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kbde(freshmeat) kbde kbde is a keyboard emulator. The goal is to pro... Télécharger
wttoolkit(freshmeat) WT Toolkit WT Toolkit is a JavaScript toolkit that makes w... Télécharger
virgil(freshmeat) Virgil The Virgil Programming Language is designed for... Télécharger
libiptcdata(freshmeat) libiptcdata libiptcdata is a C library for manipulating the... Télécharger
librfc822(freshmeat) RFC2822 Address Parser Library librfc2822 provides application developers with... Télécharger
servicemon(freshmeat) servicemon servicemon is a simple service/daemon monitorin... Télécharger
portmap(freshmeat) portmap The portmapper manages RPC connections, which a... Télécharger
lipt(freshmeat) Local IP Takeover Local IP Takeover provides network link redunda... Télécharger
pres(freshmeat) PRES PRES (the Press Release System) is a simple con... Télécharger
cytadela(freshmeat) Cytadela Cytadela is a conversion of an Amiga Doom clone... Télécharger
umzusync(freshmeat) um zu sync um zu sync is a daemon to backup and synchroniz... Télécharger
libctf(freshmeat) libctf libctf is a C thread foundation library that ex... Télécharger
funambol(freshmeat) Funambol Originally named Sync4j, the Funambol Mobile Ap... Télécharger
bopm(freshmeat) Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor Designed for the Bahamut, Hybrid, and ircu IRCd... Télécharger
battery_monitor(freshmeat) battery_monitor battery_monitor is a small battery monitoring p... Télécharger
image-density(freshmeat) Image::Density Perl Module The metric implemented in the Image::Density Pe... Télécharger
lipowrapper(freshmeat) Lipo Wrapper Lipo Wrapper is a Python script that wraps some... Télécharger
gnetworkmonitor(freshmeat) Gnome Network Monitor Gnome Network Monitor is a network monitor for ... Télécharger
dlibs(freshmeat) DLibs DLibs is a PHP framework built with the KISS ru... Télécharger
wgui(freshmeat) wGui wGui is a simple, platform-independent dialog m... Télécharger
pam_ldap(freshmeat) pam_ldap pam_ldap is a pam/ldap module that supports pas... Télécharger
zisofs-tools(freshmeat) zisofs-tools The zisofs filesystem is an extension to the IS... Télécharger
libgpm(freshmeat) GPM client library The libgpm package is an stand-alone version of... Télécharger
clustering(freshmeat) Document clustering Document clustering is a data mining suite to c... Télécharger
audiorg(freshmeat) AudiOrg AudiOrg is a command line tool to sort a collec... Télécharger
wizmysqladmin(freshmeat) WizMySQLAdmin WizMySQLAdmin is a MySQL database manager like ... Télécharger
lgsp(freshmeat) lgsp LGSP (the Little GNU Site Preparer) is an envi... Télécharger
qcj(freshmeat) QcjData Classes QcjData Classes is a set of C++ class extension... Télécharger
pywmdockapps(freshmeat) pywmdockapps pywmdockapps is a library that makes it possibl... Télécharger
ra-webpass(freshmeat) RA-WebPass RA-WebPass is a Web application for changing yo... Télécharger
ultrastarng(freshmeat) UltraStar-NG UltraStar-NG is a clone of the PS2 karaoke game... Télécharger
apfp(freshmeat) APFP Apfp (Arbitrary Precision Floating Point) is a ... Télécharger
googlemapsplugin(freshmeat) Google Maps Plugin Google Maps Plugin is an easy way to embed cust... Télécharger
linweight(freshmeat) LinWeight Linweight is an enterprise client-server system... Télécharger
pygep(freshmeat) PyGEP PyGEP is a simple library suitable for academic... Télécharger
phpmysbuilder(freshmeat) PHP/Mysql Site Builder The PHP/Mysql Site Builder is a tool made with ... Télécharger
graphmonkey(freshmeat) GraphMonkey GraphMonkey is a very simple and fast graphing ... Télécharger
gmailsender(freshmeat) gmailsender gmailsender is a GTK#/Mono based mail sending a... Télécharger
hstemplate(freshmeat) HSTemplate HSTemplate implements a template engine with ou... Télécharger
pgpsigner(freshmeat) PGPSigner PGPSigner helps you to manage, sign, and send o... Télécharger
tigermouse(freshmeat) Tigermouse Tigermouse is a modern Web application framewor... Télécharger
pymedata(freshmeat) Pymedata PYMEDATA is a tool that allows you to achieve i... Télécharger
poi(freshmeat) POI The POI project contains several components for... Télécharger
wtcl(freshmeat) Wtcl Wtcl is a Tcl module for Apache. It provides an... Télécharger
cyclone3(freshmeat) Cyclone3 Cyclone3 is a platform that enables you to crea... Télécharger
fluxbat(freshmeat) FluxBat FluxBat is an ACPI based battery monitor for th... Télécharger
iogen(freshmeat) iogen iogen is an I/O generator. It forks child proce... Télécharger
dxf2postgis(freshmeat) Dxf2PostGIS Dxf2PostGIS is a tool to convert DXF files to P... Télécharger
daimonin(freshmeat) Daimonin Daimonin is a Massive Multiuser Online Role Pla... Télécharger
trillbox(freshmeat) trillbox trillbox is a flexible and extendable toolkit f... Télécharger
docperl(freshmeat) DocPerl DocPerl provides a Web-based interface to Perl'... Télécharger
jcbreadboard(freshmeat) JComponentBreadboard Most Java/Swing frameworks strive to be compreh... Télécharger
pymmlib(freshmeat) Python Macromolecular Library The Python Macromolecular Library (mmLib) is a ... Télécharger
sshtools-j2ssh(freshmeat) J2SSH J2SSH is an object-orientated Java implementati... Télécharger
zipper(freshmeat) Zipper Zipper is a tool for inspecting the contents of... Télécharger
gelemental(freshmeat) gElemental gElemental is a periodic table viewer that prov... Télécharger
apccomm(freshmeat) APCComm APCComm is a program to transfer files between ... Télécharger
powerdnsadministrationtool(freshmeat) Pdns Pdns is a GUI administration tool for maintaini... Télécharger
photogrotto(freshmeat) PhotoGrotto PhotoGrotto is a specialized Web server for ser... Télécharger
egs(freshmeat) Enterprise CRM and Groupware System EGS is a multi-user, Web-based Groupware/CRM/MR... Télécharger
finkcommander(freshmeat) FinkCommander FinkCommander is a GUI application for Fink. Télécharger
klaverjasscore(freshmeat) Klaverjas Score Klaverjas Score is a program to keep track of t... Télécharger
check-packeteer(freshmeat) check-packeteer.pl check-packeteer.pl is a plugin for the Nagios n... Télécharger
libasyncns(freshmeat) libasyncns libasyncns is a C library for executing name se... Télécharger
justsendit(freshmeat) Smarty and MIME message integration Smarty and MIME message integration is a PHP cl... Télécharger
reclinker(freshmeat) reclinker reclinker is a recursive symlinking utility. It... Télécharger
check_iseries(freshmeat) check_iseries The check_iseries plugin for Nagios monitors th... Télécharger
kiwi(freshmeat) Kiwi Kiwi is an object-oriented framework for develo... Télécharger
rss-ripper(freshmeat) RSS Ripper RSS Ripper is a set of Python scripts that rewr... Télécharger
fusenrg(freshmeat) fusenrg FuseNRG allows you to mount Ahead Nero NRG file... Télécharger
netgviz(freshmeat) netgviz netgviz is a set of scripts that allows you to ... Télécharger
dbcons(freshmeat) DBConsole DBConsole is a database shell that currently su... Télécharger
szjavavm(freshmeat) C# Java Virtual Machine C# Java Virtual Machine is a tiny implementatio... Télécharger
migratedata(freshmeat) migratedata migratedata allows you to write a simple XML fi... Télécharger
kuftp(freshmeat) kuftp KuFtp is a graphical FTP client for the K Deskt... Télécharger
jdbsync(freshmeat) jDBSync jDBSync provides ANT tasks with which you will ... Télécharger
mediasort(freshmeat) MediaSort MediaSort is a tool that automatically renames ... Télécharger
bsnmp-regex(freshmeat) BSNMP regex bsnmp-regex is a module for bsnmpd that allows ... Télécharger
lxrad(freshmeat) LXRAD LXRAD (Linux X11 Rapid Application Development)... Télécharger
libpeak(freshmeat) libpeak The PEAK library tries to achieve high performa... Télécharger
olbookmarks(freshmeat) ol'bookmarks manager On-line bookmarks manager is a Web interface wh... Télécharger
trackballs(freshmeat) Trackballs Trackballs is a simple game similar to the clas... Télécharger
macfly(freshmeat) Macfly Macfly is a tool allowing you to run one or mor... Télécharger
check_rhc(freshmeat) check_rhc check_rhc is software to check the status of a ... Télécharger
gosql(freshmeat) G.O.SQL G.O.SQL is a Web-based data management tool for... Télécharger
pennave(freshmeat) PennAve PennAve is a dynamic photo gallery application ... Télécharger
dee-python(freshmeat) Dee-Python Dee-Python is an implementation of a truly rela... Télécharger
jaffer(freshmeat) Jaffer Jaffer is a Java implementation of an Appletalk... Télécharger
openvisp-admin(freshmeat) OpenVISP Admin OpenVISP Admin is a fork of Postfix Admin. Its ... Télécharger
docbookwiki(freshmeat) DocBook Wiki DocBookWiki can display and edit DocBook docume... Télécharger
atmediapage(freshmeat) AT Media Page AT Media Page is an addon for the Plone CMS whi... Télécharger
inetutils(freshmeat) GNU inetutils The GNU inetutils are a collection of common ne... Télécharger
jabber-bot(freshmeat) Jabber::Bot Jabber::Bot makes it simple to create and comma... Télécharger
zebratuner(freshmeat) ZebraTuner ZebraTuner is a guitar tuner and generic instru... Télécharger
remitt(freshmeat) REMITT REMITT Electronic Medical Information Translati... Télécharger
jstester(freshmeat) JsTester JsTester allows validation of JavaScript code i... Télécharger
bork(freshmeat) Bork Bork is a very small, cross-platform file encry... Télécharger
sjinn(freshmeat) Sjinn Sjinn is an RS-232 data acquisition & contr... Télécharger
cfl(freshmeat) Configuration File Library The Configuration File Library (CFL) is a colle... Télécharger
devtools(freshmeat) Heirloom Development Tools The Heirloom Development Tools provide yacc, le... Télécharger

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