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smiservicesmaintenanceinterven(freshmeat) SMI SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a c... Télécharger
osinfo(freshmeat) osinfo osinfo reports the type, the version, the archi... Télécharger
memcachefs(freshmeat) memcachefs memcachefs is FUSE based filesystem which mount... Télécharger
cpcommander(freshmeat) Checkpoint Commander Checkpoint Commander is a cross-platform file m... Télécharger
timeriffic(freshmeat) Timeriffic TImeriffic is an Android application for muting... Télécharger
xrtti(freshmeat) eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++ eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++ (Xrtt... Télécharger
nexty(freshmeat) Nexty Nexty is an easy-to-use Web-based GTD tool. It ... Télécharger
python-musicbrainz2(freshmeat) python-musicbrainz2 python-musicbrainz2 provides simple, object ori... Télécharger
organdesigner(freshmeat) OrganDesigner OrganDesigner is a graphical tool for editing a... Télécharger
linhdd(freshmeat) linHDD linHDD is a frontend to several functions of ba... Télécharger
fsfs(freshmeat) Fast Secure File System FSFS is a secure, distributed, scalable, user-s... Télécharger
fvfsfind(freshmeat) gvfsfind gvfsfind searches for files in a directory hier... Télécharger
dnetj(freshmeat) Distributed Network John The Ripper Dnetj is a client/server wrapper around John Th... Télécharger
nomadpim(freshmeat) Nomad PIM Nomad PIM is an extensible personal information... Télécharger
php_svncommit(freshmeat) svncommit_hook.php svncommit_hook.php was written to address the n... Télécharger
jagosi(freshmeat) Java GForge SOAP Interface The Java GForge SOAP Interface (JaGoSI) is an a... Télécharger
tuxvsclippy(freshmeat) Tux vs Clippy In Tux vs Clippy, the battle for world dominanc... Télécharger
boot-dvd(freshmeat) boot-dvd boot-dvd is a script that can be used to downlo... Télécharger
vnc2swf(freshmeat) vnc2swf vnc2swf is a recording tool for VNC that record... Télécharger
eciadsl(freshmeat) EciAdsl This is a free Linux driver for USB ADSL modems... Télécharger
cmdo(freshmeat) CmDO CmDO (pronounced "commando") is a too... Télécharger
lichen-mail(freshmeat) Lichen Webmail Lichen is a Web-based IMAP client that puts an ... Télécharger
sanselan(freshmeat) Sanselan Sanselan is a Java image library that includes ... Télécharger
pam_envfeed(freshmeat) pam_envfeed pam_envfeed is a PAM module that runs an exter... Télécharger
mujmail(freshmeat) mujMail mujMail is a powerful and graphically atractive... Télécharger
gpsbabel(freshmeat) GPSBabel GPSBabel converts waypoint data between about f... Télécharger
partimage(freshmeat) Partition Image Partition Image is a Linux/UNIX utility similar... Télécharger
mamory(freshmeat) Mamory Mamory is a library for ROM management in emula... Télécharger
othello-game(freshmeat) othello game Othello is a classic strategy game, also known ... Télécharger
webload(freshmeat) WebLOAD Open Source WebLOAD is a professional performance testing, ... Télécharger
gwpicker(freshmeat) wpicker-applet wpicker-applet is a color picker applet for the... Télécharger
mod_sesehe(freshmeat) mod_sesehe mod_sesehe is an Apache module that disguises a... Télécharger
decorum(freshmeat) Decorum Decorum is a simple dependency extension for An... Télécharger
nullwebmail(freshmeat) Null Webmail Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful POP3/SMTP... Télécharger
supervisor(freshmeat) supervisor Supervisor is a client/server system that allow... Télécharger
dhcpd-j(freshmeat) dhcpd-j dhcpd-j is a Java DHCP server focused on reliab... Télécharger
sendsms(freshmeat) SendSMS SendSMS is a program that lets you send SMS mes... Télécharger
keystoneframework(freshmeat) Keystone Framework Keystone is a cross-platform, object oriented a... Télécharger
buildconf(freshmeat) autogen.sh autogen.sh (a.k.a. buildconf) provides automati... Télécharger
mysar(freshmeat) MySQL Squid Access Report MySQL Squid Access Report, "mysar" fo... Télécharger
mplayerbuddy(freshmeat) MplayerBuddy MplayerBuddy is a media bookmarking application... Télécharger
maptales-mobile(freshmeat) Maptales Mobile Maptales Mobile is a J2ME/MIDlet client that al... Télécharger
anydata-2(freshmeat) AnyData 2 AnyData 2 is a Web-based file management applic... Télécharger
xpertmailer(freshmeat) XPertMailer XPertMailer is a PHP class that you can use to ... Télécharger
site_checker(freshmeat) Site Checker Site Checker can be used to find broken links i... Télécharger
gsegyview(freshmeat) GSEGYView GSEGYView is a viewer for seismic data in SEG-Y... Télécharger
ansi2gif(freshmeat) ansi2gif ansi2gif lets you re-live your old BBS ANSI cre... Télécharger
shoelacer(freshmeat) Shoelacer Shoelacer attempts to generate a pair of small ... Télécharger
dialfox_callto(freshmeat) DialFox callto DialFox callto is a Web-based dialer for the As... Télécharger
wordplay(freshmeat) Wordplay Wordplay is an anagram game for Unix/GTK+. It i... Télécharger
e-gads(freshmeat) E-GADS! E-GADS! (Electronic Ground Search and rescue Ad... Télécharger
xca(freshmeat) X Certificate and Key management XCA is an interface for managing RSA and DSA ke... Télécharger
calcoo(freshmeat) Calcoo Calcoo is a scientific calculator designed to p... Télécharger
cournol(freshmeat) cournol Cournol is a GTK+ based application for analyzi... Télécharger
authfail(freshmeat) authfail authfail is a tool for adding IP addresses to a... Télécharger
afelo(freshmeat) AFELO AFELO allows you to select images on your local... Télécharger
cadaver(freshmeat) cadaver cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client. It sup... Télécharger
swtswing(freshmeat) SWTSwing SWTSwing is a port of the SWT graphical toolkit... Télécharger
sdu(freshmeat) Simple Data Upload Simple Data Upload allows to transfer data betw... Télécharger
kparticlecpumeter(freshmeat) Particle Spraying CPU meter Particle Spraying CPU meter is an applet for KD... Télécharger
cinayos(freshmeat) CinayOS CinayOS is a 64-bit operating system that was f... Télécharger
aoverlay(freshmeat) Gentoo Linux Overlay Gentoo Linux Overlay provides a way to have a s... Télécharger
modxfs(freshmeat) MODxFS FUSE module MODxFS is a FUSE module that allows MODx Conten... Télécharger
swingwt(freshmeat) SwingWT SwingWT is an implementation of the Java Swing ... Télécharger
telekast(freshmeat) TeleKast TeleKast is a teleprompter. Scripts are created... Télécharger
aglets(freshmeat) Aglets Software Development Kit The Aglets Software Development Kit (ASDK) is a... Télécharger
tclterm(freshmeat) tclterm tclterm is used to extend the Tcl core with ter... Télécharger
eiffelmedia(freshmeat) EiffelMedia EiffelMedia is a multimedia library for Eiffel.... Télécharger
ksdp(freshmeat) Karmasphere Parallel Data Processing Language The Karmasphere DP language is a high-performan... Télécharger
pop3spam(freshmeat) pop3spam pop3spam is a POP3 client which connects to a P... Télécharger
arklinux-live(freshmeat) Ark Linux Live Ark Linux Live is a Live CD edition of Ark Linu... Télécharger
epoch2time(freshmeat) Epoch2Time Epoch2Time is a little program to convert Unix ... Télécharger
smoothwall(freshmeat) SmoothWall SmoothWall Express is a network firewall, desig... Télécharger
xmlsensors(freshmeat) XMLSensors XMLSensors is a set of programs that serve as g... Télécharger
gfortune(freshmeat) gfortune gfortune is a replacement for the traditional B... Télécharger
kima(freshmeat) Kima Kima is a Kicker applet that monitors various t... Télécharger
play(freshmeat) play! framework The Play! framework makes it easier to build We... Télécharger
eventh(freshmeat) Event Horizon Event Horizon (EVH) is a Web-based application ... Télécharger
continuityperl(freshmeat) Continuity-Perl Continuity-Perl is a Web application library fo... Télécharger
josql(freshmeat) JoSQL JoSQL provides SQL capabilities for querying, o... Télécharger
textcrypt(freshmeat) TextCrypt TextCrypt is software to easily and quickly enc... Télécharger
bind9stats(freshmeat) Bind9 SNMP Subagent The Bind9 SNMP Subagent provides indexed BIND 9... Télécharger
mycomic(freshmeat) MyComic MyComic is a backend for maintaining a webcomic... Télécharger
quest-dnsupdate(freshmeat) Quest dnsupdate Quest dnsupdate is a DNS update tool that can u... Télécharger
chemtool(freshmeat) Chemtool Chemtool is a GTK+-based 2D chemical structure ... Télécharger
fmrii(freshmeat) fmrii A C++ library for fMRI modelling and analysis. ... Télécharger
doff(freshmeat) Doff Doff is a lightweight J2EE toolkit that provide... Télécharger
getmonitor(freshmeat) GetMonitor GetMonitor is an XChat script for automatic lee... Télécharger
paradb(freshmeat) ParaDB ParaDB is a Web-based application designed for ... Télécharger
lingot(freshmeat) LINGOT Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner LINGOT is a musical instrument tuner. It's accu... Télécharger
irc-collective(freshmeat) IRC Collective The most important part of the IRC Collective i... Télécharger
sshkeychain(freshmeat) SSHKeychain SSHKeychain is a graphical front-end for ssh-ag... Télécharger
frogeye(freshmeat) FrogEye FrogEye is a file manager for Linux and Windows... Télécharger
cryptonas(freshmeat) CryptoNAS The CryptoNAS project wants to bring data encry... Télécharger
dsflasher(freshmeat) dsflasher dsflasher is a utility to flash Dallas (Maxim) ... Télécharger
zerotools(freshmeat) Zerotools Zerotools are a set of tools to aid keeping vir... Télécharger
lolimot(freshmeat) Lolimot Lolimot is a fast neural network learning tool.... Télécharger
jbarcodebean(freshmeat) JBarcodeBean JBarcodeBean is a JFC Swing-compatible JavaBean... Télécharger
mon(freshmeat) mon mon is a tool for monitoring the availability o... Télécharger
nasamst(freshmeat) Mission Simulation ToolKit The Mission Simulation Toolkit (MST) is a softw... Télécharger

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