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gm4lin(freshmeat) gm4lin gm4lin is a Linux driver for the serial port GM... Télécharger
seg3d(freshmeat) Seg3D Seg3D is a volume editing and processing tool t... Télécharger
narrange(freshmeat) NArrange NArrange is a tool for arranging .NET source co... Télécharger
corplot(freshmeat) corplot Corplot aims at processing open corrosion poten... Télécharger
kcomic(freshmeat) KComic KComic is a comic and image file viewer. Featur... Télécharger
wordfinder(freshmeat) Wordfinder Wordfinder is a simple application to help you ... Télécharger
bless(freshmeat) Bless Bless is a fast and customizable hex editor wri... Télécharger
projectpsi(freshmeat) PSIworld PSIworld (Programmable Scalable Interactive Wor... Télécharger
timemachine(freshmeat) TimeMachine The TimeMachine can record the entire contents ... Télécharger
dhcp-helper(freshmeat) dhcp-helper dhcp-helper is a DHCP relay agent. It allows th... Télécharger
wraplinux(freshmeat) WrapLinux WrapLinux is a utility to wrap a Linux kernel, ... Télécharger
tymproject(freshmeat) TYM Project TYM (Typo Manager) is software for managing fon... Télécharger
flex-mvn-report(freshmeat) Flex Maven Reports Flex Maven Reports includes various Maven repor... Télécharger
gnupspp(freshmeat) GNU PSPP PSPP is a free version of SPSS, a proprietary ... Télécharger
vfgen(freshmeat) VFGEN VFGEN is a program that takes a specification o... Télécharger
xclip(freshmeat) xclip xclip is a command line interface to the X11 cl... Télécharger
wiaflos(freshmeat) Wiaflos Accounting Wiaflos Accounting is an attempt to create a mu... Télécharger
simplelogbook(freshmeat) SimpleLogBook SimpleLogBook is a simple pilot's logbook. It's... Télécharger
jonpy(freshmeat) jonpy jonpy is a set of Python modules which provide ... Télécharger
pdftex(freshmeat) pdfTeX pdfTeX is an extended version of TeX that can c... Télécharger
processgetopt(freshmeat) process-getopt process-getopt is a wrapper around getopt(1) fo... Télécharger
dn-gallery(freshmeat) DN-Gallery DN-Gallery is a simple PHP/AJAX Web-based galle... Télécharger
php_calendar(freshmeat) PhpCalendar PhpCalendar is a PHP library to present a calen... Télécharger
jtodolist(freshmeat) jToDoList jToDoList is a sophisticated ToDo list. It is m... Télécharger
astrobuffer(freshmeat) AstroBuffer AstroBuffer is a CCD astrophotography image man... Télécharger
gaffitter(freshmeat) Genetic Algorithm File Fitter Genetic Algorithm File Fitter, GAFFitter for sh... Télécharger
qbankmanager(freshmeat) QBankManager QBankManager is a home banking program. It is t... Télécharger
gann(freshmeat) Geeks Artificial Neural Network Geeks Artificial Neural Network (G.A.N.N) is a ... Télécharger
tcldtrace(freshmeat) TclDTrace TclDTrace is a binding of libdtrace to the Tcl ... Télécharger
ayumis(freshmeat) AYUMiS AYUMiS is a project aiming to create a cross-pl... Télécharger
nullmodem(freshmeat) nullmodem nullmodem creates a virtual network of pseudo-t... Télécharger
xbasics-firehash(freshmeat) xbasics FireHash xbasics FireHash helps test the integrity of an... Télécharger
schaefchenws(freshmeat) Das Schaefchen Das Schaefchen is a lightweight HTTP server and... Télécharger
vfsjfilechooser(freshmeat) VFSJFileChooser VFSJFileChooser is a Java Swing component that ... Télécharger
base4r(freshmeat) Base4r Base4r is a client library for Google Base, wri... Télécharger
gramadoir(freshmeat) An Gramadóir An Gramadóir is a grammar checking engine that ... Télécharger
ciat(freshmeat) Cryptographic Implementations Analysis Toolkit The Cryptographic Implementations Analysis Tool... Télécharger
gbsplay(freshmeat) gbsplay gbsplay emulates the sound hardware of the Nint... Télécharger
chickennix(freshmeat) chickennix Chickennix is a classic "shoot 'em up"... Télécharger
yconsole(freshmeat) YConsole YConsole allows you to monitor and control the ... Télécharger
odtwriter(freshmeat) odtwriter/rst2odt.py rst2odt.py/odtwriter.py is a writer for Docutil... Télécharger
yala(freshmeat) Yet Another LDAP Administrator YALA is a Web-based LDAP administration GUI. Th... Télécharger
stripesframework(freshmeat) Stripes Web Framework Stripes is a framework that makes building Java... Télécharger
rgbtrade(freshmeat) Rgbtrade Rgbtrade is a Web-based marketplace for the RGB... Télécharger
constat(freshmeat) constat constat is an application that monitors, logs, ... Télécharger
gmult(freshmeat) Multiplication Puzzle Multiplication Puzzle is a simple math puzzle g... Télécharger
bbjewel(freshmeat) bbJewel bbJewel creates a PDF of a cover for the listed... Télécharger
flactagger(freshmeat) flactagger flactagger is a script for tagging FLAC files. ... Télécharger
bemdb(freshmeat) bemDB bemDB is a PostgreSQL database designed to stor... Télécharger
myodbc(freshmeat) MySQL Connector/ODBC MySQL Connector/ODBC is an ODBC driver for the ... Télécharger
gjc(freshmeat) Joystick control Joystick control is a simple tool that lets you... Télécharger
lwtt(freshmeat) LightWeight Time Tracker LightWeight Time Tracker (LWTT) is a very simpl... Télécharger
gpld(freshmeat) GippleDee GippleDee is a DMOZ-style Web-based link direct... Télécharger
autobuild(freshmeat) Autobuild Autobuild is a package that processes output fr... Télécharger
autoglade(freshmeat) Autoglade autoglade is a tool that automagically creates ... Télécharger
fiforms(freshmeat) FiForms Framework The FiForms Framework is an application develop... Télécharger
rapla(freshmeat) Rapla Rapla is a flexible multi-user resource and eve... Télécharger
kde3to4(freshmeat) KDE3TO4 KDE3TO4 is a wizard implemented as a set of mod... Télécharger
qote(freshmeat) Qote Qote is a small FTP simulator. It could be used... Télécharger
cubitpos(freshmeat) Cubit POS Cubit POS is a network point of sale system. Télécharger
apbcdb(freshmeat) apbcdb Apbcdb is a high performance, read-only databas... Télécharger
xcdroast(freshmeat) X-CD-Roast X-CD-Roast is a program-package dedicated to ea... Télécharger
cleanhome(freshmeat) CleanHome CleanHome cleans up a user's home directory by ... Télécharger
light-monitor(freshmeat) light-monitor light-monitor is a transparent panel that depen... Télécharger
hasher(freshmeat) hasher hasher is a secure package buliding tool for RP... Télécharger
linkedscaffold(freshmeat) Ruby on Rails linked scaffold generator The Ruby on Rails linked scaffold generator cre... Télécharger
goboeiffel(freshmeat) GOBO Eiffel The Gobo Eiffel Project provides the Eiffel com... Télécharger
compiere(freshmeat) Compiere Compiere is an integrated ERP and CRM business ... Télécharger
google-adwords(freshmeat) Google::Adwords Google::Adwords is a collection of Perl modules... Télécharger
tclscreen(freshmeat) TclScreenUP TclScreenUP is a little utility that grabs a sc... Télécharger
robolibft(freshmeat) libft libft is an implementation of the fischertechni... Télécharger
cinabox(freshmeat) cinabox Cinabox (Continuous Integration in a Box) autom... Télécharger
baynoon(freshmeat) Baynoon Baynoon is an object database server that under... Télécharger
milter(freshmeat) Python milter The milter module for Python provides a python ... Télécharger
fype(freshmeat) Fype Fype is For Your Program Execution, an attempt ... Télécharger
amigadepacker(freshmeat) amigadepacker Amigadepacker uncompresses various compression ... Télécharger
shd-tcp-tools(freshmeat) shd-tcp-tools shd-tcp-tools is a set of TCP network tools tha... Télécharger
pdune(freshmeat) Project Dune Project Dune is a software project management t... Télécharger
pygooglechart(freshmeat) Python Google Chart Python Google Chart is a complete wrapper for t... Télécharger
ussp-push(freshmeat) ussp-push ussp-push is a BlueTooth OBEX object pusher for... Télécharger
apso(freshmeat) Apso Apso is a framework for adding secrecy to distr... Télécharger
gecodej(freshmeat) Gecode/J Gecode/J is a Java interface to the Gecode C++ ... Télécharger
jqsajax(freshmeat) jqSajax jqSajax is PHP Class to build jQuery Plugin. Th... Télécharger
mosait(freshmeat) Mosait Mosait creates photographic mosaics from a data... Télécharger
jmrtd(freshmeat) JMRTD JMRTD is a free implementation of the Machine R... Télécharger
dtse(freshmeat) Douglas Thrift's Search Engine Douglas Thrift's Search Engine is an indexing ... Télécharger
simplejson(freshmeat) simplejson simplejson is a simple, fast, complete, correct... Télécharger
ppdrag(freshmeat) ppDrag ppDrag is a drag'n'drop plugin for jQuery, whic... Télécharger
e2elements(freshmeat) e2 elements e2 elements is a flexible and modular applicati... Télécharger
jetrix(freshmeat) Jetrix Jetrix is a TetriNET server designed for maximu... Télécharger
tinynews(freshmeat) TinyNews TinyNews is a simple news/article publishing sy... Télécharger
paglo_crawler(freshmeat) Paglo Crawler The Paglo Crawler collects all IT information f... Télécharger
tcl-fuse(freshmeat) tcl-fuse tcl-fuse is a Tcl interface to the Linux kernel... Télécharger
tcl-gaul(freshmeat) tcl-gaul tcl-gaul is a Tcl extension for genetic/evoluti... Télécharger
repcached(freshmeat) repcached repached is a patch set which adds a data repli... Télécharger
bmcb(freshmeat) Breaking the Multi-Colored Box Breaking the Multi-Colored Box is a framework w... Télécharger
libpreludedb(freshmeat) libpreludedb The PreludeDB Library provides an abstraction l... Télécharger
pydns(freshmeat) Python DNS PyDNS provides a module for performing general ... Télécharger
monoosc(freshmeat) MonoOSC MonoOSC is a project in two parts: a library in... Télécharger
cush(freshmeat) Cloud User Shell Cloud User Shell (cush) is a multi-call executa... Télécharger

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