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anjuta(freshmeat) Anjuta IDE Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development En... Télécharger
udpfwd(freshmeat) udpfwd udpfwd is a stateful userspace UDP port forward... Télécharger
getwbt(freshmeat) GetWBT GetWBT is a midlet to read the logs from a WBT-... Télécharger
spell-norwegian(freshmeat) spell-norwegian spell-norwegian provides spell checking and the... Télécharger
octave-ann(freshmeat) octave-ann octave-ann is a set of bindings that allow one ... Télécharger
psyched(freshmeat) Psyched Psyched is a schedule and task management appli... Télécharger
auto-nng(freshmeat) auto-nng auto-nng is a program for analysis and classifi... Télécharger
phpautoindex(freshmeat) phpAutoindex phpAutoindex is a directory listing generator m... Télécharger
virtviewer(freshmeat) Virtual Machine Viewer Virtual Machine Viewer (virt-viewer) is a light... Télécharger
gtkvnc(freshmeat) GTK-VNC GTK-VNC is a VNC viewer widget for GTK+. It is ... Télécharger
pyclips(freshmeat) PyCLIPS PyCLIPS is an extension module that aims to emb... Télécharger
algraeph(freshmeat) Algraeph Algraeph is a tool for manual alignment of ling... Télécharger
lasertraq(freshmeat) laserTraq laserTraq makes it possible to use one or more ... Télécharger
gentoodepbrowser(freshmeat) Gentoo Dependencies Browser GentooDepBrowser is a graphic tool to help unde... Télécharger
virtinst(freshmeat) Virt Install Virt Install is a command line tool built on to... Télécharger
mfilebrowser(freshmeat) Micro File Browser Micro File Browser is a simple file manager too... Télécharger
tinyeclipse(freshmeat) Tiny Eclipse Tiny Eclipse is distribution of Eclipse for dev... Télécharger
toutoujs(freshmeat) TouTouJS TouTouJS is a JavaScript framework that provide... Télécharger
kabeja(freshmeat) Kabeja Kabeja is a Java library for parsing CAD data (... Télécharger
octave-db(freshmeat) octave-db octave-db is a set of bindings that allow SQL q... Télécharger
dlint(freshmeat) Dlint Dlint analyzes any DNS zone you specify and rep... Télécharger
griv(freshmeat) griv griv is a serverless LAN chat program, aiming t... Télécharger
jgame(freshmeat) JGame JGame is a 2D game engine that makes multi-plat... Télécharger
biffles(freshmeat) BiffLes biffles does what does the "procmail"... Télécharger
image_album(freshmeat) image_album image_album generates HTML on-the-fly for the n... Télécharger
shape2ge(freshmeat) shape2ge shape2ge is a set of two applications for conve... Télécharger
xml-test(freshmeat) xml-test xml-test checks that an XML document is include... Télécharger
sjsh(freshmeat) SecureJSH SecureJSH makes it possible for server-side Jav... Télécharger
gateway(freshmeat) Gateway The Gateway provides a Web services framework f... Télécharger
entwine(freshmeat) Entwine Entwine is a command-line client and library wr... Télécharger
unison(freshmeat) Unison Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix ... Télécharger
pgworksheet(freshmeat) PgWorksheet PgWorksheet is a simple GUI frontend to Postgre... Télécharger
autodist(freshmeat) Autodist Autodist is a source distribution management sy... Télécharger
gentle(freshmeat) Gentle.NET Gentle.NET is a CLS-compliant, database indepen... Télécharger
apt-imagen(freshmeat) apt-imagen apt-imagen is a script used to install .deb pac... Télécharger
source_code_sounding(freshmeat) CodeSounding CodeSounding is a way to make computer-generate... Télécharger
envoy(freshmeat) Envoy Envoy is an "open and display things"... Télécharger
mod_memcached(freshmeat) mod_memcached mod_memcached is an Apache module that provides... Télécharger
ip6wall(freshmeat) Ip6wall Ip6wall is a firewall script for ip6tables. It ... Télécharger
autoboot(freshmeat) autoboot autoboot is a job scheduler/watchdog to automat... Télécharger
php-micads(freshmeat) Mica PHP DataSystem Mica PHP DataSystem is a database solution for ... Télécharger
nexuiz(freshmeat) Nexuiz Nexuiz is a fast-paced, chaotic, and intense mu... Télécharger
gsweb(freshmeat) GNUstepWeb GNUstepWeb is a development framework for Web a... Télécharger
smartmontools(freshmeat) smartmontools smartmontools contains utilities that control a... Télécharger
nutridb(freshmeat) nutridb nutridb is a Web-based nutrition information da... Télécharger
gressgraph(freshmeat) gressgraph gressgraph produces a graph of your iptables ru... Télécharger
gdgswebforosx(freshmeat) Green Dome GNUstepWeb for Mac OS X Green Dome GNUstepWeb for Mac OS X provides a W... Télécharger
moz-modern-wbt(freshmeat) Mozilla "Modern" Webmin Theme Mozilla "Modern" Webmin Theme is a si... Télécharger
dynamicworkspaces(freshmeat) DynamicWorkspaces DynamicWorkspaces is a small utility designed t... Télécharger
knotview(freshmeat) knotview Knotview is a crossing between a concept mapper... Télécharger
codeblocks(freshmeat) Code::Blocks Code::Blocks is a C/C++ IDE built with configur... Télécharger
cspoker(freshmeat) CSPoker The goal of the CSPoker project is to develop P... Télécharger
rpngrpng2wpng(freshmeat) rpng/rpng2/wpng These are the demo programs that accompany O'Re... Télécharger
jclaim(freshmeat) JClaim JClaim is an instant message client, tools, and... Télécharger
myheadlines(freshmeat) MyHeadlines MyHeadlines is module that adds syndicated head... Télécharger
crypto(freshmeat) SILC Crypto Toolkit SILC Crypto Toolkit (SCT) is a high performance... Télécharger
loopdub(freshmeat) LoopDub LoopDub allows you to mix up to 8 loops in real... Télécharger
cflinux(freshmeat) Compact Flash Linux Project Compact Flash Linux Project is a Linux distribu... Télécharger
tork(freshmeat) TorK TorK is a Tor Controller for KDE. It allows you... Télécharger
jssquish(freshmeat) JavaScript::Squish JavaScript::Squish provides methods to compact ... Télécharger
butterfly-testing-tools(freshmeat) Butterfly Testing Tools Butterfly Testing Tools is a stub, mock, and pr... Télécharger
mloginsystem(freshmeat) Micro Login System Micro Login System is a simple PHP-based user l... Télécharger
qgis(freshmeat) Quantum GIS Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a cross-platform Geograph... Télécharger
ampasctl(freshmeat) Color Transformation Language The Color Transformation Language, or CTL, is a... Télécharger
freelogicform(freshmeat) Free Logic Form Free Logic Form is a system for generating logi... Télécharger
littleutils(freshmeat) littleutils The littleutils are a collection of small but u... Télécharger
betterawstats(freshmeat) BetterAWstats BetterAWStats is an Web server log analysis too... Télécharger
linspector(freshmeat) Linspector Linspector monitors vital information of hosts,... Télécharger
paw-project(freshmeat) Pro-Active Webfilter PAW (pro-active Web filter) is a filtering HTTP... Télécharger
apebase(freshmeat) Ape Base Compile System The Ape Base Compile System is a set of scripts... Télécharger
afterstep(freshmeat) AfterStep AfterStep is a Window Manager for X which start... Télécharger
ossim(freshmeat) OSSIM OSSIM is a high performance software system for... Télécharger
phphtmllib(freshmeat) phpHtmlLib phpHtmlLib is an application development framew... Télécharger
albumgrabber(freshmeat) Albumgrabber Album Grabber is basically a bot that grabs alb... Télécharger
nntpfs(freshmeat) nntpfs nntpfs is a FUSE module for mounting the data o... Télécharger
radria(freshmeat) RADRIA Radria is a collection of Web-based RAD tools t... Télécharger
awfdialog(freshmeat) awfDialog Wizard awfDialog Wizard can be used to generate a wiza... Télécharger
pathfinder(freshmeat) Pathfinder PKI Daemon Pathfinder provides a mechanism for any program... Télécharger
idate(freshmeat) iDate iDate searches via Bluetooth if there are poten... Télécharger
icsiboost(freshmeat) icsiboost Boosting is a meta-learning approach that aims ... Télécharger
fulltextsearch4nb(freshmeat) FullTextSearch4NB FullTextSearch4NB is a Lucene-based full text s... Télécharger
nessuswc(freshmeat) NessusWC NessusWC provides a simple HTTP Web interface... Télécharger
ifaqmaker(freshmeat) iFAQMaker iFAQMaker is a PHP class for easy maintenance o... Télécharger
mdk(freshmeat) GNU MIX Development Kit MDK (MIX Development Kit) provides tools for de... Télécharger
treedataserver(freshmeat) TREE Data Server The TREE Data Server captures real-time financi... Télécharger
clearlisp(freshmeat) ClearLisp ClearLisp is a Common LISP interpreter written ... Télécharger
xpontus(freshmeat) XPontus XML Editor XPontus is a Java-based XML editor designed for... Télécharger
cooee(freshmeat) Karora Cooee Cooee is a Web application framework for buildi... Télécharger
opensmart(freshmeat) Open (Source|System) Monitoring and Reporting Tool OpenSMART is a monitoring (and reporting) envir... Télécharger
check_afs_rpc(freshmeat) check_afs_rpc check_afs_rpc is a Nagios plugin for checking A... Télécharger
pyscgi(freshmeat) PySCGI PySCGI is a 100% Python module implementing the... Télécharger
pm(freshmeat) Prime Mover Prime Mover is a small and flexible build tool ... Télécharger
bzip2(freshmeat) bzip2 bzip2 is a portable, lossless data compressor b... Télécharger
readlists(freshmeat) readlists readlists (rl) is a frontend for mailers like m... Télécharger
epydoc-el(freshmeat) epydoc-el epydoc.el is an Emacs LISP program to write Epy... Télécharger
xevdevserver(freshmeat) XevdevServer XevdevServer is a program that uses the Linux e... Télécharger
papaya-cms(freshmeat) papaya CMS papaya CMS is a Web Content Management System b... Télécharger
grokevt(freshmeat) GrokEVT GrokEVT is a collection of scripts built for re... Télécharger
mpc123(freshmeat) mpc123 mpc123 is software to play Musepack files on th... Télécharger
pyascii85(freshmeat) Ascii85 Data Encodings for Python pyascii85 is a Python extension written in C, t... Télécharger

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