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mrlolsr(freshmeat) NRL OLSR NRL OLSR is the NRL's implementation of the OLS... Télécharger
pdo-x(freshmeat) pdo-x pdo-x is a data access library for PHP5. It is ... Télécharger
xbak(freshmeat) xBaK xBaK is a fan-made remake of the classic Sierra... Télécharger
sbcommander(freshmeat) SoundBridge Commander SBC (a.k.a. "SoundBridge Commander") ... Télécharger
gemsemfintelligence(freshmeat) GEMS EMF Intelligence GEMS EMF Intelligence is a framework designed t... Télécharger
heijunka-kanban(freshmeat) web heijunka-kanban web heijunka-kanban is a project to implement a... Télécharger
phpbookin(freshmeat) PHP BookIn PHP BookIn is an online bookmark manager that y... Télécharger
jchecs(freshmeat) jChecs jChecs is a simple Java chess program designed ... Télécharger
copperexport(freshmeat) CopperExport CopperExport is an iPhoto export plugin for pub... Télécharger
pimms(freshmeat) PIMMS PIMMS is a distributed system to retrieve and d... Télécharger
nix-packager(freshmeat) Nix Package Manager Nix is a purely functional package manager. It ... Télécharger
pingus(freshmeat) Pingus Pingus is a free Lemmings-like game for GNU/Lin... Télécharger
gws(freshmeat) GWorkspace GWorkspace is the official GNUstep workspace ma... Télécharger
gnustep-examples(freshmeat) GNUstep examples GNUstep examples is a collection of programs th... Télécharger
proma(freshmeat) ProMA ProMA is a PHP-based system for administrating ... Télécharger
gccpl1(freshmeat) PL/1 for GCC The pl1gcc project is an attempt to create a na... Télécharger
overcr(freshmeat) OverCR OverCR is a network daemon that utilizes a cond... Télécharger
nsspgsql(freshmeat) nss-pgsql nss-pgsql is a name service switch (NSS) module... Télécharger
ptabtools(freshmeat) PowerTab Tools PowerTab Tools contains a library for accessing... Télécharger
openmodellerdesktop(freshmeat) openModeller Desktop openModeller Desktop is a user friendly interfa... Télécharger
phpmyversion(freshmeat) phpMyVersion PHPMyVersion is designed to keep track of schem... Télécharger
horgand(freshmeat) Horgand Horgand is a graphical FM real time organ with ... Télécharger
sitemap_gen(freshmeat) sitemap_gen sitemap_gen is a platform-independent site map ... Télécharger
inverse-lightning-enhancer(freshmeat) Inverse Lightning enhancer plugin Inverse Lightning enhancer plugin enhances the ... Télécharger
kpowersave(freshmeat) KPowersave KPowersave provides battery monitoring, CPU fre... Télécharger
ceodbc(freshmeat) ceODBC ceODBC is a Python extension module that enable... Télécharger
deskbar-tomboy(freshmeat) Deskbar Tomboy Plugin Deskbar Tomboy Plugin is a plugin for Deskbar t... Télécharger
gazest(freshmeat) Gazest Gazest is a wiki inspired by Git and Mercurial.... Télécharger
honeytrap(freshmeat) honeytrap Honeytrap is a network security tool written to... Télécharger
openjx(freshmeat) OpenJX OpenJX is a Java XML form language. It is meant... Télécharger
rarcrack(freshmeat) RarCrack! RarCrack! uses a brute force algorithm to guess... Télécharger
midas_daq(freshmeat) MIDAS DAQ MIDAS is a data acquisition system for small an... Télécharger
wzdftpd(freshmeat) wzdftpd wzdftpd is designed to be a small, efficient, a... Télécharger
wwlisp(freshmeat) wwlisp wwlisp is an interpreted programming language f... Télécharger
jujunie-integration(freshmeat) Jujunie-Integration Jujunie-integration integrates third party tool... Télécharger
er2sql(freshmeat) ER to SQL converter er2sql is a script which converts an ER (Entity... Télécharger
bmotion(freshmeat) bMotion bMotion is an AI script for eggdrop bots that g... Télécharger
libao(freshmeat) libao Libao is a cross-platform audio library that al... Télécharger
bonddb(freshmeat) bonddb bonddb is an object orientated wrapper for Pos... Télécharger
cubulus(freshmeat) Cubulus OLAP Cubulus is an analytic engine and a slice and d... Télécharger
incollector(freshmeat) Incollector Incollector is an application to collect variou... Télécharger
ssafx(freshmeat) Server Side Application FrameworX Server Side Application FrameworX (SSAFX) provi... Télécharger
yacpi(freshmeat) yacpi yacpi is yet another configuration and power in... Télécharger
pulseaudio(freshmeat) PulseAudio PulseAudio is a sound server for Linux and othe... Télécharger
paprefs(freshmeat) PulseAudio Preferences PulseAudio Preferences is a simple GTK-based co... Télécharger
paman(freshmeat) PulseAudio Manager PulseAudio Manager is a simple GUI frontend for... Télécharger
pavumeter(freshmeat) PulseAudio Volume Meter PulseAudio Volume Meter is a simple GTK volume ... Télécharger
gst-pulse(freshmeat) gst-pulse gst-pulse is a GStreamer sink for the PulseAudi... Télécharger
pavucontrol(freshmeat) PulseAudio Volume Control PulseAudio Volume Control is a simple GTK-based... Télécharger
autoupdate(freshmeat) AutoUpdate AutoUpdate is a Perl script which performs a ta... Télécharger
wanwifimap(freshmeat) TheWan.net WiFiMap WiFiMap allows you to view a network (initially... Télécharger
libbond(freshmeat) building object network databases BOND (building object network databases) is dat... Télécharger
postgresqlcybercluster(freshmeat) Cybercluster Cybercluster is a multi-master replication solu... Télécharger
gwt-reflection(freshmeat) gwt-reflection GWT Reflection is a small framework which gives... Télécharger
tribiqcms(freshmeat) Tribiq CMS Tribiq CMS is an multilingual content managemen... Télécharger
pfpstudio(freshmeat) PfP Studio PfP Studio is a visual programming system for r... Télécharger
nessquik(freshmeat) nessquik nessquik is a fast Web-based Nessus scanner tha... Télécharger
msncp(freshmeat) MSNCP The MSNCP is a complete client for the MSN netw... Télécharger
skeleton_engine(freshmeat) Skeleton Engine for MySQL The Skeleton Engine is a starting point for cre... Télécharger
php-stl(freshmeat) PHP-STL php-stl is a templating implementation similar ... Télécharger
methodsupport(freshmeat) Method Support Method Support is a system for quickly producin... Télécharger
libft(freshmeat) LibFakeTime LibFakeTime is a shared library that provides f... Télécharger
jdbclogger(freshmeat) jdbclogger JDBC Logger is a tool that intercepts and logs ... Télécharger
outkafe(freshmeat) OutKafe OutKafe is a next-generation Internet cafe mana... Télécharger
dbmail(freshmeat) DBMAIL The DBMAIL package replaces the normal UNIX mai... Télécharger
songwrite(freshmeat) Songwrite Songwrite is a tablature editor. It supports ma... Télécharger
jgallery(freshmeat) jGallery jGallery is a Web application to present image ... Télécharger
jfin(freshmeat) jFin jFin is a pure Java implementation of financial... Télécharger
prayerboard(freshmeat) Prayer Board Prayer Board records, organizes, and displays r... Télécharger
netliteftp(freshmeat) Net-Lite-FTP Net::Lite::FTP is a simple Perl library for acc... Télécharger
e3(freshmeat) e3 e3 is a full-screen, user-friendly text editor ... Télécharger
libsoup(freshmeat) libsoup libsoup is an HTTP client/server library. It us... Télécharger
cshampoo(freshmeat) cshampoo cshampoo is a portable library for writing Web ... Télécharger
phpftpwho(freshmeat) phpftpwho phpftpwho is a PHP program that formats and dis... Télécharger
msnlib(freshmeat) msnlib msnlib is an MSN Messenger protocol library and... Télécharger
netgrowler(freshmeat) NetGrowler NetGrowler displays pop-up notifications of net... Télécharger
linsanity(freshmeat) Linsanity Linsanity is a suite of test tools designed to ... Télécharger
bpkit(freshmeat) BPKit BPKIT is a toolkit of block preconditioners for... Télécharger
gtkmm-utils(freshmeat) gtkmm-utils gtkmm-utils is a C++ utility and widget library... Télécharger
osgedit(freshmeat) OpenSceneGraph Editor OpenSceneGraph Editor (OSGEdit) is used to comp... Télécharger
lvprog(freshmeat) LVProg LVProg is an application for programming a ROM ... Télécharger
rhythmweb(freshmeat) Rhythmweb Rhythmweb lets you control Rhythmbox remotely f... Télécharger
gnomeicu(freshmeat) GnomeICU GnomeICU is a Gnome application which allows on... Télécharger
skatgui(freshmeat) SkatGUI SkatGUI is a graphical user interface for ISS, ... Télécharger
rxpd_xchat(freshmeat) Rxpd plugin for XChat Rxpd plugin for XChat is a plugin for the XChat... Télécharger
omegat(freshmeat) OmegaT OmegaT is a translation memory application inte... Télécharger
refdb(freshmeat) RefDB RefDB is a reference database and bibliography ... Télécharger
extendjs(freshmeat) Extend For JavaScript Extend allows you to use traditional single-cla... Télécharger
milenia(freshmeat) Milenia Grafter Server Milenia Grafter Server is a very simple and pow... Télécharger
kiwi-markup(freshmeat) Kiwi Markup Kiwi is yet another text to HTML processor whic... Télécharger
etiny(freshmeat) Tiny ERP Web client The Tiny ERP Web client is a Turbogears/AJAX in... Télécharger
yosucker(freshmeat) Yahoo Mail Sucker Yahoo Mail Sucker allows you to fetch Yahoo Mai... Télécharger
cntlm(freshmeat) Cntlm Cntlm is an NTLM, NTLM2SR, NTLMv2 authenticatin... Télécharger
sahana(freshmeat) Sahana Disaster Management System Sahana is a Web-based disaster / crisis / emerg... Télécharger
datajoycms(freshmeat) Datajoy CMS Datajoy CMS is all-in-one Web content managemen... Télécharger
alsaplayer(freshmeat) AlsaPlayer AlsaPlayer is a new PCM player written with the... Télécharger
phpmyvisites(freshmeat) phpMyVisites phpMyVisites is a Web traffic analyzer with ver... Télécharger
proximity(freshmeat) Proximity Proximity is a cross between an HTTP proxy and ... Télécharger
jsculpt(freshmeat) JSculpt JSculpt is a script-based 3D constructive solid... Télécharger
darkerirc(freshmeat) DarkerIRC DarkerIRC is a Java applet which provides IRC c... Télécharger

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