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trackerd(freshmeat) Network Tracker Network Tracker builds a table which records wh... Télécharger
ppum(freshmeat) PureFTPD PHP User Manager ppum (PureFTPD PHP User Manager) is a PureFTPD ... Télécharger
qccrypt(freshmeat) Qccrypt Qccrypt is a very small graphical frontend for ... Télécharger
ticket-it(freshmeat) Ticket-IT Ticket-IT is a tool for the creation, managemen... Télécharger
microakismet(freshmeat) MicroAkismet MicroAkismet is a straightforward set of functi... Télécharger
phpgraphy(freshmeat) phpGraphy phpGraphy is a PHP script that allows you to di... Télécharger
e-mc(freshmeat) Enhanced-Media-Center Enhanced-Media-Center is a modular entertaiment... Télécharger
mdmpoold-ng(freshmeat) mdmpoold-ng mpmpoold is a PortServ compatible serial device... Télécharger
namelur(freshmeat) namelur namelur is a random name generator library with... Télécharger
htmltemplate(freshmeat) HTML::Template The HTML::Template module attempts to make usin... Télécharger
guco(freshmeat) Guco Guco is a basic command line accounting system ... Télécharger
dimensionex(freshmeat) DimensioneX DimensioneX is a multiplayer game engine. It le... Télécharger
gpml2svg(freshmeat) gpml2svg gpml2svg is a translator from GPML to rendered ... Télécharger
dmm(freshmeat) Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter (DMM) is a data acquisition ... Télécharger
bookmarks(freshmeat) Ruby On Rails Bookmarks Ruby On Rails Bookmarks is a bookmark manager t... Télécharger
wpa-buddy(freshmeat) wpa-buddy wpa-buddy is a tool to decrypt WPA-PSK protecte... Télécharger
dnshistory(freshmeat) dnshistory dnshistory provides a means for storing a histo... Télécharger
lightning(freshmeat) GNU Lightning GNU Lightning is a library that generates assem... Télécharger
dbtoy(freshmeat) dbtoy DBToy is a FUSE-based filesystem for Linux that... Télécharger
grabyahoogroup(freshmeat) Yahoo Group Archiver Yahoo! Group Archiver is a command line utility... Télécharger
jhfcaptcha(freshmeat) jhfCAPTCHA jhfcaptcha is a PHP script that creates CAPTCHA... Télécharger
libosdk(freshmeat) LibOSDK libosdk is an operating systems development too... Télécharger
arguseye(freshmeat) ArgusEye ArgusEye is a GUI for some of the features of A... Télécharger
netserve(freshmeat) NetServe NetServe is a lightweight network framework for... Télécharger
smf-grey(freshmeat) GreyList Sendmail milter GreyList Sendmail milter is a lightweight, fast... Télécharger
stompy(freshmeat) stompy the session stomper stompy the session stomper is a penetration tes... Télécharger
grzip(freshmeat) grzip grzip is a high-performance file compressor bas... Télécharger
runt(freshmeat) RUNT RUNT (ResNet USB Network Tester) is Slackware L... Télécharger
webcit(freshmeat) WebCit WebCit is a Web-based, AJAX-enabled frontend to... Télécharger
escreen(freshmeat) eScreen eScreen is a Linux graphical boot screen user-s... Télécharger
genmpeg(freshmeat) genmpeg.pl genmpeg.pl is a Perl script that generates a si... Télécharger
ewa(freshmeat) East-West Audio EWA (East-West Audio) is a server application t... Télécharger
phppaypalpro(freshmeat) phpPaypalPro phpPaypalPro is an object-oriented PHP 5 framew... Télécharger
publib(freshmeat) Paderborn University BSP Library The Paderborn University BSP-Library is a C lib... Télécharger
inkscape(freshmeat) Inkscape Inkscape is a drawing tool with capabilities si... Télécharger
bioclipse(freshmeat) Bioclipse Bioclipse is a rich-client platform chemistry a... Télécharger
xine-plugin(freshmeat) xine-plugin xine-plugin is a xine-based multimedia player p... Télécharger
opmlmerge(freshmeat) opmlmerge opmlmerge is a console-based program to merge t... Télécharger
cryptofs(freshmeat) CryptoFS CryptoFS is a encryption filesystem for Filesys... Télécharger
checkbot(freshmeat) Checkbot Checkbot is a tool to verify links on a set of ... Télécharger
dfu-programmer(freshmeat) dfu-programmer dfu-programmer is a Linux based command-line pr... Télécharger
ctsim(freshmeat) CTSim CTSim is a Computed Tomography simulator. It si... Télécharger
stftp(freshmeat) stftp stftp ("simple" terminal FTP) is a sm... Télécharger
dtddoc(freshmeat) DTDDoc DTDDoc (DTD Documentation) is designed to help ... Télécharger
yapide(freshmeat) YaPIDE YaPIDE aims to be a fully featured Microchip PI... Télécharger
qtwvdialer(freshmeat) QtWvDialer QtWvdialer is a simple graphical frontend to wv... Télécharger
japana(freshmeat) Japana Japana is a small HTTP proxy written in Perl. I... Télécharger
htminer(freshmeat) ht://Miner ht://Miner is a system for Web usage mining and... Télécharger
dd-wrt(freshmeat) DD-WRT DD-WRT is an alternative firmware for the Links... Télécharger
uclinux(freshmeat) uClinux uClinux is a set of patches for Linux that supp... Télécharger
itval(freshmeat) ITVal ITVal is a decision-diagram based query engine ... Télécharger
ocamlcameleon(freshmeat) Cameleon for OCaml Cameleon is an integrated development environme... Télécharger
htminer-middleware(freshmeat) ht://Miner PHP Middleware ht://Miner's PHP middleware is a set of classes... Télécharger
cl-wav-synth(freshmeat) cl-wav-synth cl-wav-synth is a WAV sample editor. It comes i... Télécharger
libmysequoia(freshmeat) LibMySequoia LibMySequoia provides an alternative library fo... Télécharger
check-raid(freshmeat) check raid check raid is a script that uses OEM tools to c... Télécharger
searchmonkey(freshmeat) searchmonkey Searchmonkey is an intuitive way to perform pow... Télécharger
imieniny(freshmeat) imieniny Imieniny reads a list of names and the dates on... Télécharger
j2meminiapps(freshmeat) J2ME Mini Applications J2ME Mini Applications is a series of small app... Télécharger
pantomime(freshmeat) Pantomime Pantomime provides a set of Objective-C classes... Télécharger
gnumail_app(freshmeat) GNUMail.app GNUMail.app is a clone of NeXT's excellent Mail... Télécharger
openwrt(freshmeat) OpenWrt OpenWrt is a Linux distribution for wireless ro... Télécharger
kernelcookies(freshmeat) kernelcookies Kernelcookies is a datafile for fortune that co... Télécharger
lmpcm_usb(freshmeat) Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver This project is a Linux driver for USB connecte... Télécharger
worldforgesear(freshmeat) WorldForge::Sear Sear is a 3D client for networked roleplaying g... Télécharger
sweep(freshmeat) Sweep Sweep is an audio editor and live playback tool... Télécharger
javainetlocator(freshmeat) JavaInetLocator JavaInetLocator is a Java library to look up th... Télécharger
alchemysoap(freshmeat) AlchemySOAP AlchemySOAP is a fork of the EasySoap++ SOAP 1.... Télécharger
cfsm(freshmeat) cfsm cfsm is a finite state machine compiler. It con... Télécharger
stlavlmap(freshmeat) STL AVL Map This is a fully STL-compliant C++ map/set/multi... Télécharger
pyode(freshmeat) PyODE PyODE is a set of Python bindings for The Open ... Télécharger
mount_app(freshmeat) mount.app mount.app is a Window Maker dock app for managi... Télécharger
gt5(freshmeat) gt5 gt5 is a console tool to check where disk space... Télécharger
mitscheme(freshmeat) MIT/GNU Scheme MIT/GNU Scheme is an implementation of the Sche... Télécharger
pgdocptbr(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Documentation in Brazilian Portuguese PostgreSQL Documentation in Brazilian Portugues... Télécharger
js(freshmeat) OSSP js OSSP js is a stand-alone distribution of the Ja... Télécharger
hpgldistiller(freshmeat) HPGL-Distiller HPGL-Distiller filters out aspects of an HPGL f... Télécharger
jetpag(freshmeat) JetPAG JetPAG is a flexible yet powerful full-LL(k) pa... Télécharger
listps(freshmeat) listps listps lists running processes, including hidde... Télécharger
grammarscope(freshmeat) GrammarScope GrammarScope provides a simple-to-use graphical... Télécharger
easyvz(freshmeat) EasyVZ EasyVZ is a GUI front end to OpenVZ that makes ... Télécharger
pagenda(freshmeat) pAgenda pAgenda is a cross-platform calendar and schedu... Télécharger
chirpy(freshmeat) Chirpy! Chirpy! is an online quote management system. I... Télécharger
wthim(freshmeat) Where the hell is Matt? Wthim (a.k.a. "Where the hell is Matt?&quo... Télécharger
qtuneroid(freshmeat) QTuneroid QTuneroid is a musical instrument tuner, design... Télécharger
dailytasks(freshmeat) DailyTasks DailyTasks is an utility with both a commandlin... Télécharger
python-kye(freshmeat) Python Kye Kye is a puzzle game which takes ideas from Sok... Télécharger
trk(freshmeat) Trinity Rescue Kit Trinity Rescue Kit is a small CD-ROM/USB disk/P... Télécharger
net2ftp(freshmeat) net2ftp net2ftp is a Web-based FTP client, offering st... Télécharger
glark(freshmeat) glark glark offers grep-like searching of text files,... Télécharger
svndelta(freshmeat) svndelta svndelta helps manage a Subversion project, ide... Télécharger
jspf(freshmeat) jSPF The jSPF library is pure Java SPF implementatio... Télécharger
glchess(freshmeat) glChess glChess is a 2D/3D chess interface for the GNOM... Télécharger
dozer(freshmeat) Dozer Dozer is a powerful, yet simple Java Bean to Ja... Télécharger
acerhk(freshmeat) Acer Hotkey Driver The Acer Hotkey Driver is a kernel driver to ac... Télécharger
thinkpad-status(freshmeat) thinkpad-status thinkpad-status is a GUI interface to IBM Think... Télécharger
xnap-commons(freshmeat) XNap Commons The XNap Commons provide Java classes for easy ... Télécharger
ultimateircd(freshmeat) UltimateIRCd UltimateIRCd is an advanced IRCd hybrid aiming ... Télécharger
irrtoolset(freshmeat) IRRToolSet IRRToolSet is a set of policy analysis tools, w... Télécharger
pdflicensemanager(freshmeat) PdfLicenseManager PdfLicenseManager aims to be a simple tool to m... Télécharger

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