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ipband(freshmeat) IP Bandwidth Watchdog ipband is a pcap-based traffic monitor. It tall... Télécharger
wshare(freshmeat) wshare wshare is a simple solution to share an existin... Télécharger
strftime-js(freshmeat) strftime for JavaScript strftime-js is a library function that provides... Télécharger
gnustep(freshmeat) GNUstep GNUstep is a cross-platform, object oriented en... Télécharger
cacao(freshmeat) CACAO CACAO is a virtual machine for running Java pro... Télécharger
openedit(freshmeat) OpenEdit OpenEdit is a content management framework for ... Télécharger
edt(freshmeat) Edt Text Editor Edt is a simple text editor that emulates VAX V... Télécharger
ccollaborate(freshmeat) ccollaborate ccollaborate is a CMS framework with support fo... Télécharger
enscribe(freshmeat) Enscribe Enscribe creates digital audio watermark images... Télécharger
mobilemaps(freshmeat) Mobilemaps MobileMaps is an interactive mobile phone tool ... Télécharger
tmin(freshmeat) tmin tmin is a quick and simple tool to minimize the... Télécharger
otr(freshmeat) Off-the-Record Messaging Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging is a gaim plugin... Télécharger
erp5(freshmeat) ERP5 ERP5 is a fully integrated, Web-based ERP suite... Télécharger
si(freshmeat) silc improved silc improved is an SILC client without a user ... Télécharger
jarajar(freshmeat) Jar Ajar Jar Ajar is a JAR-based self-extractor for zip ... Télécharger
rfdump(freshmeat) RFDUMP RFDUMP is a GUI to edit the "User Data Fie... Télécharger
beeswax(freshmeat) Beeswax Beeswax is an information management system ins... Télécharger
sstat(freshmeat) Sstat Sstat is a kernel module for Linux 2.6 aimed at... Télécharger
wine(freshmeat) Wine Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on... Télécharger
popfile(freshmeat) POPFile POPFile is an automatic email classification to... Télécharger
swtbot(freshmeat) SWTBot SWTBot is a Java-based functional testing tool ... Télécharger
fmountman(freshmeat) Forlex Mount Manager Forlex Mount Manager is a utility that helps yo... Télécharger
mjpg-streamer(freshmeat) MJPG-streamer MJPG-streamer takes images from an input plugin... Télécharger
datastorm(freshmeat) Data Storm Data Storm is a database browser that can be em... Télécharger
gcin(freshmeat) gcin gcin (Gtk Chinese INput application in X) is a ... Télécharger
jgnuplot(freshmeat) jgnuplot jgnuplot is a Java library for interfacing with... Télécharger
coriander(freshmeat) Coriander Coriander is a GUI that let you control your 13... Télécharger
phuzby(freshmeat) Phuzby Phuzby will let you search your organisation's ... Télécharger
phpprintipp(freshmeat) PHP::PRINT::IPP (PHP PrintIPP) PHP::PRINT::IPP (or PHP PrintIPP) is a set of P... Télécharger
hwfirewall(freshmeat) HardWall Firewall HardWall Firewall is an iptables firewall scrip... Télécharger
jpwgen(freshmeat) jpwgen jpwgen is a Java-based password generator that ... Télécharger
zzjson(freshmeat) zzjson zzjson is a lightweight C library for reading, ... Télécharger
k8temp(freshmeat) k8temp k8temp is a BSD utility to read the on-die temp... Télécharger
cmsimple(freshmeat) CMSimple CMSimple is a simple content management system ... Télécharger
mrsbs(freshmeat) Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking System The Meeting Request Scheduling and Booking Syst... Télécharger
chironfs(freshmeat) Chiron FS Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that imple... Télécharger
xsw(freshmeat) XShipWars XShipWars is a spaceship-based real-time Intern... Télécharger
djangoaeutils(freshmeat) Django App Engine Utilities Django technically runs on Google App Engine, b... Télécharger
libafterimage(freshmeat) libAfterImage libAfterImage is an image import, storage, mani... Télécharger
rcptoolbox(freshmeat) RCP Toolbox RCP Toolbox is a collections of valuable custom... Télécharger
etherply(freshmeat) Etherply Etherply helps you find the best combinations o... Télécharger
libucd(freshmeat) libucd libucd is a C library interface to the Unicode ... Télécharger
swterm(freshmeat) SWTerm SWTerm is a terminal (curses-based) client for ... Télécharger
astcdrview(freshmeat) astCDRview astCDRview is a lightweight, Web-based, multi-l... Télécharger
pykaraoke(freshmeat) PyKaraoke PyKaraoke is a karaoke player which supports th... Télécharger
dvbstreamer(freshmeat) DVBStreamer DVBStreamer is a console based application for ... Télécharger
spacemaps(freshmeat) spacemaps Spacemaps is a library that aims to create supp... Télécharger
bogom(freshmeat) bogom The bogom plugin can be used with the milter AP... Télécharger
sql2class(freshmeat) SQL C++ code generator The SQL C++ code generator (sql2class) utility ... Télécharger
sourceinstall(freshmeat) GNU Source Installer GNU Source Installer is a complete source packa... Télécharger
non(freshmeat) the Non Sequencer The Non Sequencer is a powerful real-time, patt... Télécharger
pg_pqueue(freshmeat) python/pg_pqueue pg_pqueue is a Python package that provides low... Télécharger
odt2txt(freshmeat) odt2txt odt2txt extracts the text out of OpenDocument T... Télécharger
akkada(freshmeat) akk@da AKK@DA is a network monitoring system designed ... Télécharger
backup_py(freshmeat) backup.py backup.py is a simple way to do differential an... Télécharger
bliki(freshmeat) Java Wikipedia API The Java Wikipedia API (Bliki engine) is a pars... Télécharger
mysqlsavior(freshmeat) MySQL Savior MySQL Savior is a bash script that, after simpl... Télécharger
wacomexpresskeys(freshmeat) Wacom ExpressKeys Wacom ExpressKeys supports the fairly recent ad... Télécharger
tut1x(freshmeat) Tut1x Tut1x is an implementation of the IEEE 802.1x P... Télécharger
ffpocket(freshmeat) FFpocket FFpocket is a tool for using ffmpeg's features.... Télécharger
runit(freshmeat) runit runit is a cross-platform Unix init scheme with... Télécharger
goblinxmini(freshmeat) GoblinX Mini Edition GoblinX Mini Edition is a small version of the ... Télécharger
ssl-audit(freshmeat) SSL-audit ssl-audit helps you find weak RSA/DSA keys as t... Télécharger
pakchois(freshmeat) pakchois pakchois is just another PKCS#11 wrapper librar... Télécharger
wordsearcher(freshmeat) WordSearcher WordSearcher is a Web-based PHP program to crea... Télécharger
mdproxy(freshmeat) Multiple Devices Proxy Multiple Devices Proxy is an application proxy ... Télécharger
fltk(freshmeat) FLTK FLTK (pronounced "fulltick") is a cro... Télécharger
rp-pppoe(freshmeat) rp-pppoe rp-pppoe is a PPPoE client and server suite for... Télécharger
pymailheaders(freshmeat) Pymailheaders Pymailheaders is a small GTK+ program which dis... Télécharger
mamameerascookbook(freshmeat) Mama Meera's Cookbook Mama Meera's Cookbook is an easy-to-use recipe ... Télécharger
pypty(freshmeat) pypty pypty is a tty logger aimed at heavy script(1) ... Télécharger
qtpfsgui(freshmeat) Qtpfsgui Qtpfsgui is an open source graphical user inter... Télécharger
gprof2dot_py(freshmeat) gprof2dot.py gprof2dot.py is a Python script to convert the ... Télécharger
zss(freshmeat) ZK Spreadsheet ZK Spreadsheet is an Excel-like spreadsheet com... Télécharger
lcdstuff(freshmeat) lcd-stuff lcd-stuff is a client for lcdproc. It can displ... Télécharger
hardtokenmgmt(freshmeat) Hard Token Management Framework Hard Token Management Framework is an add-on to... Télécharger
copypirate(freshmeat) The CopyPirate The CopyPirate is an RPG parody of the current ... Télécharger
libubiqx(freshmeat) Ubiqx Embedded DBMS libubiqx is an in-memory database suitable for ... Télécharger
simpleinvoices(freshmeat) Simple Invoices Simple Invoices is a clean, simple, and basic W... Télécharger
wugeo(freshmeat) WuGeo WuGeo is a Python library to draw points on wor... Télécharger
pylotlight(freshmeat) PylotLight PylotLight is a cross-platform, themeable, plug... Télécharger
dokuvimki(freshmeat) DokuVimKi DokuVimKi is a Vim plugin that allows you to ed... Télécharger
jruntime(freshmeat) JRuntime JRuntime is a library that lets you compile and... Télécharger
brutus(freshmeat) Brutus Brutus is an Exchange connector and development... Télécharger
smc-milter(freshmeat) SMC anti-spam email filter SMC anti-spam email filter is a software applic... Télécharger
func(freshmeat) Func Func is a system for securely controlling of a ... Télécharger
certmaster(freshmeat) Certmaster Certmaster is a set of command line tools and a... Télécharger
ovs(freshmeat) OpenVISP Stats OpenVISP Stats is a merge of mailgraph and cour... Télécharger
blitzjavaspaces(freshmeat) Blitz JavaSpaces Blitz is an open source JavaSpaces implementati... Télécharger
urbanmediator(freshmeat) Urban Mediator Urban Mediator a system that makes it possible ... Télécharger
openipmi(freshmeat) OpenIPMI OpenIPMI is an effort to create a full-function... Télécharger
nload(freshmeat) nload nload is a console application which monitors n... Télécharger
pylibacl(freshmeat) pylibacl pylibacl is a Python extension module for POSI... Télécharger
libgrace(freshmeat) Grace Library Grace is a C++ library/enhancement for creating... Télécharger
nefarious(freshmeat) Nefarious Based on ircu, Nefarious has features from vari... Télécharger
cd-emu(freshmeat) CDemu for Linux CDemu for Linux is a software suite consisting ... Télécharger
g-pypi(freshmeat) g-pypi g-pypi generates Gentoo Linux ebuilds for Pytho... Télécharger
jsext(freshmeat) JSEXT JSEXT is a JavaScript framework for server scri... Télécharger
openpanel(freshmeat) OpenPanel OpenPanel is a remote server administration and... Télécharger
isomorphin(freshmeat) ISOmorphin ISOmorphin is an ISO mounting manager for GNOME... Télécharger

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