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simba(freshmeat) Simba Simba is file mirroring tool that allows a grea... Télécharger
redlisp(freshmeat) REDLisp REDLisp is currently only an interpreter of a n... Télécharger
guile-dbi(freshmeat) guile-dbi guile-dbi is a generic database interface for ... Télécharger
guile-dbd-mysql(freshmeat) guile-dbd-mysql guile-dbd-mysql is a MySQL database driver for ... Télécharger
subnetting(freshmeat) Subnetting.java Subnetting.java is a simple IPv4 subnetting cal... Télécharger
xsstl(freshmeat) XML Schema Standard Type Library XML Schema Standard Type Library (XSSTL) is a c... Télécharger
macfilelight(freshmeat) Mac Filelight MacFilelight is a clone of the KDE Filelight ut... Télécharger
bmfo(freshmeat) Bulk Meter Flow and Operations The Bulk Meter Flow and Operations project prov... Télécharger
arce(freshmeat) Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Elements Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Elements (ARCE)... Télécharger
osmose(freshmeat) Osmose Osmose is a tool to prepare multimedia presenta... Télécharger
zope(freshmeat) Zope Zope is an application server specializing in c... Télécharger
olive-gtk(freshmeat) Olive GUI for Bazaar Olive is a GUI for the Bazaar version control s... Télécharger
wapua(freshmeat) wApua wApua is a WAP WML browser written in Perl with... Télécharger
camorama(freshmeat) camorama camorama is a GNOME 2 Webcam application featur... Télécharger
curlyml(freshmeat) CurlyML CurlyML is a simple, concise format for storing... Télécharger
ibo(freshmeat) ibo ibo is a tool for developing Web-based interfac... Télécharger
gwhere(freshmeat) GWhere GWhere allows you to manage a database of your ... Télécharger
eikazo(freshmeat) Eikazo Eikazo is a frontend to SANE, an application pr... Télécharger
ethane(freshmeat) Ethane Ethan generates packages for ad hoc network aut... Télécharger
rdvis(freshmeat) RDVIS The RDVIS tool helps programmers pin-point the ... Télécharger
kds(freshmeat) kds kds (krico's distributed storage) is a distribu... Télécharger
oregano(freshmeat) Oregano Oregano is an application for schematic capture... Télécharger
cshout(freshmeat) CShout CShout is a customizable shoutbox. It features ... Télécharger
xajaxgrid(freshmeat) XajaxGrid XajaxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid co... Télécharger
xgngeo(freshmeat) XGngeo XGngeo is a GUI frontend for Gngeo, a powerful ... Télécharger
pan(freshmeat) Pan Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasi... Télécharger
slmodem(freshmeat) slmodem slmodem is a SmartLink soft modem for Linux. It... Télécharger
opentranscribe(freshmeat) OpenTranscribe OpenTranscribe is software to aid musicians in ... Télécharger
suhosin(freshmeat) Suhosin Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PH... Télécharger
pagelayout(freshmeat) pagelayout PageLayout is a layout lanager for Java Swing/A... Télécharger
4sports(freshmeat) 4Sports 4Sports is an exercise management application. ... Télécharger
fnumfilt(freshmeat) fnumfilt fnumfilt helps you process sets of digital came... Télécharger
postaci(freshmeat) Postaci Webmail Postaci (Turkish for Postman) is multiplatform ... Télécharger
modifyheaders(freshmeat) Modify Headers Modify Headers is a tool to add, modify, and fi... Télécharger
jel(freshmeat) JEL JEL (Java Expressions Library) is a library for... Télécharger
gnomearp(freshmeat) Gnome ARP GARP (Gnome ARP) is an ARP monitoring program w... Télécharger
fuzzengine(freshmeat) Fuzz Engine Fuzz is an SDL/Mono-based 2D game engine that l... Télécharger
freeadsp(freshmeat) FreeADSP FreeADSP is audio-oriented, real-time, cross-pl... Télécharger
smtp_wrapper(freshmeat) smtp_wrapper smtp_wrapper is a daemon program that acts as a... Télécharger
udfmediareader(freshmeat) UDF Media Reader UDF Media Reader reads disks created by packet-... Télécharger
checkwebsite(freshmeat) Check Website Check Website is a performance monitoring and u... Télécharger
are_you_human(freshmeat) Are You Human? Are You Human? is a script that uses a graphica... Télécharger
taskjitsu(freshmeat) Taskjitsu Taskjitsu is a professional services automation... Télécharger
yateadmin(freshmeat) YateAdmin YateAdmin is a Web interface which helps set up... Télécharger
minnow(freshmeat) Minnow Minnow is a Web-based PDF discussion engine for... Télécharger
jsaes(freshmeat) jsaes jsaes is a compact JavaScript implementation o... Télécharger
ajaxvtt(freshmeat) AjaxVTT AjaxVTT is a "Virtual Table Top" util... Télécharger
squid-graph(freshmeat) Squid Graph Squid Graph is a powerful logfile analysis tool... Télécharger
qemu-server(freshmeat) QEMU Server Tools QEMU Server Tools is a set of simple command-li... Télécharger
swixat(freshmeat) Swing XML Authoring Tool SwiXAT is a Swing-based authoring tool for the ... Télécharger
wbs(freshmeat) wbs wbs is a webshots.com client that downloads and... Télécharger
librtctimer(freshmeat) libRTCTimer libRTCTimer is a C++ timer class similar to the... Télécharger
gocache(freshmeat) gocache gocache is a tool that caches compiler output t... Télécharger
tacacsclibrary(freshmeat) libtacplus libtacplus is a client and server tatacs+ libra... Télécharger
pycosmos(freshmeat) PyCosmos PyCosmos is a script that allows the user to se... Télécharger
rpal(freshmeat) RPAL rpal is an interpreter for RPAL (Right-referenc... Télécharger
igsidebar(freshmeat) IGoogle Sidebar IGoogle Sidebar is a Firefox extension that di... Télécharger
phpsitemap(freshmeat) PHPSitemap Sitemap produces a tree layout view of your Web... Télécharger
calendartechnique(freshmeat) CalendarTechnique CalendarTechnique is a Web-based calendaring an... Télécharger
kalva(freshmeat) Kalva Kalva is a KDE video recorder that is simple to... Télécharger
boson(freshmeat) boson Boson is a real-time strategy game, like Comman... Télécharger
waffle-framework(freshmeat) Waffle Web framework Waffle is a Java Web framework that allows for ... Télécharger
pymidi(freshmeat) Python MIDI Read, write, process and build MIDI streams usi... Télécharger
pmpkg-config(freshmeat) pmpkg-config pmpkg-config is a Bourne shell script that mimi... Télécharger
libdvdread(freshmeat) libdvdread libdvdread provides a simple foundation for rea... Télécharger
mtftar(freshmeat) mtftar mtftar is a filter to translate MTF/BKF backup ... Télécharger
cexec(freshmeat) cexec cexec is a toolkit for building ad-hoc clusters... Télécharger
svc(freshmeat) svc svc is a service toolbox for building trigger-l... Télécharger
batsh(freshmeat) batsh batsh programs perform part of the job in each ... Télécharger
a2png(freshmeat) a2png a2png is a small program that converts plain te... Télécharger
evercrack(freshmeat) EverCrack EverCrack is a cryptanalysis engine. The o... Télécharger
osarchiver(freshmeat) osarchiver osarchiver (Operating System Archiver) creates ... Télécharger
hoglet(freshmeat) hoglet Hoglet allows special markup to be added to tex... Télécharger
netwox(freshmeat) netwox Netwox is a toolbox that helps to find and solv... Télécharger
upx(freshmeat) UPX UPX is a portable, extendable, high-performance... Télécharger
pykcs11(freshmeat) PyKCS11 PyKCS11 is a PKCS#11 wrapper for Python. It let... Télécharger
autofw(freshmeat) Automatic Firewall Automatic Firewall configures your firewall by ... Télécharger
jedit(freshmeat) jEdit jEdit is an Open Source text editor written in ... Télécharger
xcb-proto(freshmeat) xcb-proto xcb-proto contains descriptions of the X Window... Télécharger
xcb(freshmeat) XCB The XCB library provides an interface to the X ... Télécharger
getmedone(freshmeat) GetMeDone GetMeDone is a task manager in the spirit of Ge... Télécharger
dinoseq(freshmeat) Dino sequencer Dino is a pattern based MIDI sequencer that use... Télécharger
treesize(freshmeat) TreeSize for Unix TreeSize for Unix shows the space used by each ... Télécharger
torus(freshmeat) Torus Torus is a simple game inspired by Torus for DO... Télécharger
guile-spread(freshmeat) guile spread guile spread is a guile module that convenientl... Télécharger
comisat-games(freshmeat) comisat Games Collection comisat Games Collection is a collection of gam... Télécharger
helpass(freshmeat) HelPass HelPass is a program that aids users in choosi... Télécharger
antmod(freshmeat) Antmod Antmod is a build management, release manageme... Télécharger
istanbul(freshmeat) Istanbul Istanbul is a desktop session recorder for the ... Télécharger
qtsqlview(freshmeat) QtSqlView QtSqlView is a simple and easy to use SQL datab... Télécharger
demexp(freshmeat) demexp demexp is a client/server system for direct dem... Télécharger
spydi(freshmeat) Simple Python Distributed Indexing SPyDI Is a powerful engine to create distribut... Télécharger
feridian(freshmeat) Echomine Feridian Echomine Feridian is an easy-to-use Java API th... Télécharger
driza(freshmeat) driza Driza is a graphical user interface for the R s... Télécharger
acquire(freshmeat) Acquire Board Game Acquire is a computer version of the classic bo... Télécharger
dvdripomatic(freshmeat) DVD Rip-O-Matic DVD Rip-O-Matic is a simple DVD-to-XviD ripping... Télécharger
tinymarbles(freshmeat) Tiny Marbles Tiny Marbles is a transactional, persistent obj... Télécharger
freebob(freshmeat) FreeBoB The FreeBoB project aims to provide a free driv... Télécharger
nikto(freshmeat) Nikto Nikto is a Web server scanner which performs co... Télécharger
eaccelerator(freshmeat) eAccelerator eAccelerator is a further development of the mm... Télécharger

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