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loremipsum(freshmeat) Lorem Ipsum for Java Lorem Ipsum for Java is a simple, light-weight ... Télécharger
diettracker(freshmeat) Diet Tracker Diet Tracker is a set of programs to help you k... Télécharger
enet(freshmeat) ENet ENet is an easy to use, portable UDP networking... Télécharger
snpfile(freshmeat) SNPfile SNPfile is a library and API for manipulating l... Télécharger
lamprop(freshmeat) lamprop lamprop calculates some properties of fiber-rei... Télécharger
omniorb(freshmeat) omniORB omniORB is an Object Request Broker (ORB) which... Télécharger
omniorbpy(freshmeat) omniORBpy omniORBpy is a high-performance CORBA 2.6 ORB f... Télécharger
pai(freshmeat) PAI PerlAutoInstaller (PAI) is a software deploymen... Télécharger
spe(freshmeat) Stani's Python Editor Stani's Python Editor (SPE) is an excellent, fr... Télécharger
syslog-summary(freshmeat) SysLog Summary SysLog Summary summarizes the contents of a log... Télécharger
pam_passwdqc(freshmeat) passwdqc pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength chec... Télécharger
distamper(freshmeat) distamper distamper provides data archiving that is resis... Télécharger
tuxcast(freshmeat) Tuxcast Tuxcast is a minimal, portable C++ podcatcher w... Télécharger
krang(freshmeat) Krang Krang is an Open Source web-publisher / content... Télécharger
pylucid(freshmeat) PyLucid PyLucid is a lightweight Content Management Sys... Télécharger
webupdate(freshmeat) webupdate Webupdate is a script which lets you register W... Télécharger
vtng(freshmeat) vt-ng vt-ng detects virus and worm like activity base... Télécharger
adamoto(freshmeat) adamoto adamoto is an Application Deployment And MOnito... Télécharger
gltail(freshmeat) glTail.rb glTail.rb allows you to view real-time traffic,... Télécharger
mapeaudio(freshmeat) mapeaudio mapeaudio is an 1f42 DVD PCM audio stream mappe... Télécharger
gadmin-bind(freshmeat) GAdmin-BIND GAdmin-BIND is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for... Télécharger
lisp-cgi-utils(freshmeat) lisp-cgi-utils The lisp-cgi-utils is a software package for d... Télécharger
glcaml(freshmeat) GLCaml GLCaml is an Objective Caml interface for OpenG... Télécharger
roasterbase(freshmeat) RoasterBase RoasterBase is a database for storing coffee be... Télécharger
gvtags(freshmeat) GvTags GvTags is a lightweight yet powerful tag librar... Télécharger
vidrate(freshmeat) Vidrate Vidrate is a tool for allowing multiple people ... Télécharger
strangle(freshmeat) Strangle Strangle is a Python package for parsing Domain... Télécharger
nd(freshmeat) nd nd is a program for listening on a network sock... Télécharger
usermanager(freshmeat) User Manager User Manager is a supplement to the "Accou... Télécharger
9gestion(freshmeat) 9Gestion 9Gestion is a point of sale and stock control a... Télécharger
httperf(freshmeat) httperf httperf is a popular web server benchmark tool ... Télécharger
odsphp(freshmeat) ods-php ods-php is a class and a group of functions to ... Télécharger
azuki(freshmeat) Azuki Framework The Azuki Framework is a Java application frame... Télécharger
tagsistant(freshmeat) Tagsistant Tagsistant is a semantic filesystem for Linux a... Télécharger
esteidutil(freshmeat) EsteidUtil EsteidUtil is a wxWidgets GUI tool for managing... Télécharger
pyzelda2(freshmeat) pyzelda2 pyzelda2 is a Zelda 2 ("The Adventure of ... Télécharger
mrtg(freshmeat) mrtg The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a to... Télécharger
link-monitor-applet(freshmeat) Link Monitor Applet Link Monitor Applet is a GNOME panel applet dis... Télécharger
scal(freshmeat) Scal Scal is a simple JavaScript calendar/date picke... Télécharger
lcm(freshmeat) Linux Cluster Manager Linux Cluster Manager is a Beowulf cluster setu... Télécharger
juuid(freshmeat) UUID UUID is an implementation of the UUIDs and GUID... Télécharger
barebones(freshmeat) Bare Bones interpreter BareBones is an interpreter for the "Bare ... Télécharger
wrdesktop(freshmeat) Webified Remote Desktop Webified Remote Desktop (WRD) is a browser-base... Télécharger
netdbus(freshmeat) Net::DBus Net::DBus provides a Perl binding for the DBus ... Télécharger
openduckbill(freshmeat) openduckbill Openduckbill is a simple command line backup to... Télécharger
porkgenerator(freshmeat) Pork.Generator Pork.Generator is a Web based tool to inspect y... Télécharger
samadhi(freshmeat) Samadhi Samadhi is an OpenID provider built upon the Tu... Télécharger
dragon(freshmeat) Dragon Player Dragon Player is a KDE video player with an unc... Télécharger
loemu(freshmeat) Loemu Loemu is a frontend for game emulators. It allo... Télécharger
taglib(freshmeat) TagLib TagLib is a library for reading and editing the... Télécharger
ksqlanalyzer(freshmeat) KSqlAnalyzer KSqlAnalyzer is a tool for easily accessing the... Télécharger
jepp(freshmeat) Java Embedded Python Java Embedded Python (Jepp) embeds CPython in J... Télécharger
myjdcms(freshmeat) MyJDCMS MyJDCMS is a very simple Content Management Sys... Télécharger
isbncheck(freshmeat) ISBN check ISBN check is a simple PHP class to verify whet... Télécharger
duda-client-manager(freshmeat) Duda Client Manager Duda Client Manager (DudaC) is a helper tool f... Télécharger
eboard(freshmeat) eboard eboard is a chess board interface for ICS (Inte... Télécharger
jf-unittest(freshmeat) jf-unittest jf-unittest is a C++ unit test framework modele... Télécharger
gbpptpclient(freshmeat) gbPPTPclient gbPPTPclient is a graphical interface to the PP... Télécharger
librcps(freshmeat) LibRCPS LibRCPS aims to be a versatile, powerful, and f... Télécharger
cclip(freshmeat) cCLiP CLiP offers a very flexible structure that can ... Télécharger
mapivi(freshmeat) MaPiVi Mapivi is a cross-platform picture manager / or... Télécharger
tuxfighter(freshmeat) TuxFighter TuxFighter is a small Asteroid-like shooter gam... Télécharger
finetd(freshmeat) finetd finetd is an inetd-like Internet "superser... Télécharger
openephyra(freshmeat) OpenEphyra OpenEphyra is a question answering (QA) system.... Télécharger
desktoy(freshmeat) DeskToy DeskToy is a 3D screensaver for OS X. A complex... Télécharger
systemimager(freshmeat) SystemImager SystemImager automates the installation of Linu... Télécharger
addjob(freshmeat) Addjob Addjob lets you distribute jobs over a network.... Télécharger
crops(freshmeat) Crops Crops is a program for previewing and printing ... Télécharger
fwe(freshmeat) Frugal Windowing Environment Frugal Windowing Environment is a user-space cl... Télécharger
positlog(freshmeat) PositLog PositLog is an platform for building custom-mad... Télécharger
breve_simulation(freshmeat) the breve simulation environment breve is a 3D simulation environment designed f... Télécharger
lxpanel(freshmeat) LXPanel LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel base... Télécharger
gvgen(freshmeat) GvGen GvGen is a Python class to generate dot files t... Télécharger
pcsx-df(freshmeat) PCSX-DF PCSX-DF is a Playstation 1 emulator based on th... Télécharger
0xffff(freshmeat) 0xffff 0xFFFF is a free fiasco firmware flasher utilit... Télécharger
quantaplus(freshmeat) Quanta Plus Quanta is a web editor for KDE supporting HTML ... Télécharger
lycanobot(freshmeat) Lycanobot Lycanobot is an IRC bot used to play the game, ... Télécharger
openimpact(freshmeat) OpenIMPACT OpenIMPACT is an aggressive source-to-source co... Télécharger
select-sql-queries-on-text-fil(freshmeat) SELECT SELECT allows you to execute SQL queries on tex... Télécharger
ravennuke(freshmeat) RavenNuke RavenNuke is a secure and fast Content Manageme... Télécharger
tree_hh(freshmeat) tree.hh tree.hh is a general purpose templated tree cla... Télécharger
cook(freshmeat) Cook Cook is a tool for constructing files. It is gi... Télécharger
genoa(freshmeat) Genoa Active Message MAchine The Genoa Active Message MAchine is a low-laten... Télécharger
vss-subverter(freshmeat) VSS Subverter VSS Subverter is a command-line script to conve... Télécharger
enut(freshmeat) ENUt ENUt is a set of utilities to make network prog... Télécharger
jdemo(freshmeat) JDemo JDemo provides a framework for demonstrating co... Télécharger
clusterit(freshmeat) ClusterIt ClusterIt is a suite of software to allow easy ... Télécharger
xstream(freshmeat) XStream XStream is a simple library to serialize object... Télécharger
xnetstrength(freshmeat) XNetworkStrength XNetworkStrength is a tool to visually track wi... Télécharger
zoneman(freshmeat) ZoneMan ZoneMan is a command line interface for control... Télécharger
hamexam(freshmeat) HamExam HamExam is a short Perl script that generates s... Télécharger
mousefeed(freshmeat) MouseFeed Eclipse Plugin MouseFeed Eclipse Plugin is a program that help... Télécharger
modsurvey(freshmeat) Mod_Survey Mod_survey is an Apache mod_perl module which a... Télécharger
blueproximity(freshmeat) BlueProximity BlueProximity helps add a little more security ... Télécharger
cookbooks(freshmeat) Cookbooks Cookbooks provides an infrastructure for projec... Télécharger
theirview(freshmeat) TheirView TheirView is a transforming proxy that shows ho... Télécharger
ramon(freshmeat) Ramon Ramon is an RMON2 network monitoring agent, as ... Télécharger
databionic-esom(freshmeat) Databionic ESOM Tools The Databionics ESOM Tools offer many data mini... Télécharger
sympycore(freshmeat) SympyCore SympyCore provides a pure Python package for re... Télécharger
simplebaseje(freshmeat) Simple Base Java Edition Simple Base Java Edition is a simple-to-use, OS... Télécharger

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