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qed-daemon(freshmeat) QED QED (Queue enhanced daemon) is a batch manager ... Télécharger
quickmail_php(freshmeat) quickmail.php quickmail.php is a script that reads email from... Télécharger
driveplugger(freshmeat) driveplugger driveplugger is a removable storage manager tha... Télécharger
microba(freshmeat) Microba Controls Microba is a set of finely crafted and feature ... Télécharger
rootpretender(freshmeat) rootpretender rootpretender is a system that enables special ... Télécharger
documentlibrary(freshmeat) Document Library Document Library is a Web application for docum... Télécharger
sisopen(freshmeat) Sisopen Sisopen is a tool to list and extract the conte... Télécharger
cwdaemon(freshmeat) cwdaemon cwdaemon is a small daemon which uses the PC pa... Télécharger
mx5000tools(freshmeat) mx5000tools mx5000tools is a set of tools to control the LC... Télécharger
babelircd(freshmeat) babel-ircd babel-ircd is a small IRC server aimed for smal... Télécharger
thinkedit(freshmeat) Thinkedit CMS Thinkedit is a PHP content management system. I... Télécharger
jacman(freshmeat) Jacman Jacman is a GUI frontend to ArchLinux's "p... Télécharger
sanefile(freshmeat) Sanefile Sanefile is a tool that cleans and applies batc... Télécharger
bigboos(freshmeat) Bigboos Bigboos is a network monitoring system that poo... Télécharger
pause(freshmeat) Pause Pause determines the location of silences in an... Télécharger
junitconv(freshmeat) JUnitConv JUnitConv is a universal units of measure conve... Télécharger
jerome(freshmeat) The JEROME Project The JEROME project (Java-based Engine for Real-... Télécharger
ganttpv(freshmeat) GanttPV GanttPV is a project scheduling application tha... Télécharger
axis2listupdate(freshmeat) Axis2 List Update Axis2 List Update is an Ant task used to update... Télécharger
junitpdfreport(freshmeat) JUnit PDF Report JUnit PDF Report generates PDF test reports fro... Télécharger
podsblitz(freshmeat) PodsBlitz PodsBlitz copies songs from an iPod to a comput... Télécharger
metapixel(freshmeat) Metapixel Metapixel is a program for generating photomosa... Télécharger
vetcalc(freshmeat) Veterinary Calculator Veterinary Calculator is a simple calculator th... Télécharger
j7zip(freshmeat) J7Zip J7Zip handles 7-zip archives. It can lists the ... Télécharger
gobblerss(freshmeat) GobbleRSS GobbleRSS is a Web-based RSS reader inspired fr... Télécharger
tremstats(freshmeat) TremStats Tremstats is a easy-to-use tool for server admi... Télécharger
bitcontrol(freshmeat) BitControl BitControl is a remote editor for the Bit 01 an... Télécharger
bequnge(freshmeat) BeQunge BeQunge is an n-dimensional code editor, interp... Télécharger
gfax(freshmeat) GFax Gfax is a pop up fax application for Gnome. It ... Télécharger
marote(freshmeat) Marote Marote is a ham radio application. It provides ... Télécharger
thinwire(freshmeat) ThinWire ThinWire is a development framework that allows... Télécharger
pyreb(freshmeat) Python Regular Expression Builder Python Regular Expression Builder (Pyreb) is a ... Télécharger
helpsetmaker(freshmeat) HelpSetMaker HelpSetMaker allows creation and maintenance of... Télécharger
vif_framework(freshmeat) VIF Lightweight Framework The VIF Lightweight Framework is an object-rela... Télécharger
boa-constructor(freshmeat) Boa Constructor Boa Constructor is a cross-platform RAD GUI-bui... Télécharger
hobbitalarm(freshmeat) hobbitalarm hobbitalarm aims to be a notification client fo... Télécharger
foxlingo(freshmeat) FoxLingo FoxLingo is a Firefox extension which acts as a... Télécharger
chungles(freshmeat) Chungles Chungles is a file-sharing program that utilize... Télécharger
upstream(freshmeat) Upstream Log Transfer System Upstream is a collection of tools that allows u... Télécharger
cowloop(freshmeat) Cowloop The cowloop-driver is a copy-on-write loop driv... Télécharger
shmplayer(freshmeat) shmplayer Shmplayer executes a single instance of mplayer... Télécharger
sioc(freshmeat) Simple Inversion of Control SIOC, Simple Inversion of Control (IoC), is a C... Télécharger
gnome-schedule(freshmeat) GNOME Schedule GNOME Schedule is a system schedule maintenance... Télécharger
anonproxyserver(freshmeat) Anon Proxy Server Anon Proxy Server is an anonymous proxy server.... Télécharger
jrequisite(freshmeat) JRequisite JRequisite is an agile requirement management t... Télécharger
injectionframework(freshmeat) Injection Framework Injection Framework is a security tool designed... Télécharger
lprng(freshmeat) LPRng LPRng is the Next Generation in LPR software. I... Télécharger
sicontact(freshmeat) SIContact SIContact is an application to manage a sort of... Télécharger
realtimeoperatingsystem(freshmeat) Free RT RT is a real-time operating system designed for... Télécharger
isbf(freshmeat) isbf isbf creates a FIFO file and directs the input ... Télécharger
aradis(freshmeat) Attachment Ripper and Displacement System Attachment Ripper and Displacement System (arad... Télécharger
rateit(freshmeat) RateIt RateIt is a GUI tool for performing subjective ... Télécharger
xistrat(freshmeat) XiStrat XiStrat (aka 'Extended Strategy') is in particu... Télécharger
synchroedit(freshmeat) SynchroEdit SynchroEdit is a browser-based document editor ... Télécharger
phpsqliteadm(freshmeat) phpSQLiteAdm phpSQLiteAdm is an application to provide Web b... Télécharger
presbyterysite(freshmeat) PresbyterySite PresbyterySite is software for running a presby... Télécharger
ipilot(freshmeat) iPilot iPilot is a simple Cocoa-based Palm/Mac synchro... Télécharger
linia(freshmeat) Linux Inventory Aggregator Linux Inventory Aggregator is designed to be a ... Télécharger
pagelister(freshmeat) PageLister PageLister is a PHP library that helps you crea... Télécharger
gnono(freshmeat) Gnono Gnono is a rewrite of the Windows card game WUN... Télécharger
gst-plugins-ugly(freshmeat) GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins th... Télécharger
gst-python(freshmeat) GStreamer Python Bindings GStreamer Python Bindings provide Python bindin... Télécharger
fdisk(freshmeat) GNU fdisk GNU fdisk provides libparted-based alternatives... Télécharger
rptools(freshmeat) Role Playing Tools Role Playing Tools extends the pen and paper ro... Télécharger
oscarcluster(freshmeat) OSCAR Cluster OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resourc... Télécharger
qdsync(freshmeat) Quick and Dirty Sync qdsync tries to make two directories the same b... Télécharger
packetdb(freshmeat) PacketDB PacketDB creates a set of workflows that treat ... Télécharger
clusterm(freshmeat) ClusTerm ClusTerm is used to SSH into a cluster of syste... Télécharger
libsieve-php(freshmeat) libsieve-php libsieve-php is a library for managing and modi... Télécharger
pynumwords(freshmeat) pynumwords pynumwords is a Python library for converting n... Télécharger
webcleaner(freshmeat) WebCleaner WebCleaner is a filtering HTTP proxy. It can di... Télécharger
tlswrap(freshmeat) TLSWrap TLSWrap is a TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy for UNIX... Télécharger
mwspe(freshmeat) MediaWiki ScreenPlay Extension MediaWiki ScreenPlay Extension is a text format... Télécharger
cliplord(freshmeat) ClipLord ClipLord is a utility that maintains a history ... Télécharger
kiosword(freshmeat) Kio-Sword Kio-Sword provides access to Bibles, commentar... Télécharger
octave-g2(freshmeat) octave-g2 bindings octave-g2 bindings is a set of Octave bindings ... Télécharger
myps(freshmeat) MyPasswordSafe MyPasswordSafe is a straightforward, easy-to-us... Télécharger
pydilbert(freshmeat) PyDilbert PyDilbert is a program to fetch daily Dilbert c... Télécharger
sinotes(freshmeat) SiNotes SiNotes is a simple desktop notes manager that ... Télécharger
spacecommander(freshmeat) Space Commander Space Commander is a game that aims to be simil... Télécharger
bt-at(freshmeat) BT-AT BT-AT is an application for manually interactin... Télécharger
phpsocketdaemon(freshmeat) phpSocketDaemon phpSocketDaemon is a PHP socket daemon framewor... Télécharger
easybmp(freshmeat) EasyBMP EasyBMP is a cross-platform C++ library for rea... Télécharger
libopennet(freshmeat) libopennet Libopennet allows developers to open_net() file... Télécharger
gflags(freshmeat) google-gflags The gflags package contains a library that impl... Télécharger
blueplayer(freshmeat) BluePlayer BluePlayer is a cross-platform, simple, light s... Télécharger
golfscorer(freshmeat) Golf Scorer Golf Scorer can be used to track scores for gol... Télécharger
export2cheesecake(freshmeat) export2cheesecake export2cheesecake is a script that exports all ... Télécharger
gocr(freshmeat) gocr GOCR is optical character recognition software.... Télécharger
jups(freshmeat) jUPS jUPS is a Java class that implements MetaSystem... Télécharger
felo(freshmeat) Felo Felo is a program that calculates Felo ratings ... Télécharger
grig(freshmeat) Grig Grig is a graphical user interface for the Ham ... Télécharger
astpp(freshmeat) ASTPP ASTPP is a billing solution for Asterisk and Fr... Télécharger
calendarserver(freshmeat) Darwin Calendar Server The Darwin Calendar Server is a standards-compl... Télécharger
xlb(freshmeat) XLB XLB is an HTTP load balancer. It features conne... Télécharger
flickr_refer(freshmeat) Flickr: Add referrer into comments On Flickr, you never know where people that vis... Télécharger
yahoo_currency(freshmeat) Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter is a greasemo... Télécharger
mopesnake(freshmeat) mop(e)snake mop(e) snake is a classic snake game which pits... Télécharger
icws(freshmeat) Information Currency Web Services The Information Currency Web Services distribut... Télécharger
vncrec(freshmeat) Twibright vncrec Twibright vncrec is a patched vncviewer client ... Télécharger

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