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libstrvar(freshmeat) simple variable library libstrvar is a simple variable library intended... Télécharger
ftpusers(freshmeat) Pure FTP Manager Pure FTP Manager allows a user to access multip... Télécharger
dxf(freshmeat) dxf dxf allows you to easily open and edit DXF (Dra... Télécharger
joelib(freshmeat) JOELib/JOELib2 JOELib/JOELib2 is a cheminformatics library whi... Télécharger
s3browser(freshmeat) S3 browser S3 browser is a Web-based application for manag... Télécharger
fbdump(freshmeat) fbdump fbdump is a simple tool to capture snapshots fr... Télécharger
smartcam(freshmeat) SmartCam SmartCam is a smartphone Web camera. It turns a... Télécharger
vmukti(freshmeat) 1VideoConference 1VideoConverence is Web2.0 audio-video conferen... Télécharger
vcs-load-dirs(freshmeat) vcs-load-dirs vcs-load-dirs is a tool for importing of non-ve... Télécharger
mogul(freshmeat) Minimal OpenGL Utility Library Minimal OpenGL Utility Library (MOGUL) is a lib... Télécharger
nopworklog(freshmeat) NOPworklog NOPworklog is simple (PHP 5.1-based) time track... Télécharger
d-store(freshmeat) d_store D_store is an alternative database-like storage... Télécharger
swfdec(freshmeat) swfdec Swfdec is a library for rendering Flash animati... Télécharger
royalcms(freshmeat) RoyalCMS RoyalCMS is a content management system designe... Télécharger
atslog(freshmeat) ATSlog The ATSlog software provides a handy Web-orient... Télécharger
qtdso(freshmeat) QtDSO QtDSO is a simple frontend for the Velleman PCS... Télécharger
mtvg(freshmeat) Maxemum TV-Guide Maxemum TV-Guide is a KDE TV guide. It features... Télécharger
darwin_pkg(freshmeat) Darwin pkg Darwin pkg is a port of FreeBSD's software pack... Télécharger
musicwatcher(freshmeat) MusicWatcher MusicWatcher is a native OS X application writt... Télécharger
firekeeper(freshmeat) Firekeeper Firekeeper is an intrusion detection and preven... Télécharger
qdbm(freshmeat) QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager QDBM is an embedded database library compatible... Télécharger
netacct-netstat(freshmeat) Netacct-NetStat Netacct-NetStat is a PHP Web interface for Neta... Télécharger
jin(freshmeat) Jin Jin is a Java client for various chess servers.... Télécharger
icns(freshmeat) .icns .icns allows you to use Mac OS X .icns icon fil... Télécharger
ajaxchatbot(freshmeat) Pandorabots Chat Bot Interface Pandorabots Chat Bot Interface is a learning to... Télécharger
helpcore(freshmeat) HelpCORE Helpcore is an enterprise grade help and servic... Télécharger
cimg(freshmeat) The CImg Library The CImg library provides a set of C++ classes ... Télécharger
ydframework(freshmeat) Yellow Duck Framework The Yellow Duck Framework is an object-oriented... Télécharger
jinzora(freshmeat) Jinzora Jinzora is a Web-based media streamer, primaril... Télécharger
mozcalext(freshmeat) Mozilla Seamonkey Calendar Mozilla Seamonkey Calendar is a build of the Ca... Télécharger
hyperestraier(freshmeat) Hyper Estraier Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It... Télécharger
emsniff(freshmeat) EmSniff EmSniff is an application that helps you to cap... Télécharger
modem(freshmeat) Modem.pl Modem.pl is a small script that scrapes the Web... Télécharger
dhcpsql(freshmeat) DHCPsql This projects implements the RFC2132 and at lea... Télécharger
crystal-audio(freshmeat) Crystal Audio CrystalAudio is a FVWM-Crystal configuration tu... Télécharger
ipshutter(freshmeat) IPShutter IPShutter lets you firewall off ports such as s... Télécharger
streammonitor(freshmeat) StreamMonitor for GlowWorm FW StreamMonitor is a plugin for GlowWorm FW that ... Télécharger
mohachat(freshmeat) MOHA Chat MOHA Chat is a chat solution which comes with a... Télécharger
filepp(freshmeat) Filepp filepp is a generic file preprocessor designed ... Télécharger
xpress-analyzer(freshmeat) xpress-analyzer xpress-analyzer is a suite of programs for ana... Télécharger
ruty(freshmeat) Ruty Ruty is a Ruby templating engine inspired by t... Télécharger
arpwatch-ng(freshmeat) arpwatch NG The arpwatch NG package contains arpwatch and a... Télécharger
mod_vhs(freshmeat) mod_vhs mod_vhs is an Apache 2.2+ Web server module all... Télécharger
unpaper(freshmeat) unpaper unpaper is a post-processing tool for scanned s... Télécharger
infoglue(freshmeat) Infoglue InfoGlue is an advanced, scalable, and robust ... Télécharger
tarifa(freshmeat) TARIFA TARIFA, which stands for Transactions by Assemb... Télécharger
eeip(freshmeat) Easiest Edit In Place Easiest Edit In Place enables Web (2.0) develop... Télécharger
usbip(freshmeat) The USB/IP Project The USB/IP Project aims to develop a general US... Télécharger
dmwebmail(freshmeat) Decimail Webmail 3 Decimail Webmail 3 is an email application writ... Télécharger
libruin(freshmeat) libRUIN libRUIN (Renderer for User Interfaces in Ncurse... Télécharger
davenport(freshmeat) Davenport Davenport is a Java Servlet-based application p... Télécharger
yeast(freshmeat) Yeast Yeast is a tool that manages dependencies betwe... Télécharger
keyplex(freshmeat) Keyplex Keyplex is a keyboard multiplexer for X11 termi... Télécharger
noty(freshmeat) Noty Noty is a small note-taking application. It all... Télécharger
dvdauthorwizard(freshmeat) KDE DVDAuthor Wizard KDE DVDAuthor Wizard will assist you while crea... Télécharger
scanhill(freshmeat) Scanhill Scanhill is a Microsoft Messenger Protocol Snif... Télécharger
erpimp(freshmeat) enhanced rpimp Enhanced Reverse Pimpage is an enhanced version... Télécharger
javaspark(freshmeat) Sparklines for Java Sparklines are "intense, simple, wordlike ... Télécharger
canfestival(freshmeat) Can Festival CanFestival is a set of drivers, APIs, and tool... Télécharger
funionfs(freshmeat) FunionFS FunionFS is a union filesystem for the FUSE dri... Télécharger
badger-finance(freshmeat) BADGER finance BADGER finance is a Web-based personal financia... Télécharger
as_admintool(freshmeat) as_admintool as_admintool can be used to provide a Web inter... Télécharger
pennmush(freshmeat) PennMUSH PennMUSH is a MUD server that is often used for... Télécharger
jfolder(freshmeat) JFolder JFolder is a Web-based development and manageme... Télécharger
udoc(freshmeat) UDoc UDoc is a visualisation tool to analyze Java pr... Télécharger
flectioned(freshmeat) Flectioned Flectioned provides runtime reflection capabili... Télécharger
gvsig(freshmeat) gvSIG gvSIG is an easy to use Java desktop GIS. It ha... Télécharger
conteg(freshmeat) Conteg Conteg is a PHP class to negotiate the current ... Télécharger
mp3val(freshmeat) MP3val MP3val is a tool for validating and optionally ... Télécharger
eclipsedarcs(freshmeat) EclipseDarcs Eclipsedarcs is a project to develop integratio... Télécharger
pspvc(freshmeat) PlayStation Portable Video Converter PlayStation Portable Video Converter (PSPVC) is... Télécharger
savirc(freshmeat) savIRC savIRC is an IRC client for Linux, Unix, BSD, a... Télécharger
aspectc(freshmeat) AspectC++ The AspectC++ project realizes an AspectJ-like ... Télécharger
iwatch(freshmeat) iWatch iWatch is a real-time filesystem monitoring pro... Télécharger
tdu(freshmeat) TreeDiskUsage TreeDiskUsage is a Web based disk usage analysi... Télécharger
nrpe(freshmeat) NRPE NRPE is an add-on for Nagios that allows you to... Télécharger
otwg(freshmeat) Online Turnbased Wargame The OTWG is a multi-user war game with multi-la... Télécharger
papyrus(freshmeat) Papyrus Papyrus is a XML-based reporting langauge for P... Télécharger
asvcs(freshmeat) A Simple Version Control System A Simple Version Control System is an easy to i... Télécharger
yawiki(freshmeat) yawiki yawiki is a wiki system strives to be a perfect... Télécharger
firetable(freshmeat) Firetable Firetable is an IPtables firewall script for Li... Télécharger
sopoker(freshmeat) Stamit's Online Poker Stamit's Online Poker is a simple OpenGL poker ... Télécharger
wmmand(freshmeat) wmMand wmMand is a Window Maker dockapp that allows yo... Télécharger
cgicalendar(freshmeat) CGI Calendar CGI Calendar is a CGI-based event calendar tha... Télécharger
wyatterp(freshmeat) WyattERP The WyattERP project consists of the Wylib run-... Télécharger
cbold_framework(freshmeat) The CBOLD Framework The CBOLD framework is a set of C++ classes and... Télécharger
svntoolbox(freshmeat) svntoolbox svntoolbox is a collection of various add-on to... Télécharger
phatdb(freshmeat) PhatDB PhatDB is a program (and library) to generate a... Télécharger
vespasian(freshmeat) Vespasian Server Vespasian is a web-based frontend for controlli... Télécharger
snapmatcher(freshmeat) SnapMatcher SnapMatcher is an application intended for phot... Télécharger
localhost_http_command_daemon(freshmeat) httpcmdd httpcmdd provides a way to have a (Web) browser... Télécharger
albatross(freshmeat) Albatross Albatross is a small and flexible toolkit for d... Télécharger
cws(freshmeat) CentricWare Suite CentricWare Suite includes inventory, manufactu... Télécharger
pyscrabble(freshmeat) PyScrabble PyScrabble is an online multiplayer Scrabble ga... Télécharger
dnrd(freshmeat) DNRD DNRD is a proxy DNS daemon. It supports several... Télécharger
rtnppd(freshmeat) rtnppd rtnppd is able to route TNPP 3.8 (Telocator Net... Télécharger
petardfs(freshmeat) petardfs petardfs is a FUSE filesystem designed to hoist... Télécharger
jackminimix(freshmeat) JackMiniMix JackMiniMix is a simple mixer for the Jack Audi... Télécharger
txt2man(freshmeat) txt2man Txt2man converts flat ASCII text into the man p... Télécharger
phppagination(freshmeat) phpPagination phpPagination is a PHP class to produce a ready... Télécharger

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