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chinook_web(freshmeat) Chinook Chinook is an online tool for interactive conte... Télécharger
avanor(freshmeat) Avanor, the Land of Mystery Avanor is rapidly-growing Rogue-like game with ... Télécharger
jostraca(freshmeat) Jostraca Jostraca is a general purpose code generation t... Télécharger
wavextract(freshmeat) wavextract wavextract is a program for extracting embedded... Télécharger
magicbus(freshmeat) MagicBus The MagicBus is an event framework designed to ... Télécharger
slamsoccer2006(freshmeat) Slam Soccer 2006 Slam Soccer 2006 is a funny 3D comic-style foot... Télécharger
java2excel(freshmeat) Java2Excel Java2Excel is a simple Java library to allow th... Télécharger
basicquery(freshmeat) BasicQuery BasicQuery is a Java-based application used to ... Télécharger
schevo(freshmeat) Schevo Schevo is a next-generation DBMS that focuses o... Télécharger
kmessaging(freshmeat) Kmessaging Kmessaging is a module which implements an inte... Télécharger
sioxjavaapi(freshmeat) SIOX4Java SIOX4Java (Simple Interactive Object Extraction... Télécharger
phpsqldiff(freshmeat) PHP SQLDiff PHP SQLDiff is a Web application that shows th... Télécharger
machoc(freshmeat) C++ Machine Objects The Machine Objects class library allows the cr... Télécharger
rescue(freshmeat) Rescue! Max Rescue! Max is a 2D space, real-time, action/st... Télécharger
nsd(freshmeat) NSD NSD is a complete implementation of an authorit... Télécharger
mnmu(freshmeat) Merry Newton Mobile Utilities The Merry Newton Mobile Utilities are general-p... Télécharger
jbcrypt(freshmeat) jBCrypt jBCrypt is a Java implementation of OpenBSD's B... Télécharger
giraffe(freshmeat) Giraffe Giraffe is a simple logic circuit simulator. It... Télécharger
psmt(freshmeat) Prolog Statistical Machine Translation Prolog Statistical Machine Translation is a fai... Télécharger
kopete(freshmeat) Kopete Kopete is a flexible and extendable multiple pr... Télécharger
ecalc(freshmeat) ECalc ECalc is an Eclipse calculator plug-in for eval... Télécharger
mime(freshmeat) MIME-tool MIME-tool constructs MIME encoded messages with... Télécharger
automenu(freshmeat) Swing AutoMenu AutoMenu is a automatic menu generator that mak... Télécharger
o2_sms_pl(freshmeat) o2-sms.pl o2-sms.pl is intended for customers of O2 Germa... Télécharger
mypersonalhomepage(freshmeat) My Personal Home Page My Personal Home Page is a Web application whic... Télécharger
debian-builder(freshmeat) debian-builder Debian-builder is a Perl script that can be use... Télécharger
hydrate(freshmeat) Hydrate Hydrate is a Java mapping tool that lets you la... Télécharger
kbilliards(freshmeat) kbilliards Kbilliards is a pool game entirely written usin... Télécharger
libjdkmidi(freshmeat) libjdkmidi libjdkmidi was originally a collection of utili... Télécharger
triptracker(freshmeat) Trip Tracker Trip Tracker is a position tracking client-serv... Télécharger
py-bcrypt(freshmeat) py-bcrypt py-bcrypt is a Python wrapper of OpenBSD's Blow... Télécharger
skim(freshmeat) skim skim is an input method platform based upon sci... Télécharger
fifoembed(freshmeat) FifoEmbed FifoEmbed provides three abstract data types fo... Télécharger
disktype(freshmeat) disktype The purpose of disktype is to detect the conten... Télécharger
jmp(freshmeat) JMP Java Memory Profiler (JMP) uses the JVMPI inter... Télécharger
lawngnome(freshmeat) Lawngnome Lawngnome is a PHP 5 database model loosely bas... Télécharger
php-openid-server(freshmeat) PHP OpenID Standalone Server PHP OpenID Standalone Server functions as a sta... Télécharger
uradiuslib(freshmeat) uRadiusLib uRadiusLib is a full, small, and easy to use C ... Télécharger
graveman(freshmeat) GRAVEMAN GRAVEMAN is a GUI frontend for CD-R tools (cdre... Télécharger
flop(freshmeat) Fast Logging Project for Snort FLoP is designed to gather alerts with payload ... Télécharger
columba(freshmeat) Columba Columba is an email client written in Java, fea... Télécharger
smf-zombie(freshmeat) Zombie SPAM blocker smf-zombie is a Sendmail filter designed to rej... Télécharger
save(freshmeat) SAVEngine SAVEngine is a cross-platform, object-oriented,... Télécharger
game2(freshmeat) A game The objective of this game is to keep the level... Télécharger
oww_client(freshmeat) Oww Client Oww Client is a graphical client program for On... Télécharger
libt28(freshmeat) T28 library T28 library is a simple library that allows int... Télécharger
ophotlist2html(freshmeat) OperaHotlist2HTML OperaHotlist2HTML is a script that converts Ope... Télécharger
mooseekd(freshmeat) mooseekd mooseekd is a partial fork of Museek+, containi... Télécharger
pam_require(freshmeat) pam_require pam_require is a simple Plugable Authentication... Télécharger
fou4s(freshmeat) Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s) is a bash sc... Télécharger
auctex(freshmeat) AUCTeX AUCTeX is a much-enhanced (La)TeX environment f... Télécharger
rtpss(freshmeat) Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library The Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library ... Télécharger
ez-xml(freshmeat) ezXML ezXML is a C library for parsing XML documents ... Télécharger
w2otk(freshmeat) w2otk w2otk is a front end to oggenc. Its purpose is ... Télécharger
rc4php(freshmeat) Raul's classes for PHP Raul's classes for PHP is an OOP database abstr... Télécharger
dpkg-changes(freshmeat) dpkg-changes dpkg-changes is a simple script designed to run... Télécharger
firedrop(freshmeat) Firedrop2 Firedrop2 is a client-side blog tool that makes... Télécharger
konsolestart(freshmeat) Konsole Start Konsole Start is an Eclipse plugin that adds a ... Télécharger
starastapi(freshmeat) Star Asterisk API Star Asterisk API is a high performance API tha... Télécharger
nampel(freshmeat) NAmpel NAmpel is a daemon for visualizing the state of... Télécharger
pykoticon(freshmeat) PyKotIcon PyKotIcon is a generic, extensible, networked, ... Télécharger
wifipaypal(freshmeat) PayPal Wifi PrePaid PayPal Wifi PrePaid integrates with Chillispot ... Télécharger
libsmbios(freshmeat) libsmbios Libsmbios is a cross-platform library intended ... Télécharger
mfm(freshmeat) My File Manager My File Manager (MFM) is a small and lightweigh... Télécharger
lich(freshmeat) Lich Lich is a cross-platform multithreaded interpre... Télécharger
authen_otp(freshmeat) Authen::OTP Authen::OTP is a One Time Password Perl module ... Télécharger
swiftmailer(freshmeat) Swift Mailer Swift is a library for sending email messages f... Télécharger
mailmanager(freshmeat) MailManager MailManager helps teams deal with large volumes... Télécharger
kassiope(freshmeat) kassiope kassiope is a repository-based code generator f... Télécharger
s7php(freshmeat) s7php s7php is a client for Subseven 2.1.4 DEFCON 8. Télécharger
ezmlm-www(freshmeat) ezmlm-www ezmlm-www provides a Web interface to ezmlm mai... Télécharger
sonik(freshmeat) soniK soniK is a digital audio editor for the KDE pla... Télécharger
gtd-php(freshmeat) gtd-php gtd-php is a Web-based implementation of the pe... Télécharger
ivy(freshmeat) Ivy software bus Ivy is a simple protocol and a set of libraries... Télécharger
gmnotify(freshmeat) GmNotify GmNotify is a full-featured tray applet that no... Télécharger
firmware-tools(freshmeat) firmware-tools firmware-tools is an architecture that utilizes... Télécharger
gnupth(freshmeat) GNU Pth GNU Portable Threads (Pth) is a very portable P... Télécharger
ufs2tools(freshmeat) ufs2tools ufs2tools contains tools for reading UFS filesy... Télécharger
acpimodtester(freshmeat) ACPI Module Tester The ACPI Module Tester is a small tool that can... Télécharger
multichat(freshmeat) MultiChat MultiChat is a chat client with the major focus... Télécharger
divmod_vertex(freshmeat) Divmod Vertex Divmod Vertex is an implementation of Q2Q, a pr... Télécharger
divmod_sine(freshmeat) Divmod Sine Divmod Sine is a standards-based voice-over-IP ... Télécharger
shell_net(freshmeat) Shell.NET Shell.NET is a set of console applications writ... Télécharger
x2vnc(freshmeat) x2vnc x2vnc is an implementation of the VNC RFB proto... Télécharger
boomerang(freshmeat) Boomerang Boomerang is a decompiler that takes executabl... Télécharger
pcsc-ctapi(freshmeat) pcsc-ctapi-wrapper pcsc-ctapi-wrapper provides a CTAPI-interface t... Télécharger
clink(freshmeat) clink clink replaces duplicate files in Unix filesyst... Télécharger
rpm-analyzer(freshmeat) rpm-analyzer rpm-analyzer is a graphical tool to help you an... Télécharger
db_cart(freshmeat) DB_cart Class DB_cart Class is a MySQL shopping cart script t... Télécharger
formatcheck(freshmeat) FormatCheck FormatCheck is an application that screens flat... Télécharger
openmortal(freshmeat) Open Mortal Open Mortal is a parody of the once popular coi... Télécharger
tripp(freshmeat) TRIPP TRIPP is a utility to rewrite incoming and outg... Télécharger
gnomefixbrokenlinks(freshmeat) Fix broken links Fix broken links is a small application that as... Télécharger
removemhduplicates(freshmeat) Remove MH duplicates Remove MH duplicates is an application that ide... Télécharger
phplycosquote(freshmeat) PHP Lycos Quotes PHP Lycos Quotes is a PHP class to retrieve quo... Télécharger
mynetcat(freshmeat) My Network Catalog My Network Catalog is an indexing engine that a... Télécharger
foff(freshmeat) Free Open FTP Face Free Open FTP Face is a lightweight graphical ... Télécharger
jsettings(freshmeat) jSettings jSettings is a framework for Java developers, a... Télécharger
dbflowc(freshmeat) DB based NetFlow Collector DB based NetFLow Collector aims to collect Cisc... Télécharger
serendipity(freshmeat) Serendipity Serendipity is a Weblog application which aims ... Télécharger

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