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halcc(freshmeat) libhal++ libhal++ is a C++ wrapper library for libhal an... Télécharger
jsxe(freshmeat) jsXe jsXe is the Java Simple XML Editor. Its aim is ... Télécharger
blame(freshmeat) Blame Blame displays the last modification for each l... Télécharger
jimage-analyst(freshmeat) JImage-Analyst JImage-Analyst is a Java-based library for extr... Télécharger
jascom(freshmeat) jAscom jAscom is a wrapper around the JACOB (JAva-COM ... Télécharger
shn2make(freshmeat) shn2make shn2make works with sets of SHN or FLAC audio f... Télécharger
pyastra(freshmeat) Pyastra Pyastra is a Python to assembler translator tha... Télécharger
regexpparser(freshmeat) regular expression parser regular expression parser is a C++ regexp parse... Télécharger
streams(freshmeat) Streams Streams is an I/O library designed to eventuall... Télécharger
euconnect(freshmeat) e-U Connect e-U Connect is a bash+dialog based user interfa... Télécharger
visualwebgui(freshmeat) Visual WebGui Visual WebGui lets you develop in a WinForms-li... Télécharger
wsnap(freshmeat) webcam snaps webcam snaps is a Webcam utility for taking sna... Télécharger
grhino(freshmeat) GRhino GRhino is a GUI Othello/Reversi game for the GN... Télécharger
dim-instantmessenger(freshmeat) DIM DIM (Dirty Instant Messenger) is an instant mes... Télécharger
setpwc(freshmeat) setpwc setpwc allows users to set all settings of a Ph... Télécharger
net-amazon-s3(freshmeat) Net::Amazon::S3 Net::Amazon::S3 is a simple, easy to use, pure ... Télécharger
jstest(freshmeat) jsTest jsTest is a unit testing tool for JavaScript, f... Télécharger
hjb(freshmeat) HJB HJB is a library that provides access to JMS re... Télécharger
tagfilter(freshmeat) Tagfilter Tagfilter accepts a list of audio files from ei... Télécharger
myintcl(freshmeat) myintcl Myintcl is an interface for using MySQL in Tcl ... Télécharger
plog4u(freshmeat) Eclipse Wikipedia Editor Plugin The Eclipse Wikipedia Editor Plugin is an Eclip... Télécharger
istrice(freshmeat) istrice istrice allows a client to assign the compilati... Télécharger
urlmarkr(freshmeat) url.markr url.markr is a personal bookmark manager writte... Télécharger
galbum(freshmeat) GAlbum GAlbum is a small photo album application for G... Télécharger
joker-php-client(freshmeat) Joker.com PHP client Joker.com PHP client is a Web-based, OS indepen... Télécharger
webtty(freshmeat) WebTTY The WebTTY package allows any Linux terminal pr... Télécharger
jstesteclipse(freshmeat) jsTest Eclipse jsTest is a plugin for Eclipse that performs co... Télécharger
kallery(freshmeat) Kallery Kallery is a highly configurable image gallery ... Télécharger
goggles(freshmeat) Goggles Goggles is a frontend for the Ogle DVD player. ... Télécharger
codavaj(freshmeat) codavaj codavaj is Javadoc in reverse: a seemingly usel... Télécharger
spoonrpc(freshmeat) SpoonRPC SpoonRPC is a library providing a distributed m... Télécharger
fxdesktop(freshmeat) FOX Desktop FOX Desktop is a lightweight desktop environmen... Télécharger
xfmedia(freshmeat) Xfmedia Xfmedia is a simple audio and video player base... Télécharger
bugzproxy(freshmeat) Bugzproxy Bugzproxy is a C# client library for the upcomi... Télécharger
nsmcrypt(freshmeat) Nsmcrypt nsmcrypt is an AOLserver module and standard Tc... Télécharger
adiss(freshmeat) ADISS ADISS (Active Directory Interface for Subversi... Télécharger
batren(freshmeat) BatRen BatRen is an automatic file rename tool. The ma... Télécharger
domainauditor(freshmeat) Domain Auditor Domain Auditor was written to simplify the task... Télécharger
asn-radius-admin(freshmeat) ASN RADIUS Admin ARA (ASN RADIUS Admin) is a Web application whi... Télécharger
ngrep(freshmeat) ngrep ngrep strives to provide most of GNU grep's com... Télécharger
ri-li(freshmeat) ri-li ri-li is a really nice wooden toy train game. T... Télécharger
retcp(freshmeat) reTCP reTCP is a user-space TCP connection redirector... Télécharger
netdisco(freshmeat) Netdisco Netdisco is a Web-based network management tool... Télécharger
permcomb(freshmeat) PermComb PermComb is a pure Perl module for performing p... Télécharger
gtetrinet(freshmeat) GTetrinet GTetrinet is a clone of the popular Windows gam... Télécharger
amock(freshmeat) Amock Amock is a mocking library for PHP 5. Mock obje... Télécharger
generateds(freshmeat) generateDS.py generateDS.py generates Python data structures ... Télécharger
prom(freshmeat) ProM ProM is an extensible framework that supports a... Télécharger
fgatlas(freshmeat) Atlas for FlightGear Atlas aims to provide high quality maps of the ... Télécharger
lampi(freshmeat) Los Alamos Message Passing Interface LA-MPI is an implementation of the Message Pass... Télécharger
xodmr(freshmeat) xODMR xODMR is an ATRN client that lets you use a mai... Télécharger
rebound(freshmeat) Rebound Rebound is a reimplementation of the game calle... Télécharger
simetro(freshmeat) Simple Metronome Simple Metronome (simetro) is a console program... Télécharger
sshhttpproxy(freshmeat) SSH HTTP Proxy SSH HTTP Proxy provides commandline and wxWidge... Télécharger
lohimedia(freshmeat) Lohimedia Lohimedia is a wiki based on the open source m... Télécharger
webwarrior(freshmeat) Web-Warrior Web-Warrior is a simple Web page generater writ... Télécharger
sureinvoice(freshmeat) SureInvoice SureInvoice is an invoicing and time tracking a... Télécharger
ident2(freshmeat) ident2 Ident2 is an alternative approach to auth/ident... Télécharger
wmhdplop(freshmeat) wmhdplop wmhdplop is a dockapp for WindowMaker or any wi... Télécharger
wordpresshreview(freshmeat) hReview WordPress Plugin hReview WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allow... Télécharger
gqlplus(freshmeat) gqlplus gqlplus is a front-end to the Oracle command-li... Télécharger
openjean(freshmeat) openJean OpenJean is a cross-platform, extensible person... Télécharger
php-idn(freshmeat) PHP IDN PHP IDN is a PHP API for GNU libIDN, which allo... Télécharger
multican(freshmeat) multican multican is a Canon EOS class camera remote con... Télécharger
planner(freshmeat) Planner Planner is a tool for planning, scheduling, and... Télécharger
bot-trap(freshmeat) bot-trap bot-trap allows your Web site to automatically ... Télécharger
ldaptool(freshmeat) LDAP Explorer Tool LDAPExplorerTool is a multiplatform LDAP direct... Télécharger
metalink(freshmeat) metalink metalink is a utility to generate Metalinks XML... Télécharger
vsman(freshmeat) Volume Sharing Manager Vsman is a server-side volume (directory) shari... Télécharger
vectorvisuals(freshmeat) Vector Visuals Vector Visuals provides an easy-to-use, object-... Télécharger
gqview(freshmeat) GQview GQview is an image viewer for X windows. Featur... Télécharger
gnomeradio(freshmeat) gnomeradio Gnomeradio is another FM radio tuner writen in ... Télécharger
asfs_linuxdriver(freshmeat) ASFS filesystem driver ASFS is a filesystem driver for the Linux kerne... Télécharger
firetero(freshmeat) Firetero Firetero is a firewall for a single computer. T... Télécharger
wheretero(freshmeat) Wheretero Wheretero determines the country where the loca... Télécharger
tclkeymon(freshmeat) tclkeymon Tclkeymon is a daemon for Toshiba laptops that ... Télécharger
uwg(freshmeat) Micro Window-Gadgets UWG is a lightweight gadget/windowing toolkit f... Télécharger
ubuildinit(freshmeat) ubuildinit ubuildinit is a utility for use with micro wind... Télécharger
ascopy(freshmeat) AScopy AScopy is a site maintenance utility. Its main ... Télécharger
rappd(freshmeat) rappd rappd (Remote Applications Daemon) provides the... Télécharger
rapp(freshmeat) rapp rapp (Remote Applications) provides a UWG clien... Télécharger
fl0p(freshmeat) fl0p fl0p is a passive L7 flow fingerprinter that ex... Télécharger
gxinstall(freshmeat) gxInstall gxInstall is a software installer for Linux. It... Télécharger
jpasswordgenerator(freshmeat) JPasswordGenerator JPasswordGenerator is a Java application for cr... Télécharger
savane(freshmeat) Savane Savane is a Web-based Free Software hosting sys... Télécharger
rndciv(freshmeat) rndCiv rndCiv is a meta-modpack for Freeciv. It allows... Télécharger
mssqldump(freshmeat) mssqldump mssqldump.php is a PHP script that dumps a Micr... Télécharger
tariff-eye(freshmeat) TariffEye TariffEye is integrated business intelligence s... Télécharger
audioslicer(freshmeat) AudioSlicer AudioSlicer is a Cocoa GUI application that fin... Télécharger
tcpknock(freshmeat) TCP Knocking TCP Knocking provides a port knocking implement... Télécharger
glflow(freshmeat) glFlow glFlow is a (D)DoS logger written with speed in... Télécharger
ezajax(freshmeat) BZByte Ajax BZByte Ajax is a Java-based interactive Web too... Télécharger
tunnel4j(freshmeat) Tunnel4J Tunnel4J is a SSH tunneling and port forwarding... Télécharger
javalemonadestand(freshmeat) Java Lemonade Stand Java Lemonade Stand is a Swing-based Applet and... Télécharger
flphoto(freshmeat) flphoto flphoto is a basic image management and display... Télécharger
md5sha1sum(freshmeat) md5sha1sum md5sha1sum provides md5sum, sha1sum, and ripem... Télécharger
qed-daemon(freshmeat) QED QED (Queue enhanced daemon) is a batch manager ... Télécharger
quickmail_php(freshmeat) quickmail.php quickmail.php is a script that reads email from... Télécharger
driveplugger(freshmeat) driveplugger driveplugger is a removable storage manager tha... Télécharger
microba(freshmeat) Microba Controls Microba is a set of finely crafted and feature ... Télécharger

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