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mailmanager(freshmeat) MailManager MailManager helps teams deal with large volumes... Télécharger
kassiope(freshmeat) kassiope kassiope is a repository-based code generator f... Télécharger
s7php(freshmeat) s7php s7php is a client for Subseven 2.1.4 DEFCON 8. Télécharger
ezmlm-www(freshmeat) ezmlm-www ezmlm-www provides a Web interface to ezmlm mai... Télécharger
sonik(freshmeat) soniK soniK is a digital audio editor for the KDE pla... Télécharger
gtd-php(freshmeat) gtd-php gtd-php is a Web-based implementation of the pe... Télécharger
ivy(freshmeat) Ivy software bus Ivy is a simple protocol and a set of libraries... Télécharger
gmnotify(freshmeat) GmNotify GmNotify is a full-featured tray applet that no... Télécharger
firmware-tools(freshmeat) firmware-tools firmware-tools is an architecture that utilizes... Télécharger
gnupth(freshmeat) GNU Pth GNU Portable Threads (Pth) is a very portable P... Télécharger
ufs2tools(freshmeat) ufs2tools ufs2tools contains tools for reading UFS filesy... Télécharger
acpimodtester(freshmeat) ACPI Module Tester The ACPI Module Tester is a small tool that can... Télécharger
multichat(freshmeat) MultiChat MultiChat is a chat client with the major focus... Télécharger
divmod_vertex(freshmeat) Divmod Vertex Divmod Vertex is an implementation of Q2Q, a pr... Télécharger
divmod_sine(freshmeat) Divmod Sine Divmod Sine is a standards-based voice-over-IP ... Télécharger
shell_net(freshmeat) Shell.NET Shell.NET is a set of console applications writ... Télécharger
x2vnc(freshmeat) x2vnc x2vnc is an implementation of the VNC RFB proto... Télécharger
boomerang(freshmeat) Boomerang Boomerang is a decompiler that takes executabl... Télécharger
pcsc-ctapi(freshmeat) pcsc-ctapi-wrapper pcsc-ctapi-wrapper provides a CTAPI-interface t... Télécharger
clink(freshmeat) clink clink replaces duplicate files in Unix filesyst... Télécharger
rpm-analyzer(freshmeat) rpm-analyzer rpm-analyzer is a graphical tool to help you an... Télécharger
db_cart(freshmeat) DB_cart Class DB_cart Class is a MySQL shopping cart script t... Télécharger
formatcheck(freshmeat) FormatCheck FormatCheck is an application that screens flat... Télécharger
openmortal(freshmeat) Open Mortal Open Mortal is a parody of the once popular coi... Télécharger
tripp(freshmeat) TRIPP TRIPP is a utility to rewrite incoming and outg... Télécharger
gnomefixbrokenlinks(freshmeat) Fix broken links Fix broken links is a small application that as... Télécharger
removemhduplicates(freshmeat) Remove MH duplicates Remove MH duplicates is an application that ide... Télécharger
phplycosquote(freshmeat) PHP Lycos Quotes PHP Lycos Quotes is a PHP class to retrieve quo... Télécharger
mynetcat(freshmeat) My Network Catalog My Network Catalog is an indexing engine that a... Télécharger
foff(freshmeat) Free Open FTP Face Free Open FTP Face is a lightweight graphical ... Télécharger
jsettings(freshmeat) jSettings jSettings is a framework for Java developers, a... Télécharger
dbflowc(freshmeat) DB based NetFlow Collector DB based NetFLow Collector aims to collect Cisc... Télécharger
serendipity(freshmeat) Serendipity Serendipity is a Weblog application which aims ... Télécharger
unb(freshmeat) Unclassified NewsBoard The Unclassified NewsBoard (UNB) is an Internet... Télécharger
viralator(freshmeat) Viralator Proxy Virus Scanner Viralator enhances your network's squid proxy s... Télécharger
pngnq(freshmeat) pngnq pngnq quantizes PNG images to 8-bit palette mod... Télécharger
net_nntp(freshmeat) Net_NNTP Net_NNTP is a PHP/PEAR library for communicatio... Télécharger
hippojump(freshmeat) Hippojump Hippojump is an alert management application th... Télécharger
xblast(freshmeat) XBlast XBlast is a multi-player arcade game for X11 an... Télécharger
loquacity(freshmeat) Loquacity Loquacity is a simplified blogging application,... Télécharger
wtime(freshmeat) wtime wtime is a command line utility providing a way... Télécharger
suxpanel(freshmeat) SuxPanel SuxPanel is a GNOME panel clone written from sc... Télécharger
feednread(freshmeat) Feed'n Read Feed'n Read (FnR) is a newsfeed reader. It supp... Télécharger
six(freshmeat) Six Six plays Hex, a game with very simple rules an... Télécharger
pgsh(freshmeat) ghosts ghosts (global hosts) provides a simple macro l... Télécharger
ipn-agent(freshmeat) PayPal IPN Agent PayPal IPN Agent is a PHP class for handling ba... Télécharger
enemylines6(freshmeat) enemy lines 6 enemy lines 7 is a game that is a bit experimen... Télécharger
dhcpdbyport(freshmeat) DhcpdByPort DhcpdByPort is a Perl script to generate ISC dh... Télécharger
bbm(freshmeat) bbm bbm is a 3D puzzle game where the goal is to so... Télécharger
jtoolkit(freshmeat) jToolkit jToolkit provides a set of Python classes to cr... Télécharger
fairdj(freshmeat) Fair DJ Fair DJ is an Mserv-compatible music server des... Télécharger
mod_libpq(freshmeat) mod_libpq mod_libpq is an Apache 1.3 Web server module wh... Télécharger
perl5webdb(freshmeat) PERL5WEBDB PERL5WEBDB is a CGI debugger that runs in a Web... Télécharger
pttrack(freshmeat) Paul's Train Tracker Paul's Train Tracker is a Web-based model trai... Télécharger
skyapp(freshmeat) SA Web Framework SA Web Framework is a PHP application framework... Télécharger
ecell(freshmeat) E-Cell System E-Cell System is an object-oriented software su... Télécharger
disc-cover(freshmeat) Disc-Cover Disc-cover provides an easy way to produce cove... Télécharger
timeclock(freshmeat) PHP Timeclock PHP Timeclock is a simple yet very effective We... Télécharger
ccpublisher(freshmeat) ccPublisher ccPublisher is an application that allows conte... Télécharger
geoquadtree(freshmeat) GeoQuadTree GeoQuadTree is an open format for storing geore... Télécharger
tjmsnlib(freshmeat) TjMSNLib TjMSNLib is an MSN Messenger client library wri... Télécharger
tjmsn(freshmeat) TjMSN TjMSN is a MSN client written in Java designed ... Télécharger
fieldviewer(freshmeat) Eclipse Fieldviewer Eclipse FieldViewer is a structured viewer comp... Télécharger
apt-rpm(freshmeat) APT-RPM APT-RPM is a port of Debian's APT tools for RPM... Télécharger
palmusagemanager(freshmeat) Palm usage manager The Palm usage manager is a small application t... Télécharger
denyhosts(freshmeat) DenyHosts DenyHosts is a script intended to help Linux sy... Télécharger
pyhjb(freshmeat) PyHJB PyHJB is a Python-to-JMS gateway that makes it ... Télécharger
easyredeploy(freshmeat) EasyReDeploy EasyReDeploy is a useful utility for changing t... Télécharger
sunclock(freshmeat) sunclock Sunclock is a sophisticated clock for the X Win... Télécharger
fink(freshmeat) Fink The Fink project wants to bring the full world ... Télécharger
ambergris(freshmeat) ambergris The goal of ambergris is to provide a simple Ru... Télécharger
bbk(freshmeat) Building Block Building Block is a content management software... Télécharger
jrtplib(freshmeat) JRTPLIB JRTPLIB is an object-oriented library written i... Télécharger
webscarab(freshmeat) WebScarab WebScarab is a tool designed for Web security p... Télécharger
aubio(freshmeat) aubio aubio is a library for audio labelling. Feature... Télécharger
fastframe(freshmeat) FastFrame FastFrame is a heavily object oriented applica... Télécharger
flp5(freshmeat) flP5 flP5 is easy to use, easy to configure, and eas... Télécharger
linq(freshmeat) LinQ LinQ is a full featured, modern Jabber instant ... Télécharger
ptlinkservices(freshmeat) PTlink IRC Services PTlink IRC Services provides channel/nick regis... Télécharger
tsombie(freshmeat) Tsombie Tsombie is an arcade game that features a good ... Télécharger
autofiler(freshmeat) Autofiler Autofiler is an automatic server-side mail file... Télécharger
goki(freshmeat) Goki Goki has grown from an IRC bot that reads RSS f... Télécharger
profiler4j(freshmeat) Profiler4j Profiler4j is a simple-to-use CPU profiler for ... Télécharger
tgrep(freshmeat) tgrep Tgrep's purpose in life is to grep files for ti... Télécharger
quickstep(freshmeat) QuickStep QuickStep is a fast, simple image viewer. It ca... Télécharger
fswordfinder(freshmeat) FS.WordFinder FS.WordFinder is a PHP word search puzzle. You ... Télécharger
pkipplib(freshmeat) pkipplib pkipplib is a Python library which can create, ... Télécharger
udis86(freshmeat) Udis86 Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassemb... Télécharger
freedaisy(freshmeat) Freedaisy Freedaisy is a free implementation of Daisy boo... Télécharger
taggee(freshmeat) Taggee Taggee is a platform independent tagging server... Télécharger
railshistory(freshmeat) Rails History Plugin The Rails History Plugin is a Ruby on Rails plu... Télécharger
accessmodifier(freshmeat) Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in The AccessModifier Plug-in for Eclipse allows t... Télécharger
cvsweb-scrape(freshmeat) cvsweb-scrape cvsweb-scrape is a small tool that downloads a ... Télécharger
kexec-chooser(freshmeat) kexec-chooser kexec-chooser is a thin wrapper around the kexe... Télécharger
libsmtp(freshmeat) lib smtp libsmtp allows programs to send mail directly t... Télécharger
paratim(freshmeat) Paratim Paratim (Paratrooper Improved) is a remake of t... Télécharger
phpusenet(freshmeat) PHPUsenet PHPUsenet is a set of scripts that allow you to... Télécharger
tpm4java(freshmeat) tpm4java tpm4java is a library for accessing trusted pla... Télécharger
gezel(freshmeat) GEZEL GEZEL is a language and open environment for ex... Télécharger
spaghettionsnails(freshmeat) Spaghetti on Snails Spaghetti on Snails is a lightweight Model/View... Télécharger

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