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wavbreaker(freshmeat) wavbreaker wavbreaker is a tool to take a wave file and br... Télécharger
ultragetopt-java(freshmeat) UltraGetopt for Java UltraGetopt for Java is the Java adaptation of ... Télécharger
gtkpbbuttons(freshmeat) GTKPBButtons GTKPBButtons is a visualisation client for PBBu... Télécharger
goblingame(freshmeat) Goblin Goblin is a software implementation of the boar... Télécharger
voiceone(freshmeat) VoiceOne VoiceOne is a Linux distribution that gives you... Télécharger
kbpack(freshmeat) KBPack KBPack is a package for installing pre-compiled... Télécharger
videotrans(freshmeat) Videotrans videotrans is a set of scripts that convert a m... Télécharger
cakephp(freshmeat) CakePHP Cake is a rapid development framework for PHP w... Télécharger
avimanager(freshmeat) aviManager aviManager helps you manage your (large) movie ... Télécharger
pngcheck(freshmeat) pngcheck pngcheck is the official PNG tester and debugge... Télécharger
pdf2email(freshmeat) pdf2email pdf2email is a CUPS backend that uses GhostScri... Télécharger
fitz(freshmeat) Fitz Fitz is a window decoration for KDE that allows... Télécharger
easyeclipse(freshmeat) EasyEclipse EasyEclipse packages together the Eclipse IDE a... Télécharger
simdock(freshmeat) SimDock SimDock is a fast and fully configurable dock b... Télécharger
naim(freshmeat) naim naim is the original ncurses (console) AIM clie... Télécharger
optar(freshmeat) Optar Optar is a software codec that generates 2D bar... Télécharger
xdg-menu(freshmeat) XDG-Menu XDG-Menu is a ROX panel applet that displays an... Télécharger
textsearch(freshmeat) TextSearch TextSearch is a program to search through a set... Télécharger
bottomfeeder(freshmeat) BottomFeeder BottomFeeder is an application that reads and d... Télécharger
libdaemon(freshmeat) libdaemon libdaemon is a lightweight C library that eases... Télécharger
dirvncrev(freshmeat) DirectVNC-rev DirectVNC-rev is a successor to DirectVNC, a VN... Télécharger
httpdbase4j(freshmeat) HttpdBase4J HttpdBase4J is an embeddable Java Web server fr... Télécharger
doxmentor4j(freshmeat) DoxMentor4J DoxMentor4J is a standalone, cross-platform, We... Télécharger
anyxml(freshmeat) PHP AnyXML AnyXML is an XML read-only class that offers PH... Télécharger
mebot(freshmeat) mebot Mebot is an application claiming to manage your... Télécharger
jresolver(freshmeat) jresolver jresolver is a lightweight domain name resolver... Télécharger
gperiodic(freshmeat) gperiodic gperiodic is a program for browsing the periodi... Télécharger
pycurl(freshmeat) PycURL PycURL is a Python module interface to the cURL... Télécharger
impact(freshmeat) Impact Impact is a finite element program for simulati... Télécharger
hplip(freshmeat) HP Linux Imaging and Printing HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) is a comp... Télécharger
myservertalks(freshmeat) MyServerTalks MyServerTalks aims to be an interface between y... Télécharger
tvremote(freshmeat) CSMonkey TV Remote CSMonkey TV Remote is a desktop control for TV ... Télécharger
pslib(freshmeat) PSLib PSlib is a library for generating multi-page Po... Télécharger
mindquarry(freshmeat) Mindquarry Collaboration Server The Mindquarry is an integrated set of tools fo... Télécharger
osync(freshmeat) oSync oSync lets you always have the same Opera bookm... Télécharger
lux23(freshmeat) LUX23 Lux23 is a front end for the Heyu X10 automatio... Télécharger
webdisk(freshmeat) IntegraTUM WebDisk IntegraTUM WebDisk is a Web application which g... Télécharger
hachoir-regex(freshmeat) hachoir-regex hachoir-regex is a Python library for regular e... Télécharger
ese(freshmeat) ESE ESE (pronounced "easy") stands for &q... Télécharger
myrpm(freshmeat) MyRPM Myrpm is a set of utilities that allow you to e... Télécharger
glibench(freshmeat) GliBench SMP GliBench is a small SMP enabled benchmark for t... Télécharger
glbox(freshmeat) GLBOX GLBOX is a lightweight version of a sandbox. It... Télécharger
hachoir-subfile(freshmeat) Hachoir subfile Hachoir subfile recovers files from broken disk... Télécharger
wascii(freshmeat) wascii WAscii is a Web frontend intended to display an... Télécharger
mesk(freshmeat) Mesk Mesk is a PyGtk+ audio player that supports mul... Télécharger
moonfree(freshmeat) Moonfree Moonfree is a framework to develop RIAs with Fl... Télécharger
libmng(freshmeat) libmng libmng is the reference library for MNG, the an... Télécharger
cupsddk(freshmeat) CUPS Driver Development Kit The CUPS Driver Development Kit (DDK) provides ... Télécharger
planeffdia(freshmeat) Planner for Efficient Dialogues PED is a dialogue management system that uses a... Télécharger
pystatgrab(freshmeat) pystatgrab pystatgrab provides a set of bindings in Python... Télécharger
payvex(freshmeat) PayVeX PayVeX is a simple package that works with PayP... Télécharger
dns_name_parser(freshmeat) DNS name parser DNS name parser is a Java utility library that ... Télécharger
maxdb(freshmeat) MaxDB MaxDB is a re-branded and enhanced version of S... Télécharger
fry(freshmeat) FryPHP Fry is a fast, lightweight, and easy to learn o... Télécharger
curl-loader(freshmeat) curl-loader curl-loader is a powerful tool for testing and ... Télécharger
kgraphviewer(freshmeat) KGraphViewer KGraphViewer is a GraphViz dot graph viewer for... Télécharger
petalsonarose(freshmeat) Petals on a Rose Game Petals on a Rose Game is a computer version of ... Télécharger
go4it(freshmeat) Go4IT Go4IT is a test environment based on the TTCN-3... Télécharger
arcus(freshmeat) Arcus Arcus is a Rubik's Cube Simulator featuring 3D ... Télécharger
uidsec(freshmeat) UidSEC UidSEC is an LSM (Linux Security Module) that e... Télécharger
libghthash(freshmeat) Generic Hash Table library The GHT (Generic Hash Table) library is a hash ... Télécharger
pangzero(freshmeat) Pang Zero Pang Zero is a clone of Super Pang, a fast-pace... Télécharger
phpwebapp(freshmeat) PHP Web Application Framework phpWebApp is an application framework which mak... Télécharger
epigrass(freshmeat) Epigrass EpiGrass is a simulator of epidemics over netwo... Télécharger
hundiyas(freshmeat) Hundiyas Hundiyas is a Battleship-like game totally writ... Télécharger
pebugger(freshmeat) pebugger pebugger is an interactive command-line based d... Télécharger
rotoscope(freshmeat) rotoscope Rotoscope is a graphics program that can be use... Télécharger
xai(freshmeat) Xai Xai is an extensible framework for developing a... Télécharger
cracklinux(freshmeat) cracklinux Cracklinux is a kernel module and shared object... Télécharger
fripp(freshmeat) Fripp Fripp is a music composition environment that u... Télécharger
humanzip(freshmeat) Humanzip humanzip is a compression program that operates... Télécharger
btk(freshmeat) Biomolecule Toolkit The Biomolecule Toolkit is an Open Source libra... Télécharger
svgcharter(freshmeat) SVG Charter SVG Charter is a small, sharp tool that generat... Télécharger
adobe-source(freshmeat) Adobe Source Libraries The Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) are a collecti... Télécharger
oreon(freshmeat) Oreon Project Oreon is a monitoring solution based on Nagios.... Télécharger
lux4(freshmeat) LUX4 LUX4 is a powerful and fast communication proto... Télécharger
cpuinfo(freshmeat) cpuinfo cpuinfo consists of an API/library used by prog... Télécharger
engine_pkcs11(freshmeat) Engine_pkcs11 Engine_pkcs11 is an implementation of an engine... Télécharger
rrdbot(freshmeat) RRDBot RRDBot is an SNMP polling daemon which writes t... Télécharger
biocluster(freshmeat) BioCluster BioCluster is a peer-to-peer clustering platfor... Télécharger
mysipswitch(freshmeat) The SIP Switch The SIP Switch is a Web application which allow... Télécharger
actualiza(freshmeat) Actualiza Actualiza is a semi-automatic update program fo... Télécharger
wiiframe(freshmeat) wiiFrame wiiFrame is a simple GUI frame that has an Open... Télécharger
jumble(freshmeat) Jumble Jumble is a Java mutation tool for measuring th... Télécharger
sdl_anim(freshmeat) SDL_anim SDL_anim is an animation library for SDL. It lo... Télécharger
bsod(freshmeat) bsod Bsod displays the famous Windows XP blue screen... Télécharger
xooctory(freshmeat) Xooctory Xooctory is yet another continuous integration ... Télécharger
cvsstat(freshmeat) cvsstat cvsstat helps you get a good overview of the CV... Télécharger
pysqlite(freshmeat) pysqlite SQLite is a powerful embedded relational databa... Télécharger
qpyprofiler(freshmeat) qPyProfiler qPyProfiler is a GUI (graphical user interface)... Télécharger
python_xhtml(freshmeat) Python XHTML Python XHTML is a simple Python module for the ... Télécharger
sshwindows(sfnet) OpenSSH for Windows An installer for a minimal installation of the ... Télécharger
secure-slinux(freshmeat) Secure-SLinux Secure-SLinux is a secure, stable and full-feat... Télécharger
wiclear(freshmeat) Wiclear Wiclear aims to provide a simple, small, and ac... Télécharger
z3c_formjs(freshmeat) z3c.formjs z3c.formjs is designed to provide a Python API ... Télécharger
ara-rss(freshmeat) Ara Editor Ara Editor is an online script with a graphical... Télécharger
joconda(freshmeat) Joconda Joconda is a simple and small desktop database.... Télécharger
gnome-terminator(freshmeat) GNOME Terminator Terminator is an application that provides lots... Télécharger
phpframew(freshmeat) phpFramewerk phpFramewerk is a simple Web development frame... Télécharger
initmanager(freshmeat) Init Manager InitManager is an init.d manager that allows th... Télécharger

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