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barcode4j(freshmeat) Barcode4J Barcode4J is a barcode generation package. The ... Télécharger
ephotodb(freshmeat) Emacs Photo Database Emacs Photo Database provides functions for man... Télécharger
jbidwatcher(freshmeat) JBidwatcher JBidwatcher is a powerful eBay-user tool implem... Télécharger
xc2ical(freshmeat) XChange 2 iCal Xc2iCal reads your cached Microsoft Exchange (... Télécharger
transactionkit(freshmeat) TransactionKit TransactionKit is a C library that provides key... Télécharger
domac(freshmeat) Domac Domac is a simple text processing language. It ... Télécharger
prasi(freshmeat) Prasi Prasi is an authentication framework with full ... Télécharger
ooolib(freshmeat) OpenOffice.org Utility Library The OpenOffice.org Utility Library includes mod... Télécharger
greylstd(freshmeat) greylstd greylstd is a greylisting server with a Unix do... Télécharger
virt-df(freshmeat) Virt-df Virt-df is a df implementation for virtual gues... Télécharger
cleverbox(freshmeat) Cleverbox Cleverbox provides an interactive command line ... Télécharger
buddi(freshmeat) Buddi Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted fo... Télécharger
ost(freshmeat) ost ost is a tool that provides mechanisms to autom... Télécharger
cmake(freshmeat) CMake CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build s... Télécharger
dnstracer(freshmeat) dnstracer dnstracer determines where a given Domain Name ... Télécharger
ccilmt(freshmeat) CCIL-eMailingTool CCIL-MT is a Web-based tool to send an email me... Télécharger
zepto(freshmeat) Zepto CMS Zepto CMS is a tiny but flexible CMS. It has it... Télécharger
phpbms(freshmeat) phpBMS phpBMS is a Web-based billing, scheduling, and ... Télécharger
cmsdam(freshmeat) cmsdAm CmsdAm is a simple, secure, and fast content ma... Télécharger
azr3jack(freshmeat) AZR3-JACK AZR3-JACK is a port of the free VST plugin AZR-... Télécharger
starplot(freshmeat) StarPlot StarPlot is a GTK-based program, written in C++... Télécharger
libmpq(freshmeat) libmpq libmpq is a library for manipulating MPQ (MoPaQ... Télécharger
mpq-tools(freshmeat) mpq-tools mpq-tools is a set of utilities for manipulatin... Télécharger
xotclide(freshmeat) XOTclIDE XOTclIDE is an integrated (interactive) develop... Télécharger
acts_as_kuler(freshmeat) acts_as_kuler acts_as_kuler is a clone of Adobe's kuler tool ... Télécharger
intclock(freshmeat) intclock intclock provides a graphical multi-timezone cl... Télécharger
origo-submit(freshmeat) origo-submit origo-submit is a script that supports automate... Télécharger
tensor(freshmeat) Tensor Tensor is a tool that helps provide an estimate... Télécharger
check_tl_health(freshmeat) check_tl_health check_tl_health is a universal plugin which is ... Télécharger
partyman(freshmeat) Partyman Partyman is a simple double-deck audio player t... Télécharger
dwemo(freshmeat) dwemo dwemo is an alternative minimal window manager ... Télécharger
qlix(freshmeat) Qlix Qlix is a small tool written with Qt and libmtp... Télécharger
freehelpdesk(freshmeat) Free Help Desk Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system d... Télécharger
easybeans(freshmeat) EasyBeans EasyBeans is an implementation of an EJB3 conta... Télécharger
freesci(freshmeat) FreeSCI FreeSCI is an attempt to re-implement the Sierr... Télécharger
talwm(freshmeat) TAL/wm TAL/wm is a tiling application launcher and win... Télécharger
treewatch(freshmeat) treewatch Treewatch watches a directory for a specified t... Télécharger
pushit(freshmeat) Pushit Pushit is simple software that performs single ... Télécharger
php-gtk(freshmeat) PHP-GTK PHP-GTK is a PHP extension that implements lang... Télécharger
lockdown(freshmeat) LockDown LockDown is an application that can be run inte... Télécharger
vcl4php(freshmeat) VCL for PHP VCL for PHP is a PHP component framework that r... Télécharger
gitstats(freshmeat) gitstats GitStats is a statistics generator for git repo... Télécharger
vatatarm-for-vlc(freshmeat) Vatata Rm for VLC Vatata Rm for VLC is a patch to allow VLC to pl... Télécharger
exastris(freshmeat) Ex Astris Ex Astris is a game in the style of Elite and S... Télécharger
vatataminiutil(freshmeat) Vatata Miniutil Vatata Miniutil is a C++ class library that is ... Télécharger
unhash(freshmeat) UnHash UnHash is a program that tries a brute force at... Télécharger
lfwrap(freshmeat) LFWrap LFWrap is an executable wrapper for creating Dr... Télécharger
parsegenbank(freshmeat) ParseGenBank ParseGenBank is a minimalistic, incremental, ev... Télécharger
pikt(freshmeat) PIKT PIKT is cross-categorical, multi-purpose softwa... Télécharger
kplaylist(freshmeat) kPlaylist.php kPlaylist is a multi-lingual Web-based music st... Télécharger
reverspring(freshmeat) Reverspring CoI Reverspring is a Java library that allows you t... Télécharger
jcatapult(freshmeat) JCatapult JCatapult is a development platform written in ... Télécharger
etw(freshmeat) Eat The Whistle Eat the Whistle is a multi-platform, portable 2... Télécharger
sambuca(freshmeat) Sambuca Embedded HTTP Framework Sambuca is a Java HTTP server framework that al... Télécharger
db2jmin(freshmeat) DB2-JMIN DB2-JMIN is a general-purpose database administ... Télécharger
ll4(freshmeat) linuxlogo linuxlogo displays the Linux logo in an X Windo... Télécharger
cchef(freshmeat) Covert Channels Evaluation Framework CCHEF (Covert Channels Evaluation Framework) is... Télécharger
xmlhammer(freshmeat) XML Hammer The XML Hammer application is a tool that simpl... Télécharger
bunny(freshmeat) Bunny the Fuzzer Bunny the Fuzzer is a closed loop, high-perform... Télécharger
radare(freshmeat) radare radare2 aims to create a complete, portable, mu... Télécharger
cvsgraph(freshmeat) CvsGraph CvsGraph is a utility for generation of graphic... Télécharger
jerklib(freshmeat) JerkLib Jerklib is a NIO based, event driven IRC librar... Télécharger
xgalagapp(freshmeat) XGalaga++ XGalaga++ is a classic single screen vertical s... Télécharger
seek-1f42(freshmeat) seek-1f42 seek-1f42 is a library for reading 1f42 H262 ma... Télécharger
vdr(freshmeat) Video Disk Recorder Video Disk Recorder (VDR) is a digital satellit... Télécharger
gtick(freshmeat) GNU GTick GNU GTick is a metronome application. It featur... Télécharger
yawiki_engine(freshmeat) yawiki engine The yawiki engine is the underlying rendering e... Télécharger
tinypy(freshmeat) tinypy tinypy is a minimalist implementation of Python... Télécharger
adsensechecker(freshmeat) PerlGtk Adsense Checker PerlGtk Adsense Checker is a small script that ... Télécharger
mail-notification(freshmeat) Mail Notification Mail Notification is a status icon (aka tray ic... Télécharger
apolicy(freshmeat) ACL Policy Daemon for Postfix ACL Policy Daemon communicates with the Postfix... Télécharger
hinversi(freshmeat) Hinversi Hinversi is a implementation of Reversi (a.k.a.... Télécharger
libresource(freshmeat) LibreSource LibreSource is a versatile collaborative platfo... Télécharger
phpop3clean(freshmeat) phPOP3clean phPOP3clean is a spam, virus, and worm filterin... Télécharger
minibb(freshmeat) miniBB miniBB is a flat, linear, highly customizable B... Télécharger
nsconfig(freshmeat) Name Server Configurator NSC is a set of utilities for easy administrati... Télécharger
eunet(freshmeat) EuNet EuNet provides cross-platform socket networking... Télécharger
msnproxy(freshmeat) msn-proxy The msn-proxy is a lightweight transparent prox... Télécharger
tinygo(freshmeat) Tiny Go Tiny Go is a MIDlet (cell phone application usi... Télécharger
crowd-control(freshmeat) crowd-control crowd-control is a secure online event booking ... Télécharger
smcomments(freshmeat) ScriptsMill Comments ScriptsMill Comments is a script that allows yo... Télécharger
phatch(freshmeat) Phatch Phatch is an easy-to-use GUI photo batch proces... Télécharger
websitary(freshmeat) Websitary Websitary is a script that monitors Web pages, ... Télécharger
mapaaudio(freshmeat) mapaaudio mapaaudio is an 1f42 A52A audio stream mapper. ... Télécharger
genstats(freshmeat) genstats genstats creates statistics for any text file. ... Télécharger
kdelicious(freshmeat) KDelicious KDelicious adds several options to the Konquero... Télécharger
tamogen(freshmeat) TAMOGEN TAMOGEN is designed either to create a mosaic o... Télécharger
vmplot(freshmeat) vmplot vmplot.py can directly generate nice graphs fro... Télécharger
bitstring(freshmeat) bitstring Bitstring is a powerful language extension for ... Télécharger
samtodo(freshmeat) SamTodo SamTodo is a simple PHP application that makes ... Télécharger
re2c(freshmeat) re2c re2c is a tool for writing fast and flexible le... Télécharger
audiospace(freshmeat) AudioSpace AudioSpace calculates the amount of storage req... Télécharger
kbarcode(freshmeat) kbarcode KBarcode is a barcode and label printing applic... Télécharger
bconv(freshmeat) BConv BConv is a command line Python script that conv... Télécharger
animplayer(freshmeat) AniMplayer AniMplayer is a frontend for Mono MPlayer that ... Télécharger
monolithandroid(freshmeat) MonolithAndroid Monolith Android is a 3D Tetris-like game for t... Télécharger
butt(freshmeat) broadcast using this tool butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy-to-... Télécharger
openspeak(freshmeat) openSpeak openSpeak is a VoIP solution and is aimed at cl... Télécharger
bika(freshmeat) Bika Bika is a combined LIMS (laboratory information... Télécharger
archive4j(freshmeat) Archiving for Java Archive4J is an archive engine for large docume... Télécharger

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