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pbcs(freshmeat) Project-based Calendaring System Project-Based Calendaring System (PBCS) is an o... Télécharger
syren(freshmeat) syren syren is a CLI file downloader somewhat similar... Télécharger
teseq(freshmeat) GNU Teseq GNU Teseq is a tool for analyzing files that co... Télécharger
asbook(freshmeat) AnotherScrapBook AnotherScrapBook is a static Website generator.... Télécharger
mod-pop(freshmeat) mod-pop mod-pop is a simple Apache 2 module to provide ... Télécharger
launch4j(freshmeat) launch4j Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping ... Télécharger
image2mpeg(freshmeat) image2mpeg image2mpeg is a tool to convert digital photos ... Télécharger
leonov(freshmeat) Leonov Leonov is a desktop client for Launchpad. Leono... Télécharger
coaservicetester(freshmeat) COAST COAST (COA Service Tester) is a Perl script to ... Télécharger
rm_obsolete_rpms(freshmeat) Tidy RPM Cache script tidy-rpm-cache.py is a Python script that remov... Télécharger
dbgmem(freshmeat) DBGMEM DBGMEM is a feature rich memory debugger for C ... Télécharger
javagit(freshmeat) JavaGit JavaGit is a Java API that provides access to g... Télécharger
fwdaemon(freshmeat) fwdaemon fwdaemon is a Linux firewall runtime backend. A... Télécharger
ccuxlinux(freshmeat) CCux Linux CCux Linux is a Linux distribution especially o... Télécharger
obov(freshmeat) obov obov stands for OATH Based OTP validator. It's ... Télécharger
freenukum(freshmeat) Freenukum The Freenukum Jump'n Run game is a clone of the... Télécharger
noisemaker(freshmeat) NoiseMaker NoiseMaker is an easy-to-use/out-of-the-box C++... Télécharger
lua-imlib2(freshmeat) lua-imlib2 lua-imlib2 provides a mostly complete binding t... Télécharger
lua-tinycdb(freshmeat) lua-tinycdb lua-tinycdb is a binding to the tinycdb library... Télécharger
lua-xmlreader(freshmeat) lua-xmlreader lua-xmlreader provides the XmlReader API to Lua... Télécharger
opensteam(freshmeat) openSteam openSteam is a generic e-commerce framework for... Télécharger
cbrpager(freshmeat) cbrPager cbrPager is a no-nonsense, simple to use, small... Télécharger
gpx2map(freshmeat) gpx2map gpx2map reads a GPS track in GPX format (as pro... Télécharger
libcrtxy(freshmeat) libcrtxy The CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) allows you to wr... Télécharger
bookwrite(freshmeat) Bookwrite Bookwrite is designed to help authors to write ... Télécharger
pragmath(freshmeat) Pragmatic Mathematical Service Pragmatic Mathematical Service is a JavaScript ... Télécharger
linux-make-xconfig-patch(freshmeat) Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhancement Patch Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhanceme... Télécharger
gnusmalltalk(freshmeat) GNU Smalltalk GNU Smalltalk is a free implementation of the S... Télécharger
realestateos(freshmeat) ReOS ReOS (Real Estate Open Source) is a real estate... Télécharger
p0f-db(freshmeat) p0f-db p0f-db is a modified version of p0f that puts i... Télécharger
openxspell(freshmeat) OpenXSpell OpenXSpell aims to bring comprehensive and flex... Télécharger
posterazor(freshmeat) PosteRazor The PosteRazor takes a raster image and slices ... Télécharger
workrave(freshmeat) Workrave Workrave is a program that assists in the recov... Télécharger
yiff(freshmeat) YIFF Sound Server YIFF Sound Server is a sound server for games u... Télécharger
benojt(freshmeat) Benojt Benojt is a fast and flexible explorer for vari... Télécharger
ulxmlrpcpp(freshmeat) ulxmlrpcpp ulxmlrpcpp is a library to perform calls via XM... Télécharger
earnings-tracker(freshmeat) Earnings Tracker Earnings Tracker is a Web-based accounting tool... Télécharger
boodebrpython(freshmeat) boodebr boodebr is a collection of Python modules from ... Télécharger
catacomb(freshmeat) Catacomb Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use ... Télécharger
cppspec(freshmeat) CppSpec CppSpec is a behavior-driven development (BDD) ... Télécharger
tango(freshmeat) Tango Tango is a D library that provides a runtime fo... Télécharger
gmousetool(freshmeat) GMouseTool GMouseTool tracks your mouse movements, and whe... Télécharger
pop2imap(freshmeat) pop2imap pop2imap is a tool for facilitating incremental... Télécharger
villonanny(freshmeat) VilloNanny VilloNanny is a Travian robot that plays the po... Télécharger
sipvicious(freshmeat) SIPVicious The SIPVicious tools are used to audit SIP devi... Télécharger
radlib(freshmeat) Rapid Application Development Library radlib is a C language library developed to abs... Télécharger
archview(freshmeat) ArchView ArchView can open archive files online without ... Télécharger
svninfo(freshmeat) svninfo svninfo is used to extract the revision and fil... Télécharger
fop(freshmeat) Apache FOP Apache FOP is an XSL-FO formatter. It is used i... Télécharger
virt-mem(freshmeat) virt-mem Virt-mem is a set of system administrator tools... Télécharger
catacomb-webdav(freshmeat) Catacomb-WebDAV Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use ... Télécharger
poldi(freshmeat) Poldi Poldi is a PAM module that implements authentic... Télécharger
cpufrequtils(freshmeat) cpufrequtils The cpufrequtils package consists of a library ... Télécharger
emile(freshmeat) Early Macintosh Image LoadEr Early Macintosh Image LoadEr (EMILE) makes it ... Télécharger
gag(freshmeat) GAG GAG is a Graphical Boot Manager with a lot of f... Télécharger
achoo(freshmeat) Achoo Achoo is a fluent interface for unit testing Py... Télécharger
webapp(freshmeat) WebAPP WebAPP stands for Web Automated Perl Portal. I... Télécharger
qsgen(freshmeat) qsgen qsgen (the Quick Site Generator) is a static We... Télécharger
aiocp(freshmeat) AIOCP AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a Content M... Télécharger
gnujump(freshmeat) GNU Jump GNUjump is a clone of the simple yet addictive ... Télécharger
fpasteit(freshmeat) fpasteit fpasteit is a quick and dirty command line tool... Télécharger
keyczar(freshmeat) Keyczar Keyczar is a cryptographic toolkit designed to ... Télécharger
clam(freshmeat) CLAM CLAM is a multiplatform software framework for ... Télécharger
seek-h262(freshmeat) seek-h262 seek-h262 is a portable MPEG decoder. Télécharger
xmltvdb(freshmeat) xmltvdb xmltvdb creates a database from a set of xmltv ... Télécharger
php-nmap(freshmeat) PHP-NMAP PHP-NMAP is a PHP Web frontend for nmap, a netw... Télécharger
tilegtk(freshmeat) TileGTK TileGTK is a theme for the tile toolkit, which ... Télécharger
offlineimap(freshmeat) OfflineIMAP OfflineIMAP is a tool to simplify email reading... Télécharger
ncftp(freshmeat) NcFTP Client NcFTP Client (also known as NcFTP) is a set of ... Télécharger
utdock(freshmeat) UvumiTools Dock Menu UvumiTools Dock Menu turns your Web site's navi... Télécharger
radio-jockey(freshmeat) Radio jockey Radio jockey is a very simple program you can u... Télécharger
qsforums(freshmeat) Quicksilver Forums Quicksilver Forums is a fast, feature rich bull... Télécharger
autojar(freshmeat) Autojar Autojar helps create jar files of minimal size ... Télécharger
gm4lin(freshmeat) gm4lin gm4lin is a Linux driver for the serial port GM... Télécharger
seg3d(freshmeat) Seg3D Seg3D is a volume editing and processing tool t... Télécharger
narrange(freshmeat) NArrange NArrange is a tool for arranging .NET source co... Télécharger
corplot(freshmeat) corplot Corplot aims at processing open corrosion poten... Télécharger
kcomic(freshmeat) KComic KComic is a comic and image file viewer. Featur... Télécharger
wordfinder(freshmeat) Wordfinder Wordfinder is a simple application to help you ... Télécharger
bless(freshmeat) Bless Bless is a fast and customizable hex editor wri... Télécharger
projectpsi(freshmeat) PSIworld PSIworld (Programmable Scalable Interactive Wor... Télécharger
timemachine(freshmeat) TimeMachine The TimeMachine can record the entire contents ... Télécharger
dhcp-helper(freshmeat) dhcp-helper dhcp-helper is a DHCP relay agent. It allows th... Télécharger
wraplinux(freshmeat) WrapLinux WrapLinux is a utility to wrap a Linux kernel, ... Télécharger
tymproject(freshmeat) TYM Project TYM (Typo Manager) is software for managing fon... Télécharger
flex-mvn-report(freshmeat) Flex Maven Reports Flex Maven Reports includes various Maven repor... Télécharger
gnupspp(freshmeat) GNU PSPP PSPP is a free version of SPSS, a proprietary ... Télécharger
vfgen(freshmeat) VFGEN VFGEN is a program that takes a specification o... Télécharger
xclip(freshmeat) xclip xclip is a command line interface to the X11 cl... Télécharger
wiaflos(freshmeat) Wiaflos Accounting Wiaflos Accounting is an attempt to create a mu... Télécharger
simplelogbook(freshmeat) SimpleLogBook SimpleLogBook is a simple pilot's logbook. It's... Télécharger
jonpy(freshmeat) jonpy jonpy is a set of Python modules which provide ... Télécharger
pdftex(freshmeat) pdfTeX pdfTeX is an extended version of TeX that can c... Télécharger
processgetopt(freshmeat) process-getopt process-getopt is a wrapper around getopt(1) fo... Télécharger
dn-gallery(freshmeat) DN-Gallery DN-Gallery is a simple PHP/AJAX Web-based galle... Télécharger
php_calendar(freshmeat) PhpCalendar PhpCalendar is a PHP library to present a calen... Télécharger
jtodolist(freshmeat) jToDoList jToDoList is a sophisticated ToDo list. It is m... Télécharger
astrobuffer(freshmeat) AstroBuffer AstroBuffer is a CCD astrophotography image man... Télécharger
gaffitter(freshmeat) Genetic Algorithm File Fitter Genetic Algorithm File Fitter, GAFFitter for sh... Télécharger
qbankmanager(freshmeat) QBankManager QBankManager is a home banking program. It is t... Télécharger

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