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marie(freshmeat) MARIE MARIE is a new design tool for mobile and auton... Télécharger
inidoc(freshmeat) inidoc The PHP program inidoc is contributed with LayM... Télécharger
docbookm(freshmeat) docbookm The docbookm package is contributed with LayMan... Télécharger
jiaid3(freshmeat) JiaId3 JiaId3 is an audio tag editor written in Cocoa. Télécharger
hare(freshmeat) HaRe HaRe is a Hebrew handwriting recognition engine... Télécharger
wmthemech(freshmeat) wmThemeCh wmThemeCh is a dockapp to change your Window Ma... Télécharger
hyperwrt(freshmeat) HyperWRT HyperWRT is power-boosting firmware for the Lin... Télécharger
pluglemonsympa(freshmeat) LemonLdap for Sympa.org LemonLdap for Sympa.org is a plugin for the Sym... Télécharger
remotecmd(freshmeat) Remote Secure Command System Remote Secure Command System is a remote asynch... Télécharger
remoteapps(freshmeat) RemoteApps RemoteApps is a development framework for Web a... Télécharger
zmanim(freshmeat) Zmanim Zmanim is a software package that computes zman... Télécharger
logindpostgres(freshmeat) logindpostgres logindpostgres is a script that reads SQL selec... Télécharger
mycalendar(freshmeat) My Calendar My Calendar is a lightweight, easy-to-use Web c... Télécharger
sarpplot(freshmeat) Sar P Plot Sar P Plot is a simple application which takes ... Télécharger
swimp(freshmeat) swIMP swIMP (SWIG-based Interfaces for Mathematical P... Télécharger
ffmpeg-php(freshmeat) ffmpeg-php extension ffmpeg-php is an extension for PHP that adds an... Télécharger
yxorp(freshmeat) yxorp Yxorp is a reverse proxy for HTTP. All the fiel... Télécharger
combean(freshmeat) Combean Combean is a Java framework for combinatorial s... Télécharger
saxcms(freshmeat) Josh's Website Framework Josh's Website Framework is a CMS framework for... Télécharger
jrate(freshmeat) jRate jRate is an extension of the GNU GCJ compiler ... Télécharger
euromath2(freshmeat) EuroMath2 EuroMath2 is a WYSIWYG XML editor platform. It ... Télécharger
xfceterminal(freshmeat) Terminal Emulator Terminal is a modern terminal emulator for the ... Télécharger
libexo(freshmeat) libexo libexo is an extension library for Xfce. While ... Télécharger
smrt(freshmeat) smrt smrt is a powerful python-based GUI and command... Télécharger
cspot(freshmeat) cspot cspot is a semantic annotator designed only for... Télécharger
tileqt(freshmeat) TileQt TileQt is a theme for the tile toolkit, which u... Télécharger
morse-x(freshmeat) morse-x morse-x lets you use any key on your keyboard a... Télécharger
xpws(freshmeat) X personal web server XPWS is a personal Web server that sits in your... Télécharger
pircbotcpp(freshmeat) pircbotcpp pircbotcpp is an IRC C++ software development k... Télécharger
mirageiv(freshmeat) Mirage Mirage is a fast and simple GTK+ image viewer w... Télécharger
factor(freshmeat) Factor Factor is a dynamically-typed stack-based progr... Télécharger
tbtwig(freshmeat) Twibright Twig Twibright Twig is a static HTML photo gallery s... Télécharger
commi(freshmeat) Commi Commi is a line orientated serial terminal like... Télécharger
livesaver(freshmeat) LiveSaver Ever lost an hour worth of writing an email due... Télécharger
tutka(freshmeat) Tutka Tutka is a tracker style MIDI sequencer for Lin... Télécharger
gmailtray(freshmeat) Gmail Tray Gmail Tray is a very simple Gmail notificaiton ... Télécharger
mudmagic(freshmeat) Mud Magic Mud Client MudMagic Mud Client is a GTK/GNOME multi-platfo... Télécharger
onestroke(freshmeat) OneStroke OneStroke is a gesture-based character input pr... Télécharger
spits(freshmeat) Simple PHP Internet Traffic Shaping SPITS (Simple PHP Internet Traffic Shaping) is ... Télécharger
gpgwrap(freshmeat) gpgwrap gpgwrap is a wrapper for gpg and its --passphra... Télécharger
myspacefeed(freshmeat) MySpace Feed MySpace Feed is a tool that imports headlines f... Télécharger
phpgacl(freshmeat) PHP Generic Access Control List PHP Generic Access Control List is a PHP class ... Télécharger
utadragon(freshmeat) Useful Traffic Accounting Dragon The Useful Traffic Accounting Dragon is a traff... Télécharger
filelight(freshmeat) Filelight Filelight graphically represents a file system ... Télécharger
ffradiuslib(freshmeat) FF RADIUS Library The FF RADIUS Library is a C library that imple... Télécharger
cmsrssgrabber(freshmeat) CMS RSS Grabber CMS RSS Grabber is a system that grabs RSS feed... Télécharger
decksrc(freshmeat) Deck Deck is a JavaScript library that aims to provi... Télécharger
mb-ruby(freshmeat) MB-Ruby MB-Ruby provides MusicBrainz bindings for Ruby. Télécharger
raggle(freshmeat) Raggle Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, featuring t... Télécharger
mysmartci(freshmeat) MySmartCI MySmartCI is a small and simple command interpr... Télécharger
elphelogm(freshmeat) ElphelOgm ElphelOgm is a command line program that receiv... Télécharger
xynth(freshmeat) Xynth Xynth is an embedded and portable interface be... Télécharger
libgfeed(freshmeat) libgfeed libgfeed is a library to manage (create, load, ... Télécharger
itzam_cpp(freshmeat) Itzam/C++ Itzam/C++ wraps the Itzam database engine with ... Télécharger
wachecker(freshmeat) WAchecker WAchecker is a Python library for writing and e... Télécharger
jmimemagic(freshmeat) jMimeMagic jMimeMagic is a Java library for determining th... Télécharger
mcj(freshmeat) mcj MCJ is a Midnight Commander clone. It links to ... Télécharger
polliz(freshmeat) Polliz Polliz is a script for managing online opinion ... Télécharger
gronogal(freshmeat) gronogal gronogal is a tool that makes it easy to upload... Télécharger
netmgmt(freshmeat) Network Management Tool Network Management Tool makes it possible to q... Télécharger
c42backup(freshmeat) c42 Backup Suite The c42-backup suite is a simple program for ma... Télécharger
ldpc(freshmeat) LDPC/LDGM An LDPC/LDGM large block forward error correcti... Télécharger
opensde(freshmeat) OpenSDE OpenSDE is a kit for creating customized operat... Télécharger
pawm(freshmeat) The Puto Amo Window Manager The Puto Amo Window Manager is a full featured ... Télécharger
digitools(freshmeat) DigiTools DigiTools aims to provide full hardware support... Télécharger
ultimategeocoder(freshmeat) Ultimate Geo Coder Ultimate Geo Coder is a small library that can ... Télécharger
emserver(freshmeat) Emserver Emserver is a daemon designed to work with Exim... Télécharger
rexml(freshmeat) REXML REXML is an XML 1.0 compliant, reasonably fast,... Télécharger
wirble(freshmeat) Wirble Wirble is a set of enhancements for Irb (the in... Télécharger
stapgui(freshmeat) Systemtap GUI Systemtap is a GUI to assist in the development... Télécharger
rubilicious(freshmeat) Rubilicious Rubilicious is a set of Del.icio.us bindings fo... Télécharger
beepage(freshmeat) Beepage Beepage is a Unix-based text paging package. Te... Télécharger
facturalux(freshmeat) FacturaLUX FacturaLUX is ERP and CRM software for GNU/Linu... Télécharger
sppm(freshmeat) Simple Perl Package Manager Simple Perl Package Manager tracks the files ad... Télécharger
imgtree(freshmeat) Image Tree Image Tree is a complete and versatile photo pu... Télécharger
rox-session(freshmeat) ROX-Session ROX-Session is a simple and easy-to-configure s... Télécharger
expenses(freshmeat) Expenses Expenses is a simple command-line tool for fina... Télécharger
rss2cms(freshmeat) RSS 2 CMS RSS 2 CMS is a script that will import RSS feed... Télécharger
beanform(freshmeat) BeanForm BeanForm is a Tapestry 4 component that elimina... Télécharger
knoppix_remoteconf(freshmeat) Knoppix_remoteconf Knoppix_remoteconf is a set of patches for the ... Télécharger
jwx(freshmeat) jwx! jwx! is a Java binding to the wxWidgets GUI fra... Télécharger
talika-tms(freshmeat) ManagerX ManagerX is an extended version of the manager ... Télécharger
kmusicdb(freshmeat) KmusicdB KmusicdB is a music information manager for KDE... Télécharger
l2fprod-common(freshmeat) L2FProd.com Common Components Swing has lot of components built in, but still... Télécharger
uwp(freshmeat) uwp-phase Uwp is a phase unwrapping tool that uses Ghigli... Télécharger
pocoo(freshmeat) Pocoo Pocoo is a bulletin board software (a.k.a. mess... Télécharger
tclodbc(freshmeat) TclODBC TclODBC is a Tcl interface to the ODBC API. The... Télécharger
atlantinstall(freshmeat) Atlantis Installer Atlantis is an installer developers can use to ... Télécharger
and-httpd(freshmeat) And-httpd And-httpd is an HTTP server that maps URLs to f... Télécharger
vhost(freshmeat) vhost vHost is a one-step solution for all virtual ho... Télécharger
ckformlogin(freshmeat) CkFormLogin CkFormLogin is a plug-in for the Nagios network... Télécharger
formatonsave(freshmeat) Format on Save Format on Save is a plugin for the Eclipse Java... Télécharger
scop(freshmeat) SCOP SCOP is a library for writing distributed appli... Télécharger
portalcli(freshmeat) Portal.CLI Portal.CLI is a set of bindings that target the... Télécharger
ot2(freshmeat) OT2 OT2 is a bonsai collection management system. I... Télécharger
pklasku(freshmeat) PkLasku-laskutusohjelma PkLasku-laskutusohjelma is an invoicing system ... Télécharger
apachelogfilter(freshmeat) logfilter Logfilter is a tool for performing ad hoc analy... Télécharger
openinput(freshmeat) OpenInput The OpenInput library is intended as a free (li... Télécharger
rtlcheck(freshmeat) RTL-check RTL-check is a framework for static analysis of... Télécharger
usb-lock(freshmeat) vp-usb-lock vp-usb-lock is a Linux kernel driver and PAM mo... Télécharger

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