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lsm_rsuid(freshmeat) rsuid LSM rsuid LSM is a Linux LSM kernel module that all... Télécharger
openvpn-auth-passwd(freshmeat) OpenVPN Auth Passwd OpenVPN Auth Passwd is a plugin that authentica... Télécharger
jdraw(freshmeat) JDraw JDraw is a pixel-oriented image editor designed... Télécharger
umltophp5(freshmeat) UML2PHP5 UML2PHP5 is a plugin designed to fit on the Dia... Télécharger
syntaxcms(freshmeat) Syntax CMS Syntax CMS simplifies publishing varied content... Télécharger
squidrestrict(freshmeat) SquidRestrict SquidRestrict is a Web-based tool that allows m... Télécharger
synergy2(freshmeat) synergy2 Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse an... Télécharger
alternc(freshmeat) AlternC Hosting Software AlternC is an automatic hosting software suite ... Télécharger
athana(freshmeat) Athana Athana is a small, simple standalone Web server... Télécharger
ecryptfs(freshmeat) eCryptfs eCryptfs is an POSIX-compliant enterprise-class... Télécharger
dungeoninc(freshmeat) Dungeon Inc Dungeon Inc is a 2D realtime dungeon simulator... Télécharger
weblogmine(freshmeat) Log Mine Log Mine is a tool that produces reports on usa... Télécharger
jarmor(freshmeat) Jarmor Jarmor (Java ASCII Armor) is a tiny collection ... Télécharger
swinput(freshmeat) swinput Swinput can fake a mouse and a keyboard by usin... Télécharger
earea(freshmeat) eArea eArea is a simple cross-browser WYSIWYG text ed... Télécharger
adodb(freshmeat) ADODB ADODB is a set of advanced PHP database abstrac... Télécharger
imgseekweb(freshmeat) imgSeekWeb imgSeekWeb is based on the imgSeek project. The... Télécharger
emacsversor(freshmeat) Versatile Cursors for GNUemacs Versatile Cursors for GNUemacs is a set of emac... Télécharger
aqmoney(freshmeat) AqMoney AqMoney is a console tool for home banking usin... Télécharger
tapecat(freshmeat) Tapecat Tapecat is a utility used to describe the physi... Télécharger
cap_ratelimit(freshmeat) CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit is a plugin... Télécharger
gimphp(freshmeat) gimphp gimphp is a PHP class library to write Gimp scr... Télécharger
hopv(freshmeat) Hybridized Orbital Preview Hybridized Orbital Preview (HOPV) is an OpenGL ... Télécharger
ketchup-lksm(freshmeat) Ketchup Ketchup is a tool for updating or switching bet... Télécharger
atompp(freshmeat) Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby The Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby... Télécharger
messages(freshmeat) cintoo Messages cintoo Messages is a framework to make internat... Télécharger
nstow(freshmeat) nstow nstow is a reimplementation of Bob Glickstein's... Télécharger
corbicula(freshmeat) Corbicula Anti Virus Corbicula Anti Virus provides a GNOME HIG compl... Télécharger
sonyrm(freshmeat) Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin This plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony R... Télécharger
sidebrain(freshmeat) Sidebrain Sidebrain is a working-memory tool for programm... Télécharger
gtk-im-vi(freshmeat) gtk-im-vi gtk-im-vi contains two simple GTK+ input method... Télécharger
x-unikey(freshmeat) X-Unikey X-Unikey is a tool that lets you type Vietnames... Télécharger
exmat(freshmeat) C++ expression template matrix library exmat is a generic C++ matrix library using exp... Télécharger
pxw4pa(freshmeat) pXw4Pa pXw4Pa (poor XML wrapper for PHP arrays) consis... Télécharger
mroovcastats(freshmeat) mroovca stats mroovca stats is a Web site statistics generato... Télécharger
oz2remind(freshmeat) oz2remind oz2remind is a tool to convert OpenZaurus Opie ... Télécharger
fsscanner(freshmeat) filesystemscanner If you have a filesystem where many different f... Télécharger
redeemer(freshmeat) redeemer Redeemer is a database, frontend, and backend a... Télécharger
htmlsql(freshmeat) htmlSQL htmlSQL is a PHP class which allows you to acce... Télécharger
mantisbt(freshmeat) Mantis Bug Tracker Mantis Bug Tracker (MantisBT) is a Web-based is... Télécharger
fearann(freshmeat) Fearann Muin Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game (MM... Télécharger
htmlo(freshmeat) HTML Objects HTML Objects is a Perl module library for turni... Télécharger
meteo(freshmeat) Meteo Meteo is an interface to weather stations from ... Télécharger
agendamanager(freshmeat) Agenda Displayer Agenda is a Web-based application that let you ... Télécharger
asternic(freshmeat) Flash Operator Panel Flash Operator Panel displays information about... Télécharger
pflogx(freshmeat) pflogx pflogx is a simple tool that exports OpenBSD pa... Télécharger
slag(freshmeat) Slag The Slag project is a pattern-based audio seque... Télécharger
ptlinkircd(freshmeat) PTlink IRCd The PTlink IRC daemon integrates some of the mo... Télécharger
happyhttp(freshmeat) HappyHTTP HappyHTTP is a simple C++ library for issuing H... Télécharger
chaussette(freshmeat) Chaussette Chaussette is a PHP/MySQL Web group calendar us... Télécharger
mbsebulletinboardsystembbs(freshmeat) MBSE Bulletin Board System (BBS) MBSE BBS is a full Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS pac... Télécharger
novi(freshmeat) novi novi is a tool for finding the latest-version R... Télécharger
jddynamo(freshmeat) Joel Dare's Dynamo Dynamo is a PHP library that executes complex M... Télécharger
usagi(freshmeat) USAGI Project The USAGI Project (UniverSAl playGround for Ip... Télécharger
agora-basic(freshmeat) Agora BASIC Agora BASIC is a BASIC compiler for POSIX syste... Télécharger
mmbase(freshmeat) MMBase MMBase is an Open Source Java-based content man... Télécharger
cryptonit(freshmeat) Cryptonit Cryptonit is a client side cryptographic tool w... Télécharger
jake2(freshmeat) Jake2 Jake2 is a pure Java port of the Quake2 game en... Télécharger
phpwikibot(freshmeat) phpWikiBot phpWikiBot is a PHP framework for writing robot... Télécharger
sspamm(freshmeat) SSpamM Semi's Spam Milter (sspamm) is a spam filter f... Télécharger
celtix(freshmeat) Celtix Celtix delivers a Java enterprise service bus (... Télécharger
brainwash(freshmeat) brainwash brainwash is an optimizing interpreter for the ... Télécharger
phasis(freshmeat) Phasis Phasis is a financial application solution for ... Télécharger
m3u123(freshmeat) m3u123 m3u123 is a very simple command line music play... Télécharger
captivator(freshmeat) Captivator-Gw Captivator-Gw is a "Captive Portal" o... Télécharger
agatha(freshmeat) Agatha Agatha is a Web-based MP3 playing system that a... Télécharger
phpautotest(freshmeat) phpautotest phpautotest is a tool for testing PHP-driven We... Télécharger
tao(freshmeat) Tao Tao is a software package for sound synthesis u... Télécharger
ftp4che(freshmeat) ftp4che ftp4che is an FTP library for Java 1.4 and 5.0 ... Télécharger
libnode(freshmeat) LibNode LibNode is a C library which manages generic li... Télécharger
lua-sqlite3(freshmeat) Lua-Sqlite3 Lua-Sqlite3 is a binding of SQLite 3 for Lua. I... Télécharger
xfree86(freshmeat) XFree86 XFree86 is a freely redistributable implementat... Télécharger
fontimage(freshmeat) fontimage fontimage is a small, portable tool that genera... Télécharger
s2s(freshmeat) Stream-2-Stream Stream-2-Stream (abbreviated "s2s" or... Télécharger
solcal(freshmeat) Solistic Calendar Solistic Calendar is a Web diary and calendar s... Télécharger
mantaray(freshmeat) Mantaray MantaRay is a distributed, peer-to-peer, server... Télécharger
monsterz(freshmeat) Monsterz Monsterz is a puzzle game where you need to cre... Télécharger
ra-plugins(freshmeat) The RA SPP Plugin collection The RA SPP Plugin collection provides several p... Télécharger
xflat(freshmeat) xflat eXtended FLAT (XFLAT) is a binary format that s... Télécharger
cadmenu(freshmeat) CADmenu CADmenu makes ctrl-alt-delete more user-friendl... Télécharger
smtphandler(freshmeat) smtphandler smtphandler is an SMTP handler for java.util.lo... Télécharger
torpheus(freshmeat) Orpheus Orpheus is a text-mode menu- and window- driven... Télécharger
xui(freshmeat) XUI XUI is a Java and XML platform for building Ric... Télécharger
gtestrunner(freshmeat) GTestRunner GTestRunner is a GTK+-based graphical frontend... Télécharger
homage(freshmeat) The Homage Project Homage is yet another game inspired by Scorched... Télécharger
xdelta(freshmeat) xdelta xdelta is a library and application for computi... Télécharger
klamav(freshmeat) KlamAV KlamAV provides ClamAV protection for the KDE d... Télécharger
jpa(freshmeat) Jogger Publishing Assistant Jogger Publishing Assistant is a specialized (s... Télécharger
bigquotes(freshmeat) bigquotes bigquotes is a quotes database based on the bpq... Télécharger
sheepshaver(freshmeat) SheepShaver SheepShaver is a free, portable, feature-rich, ... Télécharger
madjack(freshmeat) MadJACK MadJACK is a MPEG audio deck for the Jack Audio... Télécharger
xmonitors(freshmeat) xmonitors xmonitors is a set of X11 tools which are simil... Télécharger
sdl(freshmeat) Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL is a library that allows you portable low-l... Télécharger
firefly-crm(freshmeat) Firefly CRM Firefly CRM is a Web-based customer relationshi... Télécharger
ktctool(freshmeat) Ktctool Ktctool is a graphical user interface to tc, a ... Télécharger
asp2php(freshmeat) asp2php asp2php converts WWW Active Server Pages (ASP) ... Télécharger
poorcalculator(freshmeat) Poor man's Financial Calculator Poor man's Financial Calculator is a small fina... Télécharger
blues55(freshmeat) Blues55 Blues55 allows you to use a Siemens S55 (and ma... Télécharger
nemerle(freshmeat) Nemerle Nemerle is a hybrid (functional, object-oriente... Télécharger
php3guest(freshmeat) php3guest php3guest is a Web guestbook written in PHP usi... Télécharger

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