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httpauth(freshmeat) HttpAuth HttpAuth is a daemon and framework for authent... Télécharger
rtfx(freshmeat) RTFX rtfx converts RTF files into a generic XML form... Télécharger
pyneighborhood(freshmeat) pyNeighborhood pyNeighborhood is GTK+ 2 rewrite of the well-kn... Télécharger
fbxkb(freshmeat) fbxkb fbxkb is keyboard indicator and switcher that s... Télécharger
minigtkfm(freshmeat) Mini Gtk+ File Manager Mini Gtk+ File Manager has been written with si... Télécharger
tksol(freshmeat) Tksol Tksol is a cute, snappy version of the standard... Télécharger
cocoon(freshmeat) Apache Cocoon Apache Cocoon is a Web development framework bu... Télécharger
emutos(freshmeat) EmuTOS EmuTOS is a single-user single-tasking operatin... Télécharger
webfm(freshmeat) WebFM WebFM (Web File Manager) allows you to manage (... Télécharger
gst-plugins-good(freshmeat) GStreamer Good Plug-ins GStreamer Good Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins th... Télécharger
gst-plugins-bad(freshmeat) GStreamer Bad Plug-ins GStreamer Bad Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins tha... Télécharger
denormgen(freshmeat) Normal/Displacement Map Generator Normal/Displacement Map Generator allows you to... Télécharger
ddsmslib(freshmeat) DD-SMS-Lib DD-SMS-Lib is a cross platform C++ library for ... Télécharger
ctris(freshmeat) ctris ctris is a Tetris clone for the console. It use... Télécharger
xmlgraphicscommons(freshmeat) Apache XML Graphics Commons Apache XML Graphics Commons is a library that c... Télécharger
phppassmanager(freshmeat) phpPasswordManager phpPasswordManager is a Web-based password mana... Télécharger
obwman(freshmeat) okon's bandwidth manager okon's bandwidth manager is a simple tool for e... Télécharger
rest2web(freshmeat) rest2web rest2web is a tool for automatically maintainin... Télécharger
fusegunzip(freshmeat) fuse.gunzip fuse.gunzip is a filesystem for FUSE that provi... Télécharger
comic-get(freshmeat) comic-get comic-get allows the user to download comic str... Télécharger
acpi4asus(freshmeat) acpi4asus acpi4asus is a Linux kernel module and user-spa... Télécharger
smbldaptoolspp(freshmeat) Samba LDAP Tools++ Samba LDAP Tools++ is a branch of the smbldap-t... Télécharger
mussh(freshmeat) MUltihost SSH Wrapper Mussh allows you to execute a command or script... Télécharger
yadia2sql(freshmeat) yadia2sql yadia2sql is a tool that generates SQL CREATE T... Télécharger
fido(freshmeat) Fido Fido allows you to automatically download the l... Télécharger
gnudenemo(freshmeat) GNU Denemo Denemo lets you quickly prepare notation for pu... Télécharger
conectayas(freshmeat) Conectayas Conectayas is a game that is like "Connect... Télécharger
coaddons(sfnet) COAddOns My addons: MosCom, MosQ, MosModule, MosCmenuTre... Télécharger
mplayertv(freshmeat) mplayerTV mplayerTV is a frontend to MPlayer. You can wat... Télécharger
edelta(freshmeat) EDelta EDelta is a XDelta-style binary diff utility th... Télécharger
openhuman(freshmeat) OpenHuman OpenHuman is a Web-based, database and operatin... Télécharger
score(freshmeat) Score Cluster System Software The Score cluster system software is designed f... Télécharger
googlog(freshmeat) GoogLog GoogLog is a Web CGI used to search in syslog f... Télécharger
lang2e(freshmeat) 2E Programming Language 2e is an experimental language designed to be a... Télécharger
dstress(freshmeat) DStress DStress is a D programming language conformance... Télécharger
charon(freshmeat) Charon Charon simplifies reselling Internet access via... Télécharger
qsong(freshmeat) qSong qSong is a song database program with multimedi... Télécharger
4suite-xml(freshmeat) 4Suite XML 4Suite XML is a Python-based toolkit for XML ap... Télécharger
odfviewer(freshmeat) OpenDocument Viewer OpenDocument Viewer is a cross-platform viewer ... Télécharger
atheme-services(freshmeat) Atheme IRC Services Atheme IRC Services is a portable, secure set o... Télécharger
pgmreloaded(freshmeat) PgmReloaded PgmReloaded is a simple CMS for e-commerce and ... Télécharger
jam2(freshmeat) Jam2 Jam2 is a collection of components for the Drup... Télécharger
gtk-iptables(freshmeat) Gtk-IPTables Gtk-IPTables is a GTK-based frontend for iptabl... Télécharger
carte(freshmeat) Carte Carte is a report engine that is able to produc... Télécharger
speedcontrol(freshmeat) Azureus Speed Control Azureus Speed Control is an Azureus plugin that... Télécharger
schism(freshmeat) Schism Tracker Schism Tracker is a tracked music editor that a... Télécharger
gnugadu(freshmeat) GNU Gadu GNU Gadu 2 is a modular instant messaging clien... Télécharger
cstermin(freshmeat) cstermin cstermin is a minimalistic scheduler for keepin... Télécharger
pnrg(freshmeat) pNRG pNRG is a package for maintaining and visualizi... Télécharger
homefinance(freshmeat) Home Finance Home Finance is a simple and easy-to-use Web-ba... Télécharger
fortransudoku(freshmeat) FORTRAN Sudoku FORTRAN Sudoku is a Sudoku solver that runs on ... Télécharger
jincron(freshmeat) jIncron jIncron is a graphical interface for incron (th... Télécharger
minimoz(freshmeat) minimoz minimoz consists of a tool to import a dmoz.org... Télécharger
activecollab(freshmeat) activeCollab activeCollab is an easy to use Web-based collab... Télécharger
gmpc(freshmeat) GMP compiler The GMP compiler simplifies the use of GMP, the... Télécharger
gcode2eps(freshmeat) gcode2eps gcode2eps is a tool converts 2D CNC G-code to a... Télécharger
odyssey(freshmeat) Odyssey Odyssey is a PIC programming application which ... Télécharger
jpicedt(freshmeat) jPicEdt jPicEdt is a multi-platform vector-based graphi... Télécharger
cutview(freshmeat) cutview cutview detects changes in the contents of the ... Télécharger
spine(freshmeat) SPINE SPINE is a Web-based Content Management System.... Télécharger
phpmyrecipes(freshmeat) phpMyRecipes phpMyRecipes is a simple Web-based application ... Télécharger
kiebitz(freshmeat) kiebitz Kiebitz is a command wrapper that gives the she... Télécharger
daedalus(freshmeat) Daedalus Daedalus provides a simple mechanism for runnin... Télécharger
jswx(freshmeat) Jet Set Willy X Jet Set Willy X is a game for Sinclair ZX Spect... Télécharger
modelbuilder(freshmeat) MODELbuilder MODELbuilder is a scientific application that p... Télécharger
phpxref(freshmeat) PHPXref PHPXref is a Perl script that cross-references ... Télécharger
wrt54g(freshmeat) Linux on the Linksys wrt54g wrt54g-linux is a mini-distribution for the Lin... Télécharger
vasco-puf(freshmeat) PIC USB Framework PUF (PIC USB Framework) is a USB application fr... Télécharger
gringotts-shlomif(freshmeat) Gringotts-Shlomif Patch Gringotts-Shlomif Patch is a patch for the Gri... Télécharger
digitemp(freshmeat) DigiTemp DigiTemp uses a simple serial port adapter to r... Télécharger
mythreads-links(freshmeat) MyThreads-Links MyThreads-Links is a Web-based links manager t... Télécharger
aquarium(freshmeat) Aquarium Web Application Framework Aquarium is a framework for creating highly dyn... Télécharger
wildcat(freshmeat) WildCAT WildCAT is a Java toolkit and framework which c... Télécharger
milter-virus(freshmeat) Milter-Virus Milter-Virus is a wrapper which allows you to u... Télécharger
py-mycms(freshmeat) Python MyCMS Python MyCMS is an application development pla... Télécharger
memo(freshmeat) Memo Memo displays the time as text (e.g. "It's... Télécharger
sarg(freshmeat) sarg Sarg (Squid Analysis Report Generator) is a too... Télécharger
planetscape(freshmeat) PlanetScape PlanetScape simulates navigation on planets or ... Télécharger
audacity(freshmeat) Audacity Audacity is a cross-platform multitrack audio e... Télécharger
tjmail(freshmeat) Tiger JMail Tiger JMail is a direct replacement for Sun's j... Télécharger
xsh(freshmeat) XSH XSH (the XML Editing Shell) is a very powerful ... Télécharger
spadfslinux(freshmeat) SpadFS SpadFS is an attempt to combine features of adv... Télécharger
ficy(freshmeat) fIcy fIcy is a command line icecast/shoutcast stream... Télécharger
spotsec(freshmeat) SpotSec Network Gateway SpotSec Network Gateway is an all in one Linux ... Télécharger
julius-lvcsr(freshmeat) Julius Speech Recognition Engine Julius is a high-performance large vocabulary c... Télécharger
dma-ring(freshmeat) DMAring DMAring demonstrates a novel generic network in... Télécharger
libiriverdb(freshmeat) libiriverdb libiriverdb is a library for iRiver jukeboxes, ... Télécharger
lg3d-livecd(freshmeat) LG3D-LiveCD LG3D-LiveCD is a SLAX-based live CD using Sun's... Télécharger
pmcam(freshmeat) Poor Man's Cam PMCam is a program that allows you to set up a ... Télécharger
templatelite(freshmeat) Template Lite Template Lite is a very fast and small HTML tem... Télécharger
publimark(freshmeat) Publimark Publimark is a command line tool to secretly em... Télécharger
offender(freshmeat) offender Offender is a 2D space shooter a bit like Galaga. Télécharger
i2ctinyusb(freshmeat) i2c-tiny-usb The i2c-tiny-usb is a open source/open hardware... Télécharger
bw-acct(freshmeat) BW ACCT BW Acct is a bandwidth accounting and reporting... Télécharger
apbyas(freshmeat) APbyAS APbyAS (Analisi processi e competenze) provides... Télécharger
oci-wrappers(freshmeat) OCI wrappers OCI wrappers are a set of classes that create a... Télécharger
tamilkaruvi(freshmeat) Tamil Karuvi Tamizh Karuvi is an English to Tamil transliter... Télécharger
mpterm(freshmeat) mpterm mpterm is a terminal for the GNOME desktop envi... Télécharger
moneyjar(freshmeat) MoneyJar MoneyJar is a Java library to help with impleme... Télécharger
patty(freshmeat) Patty Patty is a profiler for JRE 1.5.0 only. It uses... Télécharger

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