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x10(freshmeat) x10 X10 is a type-safe, modern, parallel, distribut... Télécharger
exiftagger(freshmeat) ExifTagger ExifTagger is a graphical application for editi... Télécharger
jpedal(freshmeat) Jpedal Jpedal (Java PDF Extraction and Decoding Librar... Télécharger
elfrc(freshmeat) elfrc elfrc is a program which can turn arbitrary fil... Télécharger
hipl(freshmeat) Host Identity Protocol on Linux Host Identity Protocol on Linux is an implemeta... Télécharger
signs(freshmeat) Signs Signs is a development environment for hardware... Télécharger
smf-spf(freshmeat) SPF Sendmail milter SPF Sendmail milter is a lightweight, fast, and... Télécharger
dvd_backup(freshmeat) SILVERCODERS DVD Backup SILVERCODERS DVD Backup is a shell script for b... Télécharger
ivepkg(freshmeat) ivepkg ivepkg is a package manager with a focus on hom... Télécharger
czxnetswitch(freshmeat) czxNetSwitch czxNetSwitch is a profile-based network manager... Télécharger
jugc(freshmeat) Java Units Generator and Converter JUGC is a Java tool and library for converting ... Télécharger
edival(freshmeat) edival Edival is a simple EDI file parsing and validat... Télécharger
idioskopos(freshmeat) idioskopos idioskopos (Greek: idio- inward, within, privat... Télécharger
glipsgraffiti(freshmeat) Glips Graffiti SVG Editor The GLIPS Graffiti editor is a cross-platform S... Télécharger
jstemplate(freshmeat) jsTemplate jsTemplate is a small JavaScript library that a... Télécharger
cd5(freshmeat) CD-ROM Digest MD5 CD-ROM Digest is a program that checks a multi-... Télécharger
m-m-msgparser(freshmeat) Mail::Mbox::MessageParser Mail::Mbox::MessageParser is a feature-poor but... Télécharger
gigs-2532(freshmeat) 2532|Gigs 2532|Gigs is a PHP/SQL gig lister designed for ... Télécharger
libwiimote(freshmeat) Simple Wiimote Library for Linux Libwiimote is a simple C library for communicat... Télécharger
vsmon(freshmeat) Virtual server monitor Virtual server monitor (vsmon) is a monitoring ... Télécharger
adodblite(freshmeat) ADOdb Lite ADOdb Lite is a small, fast replacement for ADO... Télécharger
wayback(freshmeat) Wayback Machine The Wayback Machine is a pure Java implementati... Télécharger
phpsystem(freshmeat) phpSystem phpSystem is a PHP script designed to give the ... Télécharger
tree2html(freshmeat) Tree2HTML Tree2HTML generates an HTML page containing a d... Télécharger
simplebackupmigas(freshmeat) Simplebackup Simplebackup is a cross-platform backup program... Télécharger
zkdesktop(freshmeat) Zero Kelvin Desktop The Zero Kelvin Desktop provides a Web-based &q... Télécharger
spamtrainer(freshmeat) Spam Trainer Spam Trainer makes it easier for GNOME users to... Télécharger
powerpack(freshmeat) PowerPack ;] Patchset PowerPack ;] Patchset is a Linux kernel 2.6 pat... Télécharger
gnymph(freshmeat) Gnymph Gnymph is a visual, object-oriented, general pu... Télécharger
tmafreq(freshmeat) TMAFREQ TMAFREQ is an FTN freq processor. Télécharger
linguistico(freshmeat) Linguistico Linguistico is a set of language tools based on... Télécharger
xbmsd(freshmeat) xbmsd xbmsd is a file sharing daemon that uses the Xb... Télécharger
phpeasyproject(freshmeat) phpEasyProject phpEasyProject is a project-based activity mana... Télécharger
postbot(freshmeat) WBB IRC Postbot Postbot is a hack for the Woltlab Burning Board... Télécharger
civicrm(freshmeat) CiviCRM CiviCRM is relationship management software for... Télécharger
lcd2usb(freshmeat) lcd2usb The lcd2usb interface is meant to replace exist... Télécharger
joyexec(freshmeat) joyexec joyexec is a simple daemon which executes user-... Télécharger
tnv(freshmeat) TNV TNV (The Network Visualizer or Time-based Netwo... Télécharger
gtkdateentry(freshmeat) GtkDateEntry GtkDateEntry is a Gtk+ widget that simplifies d... Télécharger
ftpcube(freshmeat) FtpCube FtpCube is a graphical S(FTP) client based on L... Télécharger
statsvn(freshmeat) StatSVN StatSVN retrieves information from a Subversion... Télécharger
asdf-mplayer(freshmeat) ASDF ASDF (A Simple DVD Frontend for MPlayer) is int... Télécharger
pymailer(freshmeat) pyMailer pyMailer is a tool to send email. It interacts ... Télécharger
libeval(freshmeat) libeval libeval is a simple arithmetic expression evalu... Télécharger
gwc(freshmeat) Gnome Wave Cleaner GWC is an application to do digital audio resto... Télécharger
cheesecake(freshmeat) Cheesecake Photoblog CheeseCake Photoblog is a feature-rich photoblo... Télécharger
userchroot(freshmeat) userchroot userchroot is a small program which, in additio... Télécharger
maintainer(freshmeat) Maintainer Maintainer is a collection of scripts that make... Télécharger
linux-l7sw(freshmeat) Linux Layer7 Switching The main goal of Linux Layer7 Switching is to p... Télécharger
rblchk(freshmeat) RBLchk RBLchk is a simple utility that checks an IP ad... Télécharger
pppd-logger(freshmeat) pppd-logger pppd-logger is software to log pppd connections... Télécharger
wisp-dist(freshmeat) WISP-Dist WISP-Dist is a modular embedded Linux distribut... Télécharger
pypod(freshmeat) pypod pypod is Python library and script for managing... Télécharger
bluecmd(freshmeat) Bluecmd Bluecmd executes a command based on whether a b... Télécharger
pam_extern(freshmeat) PAM_Extern PAM_Extern is a PAM module that hands the usern... Télécharger
squawkd(freshmeat) Squawk Chat Squawk is a text and voice chat program geared ... Télécharger
geolizer(freshmeat) Geolizer Geolizer is a patch for Webalizer that uses the... Télécharger
ezcomponents(freshmeat) eZ components eZ components is an enterprise-ready, general-p... Télécharger
pyscm(freshmeat) Python in Scheme python-in-scheme is a scheme library that allow... Télécharger
vtmalloc(freshmeat) vtmalloc vtmalloc is a fast memory allocator for multi-t... Télécharger
libavl(freshmeat) GNU libavl GNU libavl is a library in ANSI/ISO C for the m... Télécharger
flawfinder(freshmeat) Flawfinder Flawfinder searches through source code looking... Télécharger
javacommerce(freshmeat) JavaCommerce JavaCommerce is a modular e-commerce engine. It... Télécharger
stakker(freshmeat) Stakker The Stakker project aims to develop Linux drive... Télécharger
genres(freshmeat) GenReS GenReS is a generic reconfigurable scriptable p... Télécharger
ddc-concordance(freshmeat) ddc-concordance ddc-concordance is a search engine for linguist... Télécharger
svnweb(freshmeat) SVN::Web SVN::Web provides a Web interface to Subversion... Télécharger
irfc(freshmeat) IR File Chooser Infra Red (IR) File Chooser is a remote-control... Télécharger
ppskit(freshmeat) PPSkit PPSkit is an implementation of nanosecond time ... Télécharger
tn-gw-scan(freshmeat) TN-GW-Scan TN-GW-Scan is a scanner for scanning telnet pr... Télécharger
ascaleablevectorerdgenerator(freshmeat) aSVERD aSVERD (A Scaleable Vector Entity Relationship ... Télécharger
remotej(freshmeat) RemoteJ RemoteJ is an application for adding Bluetooth ... Télécharger
lightbird(freshmeat) lightbird Lightbird (client and server) is an attempt to ... Télécharger
joone(freshmeat) Joone Joone (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine) is a... Télécharger
ajaxtop(freshmeat) AjaxTop AjaxTop is a client-side AJAX framework that ma... Télécharger
lindex_retriever(freshmeat) LindeX Retriever LindeX Retriever is a collection of Perl script... Télécharger
simplephpcalendar(freshmeat) Simple PHP Calendar Simple PHP Calendar is a a simple, extensible P... Télécharger
pktdbg(freshmeat) Packet Debugger The Packet Debugger (pdb) allows users to work ... Télécharger
firenze(freshmeat) Firenze Firenze is a commandline podcasting client. It'... Télécharger
newsq(freshmeat) newsq newsq allows you to re-edit, view, delete, and ... Télécharger
htpasstool(freshmeat) htpasstool htpasstool is a Web-based management tool for A... Télécharger
hackedbox(freshmeat) Hackedbox Hackedbox is a stripped down version of Blackb... Télécharger
forkjavascript(freshmeat) Fork JavaScript Fork JavaScript a general purpose, namespaced J... Télécharger
dynagraph(freshmeat) Dynagraph Dynagraph is a cross-platform library and comma... Télécharger
ograph(freshmeat) Ruby ObjectGraph Ruby ObjectGraph will output Graphviz dot files... Télécharger
pengupop(freshmeat) Pengupop Pengupop is an online multiplayer clone of Froz... Télécharger
softeu-rewriter(freshmeat) URL Rewriter URL Rewriter is a tool for rewriting URLs in Ja... Télécharger
dispdump(freshmeat) DispDump DispDump is a utility that gives you remote con... Télécharger
cache-table(freshmeat) CacheTable CacheTable is a C++ template library that imple... Télécharger
dgnetload(freshmeat) gnetload network load meter The gnetload network load meter is a network a... Télécharger
cxmon(freshmeat) cxmon cxmon is an interactive command-driven file man... Télécharger
pyrfeed(freshmeat) pyrfeed pyrfeed is an RSS/Atom client that can support ... Télécharger
maklerplus(freshmeat) MaklerPlus MaklerPlus is a Web based application for real ... Télécharger
ipkungfu(freshmeat) ipkungfu IPKungFu is an iptables-based Linux firewall. I... Télécharger
fedora(freshmeat) Fedora Digital Object Repository The Fedora software is based on an architecture... Télécharger
lofimo(freshmeat) LoFiMo The main purpose of LoFiMo is, as the name stat... Télécharger
orm(freshmeat) Object Relational Membrane The Object Relational Membrane is a Python pack... Télécharger
placebo(freshmeat) Placebo Placebo is a framework for building Web-based a... Télécharger
bjsko(freshmeat) Battle Just Started Battle Just Started is 3D arcade tank battle ga... Télécharger
coffeemud(freshmeat) CoffeeMud CoffeeMud is a mature, full-featured, tried, te... Télécharger

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