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fusepod(freshmeat) FUSEPod FUSEPod is a virtual user-space filesystem that... Télécharger
cgi-utils(freshmeat) CGI::Utils CGI::Utils is a Perl module for retrieving info... Télécharger
readpreprompt(freshmeat) readpreprompt This is a simple program to read a string of te... Télécharger
rib(freshmeat) Repository in a Box RIB is a software package for creating WWW meta... Télécharger
slimsearch(freshmeat) SlimSearch SlimSearch is a quick and easy search extension... Télécharger
jootemplatefiller(freshmeat) JooTemplateFiller JooTemplateFiller is a library that creates rep... Télécharger
tuxcards(freshmeat) TuxCards TuxCards provides a hierarical notebook similar... Télécharger
logfmon(freshmeat) Log file monitor Logfmon monitors a set of log files and process... Télécharger
rugg(freshmeat) Rugg Rugg is a hard drive and filesystem harness too... Télécharger
intelp6microcodeupdateutility(freshmeat) Intel IA32 Microcode Update Utility The microcode_ctl utility is a companion to the... Télécharger
qtty(freshmeat) QTTY QTTY is a console client software, running on L... Télécharger
bsponmpi(freshmeat) BSPonMPI BSPonMPI is a platform-independent communicatio... Télécharger
codeinvaderschallenge(freshmeat) CodeInvaders Challenge CodeInvaders Challenge is a Java-based, real-ti... Télécharger
seofilter(freshmeat) SEO Filter SEO Filter is a search engine optimization soft... Télécharger
nelit2e(freshmeat) Nelit2 Engine Nelit2 Engine is a game engine that uses a Mode... Télécharger
cyvis(freshmeat) CyVis CyVis is a software metrics collection, analysi... Télécharger
gendistcrisol(freshmeat) gendist-crisol Gendist is a live CD generator system. It has n... Télécharger
dietlibc(freshmeat) diet libc diet libc contains the system call wrappers and... Télécharger
golly(freshmeat) The Golly Game of Life Simulator Golly is a new implementation of John Conway's ... Télécharger
srcat(freshmeat) srcat The srcat tool can retrieve data from disks onc... Télécharger
ntlogon(freshmeat) NTLogon NTLogon is a Python script that generates Samba... Télécharger
bueasy(freshmeat) Backup Easy Backup Easy is a tool that automatically backs ... Télécharger
rubyzip(freshmeat) rubyzip rubyzip is a Ruby module for reading and writin... Télécharger
gomyplace(freshmeat) goMyPlace goMyPlace is a reverse proxy software and a dae... Télécharger
slicetime(freshmeat) SliceTime SliceTime is a graphical time management progra... Télécharger
cppunit(freshmeat) CppUnit CppUnit is the C++ port of the famous JUnit fra... Télécharger
apgweb(freshmeat) apgWeb apgWeb is a simple AJAX front end for the Autom... Télécharger
a3b(freshmeat) a3b a3b is a viewer for ASCII art and ANSI art file... Télécharger
ggcov(freshmeat) ggcov Ggcov is a GTK+ GUI for exploring test coverage... Télécharger
awf(freshmeat) Adaptive Website Framework Adaptive Website Framework (AWF) is a modern co... Télécharger
goim(freshmeat) GOIM GOIM (Gamers Own Instant Messenger) is a full f... Télécharger
live-f1(freshmeat) Live-F1 Live F1 is a native Linux client for viewing th... Télécharger
wicket(freshmeat) Wicket Wicket is a Java Web application framework impl... Télécharger
quicktimeforlinux(freshmeat) Quicktime for Linux Quicktime for Linux lets you read and write Qui... Télécharger
gene-xml(freshmeat) GENE Graph Export Engine GENE Graph Export Engine is a complex convertor... Télécharger
smarttemplate(freshmeat) SmartTemplate QuickSkin (formerly SmartTemplate) is a PHP tem... Télécharger
clarosmini(freshmeat) Claros Mini Claros Mini is a multi-protocol (POP3/IMAP) Web... Télécharger
dcmms(freshmeat) DC Maintenance Management System DC Maintenence Management System is a Web-base... Télécharger
psyncce(freshmeat) PSyncCE PsyncCE is an offline PDA/MDA client for PHProj... Télécharger
gneutronica(freshmeat) Gneutronica Gneutronica is a MIDI drum machine for Linux wi... Télécharger
libwebserver(freshmeat) libwebserver libwebserver is a library for adding Web-based ... Télécharger
shopping-cart(freshmeat) Shopping Cart Shopping Cart is a set of PHP scripts to manage... Télécharger
newsoutlook(freshmeat) NewsOutlook NewsOutlook is a tool that aims to improve the ... Télécharger
libplis(freshmeat) libplis libplis is library for Perl-like string manipul... Télécharger
itc(freshmeat) Inter-Thread Communication Inter-Thread Communication (ITC) aims to make i... Télécharger
rapidwatcher(freshmeat) RapidWatcher RapidWatcher is an infrastructure to implement ... Télécharger
databeans(freshmeat) databeans databeans is a fully object oriented (not relat... Télécharger
mycgr(freshmeat) MyCGR MyCGR implements the research of the thesis of ... Télécharger
bib_errors(freshmeat) bib_errors bib_errors can be used to intercept runtime err... Télécharger
gorilla(freshmeat) Password Gorilla Password Gorilla is a password manager that sto... Télécharger
opentranquera(freshmeat) Open Tranquera Open Tranquera is a repository of reusable comp... Télécharger
harminv(freshmeat) Harminv Harminv is a free program and C library for har... Télécharger
nasal(freshmeat) Nasal Nasal (Not another scripting language) is a sm... Télécharger
cal3d(freshmeat) cal3d Cal3d is a skeletal-based 3D character animatio... Télécharger
globule(freshmeat) Globule Globule is a module for the Apache Web server t... Télécharger
gphpedit(freshmeat) gPHPEdit gPHPEdit is a GNOME2 editor that is dedicated t... Télécharger
cocoe(freshmeat) Contact Conductance Estimator Contact Conductance Estimator (CoCoE) is a prog... Télécharger
fwlogview(freshmeat) fwLOGview fwLOGview is a graphical, real-time, colorized ... Télécharger
ror_sublist(freshmeat) Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin The Ruby on Rails SubList Plugin makes it easy ... Télécharger
mix2005(freshmeat) Mix2005 Mix2005 is a graphical volume control that was ... Télécharger
bytehoard(freshmeat) ByteHoard ByteHoard is a remote file storage system that ... Télécharger
ror_rdb(freshmeat) Ruby Datavision Bridge The Ruby DataVision Bridge (RDB) makes it easy ... Télécharger
ntwlisp(freshmeat) NTW Lisp NTW Lisp is a server written in Common Lisp for... Télécharger
repeatfinder(freshmeat) RepeatFinder RepeatFinder is a console-based bioinformatics ... Télécharger
speechd-el(freshmeat) speechd-el speechd-el is an Emacs client to Speech Dispatc... Télécharger
logcheck(freshmeat) Logcheck Logcheck parses system logs and generates email... Télécharger
octod(freshmeat) octod Octod is a network controlled download manager ... Télécharger
trss(freshmeat) tRSS tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headl... Télécharger
cm(freshmeat) cm Compilation Manager cm is a build management tool similar in spirit... Télécharger
chpox(freshmeat) chpox chpox provides transparent checkpointing and re... Télécharger
bantam(freshmeat) Bantam Bantam is a fast, light file manager for X11. I... Télécharger
canon-capture(freshmeat) Remote Capture for Canon PowerShot cameras Remote Capture for Canon PowerShot cameras is a... Télécharger
crm114(freshmeat) CRM114 Discriminator CRM114 is a Controllable Regex Mutilator and Sm... Télécharger
php_gen(freshmeat) PHP GEN PHP GEN reads the list of tables in a database,... Télécharger
ssxml(freshmeat) SSXML SSXML is a very small and simple XML parser. It... Télécharger
keepoldmails(freshmeat) Kom Kom stands for "Keep old mails". It i... Télécharger
memcheck(freshmeat) Memory Allocation Checker Memcheck provides the ability to fault on point... Télécharger
patch-maker(freshmeat) Patch Maker Patch Maker helps you manage multiple simultane... Télécharger
ntw(freshmeat) Network Transparent Widgets Network Transparent Widgets (NTW) is a protocol... Télécharger
dfs(freshmeat) Debian From Scratch Debian From Scratch is really two related compo... Télécharger
pdf-api2(freshmeat) PDF::API2 PDF::API2 is 'The Next Generation' of Text::PD... Télécharger
pimentech-dbutils(freshmeat) pimentech-dbutils pimentech-dbutils provides a set of tools for d... Télécharger
zincisnotcanvas(freshmeat) Zinc Zinc is a Tk widget developed with Perl/Tk, Tcl... Télécharger
race-timing(freshmeat) Race Timing Race Timing lets you manage races by describing... Télécharger
kartomnt(freshmeat) KartoMNT KartoMNT is a software program for height model... Télécharger
gsvn(freshmeat) gnome-svn Gsvn is a front end for the Subversion version ... Télécharger
mlmmjadmd(freshmeat) mlmmjadmd mlmmjadmd is a networked server for administrat... Télécharger
slat(freshmeat) slat Slat stands for "Sounds Like A Theramin&qu... Télécharger
medb(freshmeat) Media Database This is a media database that uses PHP for the ... Télécharger
arcangel(freshmeat) arcangel Arcangel is a Jack effect and LADSPA plugin for... Télécharger
powernap(freshmeat) powernap Powernap is a small Python extension for accura... Télécharger
puakmatornado(freshmeat) Tornado Server Puakma Tornado Server is a full featured applic... Télécharger
versatile(freshmeat) Versatile Encoder Versatile Encoder allows you to encode your own... Télécharger
tesa(freshmeat) TESA TESA (Tactics Editor for Squad Action) is a str... Télécharger
wepdecrypt(freshmeat) Wepdecrypt Wepdecrypt is a wireless LAN tool based on wepa... Télécharger
do178builder(freshmeat) Do178Builder Do178Builder is a documentation tool used throu... Télécharger
bogofilter(freshmeat) bogofilter Bogofilter is a Bayesian spam filter. In its no... Télécharger
kfile_chemical(freshmeat) kfile_chemical kfile_chemical is a set of kfile plugins for th... Télécharger
monostack(freshmeat) BitRock MonoStack MonoStack is a distribution of Apache, mod_mono... Télécharger
camelbones(freshmeat) CamelBones CamelBones is a Cocoa/Perl bridge for Mac OS X.... Télécharger

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