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esr-backup(freshmeat) ESR Backup ESR Backup (Easy, Secure, Remote) is a backup ... Télécharger
xhtmldoclet(freshmeat) XHTML Doclet XHTML Doclet is a standards-compliant alternati... Télécharger
lpsm(freshmeat) Linux Persistent Memory LPSM is a C library with a simple interface tha... Télécharger
hypercube(freshmeat) Hypercube Hypercube is a graph visualization tool for dra... Télécharger
w-vyboryclicker(sfnet) webvybory_clicker_1.0 No description Télécharger
roomjuice(freshmeat) Room Juice Room Juice is a multi-user jukebox Web frontend... Télécharger
aroundmepi(freshmeat) AROUNDMe Personal identity AROUNDMe Personal identity is a solution for an... Télécharger
listlike(freshmeat) ListLike The ListLike module provides a common interface... Télécharger
anydbm(freshmeat) AnyDBM AnyDBM is a Haskell module that provides a gene... Télécharger
wagateway(freshmeat) Web Application Gateway Web Application Gateway provides core function... Télécharger
ustr(freshmeat) ustr ustr (Micro string library) is a string API for... Télécharger
jxls(freshmeat) jXLS jXLS is Java component for exporting data to th... Télécharger
kguitar(freshmeat) KGuitar KGuitar is powerful KDE-based music tablature e... Télécharger
gtkpinger(freshmeat) GTK-Pinger GTK-Pinger is a utility to ping multiple addres... Télécharger
4dtris(freshmeat) 4DTris 4D-TRIS is an alteration of the well-known Tetr... Télécharger
enhydrashark(freshmeat) Enhydra Shark Shark is an extendable Java workflow engine fra... Télécharger
pyhoo(freshmeat) pyhoo Pyhoo is a script that converts Yahoo IM logs i... Télécharger
xmds(freshmeat) xmds XMDS is a code generator that integrates equati... Télécharger
ucsd-psystem-fs(freshmeat) ucsd-psystem-fs The ucsd-psystem-fs package allows you to mount... Télécharger
freeradius(freshmeat) FreeRADIUS FreeRADIUS is a high-performance, highly config... Télécharger
lside(freshmeat) Lside lside is a utility for displaying information a... Télécharger
pms(freshmeat) Python Message Service PMS/PyPubSub (short for Python Message Service ... Télécharger
scantool(freshmeat) scantool.net scantool.net is software to access your car's O... Télécharger
phpmyrecord(freshmeat) Php My (Active) Record Php My (Active) Record is an implementation of ... Télécharger
wf(freshmeat) wf wf scans a text file or standard input and coun... Télécharger
cgmail(freshmeat) cgmail cgmail (check Gmail) is an email checker and no... Télécharger
gssmp(freshmeat) Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player is a small, ... Télécharger
avis_client_java(freshmeat) Avis client library for Java The Avis client library is a Java API for clien... Télécharger
ranpwd(freshmeat) ranpwd ranpwd is a small utility for generating random... Télécharger
formulax(freshmeat) Formulax Formulax is a small Web application which rende... Télécharger
vbataxx(freshmeat) VBAtaxx VBAtaxx is a clone of the well known Ataxx game... Télécharger
myajax(freshmeat) myAJAX myAJAX is an AJAX JavaScript OOP implementation... Télécharger
winshares(freshmeat) WinShares WinShares is a Linux program that scans the net... Télécharger
dbblast(freshmeat) dbblast Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster) is a utility that ... Télécharger
libnickel(freshmeat) Nickel library Nickel is a library for hierarchical maps and .... Télécharger
efibootmgr(freshmeat) efibootmgr efibootmgr displays and allows the user to edit... Télécharger
yamon(freshmeat) Yamon Yamon is a very simple program designed to chec... Télécharger
openhttm(freshmeat) Open Hidden Topic Markov Model OpenHTMM is an implementation specifically desi... Télécharger
snprintf(freshmeat) C99-snprintf C99‑snprintf is a free, portable, and... Télécharger
pyrpm(freshmeat) PyRPM PyRPM is an experimental project to look at RPM... Télécharger
jtmos(freshmeat) JTMOS JTMOS stands for "Jari Tuominen's Minimal ... Télécharger
oilcan(freshmeat) OilCan OilCan is a native Universal Binary multithread... Télécharger
datreader(freshmeat) datreader datreader is a tool for reading and dumping dat... Télécharger
pymultitool(freshmeat) Pymultitool Pymultitool is a Python extension that provides... Télécharger
unixodbc-pm(freshmeat) UnixODBC.pm UnixODBC.pm provides Perl programs with a subse... Télécharger
myclient(freshmeat) MyClient MyClient is a simple and clean Web client inter... Télécharger
k5ncal(freshmeat) k5n Desktop Calendar The k5n Desktop Calendar (k5nCal) is a calendar... Télécharger
rumavl(freshmeat) RumAVL RumAVL is an ANSI/C99 compliant implementation ... Télécharger
mozillaparser(freshmeat) Java Mozilla Html Parser Mozilla Java Html Parser is a Java package that... Télécharger
turquoise(freshmeat) Turquoise SuperStat Turquoise SuperStat reads the contents of a Fid... Télécharger
maxswhois(freshmeat) Max's Whois Max's Whois is a semi-professional domain whois... Télécharger
aids(freshmeat) AJAX Image Dump System AIDS (AJAX Image Dump System) is a simple, yet ... Télécharger
x52pro(freshmeat) X52 pro MFD library The SAITEK X52 PRO Flight System is a USB-HID c... Télécharger
pg_diff(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Diff Tool PostgreSQL Diff Tool is a simple command line t... Télécharger
db-everywhere(freshmeat) DB-Everywhere DB-Everywhere is a database administration appl... Télécharger
quixml(freshmeat) quixml Quixml is a PHP class for managing XML output a... Télécharger
adun(freshmeat) Adun Adun is an extensible biomolecular simulation p... Télécharger
portwatcher(freshmeat) PortWatcher PortWatcher will regularly scan switches in a L... Télécharger
uft(freshmeat) UDP File Transporter UDP File Transporter consists of two command-li... Télécharger
frog(freshmeat) Frog CMS Frog is a tool for publishing and maintaining c... Télécharger
unsignedbyte(freshmeat) UnsignedByte UnsignedByte is a modern MUD server. It uses an... Télécharger
quick-join(freshmeat) Quick-Join Quick-Join implements a heuristic for speeding ... Télécharger
xmgobang(freshmeat) XmGoBang mGoBang is an "get five in a row" gam... Télécharger
libcwd(freshmeat) C++ Debugging Support library Libcwd is a full-featured and well-documented l... Télécharger
autosyncpodder(freshmeat) autoSyncPodder autoSyncPodder is a program which automatically... Télécharger
python-youtube(freshmeat) python-youtube python-youtube is a Python client for the YouTu... Télécharger
maxsfileuploader(freshmeat) Max's File Uploader Max's File Uploader is a file uploader script f... Télécharger
libtrash(freshmeat) libtrash libtrash is a shared library that implements a ... Télécharger
i18nedit(freshmeat) I18NEdit I18NEdit manages internationalized properties f... Télécharger
libdsk(freshmeat) LibDsk LibDsk is a library that attempts to create uni... Télécharger
firebox(freshmeat) Firebox WM Firebox manages your windows. It tends to compl... Télécharger
nekohtml(freshmeat) CyberNeko HTML Parser NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balan... Télécharger
oscsend(freshmeat) oscsend/oscdump Oscsend and oscdump are messaging utilities for... Télécharger
webdec(freshmeat) WebDec WebDec is a command-line tool that extracts the... Télécharger
pas2dox(freshmeat) Pas2Dox Pas2Dox is a pre-processor add-on for the Doxyg... Télécharger
jukeboxpowerpack(freshmeat) Jukebox Power Pack The Jukebox Power Pack is the result of a colla... Télécharger
localmediabrowser(freshmeat) Local Media Browser Local Media Browser lets you access your collec... Télécharger
voicebuntu(freshmeat) VoiceBuntu VoiceBuntu (formerly Ubunterisk) is an Ubuntu-... Télécharger
yougrabber(freshmeat) YouGrabber YouGrabber is a lightweight, command line YouTu... Télécharger
jsurveylib(freshmeat) JSurveyLib JSurveyLib is a Java survey/questionnaire engin... Télécharger
ape-testbed(freshmeat) Ad hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed The Ad hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed is a sm... Télécharger
extace(freshmeat) eXtace eXtace is a visual sound display/analysis progr... Télécharger
umolsr(freshmeat) UM-OLSR UM-OLSR is an implementation of the OLSR (Optim... Télécharger
mrd6(freshmeat) mrd6 mrd6 is a modular IPv6 multicast routing daemon... Télécharger
optnik(freshmeat) Optnik Optnik is a CLR library to help with option par... Télécharger
greengrass(freshmeat) Greengrass Greengrass is a C# framework providing a high-l... Télécharger
papyrusbb(freshmeat) PapyrusBB PapyrusBB is a forum that was designed specific... Télécharger
jabberif(freshmeat) jabber interface jabber interface is a plugin-based Jabber inter... Télécharger
gandalf-library(freshmeat) Gandalf vision and numerical algorithm library Gandalf is a computer vision and numerical algo... Télécharger
plife1(sfnet) Programming Life This project help program biological logic circ... Télécharger
transterpreter(freshmeat) Transterpreter The Transterpreter is a small, portable runtime... Télécharger
getleft(freshmeat) Getleft Given a URL, Getleft will try to download all l... Télécharger
katoob(freshmeat) Katoob Katoob is a light-weight, multi lingual, BIDI-a... Télécharger
btsender(freshmeat) BluetoothSender BluetoothSender sends files over Bluetooth to p... Télécharger
backup-dvd(freshmeat) Backup-DVD Backup-DVD is a simple script to backup the ent... Télécharger
aceunit(freshmeat) AceUnit AceUnit (Advanced C and Embedded Unit) is a com... Télécharger
sampstack(freshmeat) BitNami SAMPStack BitNami SAMPStack is an easy-to-install, ready-... Télécharger
metashell(freshmeat) metashell metashell is a lightweight, heavy punch, intera... Télécharger
nsp(freshmeat) Nagios SNMP Plugins NET SNMP gives you the ability to watch disk sp... Télécharger
powernowd(freshmeat) PowerNowd PowerNowd is a simple client daemon for the Lin... Télécharger

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