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montsuqi(freshmeat) MONTSUQI MONTSUQI is a small transaction monitor for Uni... Télécharger
libxblf(freshmeat) libxblf libxblf is a library to provide a REST client t... Télécharger
mailarchiva(freshmeat) MailArchiva MailArchiva is a full featured email archiving ... Télécharger
subtitles(freshmeat) Subtitles Subtitles consists of a command line tool, 'sub... Télécharger
openwififinder(freshmeat) Open WiFi-Finder Open WiFi-Finder provides replacement firmware ... Télécharger
ripoffc(freshmeat) RipOff CD Ripper RipOff is a GTK+ based CD ripper for Linux (and... Télécharger
jumbomem(freshmeat) JumboMem JumboMem gives unmodified binaries transparent ... Télécharger
alphamail(freshmeat) AlphaMail AlphaMail is a mod_perl webmail system with a C... Télécharger
zim(freshmeat) Zim Zim is a graphical text editor used to maintain... Télécharger
rxpd(freshmeat) Regex Policy Daemon The RegexPolicyDaemon (rxpd) can be used to eff... Télécharger
infon(freshmeat) Infon Battle Arena Infon Battle Arena is a networked multiplayer r... Télécharger
duckmaze(freshmeat) duckmaze duckmaze is a game about a duck that is in a ma... Télécharger
jpokertm(freshmeat) JPokerTM JPokerTM is a poker tournament manager applicat... Télécharger
djvulibre(freshmeat) DjVuLibre DjVu is a Web-centric format and software platf... Télécharger
xaware(freshmeat) XAware XAware provides a solution for building real ti... Télécharger
diogene87(freshmeat) Diogene87 Diogene87 is a powerful job scheduling system. ... Télécharger
gex(freshmeat) GEX GEX is a small and simple desktop environment f... Télécharger
zhuashushell(freshmeat) ZhuaShuShell ZhuaShuShell is a set of scripts to crawl a col... Télécharger
d-collide(freshmeat) D-Collide D-Collide is a collision detection library with... Télécharger
tnl(freshmeat) Thunder&Lightning Thunder&Lightning is a futuristic action fl... Télécharger
nas(freshmeat) NAS In a nutshell, the Network Audio System (NAS) i... Télécharger
simple-mysql-class(freshmeat) Simple MySQL DB Class Simple MySQL DB Class is a PHP class that acts ... Télécharger
phpwebcounter(freshmeat) PHP Web Counter PHP Web Counter is a script to show the number ... Télécharger
ibis(freshmeat) Ibis Ibis is an efficient and flexible Java-based pr... Télécharger
rwsecure(freshmeat) RWSecure RWSecure parses the /var/log/secure (or specifi... Télécharger
jpalm(freshmeat) jpalm jpalm is an API for manipulating PalmDB and Mob... Télécharger
juint(freshmeat) juint juint provides unsigned and signed 8,16, and 32... Télécharger
pipviewer(freshmeat) Pipviewer Pipviewer is a visualizer for multiple alignmen... Télécharger
vhybridize(freshmeat) Vhybridize This package contains Virtual Hybridization too... Télécharger
yould(freshmeat) Yould Yould generates pronounceable random words usin... Télécharger
minimalist-admin(freshmeat) Minimalist Admin Minimalist Admin is a very simple Web interface... Télécharger
cubix(freshmeat) Cubix Cubix is a Tetris clone. It uses OpenGL for the... Télécharger
fbctrl(freshmeat) fbctrl fbctrl is a very lightweight utility to switch ... Télécharger
gwtphp(freshmeat) gwtphp GWTPHP is a PHP port for GWT Server (RemoteServ... Télécharger
boardmod(freshmeat) BoardMod BoardMod is a tool to manage installed modifica... Télécharger
xdaliclock(freshmeat) XDaliClock Dali Clock is a digital clock for Mac OS X, the... Télécharger
ajaxer(freshmeat) ajax.E.R. ajax.E.R. is a quick and dirty E.R. modeling to... Télécharger
footex(freshmeat) FooTeX FooTex is software for converting LaTeX math ma... Télécharger
freewvs(freshmeat) freewvs freewvs is a tool to search Web roots for known... Télécharger
check_writable(freshmeat) check_writable check_writable is a Nagios plugin that checks i... Télécharger
gizmod(freshmeat) Gizmo Daemon Gizmo Daemon is a program for controlling your ... Télécharger
pycleartool(freshmeat) Pycleartool Pycleartool is a Python extension that provides... Télécharger
autoivrdialer(freshmeat) Auto IVR Dialer Auto IVR Dialer automatically dials numbers fro... Télécharger
hatatap(freshmeat) hatatap hatatap is an HTTP scripting tool with scripts ... Télécharger
puzzlogic-jigsaw(freshmeat) Puzzlogic: Jigsaw Library Jigsaw is an embedded data-store designed for t... Télécharger
shandian(freshmeat) Shandian Shandian is a flashcard system for Heisig's Chi... Télécharger
kitikat(freshmeat) Kitikat The Kitikat Java Framework is a powerful but si... Télécharger
t2(freshmeat) T2 SDE The T2 SDE is a system development environment ... Télécharger
roadmap(freshmeat) RoadMap RoadMap is a navigation program for Unix and Po... Télécharger
smb4php(freshmeat) smb4php smb4php is a Samba stream wrapper for PHP to ac... Télécharger
nonox(freshmeat) NoNox NoNox is intended to help automate the defense ... Télécharger
wmii(freshmeat) window manager improved 2 wmii is the next generation of wmi. It is a hig... Télécharger
saotrace(freshmeat) SAOTrace SAOTrace is a suite of software designed to sim... Télécharger
gtkpsproc(freshmeat) GtkPSproc GtkPSproc is a GUI frontend for PSUTILS. It all... Télécharger
flsynclient(freshmeat) flSynclient flSynclient is a frontend for configuring the S... Télécharger
selenium-core(freshmeat) Selenium Core Selenium Core is a JavaScript-based test tool f... Télécharger
jp(freshmeat) JeguePanel JeguePanel is a panel to provide easy managemen... Télécharger
phpaga(freshmeat) phpaga phpaga is a Web-based project, task, invoice, a... Télécharger
selenium-rc(freshmeat) Selenium Remote Control Selenium Remote Control is a test tool that all... Télécharger
gdoctave(freshmeat) GD-Octave GD-Octave is a library glue for exporting GD li... Télécharger
ejoe(freshmeat) EJOE EJOE is a lightweight Java remoting framework b... Télécharger
colinux(freshmeat) Cooperative Linux Cooperative Linux is a version of the Linux ke... Télécharger
obc(freshmeat) Object based C OBC is a library for object-oriented programmin... Télécharger
sacddecoder(sfnet) Super Audio CD Decoder Super Audio CD Decoder input plugin for foobar2... Télécharger
voiptext(freshmeat) voiptext voiptext is a command-line utility which can se... Télécharger
ya-options-pm(freshmeat) Options.pm Options.pm is a command-line option-parsing Per... Télécharger
jpen(freshmeat) JPen JPen is a Java library for accessing pen/digiti... Télécharger
rapptor(freshmeat) RAPPTOR RAPPTOR is a semantic technologies-enabled Web ... Télécharger
acs7_check(freshmeat) acs7_check acs7_check is a package to check or monitor the... Télécharger
wifiroute(freshmeat) Wifiroute Wifiroute is a system for providing authenticat... Télécharger
trafitizer(freshmeat) Traffic Prioritizer Traffic Prioritizer is designed to run on a Lin... Télécharger
rubygame(freshmeat) Rubygame Rubygame is a cross-platform game and multimedi... Télécharger
ajaxslt(freshmeat) AJAXSLT AJAXSLT is an implementation of XSLT in JavaScr... Télécharger
opensbs(freshmeat) OpenSBS OpenSBS makes it easy to deploy a Samba Primary... Télécharger
aakretechtimetrack(freshmeat) Aakretech TimeTrack Aakretech TimeTrack lets you easily keep track ... Télécharger
domainhunter(freshmeat) Domain Hunter Domain Hunter is a simple application to monito... Télécharger
kirocker(freshmeat) Kirocker Music Display Kirocker is a Kicker applet that displays what ... Télécharger
marcopolo(freshmeat) MarcoPolo MarcoPolo uses fuzzy logic and rule-based match... Télécharger
messyfront(freshmeat) MESSyFront MESSyFront is a frontend for the MESS emulator.... Télécharger
dprofpp_grapher(freshmeat) dprofpp_grapher dprofpp_grapher generates a graphic representat... Télécharger
sure-book(freshmeat) Firefly Sure Book Firefly Sure Book is a Web-based booking system... Télécharger
openvmtools(freshmeat) Open Virtual Machine Tools The Open Virtual Machine Tools (open-vm-tools) ... Télécharger
gtkfortune(freshmeat) Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies is a program that disp... Télécharger
vegui(freshmeat) vegUI vegUI is a JavaScript based AJAX framework and ... Télécharger
norfellocmmsos(freshmeat) NorfelloCMMS OS NorfelloCMMS OS is a powerful CMMS application.... Télécharger
x60br(freshmeat) X60 Browser x60br is a graphical tool that allows you to ea... Télécharger
uncommons-maths(freshmeat) Uncommons Maths Uncommons Maths is a Java library consisting of... Télécharger
orgdirectory(freshmeat) OrgDirectory OrgDirectory is a Web-based tool for recording ... Télécharger
cmsfornerd(freshmeat) CmsFornerd CmsForNerd is a CMS for nerds. You need to know... Télécharger
dye(freshmeat) DYE Framework DYE is the Do-it-Yourself Embedded Environment ... Télécharger
epiphany(freshmeat) Epiphany Epiphany is a multiplatform clone of the game B... Télécharger
mp32rtp(freshmeat) mp32rtp mp32rtp is a C program for streaming MPEG audio... Télécharger
twin(freshmeat) twin Twin is a text-mode window environment. It turn... Télécharger
ospace(freshmeat) Outer Space Outer Space is an online strategy game which ta... Télécharger
hivurt(freshmeat) Hivurt Hivurt is a content management system powered b... Télécharger
netstat-nat(freshmeat) netstat-nat netstat-nat is a small program written in C whi... Télécharger
pysmssend(freshmeat) Pysmssend Pysmssend project is a program for sending SMS ... Télécharger
getnonfreenonus(freshmeat) Get-NonFree-NonUS Get-NonFree-NonUS allows you to automatically d... Télécharger
atlas-cpp(freshmeat) WorldForge::Atlas-C++ The Atlas protocol is intended for use in netwo... Télécharger
closebracket(freshmeat) Closebracket Closebracket lets you define multiple shell act... Télécharger

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