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gtkol-ldap(freshmeat) gtkol-ldap GtkOL-LDAP is a client GUI designed to manage O... Télécharger
freecgi(freshmeat) freeCGI++ freecgi++ is an ANSI C++-compliant hierarchy fo... Télécharger
piddlepodder(freshmeat) PiddlePodder Piddlepodder is a podcatching client. It imitat... Télécharger
tesupload(freshmeat) tesUpload tesUpload allows asynchronous file uploads with... Télécharger
midao(freshmeat) Midao JDBC Midao JDBC simplifies development with Java JD... Télécharger
regexxer(freshmeat) regexxer regexxer is a nifty GUI search/replace tool fea... Télécharger
aiotrade(freshmeat) AIOTrade AIOTrade (i.e. Humai Trader Platform) is a stoc... Télécharger
mcrypt(freshmeat) mcrypt mcrypt is a program for encrypting files or str... Télécharger
libmcrypt(freshmeat) libmcrypt Libmcrypt is a library which provides a uniform... Télécharger
workflow(freshmeat) Workflow Workflow is implemented using the Project Eros ... Télécharger
blahps(freshmeat) blahps blahps is a process manager with useful feature... Télécharger
lilo(freshmeat) LILO LILO is a Boot loader for Linux/x86 and other P... Télécharger
steelpoll(freshmeat) steelpoll steelpoll is a Web polling application which al... Télécharger
openqrm-live-cd(freshmeat) openQRM live-cd openQRM live-cd is a live-CD which provides an ... Télécharger
ecb(freshmeat) ECB ECB is a source code browser for (x)emacs. It d... Télécharger
sotacs(freshmeat) Sotacs Sotacs is a collection of components for the Ta... Télécharger
bagelview(freshmeat) Bagel View Bagel View is a lightweight image viewer for lo... Télécharger
phpdocgen(freshmeat) PHP Documentation Generator PHP Documentation Generator is a Perl script si... Télécharger
zip08x(freshmeat) zip08x zip08x is a library that provides convenient re... Télécharger
xdump(freshmeat) Xdump Xdump is a little PHP library which can provide... Télécharger
foo2qpdl(freshmeat) foo2qpdl foo2qpdl is a printer driver for printers that ... Télécharger
btthud(freshmeat) BattleTech THUD Thud is a Java client designed to connect to Ba... Télécharger
mpca(freshmeat) MPCA MPCA is a comprehensive suite of tools for doin... Télécharger
jrman(freshmeat) jrMan jrMan is an open source Java implementation of ... Télécharger
pyraknet(freshmeat) pyraknet pyraknet is a Python extension that has binding... Télécharger
mytop(freshmeat) mytop mytop is a Perl program which allows you to mon... Télécharger
libmysqludf(freshmeat) UDF collection for MySQL The UDF collection for MySQL contains utility U... Télécharger
svnauto(freshmeat) Subversion Automation Svnauto is a wrapper around Subversion that aut... Télécharger
xinco(freshmeat) xinco Document Management System xinco (eXtensible INformation COre) DMS is a po... Télécharger
computerbreaker(freshmeat) Computer Breaker Computer Breaker is a network testing tool that... Télécharger
pascalmock(freshmeat) Pascal Mock Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal were lacking a mock lib... Télécharger
enchanter(freshmeat) SSH Enchanter Enchanter is a small library that helps you scr... Télécharger
psycms(freshmeat) Psycms Psycms is a truly objective content management ... Télécharger
libtsmux(freshmeat) libtsmux libtsmux is a C library for muxing files into t... Télécharger
bawler(freshmeat) bawler Bawler is an alarm clock that prints the curren... Télécharger
powerprefs(freshmeat) PowerPrefs PowerPrefs is a configuration client for PBButt... Télécharger
eman(freshmeat) EMAN EMAN is a scientific image processing suite wit... Télécharger
opengui(freshmeat) OpenGUI OpenGUI is a high-level multi-platform, thread-... Télécharger
nagios-check_apt(freshmeat) nagios-check_apt nagios-check_apt is a Nagios plugin to check wh... Télécharger
nagios-check_bacula(freshmeat) nagios-check_bacula nagios-check_bacula is a Nagios plugin that che... Télécharger
nagios-check_internet(freshmeat) nagios-check_internet nagios-check_internet is a Nagios plugin that c... Télécharger
adder(freshmeat) Adder The Adder voting system is an Internet-based el... Télécharger
openwsman(freshmeat) Openwsman Openwsman provides an implementation of the Web... Télécharger
konsoledcopscheme(freshmeat) konsoledcopschema konsoledcopschema is a script that automaticall... Télécharger
inline_java(freshmeat) Inline::Java Inline::Java lets you write Perl classes in Jav... Télécharger
backer(freshmeat) Backer-upper Backerupper is a simple GUI utility whose purpo... Télécharger
lcd4linux(freshmeat) lcd4linux LCD4Linux is a small program that grabs informa... Télécharger
slimux(freshmeat) Slimux Slimux is a from-source, trimmed down distribut... Télécharger
etherboot(freshmeat) Etherboot Etherboot is a free software package for making... Télécharger
gmbus(freshmeat) GMbus The local Message Bus (Mbus) is a light-weight ... Télécharger
mysqlrowcopy(freshmeat) mysqlrowcopy mysqlrowcopy is a tool that generates insert st... Télécharger
opengeodbpl(freshmeat) OpenGeoDB Perl module OpenGeDB Perl module is a module to access the ... Télécharger
fdui(freshmeat) Flightdeck-UI Flightdeck-UI is a project that utilizes the id... Télécharger
qemudo(freshmeat) Qemudo Qemudo is a Web interface to QEMU, offering a w... Télécharger
pot(freshmeat) POT The goal of Pot (PHP Object Template) is to tot... Télécharger
zerace(freshmeat) zeRace The purpose of this little car game is very sim... Télécharger
klcddimmer(freshmeat) KLcdDimmer KLcdDimmer is a KDE applet to adjust LCD bright... Télécharger
putmail(freshmeat) Putmail Putmail is a very lightweight MTA or SMTP clien... Télécharger
freevo(freshmeat) Freevo Freevo is a Linux application that turns a PC w... Télécharger
pynakotheka(freshmeat) Pynakotheka Pynakotheka is a simple script which generates ... Télécharger
tacticsgame(freshmeat) Tactics Squad Tactics Squad is a real time tactics game in wh... Télécharger
rq-seotools(freshmeat) RankQuest SEO Tools RankQuest SEO Tools aims to help Web masters in... Télécharger
coronet(freshmeat) Coronet The coronet library implements an epoll and cor... Télécharger
shwild_fnmatch(freshmeat) shwild.fnmatch shwild.fnmatch is a small, simple library that ... Télécharger
shotdetect(freshmeat) shotdetect shotdetect is an application which can detect s... Télécharger
wrep(freshmeat) WebReporter WebReporter is a tool to periodically check Web... Télécharger
nwu(freshmeat) Nwu Nwu is a network-wide update system for systems... Télécharger
nzbgui(freshmeat) NzbGui NzbGui provides an easy way to control NzbGet s... Télécharger
fwdoc(freshmeat) FWdoc FWdoc is a vendor-independent standard for stor... Télécharger
orionsmg(freshmeat) Orion Secure Message Gateway OrionSMG is a secure message gateway for transp... Télécharger
speakright(freshmeat) SpeakRight SpeakRight is a Java framework for writing spee... Télécharger
agilesites(freshmeat) AgileSites AgileSites is a framework for Oracle WebCenter ... Télécharger
rubymechanize(freshmeat) Mechanize The Mechanize library is used for automating in... Télécharger
xdtv(freshmeat) XdTV XdTV is a program to watch, record, and stream ... Télécharger
jnc(freshmeat) JavaNativeCompiler JNC (JavaNativeCompiler) is a Java to native co... Télécharger
jbimock(freshmeat) JBI Mock Framework The JBI Mock Framework is a set of classes that... Télécharger
encodingse(freshmeat) Encoding Service Engine The Encoding Service Engine is a JBI component ... Télécharger
sisc(freshmeat) SISC SISC is an extensible Java-based interpreter of... Télécharger
htb2(freshmeat) Hattrick Broadcasting Bot Hattrick Broadcasting Bot is an eggdrop module ... Télécharger
audiotagtool(freshmeat) Audio Tag Tool Audio Tag Tool is a program to manage the infor... Télécharger
cchost(freshmeat) ccHost ccHost is a Web-based infrastructure that may b... Télécharger
vpn-shaper(freshmeat) vpn-shaper vpn-shaper is a dynamic traffic shaper for open... Télécharger
pcm(freshmeat) Pro Clan Manager Pro Clan Manager is an international content ma... Télécharger
pkgtools(freshmeat) Heirloom Packaging Tools The Heirloom Packaging Tools are Linux ports of... Télécharger
elvyx(freshmeat) Elvyx Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile... Télécharger
cavezofphear(freshmeat) CAVEZ of PHEAR CAVEZ of PHEAR is a Boulder Dash / Digger like ... Télécharger
tolp(freshmeat) TOL project Tol is a programming language dedicated to the ... Télécharger
hermesjms(freshmeat) Hermes JMS Browser Hermes JMS Browser is a Java/Swing application ... Télécharger
crosstex(freshmeat) CrossTeX CrossTeX is a bibliography management tool. It ... Télécharger
xlcrack(freshmeat) xlcrack xlcrack recovers lost or forgotten passwords fr... Télécharger
fusemc(freshmeat) Fuse Media Centre Fuse Media Centre is a full featured media appl... Télécharger
silence_tcl(freshmeat) Silence.tcl Silence.tcl is a simple tool that detects silen... Télécharger
nudruff(freshmeat) nudruff nudruff is a tool that chooses files almost opt... Télécharger
most4linux(freshmeat) most4linux most4linux provides a Linux kernel driver for ... Télécharger
chestnut-dialer(freshmeat) Chestnut Dialer chestnut-dialer is a PPP dialing program, writt... Télécharger
deepproject(freshmeat) Deep Project Deep Project is a time entry application for co... Télécharger
apphp-formbuilder(freshmeat) ApPHP FormBuilder ApPHP FormBuilder is an easy-to-use HTML form b... Télécharger
travmail(freshmeat) travmail travmail is an IMAP Web mail client that featur... Télécharger
h3270(freshmeat) h3270 h3270 provides access to IBM 3270 hosts from wi... Télécharger
panopticode(freshmeat) Panopticode Panopticode provides a standardized format for ... Télécharger

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