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freesg(freshmeat) FreeSG FreeSG is a portable, high-level 3D engine with... Télécharger
cadtools(freshmeat) CADTools CADTools is a modern 3D computer-aided design (... Télécharger
diary(freshmeat) Dream Diary Dream Diary is an encrypted diary application. ... Télécharger
sarien(freshmeat) Sarien Sarien is a portable Sierra AGI resource interp... Télécharger
cly(freshmeat) CLY CLY is a Python module for simplifying the crea... Télécharger
pkpgcounter(freshmeat) pkpgcounter pkpgcounter parses files and outputs the number... Télécharger
preppi(freshmeat) Preppi Preppi is a simple graphical client for the Ext... Télécharger
grafflemate(freshmeat) grafflemate grafflemate is a set of Archimate stencils for ... Télécharger
nuapplet2(freshmeat) NuApplet2 NuApplet2 is a graphical client for the authent... Télécharger
sitemapcreator(freshmeat) Sitemap Creator Sitemap Creator crawls/spiders your Web site, c... Télécharger
sx360(freshmeat) sx360 sx360 is a C++ library for creating, reading, a... Télécharger
xpad(freshmeat) xpad xpad is a paperless substitute for leaving stic... Télécharger
rssfeedportal(freshmeat) RSS Feed URL portal site RSS Feed URLs portal site is a script that allo... Télécharger
svnbot(freshmeat) SVNBot SVNBot is a program written in PHP that constan... Télécharger
photo-uploader(freshmeat) Photo uploader Photo uploader is a command line utility (and P... Télécharger
apydia(freshmeat) Apydia Apydia is an API reference documentation genera... Télécharger
grabslides(freshmeat) grabslides grabslides allows you to capture frames from an... Télécharger
bwfirt(freshmeat) bwfirt bwfirt is a framework for benchmarking ray trac... Télécharger
bloodspilotclient(freshmeat) BloodsPilot Client BloodsPilot is a new branch of the classic Inte... Télécharger
xfce4-sensors-plugin(freshmeat) Xfce4 Sensors Plugin Xfce4 Sensors Plugin is a plugin for the Xfce 4... Télécharger
wso2esb(freshmeat) WSO2-ESB WSO2 ESB is a lightweight Enterprise Service Bu... Télécharger
thejavaexorcist(freshmeat) The Java Exorcist The Java Exorcist is a simple Java syntax exten... Télécharger
libqtpod(freshmeat) libQtPod LibQtPod provides access to the contents of an ... Télécharger
limit(freshmeat) limit limit runs a specified command and sends it a s... Télécharger
je6b(freshmeat) jE6-B jE6-B is an emulator of some of the functionali... Télécharger
configrecord(freshmeat) Config::Record Config::Record provides a module for loading co... Télécharger
nmap(freshmeat) Nmap Security Scanner Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a utility ... Télécharger
exmid(freshmeat) The Epeios MIDI to XML converter The Epeios MIDI to XML converter makes it possi... Télécharger
jxta(freshmeat) JXTA P2P JXTA technology is a set of open protocols that... Télécharger
etix(freshmeat) ETIX Linux ETIX is a Linux distribution with a Java flavou... Télécharger
cswebmail(freshmeat) CsWebmail CsWebmail is yet another Web mail application. ... Télécharger
alerttail(freshmeat) Alerttail Alerttail monitors a given file and executes a ... Télécharger
apility_agua(freshmeat) APIlity Agua APIlity Agua is an AJAX application that allows... Télécharger
web-archive-creator(freshmeat) web-archive-creator wget can be used to download a Web site, with a... Télécharger
p3textractor(freshmeat) PS3 Theme Extractor PS3 Theme Extractor unpacks Playstation 3 Theme... Télécharger
crimson(freshmeat) Crimson Fields Crimson Fields is a tactical war game in the tr... Télécharger
discspan(freshmeat) DiscSpan DiscSpan is a tool that will take that a large ... Télécharger
linapple-emu(freshmeat) LinApple Emulator Linapple is an emulator of Apple 2 (Apple][, Ap... Télécharger
l4linux(freshmeat) l4linux L4Linux runs in user-mode on top of the µ-kerne... Télécharger
grsecurity(freshmeat) grsecurity grsecurity is a complete security system for Li... Télécharger
lids(freshmeat) Linux Intrusion Detection System The Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is ... Télécharger
snare(freshmeat) SNARE SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting ... Télécharger
grandr_applet(freshmeat) Grandr Applet Grandr is a GNOME Panel Applet that allows you ... Télécharger
nailer(freshmeat) Nailer Nailer is a command line application for genera... Télécharger
makerunscript(freshmeat) Make Run Script MakeRunScript is a custom task for ant that gen... Télécharger
genericftp(freshmeat) Generic-FTP Generic-FTP is an FTP proxy-like application. I... Télécharger
ivman(freshmeat) Ivman Ivman is a flexible userspace volume manager fo... Télécharger
lybniz(freshmeat) Lybniz Lybniz is a simple desktop graph plotter. It ca... Télécharger
pfuel(freshmeat) pFuel pFuel is an enhanced version of "The Palm ... Télécharger
remove-master(freshmeat) Remove Master Remove-master works like the normal "rm&qu... Télécharger
fav2png(freshmeat) fav2png fav2png is a CGI script that converts the favic... Télécharger
libstratanetsh(freshmeat) libstratanetsh libstratanetsh (previously called "libnets... Télécharger
katerchen(freshmeat) Das Katerchen Das Katerchen SMTP Server is a simple SMTP serv... Télécharger
mplay(freshmeat) mplay mplay is a console-based front-end for MPlayer... Télécharger
activemq(freshmeat) Apache ActiveMQ Apache ActiveMQ is a popular and powerful messa... Télécharger
apt-zeroconf(freshmeat) apt-zeroconf Apt-zeroconf is a distributed apt-cacher for lo... Télécharger
jgcalapi(freshmeat) JGCalAPI JGCalAPI provides an easy-to-use Java wrapper f... Télécharger
schnolgo(freshmeat) schnolgo Schnolgo is a musical composition system. It ha... Télécharger
exiftags(freshmeat) exiftags exiftags parses a JPEG file looking for Exif (E... Télécharger
watchmaker(freshmeat) Watchmaker Watchmaker is an extensible, high-performance, ... Télécharger
rebol-orca(freshmeat) ORCA REBOL language clone ORCA is an interpreter for a REBOL-like languag... Télécharger
bitnamiopina(freshmeat) BitNami Opina Stack BitNami Opina Stack is an easy-to-install distr... Télécharger
exscript(freshmeat) Exscript Exscript is a scripting language for automating... Télécharger
lisp-network-server(freshmeat) lisp-network-server lisp-network-server is a simple framework for w... Télécharger
csndr(freshmeat) Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk (Choerbaerts se... Télécharger
lns_http(freshmeat) lns.http lns.http is a simple framework for writing Comm... Télécharger
holtz(freshmeat) Holtz Holtz is an implementation of the abstract stra... Télécharger
pyxcom(freshmeat) pyxcom pyxcom is a Python interface to XCOM. It makes ... Télécharger
gnoteman(freshmeat) gnoteman gnoteman is a quick and simple note taking appl... Télécharger
osirix(freshmeat) OsiriX OsiriX is an image processing software dedicate... Télécharger
gkrelldnet(freshmeat) GKrellM Distributed.net Plugin GKrellDnet is Distributed.net client monitor pl... Télécharger
labplot(freshmeat) LabPlot LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting ... Télécharger
gtk-send-pr(freshmeat) GTK+ send-pr gtk-send-pr is a problem report tool, designed ... Télécharger
nuhe(freshmeat) Nuhe Nuhe is a rule based log monitoring system whic... Télécharger
testautobuild(freshmeat) Test-AutoBuild Test-AutoBuild is a framework for performing co... Télécharger
pymfvu(freshmeat) pymfvu pymfvu is a WMF/EMF file viewer. It was started... Télécharger
libvirt(freshmeat) libvirt Libvirt is a library for management of virtuali... Télécharger
thefish(freshmeat) The Fish The Fish provides a GTK-based graphical tool to... Télécharger
flightgear(freshmeat) FlightGear The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a f... Télécharger
cprops(freshmeat) cprops The cprops (C prototyping tools) library provid... Télécharger
nagvis(freshmeat) NagVis NagVis is a visualization add-on for the well k... Télécharger
gpalta(freshmeat) GPalta GPalta is a genetic programming toolbox that ai... Télécharger
pureftpdmanager(freshmeat) PureFTPd Manager PureFTPd Manager is a small Cocoa frontend to P... Télécharger
systrace(freshmeat) Systrace Systrace enforces system call policies for appl... Télécharger
martyr(freshmeat) Martyr Martyr is a Java framework around the IRC proto... Télécharger
linuxcoe(freshmeat) LinuxCOE The HP Linux Common Operating Environment (Linu... Télécharger
srripc(freshmeat) SRR Kernel Module The SRR Module (srripc) is a synchronous messag... Télécharger
vcddb(freshmeat) VCD-db VCD-db is Web-based movie catalog software. It ... Télécharger
libgnomeui(freshmeat) libgnomeui libgnomeui is the one of the new core libraries... Télécharger
momelog(freshmeat) MoMELog MoMELog very simple and extensible J2ME logging... Télécharger
libproxy(freshmeat) libproxy libproxy is a library that provides automatic p... Télécharger
ircd-ratbox(freshmeat) ircd-ratbox ircd-ratbox is an IRC server that combines the ... Télécharger
buster(freshmeat) Buster Buster is a Model-View-Controller framework for... Télécharger
proj_4(freshmeat) PROJ.4 PROJ.4 is a cartographic projections and datum ... Télécharger
gyachi(freshmeat) GyachI Gyachl is an unofficial fork of the Gyach Enhan... Télécharger
nautilus-image-converter(freshmeat) Nautilus Image Converter Nautilus Image Converter is a Nautilus extensio... Télécharger
yudit(freshmeat) Yudit Yudit is a Unicode text editor for the X Window... Télécharger
pyhtmlhelp(freshmeat) pyhtmlhelp pyhtmlhelp is a cross-platform tool written in ... Télécharger
swpkg(freshmeat) swpkg swpkg is a collection of tools which allow a sy... Télécharger
magicmakefile(freshmeat) Magic Makefile Magic Makefile is an alternative to autoconf/au... Télécharger

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