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lobo(freshmeat) Lobo Lobo is a pure Java Web browser that can render... Télécharger
cmospwd(freshmeat) Cmos password recovery tools CmosPwd decrypts the password stored in CMOS us... Télécharger
kbasic(freshmeat) KBasic KBasic is a programming language related to VB.... Télécharger
pjsip(freshmeat) PJSIP and PJMEDIA pjsip is a multimedia communication library bas... Télécharger
vfplot(freshmeat) vfplot vfplot is a program for plotting two-dimensiona... Télécharger
atf(freshmeat) Automated Testing Framework ATF is a collection of libraries and utilities ... Télécharger
mydp(freshmeat) mysqldump parser mydp is a program for processing mysqldump file... Télécharger
csup(freshmeat) csup csup is a solid CVSup replacement for checkout-... Télécharger
bsnmp-jails(freshmeat) BSNMP jails bsnmp-jails is a module for bsnmpd that allows ... Télécharger
bsnmp-pcap(freshmeat) BSNMP pcap bsnmp-pcap is a module for bsnmpd that allows y... Télécharger
xsharp(freshmeat) X# X# (pronounced X-sharp) is an XML-oriented prog... Télécharger
gtgt(freshmeat) gitty-gitty gitty-gitty, the (general | GNU) template gener... Télécharger
caltroid(freshmeat) Caltroid Caltroid is a Caltrain schedules application fo... Télécharger
libsysconfcpus(freshmeat) libsysconfcpus libsysconfcpus is an $LD_PRELOAD library that i... Télécharger
yaf4ajn(freshmeat) YAF4AJN YAF4AJN is a Javascript file used by a browser ... Télécharger
alfresco(freshmeat) Alfresco Alfresco is an enterprise content management (E... Télécharger
fecpp(freshmeat) FECpp FECpp is a C++ library implementing a fast forw... Télécharger
cobra(freshmeat) Cobra Cobra is a pure Java HTML DOM parser and render... Télécharger
xlibtrace(freshmeat) xlibtrace xlibtrace displays the interaction between X11 ... Télécharger
jdtaus(freshmeat) jDTAUS jDTAUS is a Java implementation of the German D... Télécharger
jaybird(freshmeat) JayBird JayBird is JCA/JDBC driver suite for connecting... Télécharger
groupware(freshmeat) Rendezvous Groupware Suite Rendezvous Groupware Suite is a Web-based Colla... Télécharger
snapcrm(freshmeat) SnapCRM SnapCRM is a Web-based CRM system that includes... Télécharger
mashupserver(freshmeat) CodeGlide Fusion CodeGlide Fusion is an application and data int... Télécharger
pdfjam(freshmeat) PDFjam PDFjam is a small collection of shell scripts t... Télécharger
rej(freshmeat) Rej Rej is a graphical utility that allows you to w... Télécharger
ml3d(freshmeat) Moonlight|3D Moonlight|3D is a modeling and animation tool f... Télécharger
minicomputer(freshmeat) Minicomputer Minicomputer is a standalone Linux realtime sof... Télécharger
svg2swf-2(freshmeat) svg2swf-2 svg2swf is an SVG to Flash SWF converter. It is... Télécharger
linuxvideoconverter(freshmeat) Linux video converter Linux video converter makes it easy to convert ... Télécharger
portablelinux(freshmeat) Portable Linux Portable Linux is a tool that lets you create b... Télécharger
oowebsitetools(freshmeat) oo.Websitetools oo.WebsiteTools is a set of basic tools which a... Télécharger
libgpod(freshmeat) libgpod libgpod is a shared library to access the conte... Télécharger
gtkpod(freshmeat) gtkpod gtkpod is a platform independent GUI for Apple'... Télécharger
sqlck(freshmeat) SQL Construction Kit SQL Construction Kit aims to provide a simple b... Télécharger
zikula(freshmeat) Zikula Zikula is a PHP-based Web application framework... Télécharger
nasmail(freshmeat) NaSMail NaSMail is a standards-based webmail package. I... Télécharger
autotools-idl(freshmeat) autotools-idl autotools-idl is a patch for automake and some ... Télécharger
libgphoto(freshmeat) libgphoto libgphoto2 is a user space library which provid... Télécharger
wv2ogg(freshmeat) wv2ogg wv2ogg is a tool that uses wvunpack, oggenc, an... Télécharger
pymvpa(freshmeat) PyMVPA PyMVPA (Python MultiVariate Pattern Analysis) i... Télécharger
pwr(freshmeat) Pico Web Remoting Pico Web Remoting (PWR) allows Web requests to ... Télécharger
picocontainer-web(freshmeat) PicoContainer Web PicoContainer Web provides a series of adapter ... Télécharger
libexception(freshmeat) libexception libexception is an exception handling library f... Télécharger
ortp(freshmeat) oRTP oRTP is a library implementing the Real-time Tr... Télécharger
gldfork(freshmeat) GLD-Fork GLD-fork is a fork of the GLD program by Salim ... Télécharger
atmailopen(freshmeat) AtMail Open AtMail is a webmail client. The project aims to... Télécharger
dertin(freshmeat) Dertin Dertin is an operating system based on the Linu... Télécharger
patchutils(freshmeat) patchutils Patchutils contains a collection of tools for m... Télécharger
freech(freshmeat) Freech Freech is a fast and mature discussion forum wi... Télécharger
fineco2qif(freshmeat) fineco2qif fineco2qif is a Python script that can convert ... Télécharger
refsense(freshmeat) RefSense RefSense is a set of command line tools for acc... Télécharger
hashit(freshmeat) hashit hashit is a generic hash library that implement... Télécharger
wwwsqldesigner(freshmeat) WWW SQL Designer WWW SQL Designer allows users to create databas... Télécharger
v8cgi(freshmeat) v8cgi v8cgi is a small set of C++ and JavaScript libr... Télécharger
tecomp(freshmeat) The Eiffel Compiler The Eiffel Compiler is a command line compiler ... Télécharger
amanda(freshmeat) Amanda Amanda is a popular network backup and archivin... Télécharger
_tcshrc(freshmeat) tcshrc The tcshrc package provides a well-organised se... Télécharger
tknewsii(freshmeat) TkNewsII TkNewsII is a QWK and NNTP echomail and Usenet ... Télécharger
miacms(freshmeat) MiaCMS MiaCMS is a content management system. It lets ... Télécharger
mtscrape(freshmeat) mtscrape mtscrape saves and converts programs from the o... Télécharger
inosync(freshmeat) inosync The inosync daemon leverages the inotify servic... Télécharger
bioperl(freshmeat) Bioperl Bioperl is set of Perl Modules for bioinformati... Télécharger
metslib(freshmeat) METSlib METSlib is an object-oriented metaheuristics fr... Télécharger
mplayerxp(freshmeat) MplayerXP MplayerXP is branch of the well-known mplayer t... Télécharger
foxrate(freshmeat) Foxrate mobile Foxrate mobile is a Currency Exchange applicati... Télécharger
shorewall(freshmeat) Shoreline Firewall Shorewall is an iptables-based firewall for Lin... Télécharger
porticron(freshmeat) porticron porticron is a simple shell script for portage,... Télécharger
smartrest(freshmeat) Smart Restaurant Smart Restaurant started as a fork of the well ... Télécharger
hardwar(freshmeat) Hardwar The goal of this project is to produce a remake... Télécharger
emptycrategameengine(freshmeat) EmptyCrate Game Engine EmptyCrate Game Engine allows for the creation ... Télécharger
libballistics(freshmeat) libballistics libballistics is an external ballistics library... Télécharger
lincity-ng(freshmeat) LinCity-NG LinCity-NG is a city simulation game. It is a p... Télécharger
oml(freshmeat) Open Macro Library Open Macro Library is a library of highly reusa... Télécharger
netmem(freshmeat) Netmem Netmem is a client-server software that manages... Télécharger
sofia-sip(freshmeat) Sofia-SIP Sofia-SIP is a SIP user agent library, complian... Télécharger
cupspdf(freshmeat) CUPS-PDF CUPS-PDF is a PDF writer backend for CUPS. It i... Télécharger
endgame_singularity(freshmeat) Endgame: Singularity Endgame: Singularity is a game which simulates ... Télécharger
roguelike-utils(freshmeat) Games::Roguelike::Utils Games::Roguelike::Utils is a Perl module for th... Télécharger
freevikings(freshmeat) FreeVikings FreeVikings is a clone of the DOS game Lost Vik... Télécharger
mediastreamer(freshmeat) mediastreamer Mediastreamer is a portable C library that allo... Télécharger
tiny-core-linux(freshmeat) Tiny Core Linux Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal... Télécharger
dulwich(freshmeat) dulwich Dulwich is a pure-Python implementation of the ... Télécharger
mailcleaner(freshmeat) MailCleaner MailCleaner is an anti-spam/anti-virus SMTP gat... Télécharger
plplot(freshmeat) PLplot PLplot is a library of C functions that are use... Télécharger
dtc(freshmeat) Domain Technologie Control Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a Web-based... Télécharger
minisnmpd(freshmeat) Mini SNMP Daemon Mini SNMP Daemon is a minimal implementation of... Télécharger
daloradius(freshmeat) daloRADIUS daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management... Télécharger
pydhcplib(freshmeat) pydhcplib Pydhcplib is a library to read, write, encode, ... Télécharger
projinfo(freshmeat) Projinfo project information recuperator (Projinfo) is d... Télécharger
ticklebomb(freshmeat) Tickle Bomb Tickle Bomb is a fun puzzle game that runs on p... Télécharger
jnitodo(freshmeat) jnitodo jnitodo is a todo list manager for the console.... Télécharger
freeguide-tv(freshmeat) FreeGuide TV Guide FreeGuide is a TV guide program. It allows you ... Télécharger
glade2c(freshmeat) glade2c Glade2c is a command line tool which generates ... Télécharger
pppd-sql(freshmeat) pppd-sql pppd-sql is a plugin for the Point-to-Point ser... Télécharger
infoquanta(freshmeat) infoQuanta infoQuanta is a light-weight Java library that ... Télécharger
pyflakes(freshmeat) Pyflakes Pyflakes is a program that analyzes Python prog... Télécharger
soundsort(freshmeat) soundsort Soundsort sorts a list of songs in an order whi... Télécharger
pigavision(freshmeat) PigaVision PigaVision is a software utility for using the ... Télécharger
ink(freshmeat) ink Ink is a command line tool which displays the i... Télécharger

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