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freepops(freshmeat) FreePOPs FreePOPs is a POP3 server that is scriptable in... Télécharger
gtk-gallery(freshmeat) GTK Photo Gallery GTK Photo Gallery is an album to manage small a... Télécharger
sbackup(freshmeat) SBackup SBackup is a simple backup solution intended fo... Télécharger
katchtv(freshmeat) KatchTV KatchTV is an "Internet TV" applicati... Télécharger
dns_py(freshmeat) DNS.py DNS.py is a Python module that provides a robus... Télécharger
simgear(freshmeat) SimGear Simgear is a library for rapid construction and... Télécharger
rvndev(freshmeat) RVNDEV RVNDEV is a set of utilities to assist develope... Télécharger
log4sh(freshmeat) log4sh log4sh is a logging framework for shell scripts... Télécharger
uic(freshmeat) UICollection UICollection is a rich set of Java Swing widget... Télécharger
vertris(freshmeat) Vertris Vertris is a simple cross-platform Tetris clone... Télécharger
tomkitty(freshmeat) tomkitty Tomkitty is a Web server written in Java. It wa... Télécharger
java-inherited-annotations(freshmeat) Java Inherited Annotations Java Inherited Annotations is a library of inhe... Télécharger
jpatchlib(freshmeat) jPatchLib jPatchLib is a Java library that implements the... Télécharger
integrit(freshmeat) integrit integrit is an alternative to file integrity ve... Télécharger
toro-projects(freshmeat) Toro Projects Toro is a set of technologies built as part of ... Télécharger
pysbig(freshmeat) PySBIG PySBIG is a Python module to read SBIG CCD files. Télécharger
pyxlwriter(freshmeat) pyXLWriter pyXLWriter is a Python library for generating E... Télécharger
cackrpg(freshmeat) Crap Adventure Construction Kit Crap Adventure Construction Kit (CACK) is a kit... Télécharger
lince(freshmeat) LinCE LinCE is a programming environment that is simp... Télécharger
mysqlpdump(freshmeat) MySQL Parallel Dump mysqlpdump can dump all your MySQL tables and d... Télécharger
gst-plugins-base(freshmeat) GStreamer Base Plug-ins GStreamer Base Plug-ins is a well-groomed and w... Télécharger
simple-timetracker(freshmeat) Simple Timetracker Simple Timetracker is an application useful for... Télécharger
docebolms(freshmeat) DoceboLMS DoceboLMS is an e-learning platform used in cor... Télécharger
mergence(freshmeat) Mergence HL7 Integration Engine Mergence is a high-performance HL7 integration ... Télécharger
innovation3d(freshmeat) Innovation3D I3D is a 3D modeling program for Linux. While i... Télécharger
quantlib(freshmeat) QuantLib QuantLib is a cross-platform, quantitative fina... Télécharger
gretl(freshmeat) gretl gretl is an open-source econometrics package, d... Télécharger
mfbyas(freshmeat) MFbyAS MFbyAS is an Italian Web-based financial monito... Télécharger
puno(freshmeat) Puno Puno is a PHP module (PHP5 and Linux/Unix only)... Télécharger
python-wmii(freshmeat) python-wmii python-wmii is a Python-only configuration scri... Télécharger
tablelog(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Table Log PostgreSQL Table Log contains functions that al... Télécharger
cobertura(freshmeat) Cobertura Cobertura is a Java tool that calculates the pe... Télécharger
x86info(freshmeat) x86info Unlike other cpuinfo' tools which just parse /p... Télécharger
jsms(freshmeat) JSMS JSMS is a program which lets you send text mess... Télécharger
lcdtest(freshmeat) lcdtest lcdtest is a utility to display monitor test pa... Télécharger
myvd(freshmeat) MyVirtualDirectory MyVirtualDirectory is a virtual directory that ... Télécharger
libarena(freshmeat) libarena libarena provides a custom memory allocator int... Télécharger
remo(freshmeat) remo Remo is a graphical rule editor for ModSecurity... Télécharger
expat(freshmeat) expat Expat is a fast, non-validating, stream-oriente... Télécharger
openal(freshmeat) OpenAl OpenAL, the Open Audio Library, is a joint effo... Télécharger
caravelcms(freshmeat) Caravel Caravel is a robust content management system d... Télécharger
h264bitstream(freshmeat) h264bitstream libh264bitstream provides a complete set of fun... Télécharger
phparmory(freshmeat) phpArmory phpArmory is a PHP class library. It allows PHP... Télécharger
yazproxy(freshmeat) YAZ Proxy The YAZ Proxy is highly configurable and can be... Télécharger
bankconvert(freshmeat) bankconvert bankconvert is a Web script that is able to con... Télécharger
libpcapnav(freshmeat) libpcapnav libpcapnav is a libpcap wrapper library that al... Télécharger
sofa(freshmeat) Sofa Media Center Sofa is a media center aimed at easy usage, min... Télécharger
sgce(freshmeat) SGCE SGCE is a skin care management system that mana... Télécharger
jpublish4(freshmeat) JPublish4 JPublish is a Web publishing framework which me... Télécharger
mical(freshmeat) mical mical is a minimal iCalendar toolset, comprised... Télécharger
avast-ng(freshmeat) Avast-ng Avast-ng gives you the ability to sift through ... Télécharger
kexi(freshmeat) Kexi Kexi is an integrated environment for managing ... Télécharger
l10nmessageretrieval(freshmeat) Locale::Memories Locale::Memories is a specialized search engine... Télécharger
gregexp(freshmeat) GRegExp Explorer GRegExp Explorer is a graphical regular express... Télécharger
synapse(freshmeat) Apache Synapse Synapse is an ESB engine and XML router built c... Télécharger
bcr-beats(freshmeat) bcr beats bcr beats is a beat slicer that lets you cut up... Télécharger
nethack-records(freshmeat) Nethack Records Nethack Records is an on-demand statistics gene... Télécharger
wuja(freshmeat) wuja Wuja is a Gnome desktop applet for integration ... Télécharger
clevo-mailled(freshmeat) Clevo Mail LED Linux Driver The Clevo Mail LED Linux 2.6 Driver operates th... Télécharger
kokua(freshmeat) Kokua Kokua is a Trade Wars 2002 assistant with the g... Télécharger
phpxmail(freshmeat) PHPXmail PhpXmail is Web-based management software for ... Télécharger
amosfcd(freshmeat) [Amos-Effect] [Amos-Effect] parses and visualizes mobile phon... Télécharger
spybye(freshmeat) SpyBye SpyBye is a tool to help web masters determine ... Télécharger
yelo(freshmeat) Yelo Yelo is a standalone service catalog for SOA (s... Télécharger
koffice(freshmeat) KOffice KOffice is an integrated office suite based on ... Télécharger
polliwog(freshmeat) polliwog polliwog is a Java-based Web server log file an... Télécharger
vodovod(freshmeat) Vodovod Vodovod is a single-player action puzzle game. ... Télécharger
xmms-jack(freshmeat) xmms-jack xmms-jack is an XMMS audio output plugin for th... Télécharger
jope(freshmeat) JOPE Application Server JOPE is an implementation of the SOPE server an... Télécharger
thcnetmessagesystem(freshmeat) THCNET Message System The THCNET Message System is a customizable PHP... Télécharger
jackrabbit(freshmeat) Apache Jackrabbit Apache Jackrabbit is a fully conforming impleme... Télécharger
pmpkg(freshmeat) pmpkg pmpkg provides a script and definitions to buil... Télécharger
th-03(freshmeat) TH-03 TH-03 is an application that provides an interf... Télécharger
bugwerk(freshmeat) BugWerk BugWerk is an adaptable, platform-agnostic appl... Télécharger
multitask(freshmeat) multitask multitask allows Python programs to use generat... Télécharger
fftscope(freshmeat) FFTscope for AlsaPlayer FFTscope is a visualization plugin for AlsaPlay... Télécharger
genesis_framework(freshmeat) genesis framework genesis is a framework that aims to bring simpl... Télécharger
tigerenvelopes(freshmeat) Tiger Envelopes Tiger Envelopes makes encryption automatic with... Télécharger
hometvstream(freshmeat) homeTVstream homeTVstream is a collection of shell scripts a... Télécharger
assogiate(freshmeat) assoGiate assoGiate is an editor of the file types databa... Télécharger
iridiumflares(freshmeat) IridiumFlares IridiumFlares is an application that can predic... Télécharger
dangerdeep(freshmeat) Danger from the Deep Danger from the deep (aka dangerdeep) is a WW2 ... Télécharger
luca(freshmeat) Luca Luca is a Web-based based accounting (double-en... Télécharger
rextile(freshmeat) Rextile Rextile allows you to build XHTML documents and... Télécharger
jcite(freshmeat) JCite JCite makes it possible to cite snippets of Jav... Télécharger
writetarget(freshmeat) WriteTarget WriteTarget is a universal text generator based... Télécharger
gvrpad(freshmeat) gvrpad This daemon makes GVRP announcements of all VLA... Télécharger
qpamat(freshmeat) QPaMaT QPaMaT is a password manager which stores passw... Télécharger
wmfrog(freshmeat) wmFrog wmFrog is a weather dockapp for use in Window M... Télécharger
goat(freshmeat) GOAT Goat is a tournament organizer assistant. It is... Télécharger
opensign(freshmeat) OpenSign OpenSign is a collection of Java applets provid... Télécharger
fb-ng(freshmeat) FileBrowser-NG FileBrowser-NG is a Web application that helps ... Télécharger
sipscreen(freshmeat) sipscreen sipscreen is a Linux iptables QUEUE target hand... Télécharger
krdm(freshmeat) krd remote desktop connection manager krd eases the configuration and utilization of ... Télécharger
pclinuxos(freshmeat) PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS is an English-only GNU/Linux distribu... Télécharger
chessx(freshmeat) ChessX ChessX is a chess database that allows you to b... Télécharger
k3dsurf(freshmeat) K3DSurf K3DSurf is a program for visualizing and manipu... Télécharger
gpsman(freshmeat) GPSMan GPSMan (GPS Manager) is a graphical manager of ... Télécharger
vayala(freshmeat) Vayala Vayala is a multi-purpose chat client for devel... Télécharger
rhinohide(freshmeat) Rhinohide Rhinohide is a Java implementation of the W3C D... Télécharger

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