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yzis(freshmeat) Yzis Yzis is a vim-like editor that holds all core ... Télécharger
openvidia(freshmeat) OpenVIDIA The Openvidia project implements computer visio... Télécharger
newsletter(freshmeat) newsletter Newsletter is a tool for Web site owners that w... Télécharger
funkymd(freshmeat) FunkyMD Suite The FunkyMD Suite aims to provide tools for ti... Télécharger
pcmanfm(freshmeat) PCMan File Manager PCMan File Manager is a very fast and lightweig... Télécharger
krobots(freshmeat) K-Robots K-Robots is an independent Linux implementation... Télécharger
aoeui(freshmeat) aoeui aoeui is a lightweight unobtrusive text editor ... Télécharger
evocosm(freshmeat) Evocosm Evocosm is a C++ class framework for programmin... Télécharger
gwhois(freshmeat) gwhois gwhois is a generic whois client (and server) ... Télécharger
sitecopy(freshmeat) sitecopy sitecopy allows you to easily maintain remote W... Télécharger
serverstatus(freshmeat) status.php status.php is a set of PHP scripts that can con... Télécharger
stdnoj(freshmeat) stdnoj stdnoj is a cross-platform C++ class library th... Télécharger
rules(freshmeat) Rules Framework Rules Framework is a Java Rule Engine API (JSR ... Télécharger
mod_imap(freshmeat) mod_imap mod_imap is an IMAP authentication module for A... Télécharger
belenix(freshmeat) BeleniX BeleniX is a distribution based on the version ... Télécharger
preludemanager(freshmeat) Prelude Manager Prelude-Manager is a high-availability server t... Télécharger
libmpeg2(freshmeat) libmpeg2 libmpeg2 is a library for decoding MPEG-1 and M... Télécharger
qtrayvolman(freshmeat) qtrayvolman qtrayvolman handles hot-pluggable devices and r... Télécharger
ccsvparse(freshmeat) cCSVParse cCSVParse is a fast and simple class for Cocoa ... Télécharger
chooser(freshmeat) chooser chooser is a script for wireless networking tha... Télécharger
gnuplotwordpressplugin(freshmeat) GNUPlot Wordpress Plugin Using this plugin, you can generate charts with... Télécharger
hlbr(freshmeat) Hogwash Light BR HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) th... Télécharger
udrwconfig(freshmeat) udrwconfig udrwconfig is a tool for writing to UDRW memory... Télécharger
brasero(freshmeat) Brasero Brasero (formerly known as Bonfire) is a applic... Télécharger
rdv(freshmeat) RDV RDV is a visualization environment for scientif... Télécharger
highest(freshmeat) highest highest is a program that efficiently finds the... Télécharger
cpptest(freshmeat) C++Test C++Test is a portable and powerful, yet simple,... Télécharger
xhelper(freshmeat) xhelper xhelper is a tool to automate and control the d... Télécharger
keytouch(freshmeat) keyTouch keyTouch makes it possible to easily configure ... Télécharger
itpp(freshmeat) IT++ IT++ is a C++ library of mathematical, signal p... Télécharger
w3af(freshmeat) w3af w3af (Web Application Attack and Audit Framewor... Télécharger
kcaptcha(freshmeat) KCAPTCHA KCAPTCHA provides CAPTCHA (a visual human valid... Télécharger
bzrlog(freshmeat) BzrLog BzrLog is a log-oriented GUI for the Bazaar ver... Télécharger
lasso(freshmeat) Lasso Lasso (Liberty Alliance Single Sign On) is an i... Télécharger
mpp-py(freshmeat) make-photo-pages mpp.py is a program that generates static Web a... Télécharger
glosswordreq(freshmeat) Glossword Checker Glossword Checker is PHP script which checks if... Télécharger
md5copy(freshmeat) md5copy md5copy copies one or more files/directories to... Télécharger
svnchecker(freshmeat) SVNChecker SVNChecker is a framework for Subversion pre-co... Télécharger
jimageviewer(freshmeat) JImageViewer JImageView an image viewer with no extra featur... Télécharger
jimageexplore(freshmeat) JImageExplore JImageExplore is an image viewer with features ... Télécharger
photorec(freshmeat) Photorec PhotoRec is a small tool to recover pictures fr... Télécharger
ajaxtoaster(freshmeat) AjaxToaster AjaxToaster lets you easily create JSON and XML... Télécharger
make_uninstall(freshmeat) make_uninstall make_uninstall is used to monitor a command li... Télécharger
skaringa(freshmeat) Skaringa Skaringa is an API for Java, JSON, and XML lang... Télécharger
finic(freshmeat) finic finic helps users manage their finances. It can... Télécharger
wigit(freshmeat) WiGit WiGit is a simple and light wiki, written in PH... Télécharger
dkms(freshmeat) DKMS DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) is a frame... Télécharger
moiosms(freshmeat) MoioSMS MoioSMS is a Python script to automatically sen... Télécharger
soda(freshmeat) Secured Object for Database Abstraction Secured Object for Database Abstraction is a da... Télécharger
erlang_progress_bar(freshmeat) Erlang Progress Bar Erlang Progress Bar is a port of Ruby's progres... Télécharger
vrml1parser(freshmeat) VRML 1.0c Parser VRML 1.0c Parser is a C++ parser library for VR... Télécharger
bethewumpus(freshmeat) Be The Wumpus Be The Wumpus is a game with no graphics and no... Télécharger
flames(freshmeat) FLAM3 FLAM3 is the rendering engine for the Electric ... Télécharger
blag(freshmeat) BLAG Linux And GNU BLAG is a single-CD Linux distribution that has... Télécharger
skipolemonitor(freshmeat) Skipole Network Monitor SkipoleMonitor is a free network monitor. On ru... Télécharger
windrose(freshmeat) windRose windRose is a small application for PDAs connec... Télécharger
elixir(freshmeat) Elixir Elixir is a declarative layer on top of SQLAlch... Télécharger
hiwi(freshmeat) HIWI HIWI (HTML Images Without Images) is a set of J... Télécharger
phptimeclock(freshmeat) phpTimeClock phpTimeClock is a simple and easy-to-use timecl... Télécharger
railsdb(freshmeat) RailsDB RailsDB is a Web application using the Ruby on ... Télécharger
ihook(freshmeat) iHook iHook is a graphical frontend for any command-l... Télécharger
vectorlinux(freshmeat) VectorLinux VectorLinux is a fast, bloat-free, Slackware-ba... Télécharger
dvdauthor(freshmeat) dvdauthor dvdauthor is a simple set of tools to help with... Télécharger
t3devkit(freshmeat) T3DevKit T3DevKit is a set of libraries and tools for TT... Télécharger
htx(freshmeat) Html To Xhtml Convertor Html to Xhtml Convertor is a straight-forward P... Télécharger
phpmyid(freshmeat) phpMyID phpMyID is a small, fairly lightweight, standal... Télécharger
uttextarea(freshmeat) UvumiTools TextArea The UvumiTools TextArea is a Web plugin that ad... Télécharger
rsyncrypto(freshmeat) rsyncrypto Rsyncrypto allows you to encrypt a file or a di... Télécharger
metacafe-dl(freshmeat) metacafe-dl metacafe-dl is a small command line program for... Télécharger
shwild(freshmeat) shwild shwild is a simple, platform-independent librar... Télécharger
musicbrowser(freshmeat) Music Browser Music Browser is a lightweight Web-based browse... Télécharger
fdmsfs(freshmeat) FDMS3-FS fdmsfs is a FUSE filesystem which can read fost... Télécharger
webalizer(freshmeat) Webalizer The Webalizer is a Web server log analysis prog... Télécharger
speex(freshmeat) Speex Speex is a patent-free compression format desig... Télécharger
tinyblogr(freshmeat) Tiny Blogr Tiny Blogr is a tiny personal journal blog syst... Télécharger
lanaicms(freshmeat) La-Nai La-Nai is a CMS-like system that has basic modu... Télécharger
ckmame(freshmeat) ckmame ckmame is a program to check ROM sets for MAME,... Télécharger
gengetopt_eclipse(freshmeat) Gengetopt Eclipse Gengetopt Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that pro... Télécharger
gleamsynth(freshmeat) Gleam Synthesizer Gleam is a software sound synthesizer. It recei... Télécharger
sound_converter(freshmeat) soundconverter Soundconverter is a Unix command-line program f... Télécharger
smokeping(freshmeat) SmokePing SmokePing is a network latency monitor. It meas... Télécharger
siproxd(freshmeat) Siproxd Siproxd is a SIP application layer proxy for SI... Télécharger
acpitool(freshmeat) AcpiTool AcpiTool is a Linux ACPI client. It's a small c... Télécharger
dagger(freshmeat) dagger dagger is a small command line utility written ... Télécharger
naturalcli(freshmeat) Natural CLI Natural CLI is a Java library that provides dev... Télécharger
sge2d(freshmeat) SDL Game Engine sge2d, also known as SDL Game Engine, is a plat... Télécharger
nbcache(freshmeat) nbcache nbcache is a utility to remove cache data from ... Télécharger
ext3undel(freshmeat) ext3undel ext3undel is a collection of scripts to help yo... Télécharger
fuse(freshmeat) Filesystem in Userspace Filesystem in Userspace is a simple interface f... Télécharger
team-assistant(sfnet) Team Assistant Team Assistant (TA) 2006 is a multi function to... Télécharger
kaptcha(freshmeat) kaptcha kaptcha is a modern version of the SimpleCaptch... Télécharger
tzosdclock(freshmeat) tzosdclock tzosdclock is a fork of the xosd-clock project,... Télécharger
check_iax(freshmeat) check_iax check_iax is a Nagios plugin for checking IAX/I... Télécharger
mowyw(freshmeat) mowyw writes your websites Mowyw is an offline content management system, ... Télécharger
intltool(freshmeat) internationalization tool collection The internationalization tool collection (intlt... Télécharger
krai(freshmeat) Krai Framework Krai Framework is a PHP application framework d... Télécharger
libvcvideo(freshmeat) libvcvideo libvcvideo is targeted as a super-simple cross ... Télécharger
codeworker(freshmeat) CodeWorker CodeWorker is a versatile parsing tool and a un... Télécharger
txt2tags(freshmeat) txt2tags Txt2tags converts a text file with minimal mark... Télécharger
spjson(freshmeat) SPJson SPJson is a simple stream-oriented JSON parser ... Télécharger

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