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maintain(freshmeat) Maintain Maintain is a multi-user, highly extensible, We... Télécharger
ant-eclipse(freshmeat) Ant-Eclipse Ant-Eclipse is a task for the Java build tool A... Télécharger
weeblog(freshmeat) Weeblog Weeblog is a minimal blog engine based on XML/X... Télécharger
ajaxmytop(freshmeat) ajaxMyTop ajaxMyTop is a Web-based tool featuring an AJAX... Télécharger
xpifoto(freshmeat) XPilotFoto XPilotFoto is a GUI front-end for the pilot-fot... Télécharger
nullpop(freshmeat) NullPop NullPop is a POP3 server that allows logins, bu... Télécharger
armagetronad(freshmeat) Armagetron Advanced In Armagetron, you ride a lightcycle around the... Télécharger
formview(freshmeat) FormView FormView is a taglib for managing post-renderin... Télécharger
rtftemplate(freshmeat) RTFTemplate RTFTemplate is an engine that generates RTF by ... Télécharger
frunk(freshmeat) Frunk Frunk is a simple program that detects and repo... Télécharger
aware(freshmeat) Aware The Aware project is an effort to create a soft... Télécharger
mp3blaster(freshmeat) mp3blaster Mp3blaster is an interactive text-based program... Télécharger
kwine(freshmeat) Kwine Kwine is a set of tools for Wine and KDE intero... Télécharger
elemenope(freshmeat) elemenope elemenope is an Enterprise Application Integrat... Télécharger
libastat(freshmeat) Libastat Libastat is a Python library that provides stat... Télécharger
id3_framework(freshmeat) ID3 Tag Framework ID3Tag.framework is a Cocoa-based framework for... Télécharger
p4vaddins(freshmeat) P4V Addins p4vaddins adds functionality to the Perforce P4... Télécharger
music_command(freshmeat) music_command music_command lets you change tracks or toggle ... Télécharger
stb-microservices(freshmeat) STB microservices STB microservices are a set of workhorse tools... Télécharger
mahogany(freshmeat) Mahogany Mahogany is a GUI email client for the X11/Unix... Télécharger
quon(freshmeat) Quon DVD Database The Quon DVD Database is a complete solution to... Télécharger
tuxguardian(freshmeat) TuxGuardian TuxGuardian is an application-based firewall th... Télécharger
lvp(freshmeat) Linux Video Project The Linux Video Project attempts to create a li... Télécharger
freerails(freshmeat) Freerails FreeRails is a multiplayer RTS game inspired by... Télécharger
pirate-js(freshmeat) pirate! Javascript Library The pirate! Javascript Library is a feature ric... Télécharger
bw-whois(freshmeat) BW whois BW whois is a modern whois client that works as... Télécharger
convertix(freshmeat) ConVertiX Convertix is a simple audio conversion program.... Télécharger
streamixer(freshmeat) streamixer streamixer contains an audio stream mixer serve... Télécharger
maclibre(freshmeat) MacLibre MacLibre is an open source software distributio... Télécharger
send2kflickr(freshmeat) Send2KFlickr Send2KFlickr implements KFlickr as a KIPI plugi... Télécharger
dynpet(freshmeat) Dynpet Dynpet is a game that is similar to the Tamagot... Télécharger
deltarpm(freshmeat) DeltaRPM DeltaRPM is a tool that generates RPMs that con... Télécharger
libral(freshmeat) libral Libral is an address book engine. It allows you... Télécharger
phpproject(freshmeat) PHP Project PHP Project is an easy-to-use Web-based project... Télécharger
refdbg(freshmeat) RefDbg RefDbg GObject reference count debugger. GObjec... Télécharger
bbcpufreq(freshmeat) bbcpufreq bbcpufreq is GUI front end for the CPU frequenc... Télécharger
libyaml(freshmeat) LibYAML LibYAML is a C library implementation of a YAML... Télécharger
pax-logging(freshmeat) Pax Logging Pax Logging is a consolidation effort that aims... Télécharger
rmovie(freshmeat) rmovie rmovie is a Ruby extension for accessing and re... Télécharger
csboard(freshmeat) CSBoard CSBoard is a small GUI for gnuchess. It is writ... Télécharger
cdcrisol(freshmeat) CD Crisol CD Crisol is a that that generates Software Lib... Télécharger
ruby-ldap(freshmeat) Ruby/LDAP Ruby/LDAP is an extension module for Ruby that... Télécharger
autoconvert(freshmeat) AutoConvert AutoConvert is an intelligent Chinese Encoding ... Télécharger
debian-updates(freshmeat) debian-updates debian-updates is a simple script that sends a... Télécharger
ruby-amazon(freshmeat) Ruby/Amazon Ruby/Amazon is a simple Ruby library that allow... Télécharger
remotemoin(freshmeat) remoteMoin remoteMoin is a collection of MoinMoin XML-RPC ... Télécharger
openesb(freshmeat) Project Open ESB Project Open ESB implements an Enterprise Serv... Télécharger
antidialer(freshmeat) AntiDialer AntiDialer is a QT-based broadband dialer for S... Télécharger
phpdeadlock(freshmeat) Deadlock User Management System Deadlock is a powerful, customizable, fully fea... Télécharger
bloboats(freshmeat) Bloboats Bloboats is a boat racing game in the spirit of... Télécharger
domino-javadoc(freshmeat) Domino Javadoc Generator This project aims to create a documentation to ... Télécharger
echo2extras(freshmeat) Echo2 Extras The Echo2 Extras package is a collection of add... Télécharger
konqburn(freshmeat) Konqueror Burning Sidebar Konqueror Burning Sidebar is a KDE extension th... Télécharger
cfg(freshmeat) OSSP cfg OSSP cfg is a ISO-C library for parsing arbitra... Télécharger
agsnanoweb(freshmeat) nanoweb Nanoweb is a modular Web server written in PHP.... Télécharger
tea4cups(freshmeat) Tea4CUPS Tea4CUPS is similar in functionality to the *ni... Télécharger
csoap(freshmeat) csoap csoap is a fast and easy way to embed a SOAP cl... Télécharger
rofreesbie(freshmeat) RoFreeSBIE RoFreeSBIE is short for Romanian Free System Bu... Télécharger
php-spacester(freshmeat) PHP-Spacester PHP-Spacester is a clone of the MySpace and Fri... Télécharger
midillo(freshmeat) midillo midillo is a library and a set of tools for MID... Télécharger
nagiosentplug(freshmeat) Nagios Enterprise PerfMon Plugins The goal of the Nagios Enterprise Performance M... Télécharger
dflybsd(freshmeat) DragonFly BSD DragonFly belongs to the same class of operatin... Télécharger
tempmap(freshmeat) TempMap TempMap builds a temperature map based on tempe... Télécharger
pystdf(freshmeat) PySTDF PySTDF is a Python module which makes it easy t... Télécharger
radiodump(freshmeat) Radiodump Radiodump is a GUI tool that acts as a front-en... Télécharger
ibistools(freshmeat) ibistools ibistools is a small set of command-line tools ... Télécharger
macollec(freshmeat) MaCollec Collections Manager MaCollec is a Web-based collections manager wri... Télécharger
geotool(freshmeat) geotool geotool inserts countries into the output of nu... Télécharger
postarabic(freshmeat) PostArabic PostArabic adds Arabic shaping functionality to... Télécharger
clikmenu(freshmeat) ClikMenu ClikMenu is a library of functions for creating... Télécharger
jebi(freshmeat) Jebi Jebi allows users to record AM or FM radio, TV,... Télécharger
clist(freshmeat) clist clist is a text based directory browser and fil... Télécharger
xml2hostconf(freshmeat) xml2hostconf xml2hostconf generates RPM packages, dhcpd.conf... Télécharger
ticketmanager(freshmeat) easy TicketManager easy TicketManager is a system for managing cus... Télécharger
bsp(freshmeat) BSP BSP is one of the best node builders for Doom. ... Télécharger
syncpasswd(freshmeat) syncpasswd syncpasswd is an Expect script that synchronize... Télécharger
circlean(freshmeat) CIRCLean CIRCLean aims to be used by someone receiving a... Télécharger
pytimeago(freshmeat) pytimeago pytimeago is a small Python library that transf... Télécharger
dban(freshmeat) Darik's Boot and Nuke Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) is a self-containe... Télécharger
timmy(freshmeat) SB Timmy SB Timmy is an IMAP client for WAP/WML devices.... Télécharger
php-image-viewer(freshmeat) PHP Image Viewer PHP Image Viewer is a one-file image browser an... Télécharger
gstpuid(freshmeat) GstPUID GstPUID is a GStreamer element that allows for ... Télécharger
stygmorgan(freshmeat) stygmorgan stygmorgan is interactive musical workstation s... Télécharger
extendedpdf(freshmeat) extendedPDF extendedPDF is an OpenOffice.org macro that con... Télécharger
phpwebframe(freshmeat) Webframe Webframe is an easy to use framework for develo... Télécharger
pysolosx(freshmeat) PySol-osx PySol-osx provides a packaged version of PySol ... Télécharger
iriverfs-patch(freshmeat) iriverfs patches to post-2.6.9 kernels This is a kernel patch for Iriver iFP series MP... Télécharger
smsdumper(freshmeat) SmsDumper SmsDumper is a Java client for the Clickatell s... Télécharger
turbox2(freshmeat) TurboX2 TurboX2 is a client for the XMMS2 music player ... Télécharger
xmlformat(freshmeat) xmlformat xmlformat is a configurable formatter (or "... Télécharger
natacl(freshmeat) NatACL NatACL is a Linux firewall group policy control... Télécharger
ranisima(freshmeat) La Ranisima La Ranisima is an "Space Invaders"-al... Télécharger
jbootcat(freshmeat) JBootCat JBootCat is an implemention of the BootCat scri... Télécharger
wakeup(freshmeat) ACPI wakeup tool The ACPI wakeup tool is a small command line ap... Télécharger
scapjava(freshmeat) SCAP-Java SCAP-Java is an automatic thematical mapping so... Télécharger
springenwerk(freshmeat) Springenwerk Springenwerk is a cross site scripting (XSS) se... Télécharger
bytetraf(freshmeat) bytetraf bytetraf is a small tool for monitoring traffic... Télécharger
xulfaces(freshmeat) xulfaces xulfaces adds XUL power to Java via Java Server... Télécharger
punkpong(freshmeat) PunkPong PunkPong is a Pong-like game written in DHTML (... Télécharger
bomberclone(freshmeat) BomberClone BomberClone is a free Bomberman-like game for ... Télécharger

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