CocoaDialog CocoaDialog is an application that allows the ... Télécharger
cronwrap(freshmeat) cronwrap cronwrap is a utility that offers more control ... Télécharger
libdockapp(freshmeat) libDockApp libDockApp is a simple library for easily writi... Télécharger
simsoup(freshmeat) SimSoup SimSoup is a graphical artificial chemistry sim... Télécharger
moregroupware(freshmeat) more.groupware Moregroupware is groupware that includes standa... Télécharger
klementine(freshmeat) Klementine Klementine is a Java program for remote mail re... Télécharger
factorfiction(freshmeat) Fact Or Fiction Fact Or Fiction is a deck editor for the popula... Télécharger
rssh(freshmeat) rssh rssh is a small shell that provides the ability... Télécharger
mksitesh(freshmeat) mksite.sh mksite.sh is a static Web site / project HTML d... Télécharger
visitors-weblog-analyzer(freshmeat) Visitors Web Log Analyzer Visitors is a very fast Web log analyzer. It ca... Télécharger
jnetstream(freshmeat) jNetStream jNetStream is a sniffer and a protocol analyzer... Télécharger
jmovie(freshmeat) jMovie jMovie is a movie collection manager that simpl... Télécharger
nauta(freshmeat) nauta for Palm nauta is yet another serial browser, primarily ... Télécharger
pyscript(freshmeat) PyScript Pyscript is a Python module for producing high ... Télécharger
swami(freshmeat) Swami Swami is an instrument patch file editor using ... Télécharger
planmyday(freshmeat) PlanMyDay PlanMyDay helps you plan all the activities tha... Télécharger
abi2xml(freshmeat) abi2xml abi2xml is a command line utility to convert an... Télécharger
mcastdiscovery(freshmeat) MCastDiscovery MCastDiscovery is a Java library used to advert... Télécharger
linux-ha(freshmeat) Linux-HA Heartbeat is a full-function high-availability ... Télécharger
osxminesweeper(freshmeat) osxMineSweeper osxMineSweeper is a clone of the popular puzzle... Télécharger
ultimatebasketballchallenge(freshmeat) Ultimate Basketball Challenge Ultimate Basketball Challenge is a 5 on 5 baske... Télécharger
jsmtpd(freshmeat) Jsmtpd Jsmtpd is a small and modular SMTP server daemo... Télécharger
reloadcms(freshmeat) ReloadCMS ReloadCMS is a CMS based on flat files. It does... Télécharger
lovi(freshmeat) lovi Lovi is a log file viewer for the K Desktop Env... Télécharger
object-ext(freshmeat) Object Extensions for PHP The Object Extensions for PHP provides several ... Télécharger
hydranode(freshmeat) Hydranode Project Every P2P user has their own preferred networks... Télécharger
pseudoq(freshmeat) PseudoQ PseudoQ is an application for creating, playing... Télécharger
muesli(freshmeat) µsli µsli is a register machine which can be used fo... Télécharger
sysfence(freshmeat) sysfence Sysfence is a Linux resource monitoring tool. I... Télécharger
pyvm(freshmeat) pyvm pyvm is an experimental Python virtual machine ... Télécharger
mysqlquota(freshmeat) MySQL Quota Daemon MySQL Quota Daemon is a lightweight tool for li... Télécharger
bzrpublish(freshmeat) BzrPublish BzrPublish is a simple tool that makes it easy ... Télécharger
cgiirc(freshmeat) CGI:IRC CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that allows you t... Télécharger
phpmylibrary(freshmeat) PhpMyLibrary PhpMyLibrary is a PHP/MySQL Web based library ... Télécharger
tiquit(freshmeat) Tiquit Tiquit (Tiquit Is Quality User Incident Trackin... Télécharger
gimuse(freshmeat) gimuse gimuse allows concurrent multiple clients acces... Télécharger
ext2hide(freshmeat) ext2hide ext2hide allows the user to save and restore an... Télécharger
jnettop(freshmeat) jnettop Jnettop allows administrators of routers to wat... Télécharger
netek(freshmeat) neteK neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDA... Télécharger
basiliskii(freshmeat) Basilisk II Basilisk II is a free, portable, Open Source 68... Télécharger
unimaginatively-named-attendan(freshmeat) Unimaginatively-named Attendance Attendance is a Web application for taking and ... Télécharger
gld(freshmeat) gld Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Post... Télécharger
jnettop-gui(freshmeat) jnettop-gui JnettopGui is a GUI project for jnettop, the ne... Télécharger
phpfinance(freshmeat) PHPFinance PHPFinance is a Web-based financial management ... Télécharger
magellan-metasearch(freshmeat) Magellan Metasearch Magellan Metasearch is a modular meta search en... Télécharger
ptt(freshmeat) PTT PTT helps users to analyze and understand corre... Télécharger
arsc(freshmeat) ARSC Really Simple Chat ARSC Really Simple Chat is a Web chat system th... Télécharger
remosync(freshmeat) Remosync Remosync is a network-aware directory synchroni... Télécharger
scrssfeed(freshmeat) scrssfeed scrssfeed is a simple filter to use in mail pro... Télécharger
parano(freshmeat) Parano Parano is a GNOME frontend for creating, editin... Télécharger
biferno(freshmeat) Biferno Biferno is a new generation object-oriented Web... Télécharger
networkx(freshmeat) NetworkX NetworkX is a Python package for the creation, ... Télécharger
desperado(freshmeat) Desperado Desperado is a collection of C++ and C componen... Télécharger
beancounter(freshmeat) beancounter beancounter enables stockmarket data analysis a... Télécharger
bazaar(freshmeat) Bazaar Bazaar is a Web content hosting system. It is a... Télécharger
open5066(freshmeat) Open5066 Open5066 is an implementation of the NATO NC3A ... Télécharger
tarix(freshmeat) tarix tarix is a simple indexer for GNU and POSIX tar... Télécharger
ripx(freshmeat) ripx ripx is a script designed to make ripping CDs a... Télécharger
lsm_rsuid(freshmeat) rsuid LSM rsuid LSM is a Linux LSM kernel module that all... Télécharger
openvpn-auth-passwd(freshmeat) OpenVPN Auth Passwd OpenVPN Auth Passwd is a plugin that authentica... Télécharger
jdraw(freshmeat) JDraw JDraw is a pixel-oriented image editor designed... Télécharger
umltophp5(freshmeat) UML2PHP5 UML2PHP5 is a plugin designed to fit on the Dia... Télécharger

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