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jwchat(freshmeat) JWChat JWChat (Jabber Web Chat) aims to be a full feat... Télécharger
pgid3(freshmeat) PGID3 Tag Editor PGID3 is an editor for manipulating ID3v1 and v... Télécharger
qsheff(freshmeat) qSheff qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that sc... Télécharger
sporktris(freshmeat) Sporktris Sporktris is a clone of Tetris-clones. It is me... Télécharger
topmusic(freshmeat) Top Music Top Music allows you to publish music (albums, ... Télécharger
my_pipe(freshmeat) my_pipe my_pipe is a small daemon that binds on a Unix ... Télécharger
libpsync(freshmeat) libpsync The libpsync library provides lightweight porta... Télécharger
jbdiff(freshmeat) JBDiff JBDiff (Java Binary Diff) utility is a Java por... Télécharger
pam_chroot(freshmeat) pam_chroot pam_chroot is a Linux PAM module that allows a... Télécharger
radwiki(freshmeat) RADWiki RADWiki or "Rapid Application Development ... Télécharger
phpthumb(freshmeat) phpThumb() phpThumb() is a flexible thumbnail generator. T... Télécharger
covide(freshmeat) Covide Covide is a Web-based communication suite. It i... Télécharger
json-dwiw(freshmeat) JSON::DWIW JSON::DWIW is a Perl module that converts Perl ... Télécharger
larepdl(freshmeat) LaRepubblicaDL LaRepubblicaDL is a tool that allows users of t... Télécharger
lekuba(freshmeat) Lekuba Lekuba is a small text-based Jabber client. The... Télécharger
phpprojmaster(freshmeat) phpProjectMaster phpProjectMaster allows you to manage projects,... Télécharger
libmemcache(freshmeat) libmemcache libmemcache is the C API for memcached(8), a hi... Télécharger
metastores(freshmeat) metastores Java framework Metastores ("mts") is a framework for... Télécharger
jevaluator(freshmeat) JEvaluator JEvaluator is a Java class that implements a qu... Télécharger
crystalspace(freshmeat) Crystal Space Crystal Space is a free and portable 3D engine ... Télécharger
xml-parser-wrapper(freshmeat) XML::Parser::Wrapper XML::Parser::Wrapper is a Perl module for parsi... Télécharger
leandoc(freshmeat) leandoc Leandoc is a small documentation generator. Unl... Télécharger
sshatter(freshmeat) SSHatter SSHatter uses a brute force technique to determ... Télécharger
dbtroff(freshmeat) dbtroff dbtroff uses XSLT, Heirloom troff, and Ghostscr... Télécharger
bwview(freshmeat) BWView BWView is a recorded brain-wave viewing applica... Télécharger
php2wsdl(freshmeat) PHP2WSDL PHP2WSDL is a WSDL generator for PHP Web Servic... Télécharger
phpequimon(freshmeat) phpEquiMon phpEquiMon is a lightweight PHP Web application... Télécharger
apachejmeter(freshmeat) Apache JMeter The Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop a... Télécharger
openclinica(freshmeat) OpenClinica OpenClinica is software for clinical trials. It... Télécharger
xd3d(freshmeat) xd3d xd3d is a simple scientific visualization tool ... Télécharger
actfor(freshmeat) Active port forwarder Active port forwarder uses SSL for secure packe... Télécharger
ignis(freshmeat) ignis ignis is a special backup program for the SOHO ... Télécharger
pagex(freshmeat) Pagex Pagex is designed to be a barebones content man... Télécharger
amsynth(freshmeat) amsynth amsynth is a realtime polyphonic Analogue Model... Télécharger
darkworld(freshmeat) DarkWorld DarkWorld is a space-based massively multiplaye... Télécharger
gravacacher(freshmeat) Gravacacher Gravacacher is very simple and lightweight cach... Télécharger
xholon(freshmeat) Xholon Xholon is a flexible tool for multi-paradigm (U... Télécharger
milter-before(freshmeat) milter-before milter-before is a small Perl milter script to ... Télécharger
openfwtk(freshmeat) OpenFWTK OpenFWTK is an application proxy toolkit which ... Télécharger
lanshark(freshmeat) Lanshark Lanshark is a file sharing tool for local area ... Télécharger
mantissa(freshmeat) Mantissa Mantissa is a collection of various mathematica... Télécharger
rheavfs(freshmeat) RheaVFS RheaVFS allows you to turn an archive into a vi... Télécharger
socratima(freshmeat) SocratiMA SocratiMA is a computer program that supports g... Télécharger
hv3(freshmeat) Hv3 Web Browser Hv3 is a Web browser that uses Tkhtml 3 as its ... Télécharger
pxlib(freshmeat) pxlib pxlib is a simple and small C library for readi... Télécharger
php2go(freshmeat) PHP2Go PHP2Go is a framework built to help developers ... Télécharger
mpgedit_sdk(freshmeat) mpgedit SDK mpgedit Software Development Toolkit (SDK) is a... Télécharger
rr(freshmeat) rr rr is a basic command-line utility designed to ... Télécharger
beanshell(freshmeat) BeanShell BeanShell is an embeddable scripting language. ... Télécharger
gcalcli(freshmeat) gcalcli gcalcli is a Python application that allows you... Télécharger
sk1(freshmeat) sK1 sK1 is a vector graphics editor similar to Core... Télécharger
projectprophecy(freshmeat) Project Prophecy Project Prophecy is an experimental AI software... Télécharger
jsuml(freshmeat) JS/UML JS/UML is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that cre... Télécharger
ireport(freshmeat) iReport Designer for JasperReports iReport is a visual reporting tool based on Jas... Télécharger
activismnetwork(freshmeat) Activism Network Activism Network is a Web-based system that all... Télécharger
vodafonemobilec(freshmeat) Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux m... Télécharger
tttrigger(freshmeat) TTtrigger TTtrigger is a program intended for theater use... Télécharger
vian(freshmeat) vian Vian is a vi clone written completely in Javasc... Télécharger
svncrpr(freshmeat) SVN Create Project SVN Create Project creates a new SVN project us... Télécharger
linux-pam(freshmeat) Linux-PAM Linux-PAM provides a flexible mechanism for aut... Télécharger
woclema(freshmeat) Woclema Woclema is weblogging software that is intended... Télécharger
muxi(freshmeat) Muxi Muxi is a TV application and personal video re... Télécharger
flowdesigner(freshmeat) FlowDesigner FlowDesigner is a data flow-oriented developmen... Télécharger
xsensors(freshmeat) XSensors XSensors is a program designed to display all t... Télécharger
tegel(freshmeat) Tegel Tilemap Editor "Tegel" is an add-on for Allegro for ... Télécharger
silvertree(freshmeat) Silver Tree Silver Tree is a single player party-based 3D R... Télécharger
magmafs(freshmeat) Magma network filesystem Magma is an experimental network filesystem for... Télécharger
starcorp(freshmeat) Star Corp Star Corp is a space economic strategy multipla... Télécharger
scx-tools(freshmeat) SCX Tools SCX Tools is a set of utilities for Skype for L... Télécharger
recaptcha4j(freshmeat) recaptcha4j Recaptcha4j is a Java library that supports int... Télécharger
gpsdings(freshmeat) gpsdings GPSdings is a Java 1.5 command line tool for th... Télécharger
vimplugin(freshmeat) vimplugin Vimplugin is an attempt to use the Vim text edi... Télécharger
debarchiver(freshmeat) Debarchiver Debarchiver is a simple version of the official... Télécharger
geocache(freshmeat) geocache Geocache is a standalone proxy server for stori... Télécharger
createlogger(freshmeat) Create Java Logger Create Java Logger adds logger code to all Java... Télécharger
pyctd(freshmeat) pyctd pyctd is a XML-RPC service for monitoring and a... Télécharger
camp2ascii(freshmeat) camp2ascii camp2ascii is a tool for converting Campbell Sc... Télécharger
hmount(freshmeat) hmount hmount is a simple interface to HAL for mountin... Télécharger
freesteam(freshmeat) freesteam Freesteam is a library that allows you to calcu... Télécharger
wechselspieler(freshmeat) Wechselspieler Wechselspieler is a tool for mapping motion dat... Télécharger
lmadl(freshmeat) lmadl lmadl automates the downloading of shows and th... Télécharger
iptables-blocklist(freshmeat) iptables blocklist importer iptables blocklist importer is a Python program... Télécharger
sams(freshmeat) Squid Account Management System Squid Account Management System (SAMS) is a Web... Télécharger
gladtex(freshmeat) gladTeX gladTeX is a preprocessor that enables the use ... Télécharger
karaokeconsmil(freshmeat) Karaoke con SMIL Karaoke con SMIL is a project to synchronize au... Télécharger
gfd(freshmeat) GFP GFP is a Java/Swing personal finance manager th... Télécharger
clanbomber2(freshmeat) ClanBomber2 ClanBomber2 is essentially a DirectFB port of ... Télécharger
bluemarine(freshmeat) bluemarine bluemarine is a Java application for supporting... Télécharger
hivetools(freshmeat) Hivetools Hivetools provides a flexible API by which one ... Télécharger
logicreasoner(freshmeat) Logic Reasoner Logic Reasoner is a theorem prover for first-or... Télécharger
phpgraphed(freshmeat) phpGraphEd phpGraphEd is a graph drawing class for PHP. It... Télécharger
orphne(freshmeat) Orphne Orphne is a highly specialized Web browser, bas... Télécharger
pynetfilterconntrack(freshmeat) pynetfilter_conntrack pynetfilter_conntrack is a Python binding for l... Télécharger
archivist(freshmeat) Archivist Archivist is a command-line program and C# libr... Télécharger
ndevinfo(freshmeat) Ndevinfo Ndevinfo is an application which is used to con... Télécharger
beanlet(freshmeat) Beanlet Beanlet is an IoC container that was inspired b... Télécharger
phpscrew(freshmeat) PHP Screw PHP Screw is a PHP script encryption tool. When... Télécharger
pedit(freshmeat) Pedit The pickle module implements a fundamental, but... Télécharger
dbhcms(freshmeat) DBHcms The DBHcms is a small content management system... Télécharger
pikloops(freshmeat) PikLoops PiKLoop generates code to create delays for Mic... Télécharger

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