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refit(freshmeat) rEFIt rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit fo... Télécharger
fysh(freshmeat) fysh fysh is meant to fill an iPod shuffle with musi... Télécharger
pixla(freshmeat) PIX Logging Architecture PIX Logging Architecture is a project allowing ... Télécharger
fs10(freshmeat) fs10 fs10 is a control program for the interface FS... Télécharger
objectbox(freshmeat) ObjectBox o:XML Compiler ObjectBox is an o:XML compiler and interpreter ... Télécharger
cupcakecms(freshmeat) CupCake CMS CupCake CMS is a content management system buil... Télécharger
ddds4j(freshmeat) ddds4j ddds4j is a Java implementation of the dynamic ... Télécharger
selenium-ide(freshmeat) Selenium IDE Selenium IDE is an integrated development envir... Télécharger
fuzzled(freshmeat) Fuzzled Fuzzled is a powerful fuzzing framework for Per... Télécharger
alphabeta(freshmeat) SBAlphaBeta SBAlphaBeta is a Foundation framework for creat... Télécharger
restfulbeans(freshmeat) RestfulBeans RestfulBeans is a high level API for sharing ob... Télécharger
hellanzb(freshmeat) hellanzb hellanzb is an application that retrieves and p... Télécharger
pytags(freshmeat) pytags pytags is an easy to use unified API for readin... Télécharger
webcloud(freshmeat) WebCloud WebCloud is a tool and JSP tag library that pro... Télécharger
jperfmeter(freshmeat) jperfmeter JPerfmeter is a simple performance statistics ... Télécharger
sourcemage(freshmeat) Source Mage GNU/Linux Source Mage GNU/Linux is a source-based Linux d... Télécharger
fetchexc(freshmeat) fetchExc fetchExc is a Java utility for fetching mail wi... Télécharger
safesql(freshmeat) SafeSQL SafeSQL is an SQL query processer to automate t... Télécharger
laffer(freshmeat) Laffer Laffer is a Web-based instant messenger client.... Télécharger
python-gastables(freshmeat) python-gastables python-gastables includes Python modules for co... Télécharger
laymansys(freshmeat) LayManSys LayManSys is an RDF-based PHP framework for gen... Télécharger
pykeynote(freshmeat) pykeynote pykeynote is a Python extension module for KeyN... Télécharger
magpierss(freshmeat) MagpieRSS MagpieRSS provides an XML-based RSS parser in P... Télécharger
mswatch(freshmeat) mswatch mswatch is a command line program that keeps tw... Télécharger
vdrift(freshmeat) VDrift VDrift is a driving simulation game made with d... Télécharger
anaa(freshmeat) Anaa Anaa (An AJAX API) is a complete AJAX framework... Télécharger
gracie(freshmeat) Gracie Gracie is an OpenID server (a "provider&qu... Télécharger
openldev(freshmeat) OpenLDev OpenLDev is a development environment that prov... Télécharger
libwpd(freshmeat) libwpd libwpd is a library designed to help process Wo... Télécharger
sourcespeak(freshmeat) Source Speak Source Speak is a PHP site to easily display so... Télécharger
xmms-shn(freshmeat) xmms-shn xmms-shn is an input plugin to play shorten (.s... Télécharger
bug(freshmeat) bug bug is a simple tracking system for console use... Télécharger
drapes(freshmeat) Desktop Drapes Desktop Drapes is a wallpaper management applic... Télécharger
pyxiph(freshmeat) pyxiph pyxiph is a collection of Python extensions for... Télécharger
gwt-hibernate(freshmeat) gwt-hibernate gwt-hibernate provides the basics to create a w... Télécharger
skicalculator(freshmeat) Ski OTP Calculator Ski is an S/Key (one-time pad or password) calc... Télécharger
miglayout(freshmeat) MiG Layout Manager for Java Swing and SWT GUIs MiGLayout is a versatile and flexible Swing and... Télécharger
internetcommunicationsengine(freshmeat) Internet Communications Engine Ice is a modern alternative to object middlewar... Télécharger
lobotomy(freshmeat) Lobotomy Project Lobotomy involves many sub-projects oriented to... Télécharger
mftpd(freshmeat) Mini FTP Daemon Mini FTP Daemon is an FTP server that runs on a... Télécharger
c64img(freshmeat) c64img c64img is a PHP script that converts an image (... Télécharger
sikakuqt(freshmeat) sikakuQt sikakuQt is an implementation of sikaku, which ... Télécharger
yagg(freshmeat) yagg yagg, given YACC-like and LEX-like input files,... Télécharger
vserver(freshmeat) Linux-VServer Linux-VServer allows you to create virtual priv... Télécharger
gmuck(freshmeat) gmuck gmuck assists you in generating valid (X)HTML b... Télécharger
gdado(freshmeat) Gdado Gdado is a very simple application for rolling ... Télécharger
tivodecode(freshmeat) TiVo File Decoder TiVo File Decoder software converts a .TiVo fil... Télécharger
chkconfig(freshmeat) chkconfig chkconfig is a tool to simplify management of t... Télécharger
snortalog(freshmeat) snortalog Snortalog is a powerful Perl script that summar... Télécharger
colorsvn(freshmeat) colorsvn colorsvn is a Subversion output colorizer. It w... Télécharger
dictconv(freshmeat) dictconv Dictconv is a program to convert a dictionary f... Télécharger
sive(freshmeat) Simple iPod Video Encoder Simple iPod Video Converter (SIVE) is a GTK 2 f... Télécharger
project_earth(freshmeat) Project Earth Earth allows you to find files across a large n... Télécharger
paymaster(freshmeat) Paymaster Paymaster is a payroll and HR database applicat... Télécharger
kpassdns(freshmeat) KpassDNS KpassDNS is a DNS hosts file editor. It allows ... Télécharger
poprox(freshmeat) Poprox Poprox is a POP3 and SMTP transparent filtering... Télécharger
onekript(freshmeat) OneKript OneKript is a front-end for the TrueCrypt disk ... Télécharger
scenic(freshmeat) Scenic Scenic is a scene-based 2D graphics library for... Télécharger
phppokerengine(freshmeat) PHP Poker Engine PHP Poker Engine can be used to implement a Pok... Télécharger
openxpki(freshmeat) OpenXPKI OpenXPKI is a Web and CLI-based enterprise-grad... Télécharger
termlock(freshmeat) termlock Termlock blanks a curses-compatible character t... Télécharger
cuse(freshmeat) Cursed MIDI Sequencer The Cursed MIDI Sequencer is a console-based M... Télécharger
daath(freshmeat) Da'ath Da'ath is an organized, easy to use, in-depth s... Télécharger
jctld(freshmeat) jctld jctld is a job control system for clusters of ... Télécharger
survivor(freshmeat) SURVIVOR SURVIVOR is yet another systems monitor. It con... Télécharger
menc(freshmeat) Menc Menc is an GUI to encode videos with MEncoder a... Télécharger
phpmio(freshmeat) PHP Multiplexed I/O The PHP Multiplexed I/O library is an object or... Télécharger
dupemusicmatch(freshmeat) Duplicate Music Matcher Duplicate Music Matcher is a script to quickly ... Télécharger
sethi_search_utility(freshmeat) Sethi Search Utility Sethi Search Utility is a simple command line u... Télécharger
simplemyadmin(freshmeat) SimpleMyAdmin SimpleMyAdmin is a lightweight MySQL database m... Télécharger
dconnect(freshmeat) DConnect Daemon DConnect Daemon is a daemon that acts as a Dire... Télécharger
absolut(freshmeat) Absolut Engine content management system Absolut Engine is a PHP/MySQL framework built o... Télécharger
seashore-osx(freshmeat) Seashore Image Editor Seashore is an image editor for Cocoa that feat... Télécharger
evolution-spambayes-plugin(freshmeat) Evolution SpamBayes Plugin Evolution SpamBayes Plugin is a plugin for Evol... Télécharger
curlftpfs(freshmeat) CurlFtpFS CurlFtpFS is a filesystem for accessing FTP hos... Télécharger
oracle_client(freshmeat) oracle client Oracle client is a simplistic Perl-based Oracle... Télécharger
j-bird(freshmeat) J-Bird J-Bird is a record keeping system for observati... Télécharger
msi(freshmeat) Multi-Simulation Interface The Multi-Simulator Interface (MSI) is a simula... Télécharger
cpluff(freshmeat) C-Pluff C-Pluff is a plug-in framework for C programs. ... Télécharger
dklab_apache(freshmeat) dkLab Apache The dkLab Apache is a patched Apache distributi... Télécharger
jpopc(freshmeat) jPOPc jPOPc is a simple, threaded, multi-part, UTF-8 ... Télécharger
flapjack(freshmeat) flapjack flapjack is a command line utility to control t... Télécharger
tomboylatex(freshmeat) Tomboy-LaTeX Tomboy-LaTeX is a plugin for the desktop note-t... Télécharger
talkative(freshmeat) talkative talkative is a small XMPP (Jabber) IM client fo... Télécharger
phptodo2(freshmeat) phpTodo - Web and RSS Todo Lists phpTodo is a Web service designed to help you k... Télécharger
smartirc4net(freshmeat) SmartIrc4net SmartIrc4net is a multi-threaded and thread-saf... Télécharger
istream(freshmeat) iStream iStream is a simple GNOME panel applet that let... Télécharger
gkrellm-countdown(freshmeat) GKrellM Countdown Plugin GKrellM Countdown Plugin is a simple plugin for... Télécharger
e-p-i-c(freshmeat) EPIC EPIC is a Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platfor... Télécharger
transplus(freshmeat) translate plus translate plus is a facelifted, updated, and re... Télécharger
surumi(freshmeat) surumi Surumi is a modular event-driven programming fr... Télécharger
hi(freshmeat) h-inventory h-inventory provides Web-based hardware and sof... Télécharger
dataxi(freshmeat) Dataxi Dataxi is a database access system that uses a ... Télécharger
ovbb(freshmeat) OvBB OvBB is a light-weight and fast message board s... Télécharger
dvdmenuauthor(freshmeat) dvdmenuauthor dvdmenuauthor makes it easy and efficient to au... Télécharger
pieforms(freshmeat) Pieforms Pieforms provides a simple, unified way to crea... Télécharger
gtalkbot(freshmeat) Modular Google Talk Bot gtalkbot is a modular bot system for Google Tal... Télécharger
ies2iv(freshmeat) ies2iv ies2iv opens an IESNA file and translates it to... Télécharger
pv2x(freshmeat) pv2x pv2x is a slideshow viewer for the Linux-based ... Télécharger
etherealrealms(freshmeat) Ethereal Realms Ethereal Realms is a concept chat and role play... Télécharger

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