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stakker(freshmeat) Stakker The Stakker project aims to develop Linux drive... Télécharger
genres(freshmeat) GenReS GenReS is a generic reconfigurable scriptable p... Télécharger
ddc-concordance(freshmeat) ddc-concordance ddc-concordance is a search engine for linguist... Télécharger
svnweb(freshmeat) SVN::Web SVN::Web provides a Web interface to Subversion... Télécharger
irfc(freshmeat) IR File Chooser Infra Red (IR) File Chooser is a remote-control... Télécharger
ppskit(freshmeat) PPSkit PPSkit is an implementation of nanosecond time ... Télécharger
tn-gw-scan(freshmeat) TN-GW-Scan TN-GW-Scan is a scanner for scanning telnet pr... Télécharger
ascaleablevectorerdgenerator(freshmeat) aSVERD aSVERD (A Scaleable Vector Entity Relationship ... Télécharger
remotej(freshmeat) RemoteJ RemoteJ is an application for adding Bluetooth ... Télécharger
lightbird(freshmeat) lightbird Lightbird (client and server) is an attempt to ... Télécharger
joone(freshmeat) Joone Joone (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine) is a... Télécharger
ajaxtop(freshmeat) AjaxTop AjaxTop is a client-side AJAX framework that ma... Télécharger
lindex_retriever(freshmeat) LindeX Retriever LindeX Retriever is a collection of Perl script... Télécharger
simplephpcalendar(freshmeat) Simple PHP Calendar Simple PHP Calendar is a a simple, extensible P... Télécharger
pktdbg(freshmeat) Packet Debugger The Packet Debugger (pdb) allows users to work ... Télécharger
firenze(freshmeat) Firenze Firenze is a commandline podcasting client. It'... Télécharger
newsq(freshmeat) newsq newsq allows you to re-edit, view, delete, and ... Télécharger
htpasstool(freshmeat) htpasstool htpasstool is a Web-based management tool for A... Télécharger
hackedbox(freshmeat) Hackedbox Hackedbox is a stripped down version of Blackb... Télécharger
forkjavascript(freshmeat) Fork JavaScript Fork JavaScript a general purpose, namespaced J... Télécharger
dynagraph(freshmeat) Dynagraph Dynagraph is a cross-platform library and comma... Télécharger
ograph(freshmeat) Ruby ObjectGraph Ruby ObjectGraph will output Graphviz dot files... Télécharger
pengupop(freshmeat) Pengupop Pengupop is an online multiplayer clone of Froz... Télécharger
softeu-rewriter(freshmeat) URL Rewriter URL Rewriter is a tool for rewriting URLs in Ja... Télécharger
dispdump(freshmeat) DispDump DispDump is a utility that gives you remote con... Télécharger
cache-table(freshmeat) CacheTable CacheTable is a C++ template library that imple... Télécharger
dgnetload(freshmeat) gnetload network load meter The gnetload network load meter is a network a... Télécharger
cxmon(freshmeat) cxmon cxmon is an interactive command-driven file man... Télécharger
pyrfeed(freshmeat) pyrfeed pyrfeed is an RSS/Atom client that can support ... Télécharger
maklerplus(freshmeat) MaklerPlus MaklerPlus is a Web based application for real ... Télécharger
ipkungfu(freshmeat) ipkungfu IPKungFu is an iptables-based Linux firewall. I... Télécharger
fedora(freshmeat) Fedora Digital Object Repository The Fedora software is based on an architecture... Télécharger
lofimo(freshmeat) LoFiMo The main purpose of LoFiMo is, as the name stat... Télécharger
orm(freshmeat) Object Relational Membrane The Object Relational Membrane is a Python pack... Télécharger
placebo(freshmeat) Placebo Placebo is a framework for building Web-based a... Télécharger
bjsko(freshmeat) Battle Just Started Battle Just Started is 3D arcade tank battle ga... Télécharger
coffeemud(freshmeat) CoffeeMud CoffeeMud is a mature, full-featured, tried, te... Télécharger
brutal-chess(freshmeat) Brutal Chess Brutal Chess features full 3D graphics, an adva... Télécharger
pamacea(freshmeat) mod_auth_pamacea mod_auth_pamacea is an Apache 2 authentication ... Télécharger
fiaif(freshmeat) FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall. It provides a... Télécharger
ssuds(freshmeat) Ssuds / Ssudg Ssuds and Ssudg are a pair of programs that res... Télécharger
phppatcher(freshmeat) PHP unified diff patcher PHP unified diff patcher is a powerful class wh... Télécharger
yap(freshmeat) Yap - Yet Another Pager Yap (Yet Another Pager) is a PHP pager that su... Télécharger
jsokoban(freshmeat) JSokoban JSokoban is a port of the classic Macintosh puz... Télécharger
runsuid(freshmeat) runsuid runsuid runs a script with another user-id/grou... Télécharger
sjasmplus(freshmeat) SjASMPlus SjASMPlus is a modern command-line cross-compil... Télécharger
phptarbackup(freshmeat) PHP TarBackup PHP Tarbackup is a simple class that allows bac... Télécharger
aep(freshmeat) Ajax Extensible Page A.E.P. (Ajax Extensible Page) is an AJAX framew... Télécharger
vaccon(freshmeat) VacCon VacCon is a Web interface to the vacation progr... Télécharger
elisa(freshmeat) Elisa Media Center Elisa Media Center is a project to create a med... Télécharger
jexifviewer(freshmeat) JExifViewer JExifViewer is a program for displaying and com... Télécharger
tserv(freshmeat) Tail Server Tail server allows you to export the output of ... Télécharger
tigerevents(freshmeat) TigerEvents TigerEvents is a novel, Web-based event announc... Télécharger
zsnes(freshmeat) ZSNES ZSNES is an SNES emulator for i386 machines run... Télécharger
opencds(freshmeat) Open Content Delivery Server The Open Content Delivery Server (OpenCDS) is a... Télécharger
gnomekiss(freshmeat) GnomeKiSS GnomeKiSS is a viewer for all KiSS paper dolls.... Télécharger
g4u(freshmeat) g4u g4u ("ghost for unix") is a boot-flop... Télécharger
builditis(freshmeat) Builditis Builditis is a build system for C/C++ projects ... Télécharger
k-3d(freshmeat) K-3D K-3D is a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering... Télécharger
ii(freshmeat) Infernal Icecube Infernal Icecube is a client-side blogging tool... Télécharger
scuttle(freshmeat) Scuttle Scuttle is a Web-based social bookmarking syste... Télécharger
applmonitor(freshmeat) Application Monitor for GlowWorm FW Application Monitor is a plugin for GlowWorm FW... Télécharger
aran(freshmeat) LibAran LibAran is a 2D/3D Fast Multipole Method softwa... Télécharger
eddie-feedparser(freshmeat) Eddie Feed Parser Eddie is a liberal RSS and Atom feed parsing li... Télécharger
desktop-data-manager(freshmeat) Desktop Data Manager Desktop Data Manager is a clipboard manager for... Télécharger
acogc(freshmeat) Acogc Acogc is a simple garbage collector. It can coe... Télécharger
jenkryptor(freshmeat) jEnkryptor jEnkryptor is a Java Swing based, multi-threade... Télécharger
address-book-continued(freshmeat) Address Book Continued Address Book Continued is a multi-user address ... Télécharger
rarslave(freshmeat) rarslave Rarslave is a program that will automatically c... Télécharger
ggi(freshmeat) GGI GGI (General Graphics Interface) aims to develo... Télécharger
dagii(freshmeat) DAGII Dave's AGI Interpreter ("DAGII") is a... Télécharger
luminaplex(freshmeat) Twibright Luminaplex and Hyperluma 2 Twibright Luminaplex and Hyperluma 2 are two al... Télécharger
milliphone(freshmeat) Milliphone Milliphone is a minimalistic multi-platform sof... Télécharger
wocvim(freshmeat) Wocvim Wocvim is a WoC client for Vim. WoC is a protoc... Télécharger
jeta(freshmeat) Jeta Jeta is a Horde wrapper around various Java SSH... Télécharger
phptagengine(freshmeat) PHP Tag Engine PHP Tag Engine is a library that allows you to ... Télécharger
gegl(freshmeat) GEGL GEGL is a graph-based image processing framewor... Télécharger
pymolyze(freshmeat) PyMOlyze PyMOlyze is a graphical program for analyzing t... Télécharger
bytename(freshmeat) ByteName ByteName is a tool that for each byte of the in... Télécharger
opendmtp(freshmeat) OpenDMTP OpenDMTP (Open Device Monitoring and Tracking P... Télécharger
dreamzzt(freshmeat) DreamZZT DreamZZT is a ZZT engine for Mac OS X, Microsof... Télécharger
trackerd(freshmeat) Network Tracker Network Tracker builds a table which records wh... Télécharger
ppum(freshmeat) PureFTPD PHP User Manager ppum (PureFTPD PHP User Manager) is a PureFTPD ... Télécharger
qccrypt(freshmeat) Qccrypt Qccrypt is a very small graphical frontend for ... Télécharger
ticket-it(freshmeat) Ticket-IT Ticket-IT is a tool for the creation, managemen... Télécharger
microakismet(freshmeat) MicroAkismet MicroAkismet is a straightforward set of functi... Télécharger
phpgraphy(freshmeat) phpGraphy phpGraphy is a PHP script that allows you to di... Télécharger
e-mc(freshmeat) Enhanced-Media-Center Enhanced-Media-Center is a modular entertaiment... Télécharger
mdmpoold-ng(freshmeat) mdmpoold-ng mpmpoold is a PortServ compatible serial device... Télécharger
namelur(freshmeat) namelur namelur is a random name generator library with... Télécharger
htmltemplate(freshmeat) HTML::Template The HTML::Template module attempts to make usin... Télécharger
guco(freshmeat) Guco Guco is a basic command line accounting system ... Télécharger
dimensionex(freshmeat) DimensioneX DimensioneX is a multiplayer game engine. It le... Télécharger
gpml2svg(freshmeat) gpml2svg gpml2svg is a translator from GPML to rendered ... Télécharger
dmm(freshmeat) Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter (DMM) is a data acquisition ... Télécharger
bookmarks(freshmeat) Ruby On Rails Bookmarks Ruby On Rails Bookmarks is a bookmark manager t... Télécharger
wpa-buddy(freshmeat) wpa-buddy wpa-buddy is a tool to decrypt WPA-PSK protecte... Télécharger
dnshistory(freshmeat) dnshistory dnshistory provides a means for storing a histo... Télécharger
lightning(freshmeat) GNU Lightning GNU Lightning is a library that generates assem... Télécharger
dbtoy(freshmeat) dbtoy DBToy is a FUSE-based filesystem for Linux that... Télécharger

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