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yudit(freshmeat) Yudit Yudit is a Unicode text editor for the X Window... Télécharger
pyhtmlhelp(freshmeat) pyhtmlhelp pyhtmlhelp is a cross-platform tool written in ... Télécharger
swpkg(freshmeat) swpkg swpkg is a collection of tools which allow a sy... Télécharger
magicmakefile(freshmeat) Magic Makefile Magic Makefile is an alternative to autoconf/au... Télécharger
tcpreen(freshmeat) TCP Re-engineering Tool TCP Re-engineering Tool monitors and analyzes d... Télécharger
uoproxy(freshmeat) uoproxy uoproxy is a proxy server for Ultima Online. It... Télécharger
mailprocd(freshmeat) mailprocd mailprocd is a standalone mail classification a... Télécharger
esperantilo(freshmeat) Esperantilo Esperantilo ("Tool for Esperanto") is... Télécharger
libmswrite(freshmeat) libmswrite libmswrite is a portable library for reading an... Télécharger
cogosx(freshmeat) Cog OS X Cog is an audio player written with Cocoa. It s... Télécharger
mod_random(freshmeat) mod_random Mod Random provides three services. The first s... Télécharger
dejavu-mini-framework(freshmeat) Dejavu mini-framework Dejavu is a Java library that allows you to cre... Télécharger
ipa(freshmeat) IPA IPA is a pluggable, flexible, general-purpose a... Télécharger
mvblog(freshmeat) MvBlog MvBlog is a simple and clean weblog tool design... Télécharger
sunuo(freshmeat) SunUO SunUO is a Ultima Online game server that runs ... Télécharger
podius(freshmeat) Podius Podius is a flexible content management system ... Télécharger
emiplib(freshmeat) EMIPLIB EMIPLIB is a library to facilitate the developm... Télécharger
webstorage(freshmeat) WebStorage WebStorage is a Web based application for stori... Télécharger
netbsd(freshmeat) NetBSD NetBSD is a free, secure, and highly portable U... Télécharger
wallstreet9(freshmeat) wallstreet9 wallstreet9 is a small home banking applicatio... Télécharger
texpipeline(freshmeat) Texpipeline Texpipeline allows the conversion of (La)TeX do... Télécharger
lyricod(freshmeat) Lyricod Lyricod is a server that simultaneously display... Télécharger
exuberantctags(freshmeat) Exuberant Ctags Exuberant Ctags is a multilanguage reimplementa... Télécharger
php-qt(freshmeat) PHP-Qt PHP-Qt is an extension for PHP 5.1 that makes i... Télécharger
hugs(freshmeat) Hugs 98 Hugs 98 is a functional programming system base... Télécharger
drift(freshmeat) DrIFT DrIFT is a type sensitive preprocessor for Hask... Télécharger
c2hs(freshmeat) C->Haskell C->Haskell is an interface generator that si... Télécharger
haxml(freshmeat) HaXml HaXml is a suite of libraries and tools for ma... Télécharger
cpphs(freshmeat) cpphs cpphs is a more liberal re-implementation of cp... Télécharger
haskelldb(freshmeat) HaskellDB HaskellDB is a combinator library for expressi... Télécharger
ports(freshmeat) Haskell Ports Library Haskell Ports Library provides ports in Haskell... Télécharger
gtmess(freshmeat) gtmess gtmess is a console MSN Messenger client for Li... Télécharger
refdb-publist(freshmeat) RefDB Publication List RefDB Publication List is an add-on for RefDB t... Télécharger
synergiser(freshmeat) Synergiser Synergiser is a content management system (CMS)... Télécharger
shoepolish(freshmeat) shoepolish shoepolish is a program that optimizes file con... Télécharger
bluediving(freshmeat) Bluediving Bluediving is a Bluetooth penetration testing s... Télécharger
tivo2dvd(freshmeat) Tivo2dvd Tivo2dvd creates and executes the series of com... Télécharger
audio_combine(freshmeat) audio_combine audio_combine is a simple utility for combining... Télécharger
hl7toolkit(freshmeat) Perl HL7 Toolkit The Perl HL7 Toolkit provides a simple but flex... Télécharger
oscjoy(freshmeat) oscjoy oscjoy is a simple command line program that le... Télécharger
evolution(freshmeat) Evolution Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, contac... Télécharger
gcount(freshmeat) Gcount GCount is an attempt to make a fast Web-based c... Télécharger
wackamole(freshmeat) Wackamole Wackamole is a tool that helps with making a c... Télécharger
talkfilters(freshmeat) GNU Talk Filters The GNU Talk Filters are filter programs that c... Télécharger
slang(freshmeat) slang S-Lang is a powerful interpreted language that ... Télécharger
libgnome(freshmeat) libgnome GNOME 2 is a new desktop environment which is a... Télécharger
glibmm(freshmeat) glibmm glibmm is a set of C++ bindings for glib, inclu... Télécharger
gto(freshmeat) GTO The GTO format's primary usage is storage of st... Télécharger
cron-apt(freshmeat) cron-apt cron-apt allows users to run apt-get or aptitud... Télécharger
tst(freshmeat) Time Shall Tell Time Shall Tell allows users to easily track th... Télécharger
spyrius(freshmeat) Spyrius Spyrius is a multithreaded superdaemon that pro... Télécharger
spacemaze(freshmeat) Space Maze Space Maze is a shooting game in which you'll h... Télécharger
sshutout(freshmeat) sshutout sshutout is a daemon that periodically monitors... Télécharger
annvix(freshmeat) Annvix Annvix is a secure Linux server distribution. T... Télécharger
mysqladministrator(freshmeat) MySQL Administrator MySQL Administrator is a powerful visual admini... Télécharger
fudforum(freshmeat) FUDforum FUDforum is a templatable forum with i18n suppo... Télécharger
mkhindex(freshmeat) mkhindex MKHINDEX generates HTML directory listings like... Télécharger
dungeonx(freshmeat) DungeonX DungeonX is a text-based game where your immedi... Télécharger
intars(freshmeat) IntarS IntarS is a fully featured commercial ERP for s... Télécharger
ssic-linux(freshmeat) OpenSSI The OpenSSI project is a comprehensive clusteri... Télécharger
anglify(freshmeat) Anglify Anglify is a translation program that always co... Télécharger
bear(freshmeat) Bear Bear is a tool for calculating and testing disc... Télécharger
zenity(freshmeat) Zenity Zenity is a tool that allows you to display Gtk... Télécharger
gnome-vfs(freshmeat) GnomeVFS GnomeVFS is the virtual filesystem abstraction ... Télécharger
libgnomecanvas(freshmeat) Gnome2 Canvas Lib GnomeCanvas is a canvas widget for Gnome2 and i... Télécharger
at-spi(freshmeat) GNOME Assistive Tech Service Provider Interface at-spi is a part of the Gnome Accessibility Pro... Télécharger
orbit2(freshmeat) ORBit2 ORBit2 is a major revision to the ORBit code ba... Télécharger
libidl(freshmeat) IDL Library libIDL is a library for creating trees of CORBA... Télécharger
jvmd(freshmeat) Jolt JVM Daemon Jolt is a wrapper program that allows multiple ... Télécharger
geometar(freshmeat) Geo::METAR Geo::METAR is a Perl module for parsing METAR d... Télécharger
inotify-tools(freshmeat) inotify-tools inotify-tools is a simple library and a set of ... Télécharger
synscan(freshmeat) synscan Synscan is a fast asynchronous half-open port s... Télécharger
rpaf(freshmeat) reverse proxy add forward rpaf changes the remote address of the client o... Télécharger
undisposable(freshmeat) Undisposable Clients Undisposable Clients provides easy-to-use API k... Télécharger
bwmtools(freshmeat) Bandwidth Management Tools Bandwidth Management Tools is a total bandwidth... Télécharger
ravenous(freshmeat) Ravenous Ravenous is a Java-based Web server that does n... Télécharger
sendpage(freshmeat) Sendpage Sendpage sends alphanumeric messages to pagers ... Télécharger
enetman(freshmeat) enetman enetman is a network asset management Web appli... Télécharger
man(freshmeat) man The man page suite, including man, apropos, and... Télécharger
ajatus(freshmeat) Ajatus CRM Ajatus is a CRM that runs as a local AJAX Web a... Télécharger
wcp(freshmeat) wcp wcp archives and restores files on a local or s... Télécharger
vsdviewer(freshmeat) vsdviewer vsdviewer is a MS Visio Drawing and Stencil (VS... Télécharger
spprocpool(freshmeat) spprocpool spprocpool is a Unix/Linux preforked server lib... Télécharger
financ2007(freshmeat) Financiamento CAIXA(2007) Financiamento CAIXA(2007) is a small program th... Télécharger
klightsout(freshmeat) KLightsOut KLightsOut is an implementation of Lights Out, ... Télécharger
bloodspilotserver(freshmeat) BloodsPilot Server BloodsPilot Server is an optimized server for a... Télécharger
loas(freshmeat) Linux on a Stick Linux on a Stick (LoaS) is a very small and sim... Télécharger
contineo(freshmeat) Contineo Contineo is a Web-based document management sys... Télécharger
libfsfc(freshmeat) libfsfc libfsfc is a library and a set of tools that ta... Télécharger
tutorialms(freshmeat) TutorialMS TutorialMS is a script that helps webmasters in... Télécharger
velocitytools(freshmeat) Apache VelocityTools Apache VelocityTools provides servlets and tool... Télécharger
checkoutlook(freshmeat) CheckOutlook checkoutlook.pl is a Perl script to check mail ... Télécharger
makeself(freshmeat) makeself makeself is a small shell script that generates... Télécharger
zak(freshmeat) zak Zak allows you to select one or more MP3 files ... Télécharger
metacc1(freshmeat) MetaCC MetaCC is an annotation based lexer (scanner) a... Télécharger
btn4ws(freshmeat) btn4ws btn4ws is a GIMP plugin for generating Web site... Télécharger
rubymail(freshmeat) RubyMail RubyMail is an email handling library for the R... Télécharger
jamf(freshmeat) JAMF JAMF is a framework for modeling human attentio... Télécharger
libferrisstreams(freshmeat) libferrisstreams libferrisstreams is a collection of base classe... Télécharger
fampp(freshmeat) fam++ fam++ is a C++ wrapper for fam, which uses imon... Télécharger

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