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logsend(freshmeat) logsend Logsend is a Unix daemon for email notification... Télécharger
fsbb(freshmeat) Form Spam Bot Blocker Form Spam Bot Blocker is a PHP class that can g... Télécharger
libface(freshmeat) Libface Libface is a special library exclusively for fa... Télécharger
kguitune(freshmeat) KGuitune KGuitune is a guitar-and-other-instruments tune... Télécharger
ack(freshmeat) The Amsterdam Compiler Kit The Amsterdam Compiler Kit is a fully-featured ... Télécharger
libhid(freshmeat) libhid libhid is a user-space HID access library. It p... Télécharger
pt-helper(freshmeat) pt-helper pt-helper is a program designed to help people ... Télécharger
ipcad(freshmeat) IPCAD IPCAD (IP Cisco Accounting Daemon) is an IP acc... Télécharger
cgdb(freshmeat) cgdb cgdb is a lightweight, but fully functional cur... Télécharger
yasa(freshmeat) Yet Another Suffix Array YASA is a simple implementation of suffix array... Télécharger
ssshell(freshmeat) ssshell ssshell is a program for logging into a remote ... Télécharger
sipp(freshmeat) Sipp Sipp is a performance testing tool for the SIP ... Télécharger
lcdproc(freshmeat) LCDproc LCDproc is a utility to drive one or more LCD (... Télécharger
xurgency(freshmeat) xurgency Xurgency is a terminal/console application for ... Télécharger
qdrupal(freshmeat) QDrupal QDrupal is a module that integrates the Qcodo P... Télécharger
dimenso(freshmeat) Dimenso Dimenso is a library for performing dimension-a... Télécharger
timerapplet(freshmeat) Timer Applet Timer Applet is a countdown timer applet for th... Télécharger
xguess(freshmeat) xguess xguess is a simple utility that examines its ho... Télécharger
pdfread(freshmeat) PDFRead PDFRead is a tool for converting PDF and DJVU d... Télécharger
degtodec(freshmeat) degtodec.sh degtodec.sh is a script which does conversion b... Télécharger
chnames(freshmeat) chnames.shp chnames.sh is able to rename large numbers of f... Télécharger
chant(freshmeat) ChaNT ChaNT is a flexible, powerful, cross-browser, a... Télécharger
clabbers(freshmeat) Clabbers Clabbers is an anagram tool aimed towards solvi... Télécharger
alpy(freshmeat) Alpy Alpy provides Python bindings to the Allegro ga... Télécharger
swingweb(freshmeat) SwingWeb Swingweb is an implementation of the AWT toolki... Télécharger
pgpool(freshmeat) PgPool pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreS... Télécharger
james(freshmeat) JAMES The Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (Apache ... Télécharger
dpml(freshmeat) Digital Product Management Library SDK The DPML SDK is a management platform for Java... Télécharger
tivopod(freshmeat) TivoPod TivoPod is a transcoding and podcasting agent ... Télécharger
ikiwiki(freshmeat) ikiwiki ikiwiki converts a directory full of wiki pages... Télécharger
openrj(freshmeat) Open-RJ Open-RJ is an library that implements readers f... Télécharger
klw(freshmeat) Kletterwizard K-Letter-Wizard makes writing letters easy. Jus... Télécharger
whoisruby(freshmeat) Whois Ruby Whois Ruby is a Ruby class to obtain whois requ... Télécharger
zci(freshmeat) zCI zCI is a Web-based computer inventory system. I... Télécharger
pmpc(freshmeat) PHP music player controller PHP music player controller (PMPC) is a script ... Télécharger
bugstat(freshmeat) BugStat BugStat is a script that allows you to run regu... Télécharger
coool(freshmeat) cOOol cOOol is a standalone script that scans a list ... Télécharger
flickrgettr(freshmeat) FlickrGettr FlickrGettr is a Flickr-API independent tool to... Télécharger
astbill(freshmeat) AstBill Billing, Routing Management Asterisk VOIP AstBill is Web-based billing, routing, and mana... Télécharger
pam_usbng(freshmeat) pam_usbng The pam_usbng package has been written to make ... Télécharger
coredistro(freshmeat) Core Linux Distribution The Core Linux Distribution is designed around ... Télécharger
ububacula(freshmeat) ububacula Ububacula (short for Ubuntu Bacula) is a useful... Télécharger
djproject(freshmeat) The DJ Project The DJ Project is a set of tools to enhance the... Télécharger
ams(freshmeat) Asterisk Manager Suite AMS (Asterisk Manager Suite) is a suite of soft... Télécharger
fe3d(freshmeat) fe3d fe3d is a 3D front-end to nmap and a visualizat... Télécharger
kazehakase(freshmeat) Kazehakase Kazehakase is a Web browser which aims to provi... Télécharger
smutty(freshmeat) Smutty Smutty is yet another MVC framework for PHP. It... Télécharger
durus-berkeleydb(freshmeat) BerkeleyDB Backend Storage Engine for DURUS BerkeleyDB Backend Storage Engine for DURUS pro... Télécharger
retsina(freshmeat) retsina Retsina is a redirector and access controller f... Télécharger
fontforge(freshmeat) FontForge FontForge is an outline font editor that lets y... Télécharger
python-sybase(freshmeat) Sybase module for Python The Sybase module for Python provides an interf... Télécharger
apaint4(freshmeat) ArahPaint4 ArahPaint4 is a textile-oriented paint program,... Télécharger
primetv(freshmeat) PrIMETV PrIMETV is a program that can visualize tree-wi... Télécharger
mozilla2ps(freshmeat) mozilla2ps mozilla2ps is a quick and dirty hack to script ... Télécharger
dia2fsm(freshmeat) dia2fsm dia2fsm reads DIA diagram files constructed in ... Télécharger
high-res-timer(freshmeat) high-resolution-timer high-resolution-timer is a library with Java an... Télécharger
ajax_tree_control(freshmeat) AJAX Tree Control AJAX Tree Control is a modified version of Silv... Télécharger
wwwphoto(freshmeat) WWWPhoto WWWPhoto is a simple tag-based Web photo galler... Télécharger
skill(freshmeat) skill and snice skill sends signals to processes given any comb... Télécharger
jbzzzer(freshmeat) JBuzzer JBuzzer is an application that allows the user ... Télécharger
gnonlin(freshmeat) Gnonlin Gnonlin is a library for creating non-linear vi... Télécharger
protocad(freshmeat) ProtoCAD ProtoCAD is a tool for creating circuit schemat... Télécharger
str-class(freshmeat) Str Str is a C++ string class that is easy-to-use a... Télécharger
strigi(freshmeat) Strigi Strigi is a desktop and indexer independent des... Télécharger
mod_log_dbd(freshmeat) mod_log_dbd mod_log_dbd is a module for Apache 2.2+ that wr... Télécharger
gephex(freshmeat) GePhex GePhex is a modular video jockey software. The ... Télécharger
mp3gain(freshmeat) MP3Gain MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that ... Télécharger
barbecue(freshmeat) Barbecue Barbecue is a Java barcode generator. It provid... Télécharger
eformmail(freshmeat) eformmail eformmail is a stand-alone CGI program that acc... Télécharger
mod_domaintree(freshmeat) mod_domaintree mod_domaintree is a hostname to filesystem mapp... Télécharger
mobilebio(freshmeat) Mobile Biorhythm for J2ME Biorhythms are cyclical rhythms that occur thro... Télécharger
taglets(freshmeat) JavaDoc Taglets Collection The Taglet Collection is set of general purpose... Télécharger
zoned(freshmeat) Zoned Zoned manages BerkeleyDB zone databases using t... Télécharger
javaloganalyser(freshmeat) JavaLog Analyser JavaLog Analyser allows you to customize your l... Télécharger
macdoku(freshmeat) Macdoku Macdoku is a Sudoku generator, assistant and so... Télécharger
ruby-rpm(freshmeat) ruby-rpm ruby-rpm provides bindings for accessing RPM pa... Télécharger
smbnetfs(freshmeat) SMBNetFS SMBNetFS is a user-space filesystem for Linux a... Télécharger
openbsd-iso(freshmeat) openbsd-iso openbsd-iso is a set of scripts with which you ... Télécharger
paxt(freshmeat) Php AjaX with Smarty Templates PAXT is a library built on top of the HTML_AJAX... Télécharger
pyut(freshmeat) Python Uml Tool PyUt is a little UML editor that features print... Télécharger
enigmail(freshmeat) Enigmail Enigmail is an extension for the mail client of... Télécharger
pluggedout(freshmeat) PluggedOut Blog PluggedOut Blog is a script you can run on your... Télécharger
cft(freshmeat) cft Cft (pronounced sift) watches a system administ... Télécharger
ttxinsert(freshmeat) ttxInsert ttxInsert provides teletext services via VBI in... Télécharger
xmootmap(freshmeat) xmootmap If a USB mouse is declared the core pointer, X ... Télécharger
queweb(freshmeat) Queplix QueWeb Customer Care Queplix QueWeb Customer Care is a full featured... Télécharger
gpilotinstaller(freshmeat) GPilotInstaller GPilotInstaller is a small Java application tha... Télécharger
borg-calendar(sfnet) BORG Calendar BORG is a calendar and task tracking system wri... Télécharger
mgo(freshmeat) mgo and mgo_x mgo is a two-player Go game for any Java-enable... Télécharger
a2pdf(freshmeat) a2pdf a2pdf converts plain (ASCII) text files to docu... Télécharger
proxifier(freshmeat) Proxifier Proxifier is an easy to install three tier Web ... Télécharger
sqlbuster(freshmeat) SQLBuster SQLBuster is a simple MySQL benchmarking utilit... Télécharger
watchweb(freshmeat) Watch_Web Watch_Web is a small Python script that will no... Télécharger
tivobridge(freshmeat) TiVoBridge TiVoBridge is a packet repeater for both the Ti... Télécharger
auberon(freshmeat) Auberon Auberon is a Connect-4 game. It has many diffic... Télécharger
pushpuppet(freshmeat) Push Puppet Toy Push Puppet Toy is a computer-controlled puppet... Télécharger
blax(freshmeat) BLAX! BLAX! is a point-of-sale application that helps... Télécharger
reptool(freshmeat) RepTool Reptool is a reporting/printing tool. It is mad... Télécharger
easymacs(freshmeat) Easymacs Easymacs is an easy-to-learn, one-size-fits-all... Télécharger
phpqladmin(freshmeat) phpQLAdmin phpQLAdmin is an administration tool for QmailL... Télécharger

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