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wwwsqldesigner(freshmeat) WWW SQL Designer WWW SQL Designer allows users to create databas... Télécharger
v8cgi(freshmeat) v8cgi v8cgi is a small set of C++ and JavaScript libr... Télécharger
tecomp(freshmeat) The Eiffel Compiler The Eiffel Compiler is a command line compiler ... Télécharger
amanda(freshmeat) Amanda Amanda is a popular network backup and archivin... Télécharger
_tcshrc(freshmeat) tcshrc The tcshrc package provides a well-organised se... Télécharger
tknewsii(freshmeat) TkNewsII TkNewsII is a QWK and NNTP echomail and Usenet ... Télécharger
miacms(freshmeat) MiaCMS MiaCMS is a content management system. It lets ... Télécharger
mtscrape(freshmeat) mtscrape mtscrape saves and converts programs from the o... Télécharger
inosync(freshmeat) inosync The inosync daemon leverages the inotify servic... Télécharger
bioperl(freshmeat) Bioperl Bioperl is set of Perl Modules for bioinformati... Télécharger
metslib(freshmeat) METSlib METSlib is an object-oriented metaheuristics fr... Télécharger
mplayerxp(freshmeat) MplayerXP MplayerXP is branch of the well-known mplayer t... Télécharger
foxrate(freshmeat) Foxrate mobile Foxrate mobile is a Currency Exchange applicati... Télécharger
shorewall(freshmeat) Shoreline Firewall Shorewall is an iptables-based firewall for Lin... Télécharger
porticron(freshmeat) porticron porticron is a simple shell script for portage,... Télécharger
smartrest(freshmeat) Smart Restaurant Smart Restaurant started as a fork of the well ... Télécharger
hardwar(freshmeat) Hardwar The goal of this project is to produce a remake... Télécharger
emptycrategameengine(freshmeat) EmptyCrate Game Engine EmptyCrate Game Engine allows for the creation ... Télécharger
libballistics(freshmeat) libballistics libballistics is an external ballistics library... Télécharger
lincity-ng(freshmeat) LinCity-NG LinCity-NG is a city simulation game. It is a p... Télécharger
oml(freshmeat) Open Macro Library Open Macro Library is a library of highly reusa... Télécharger
netmem(freshmeat) Netmem Netmem is a client-server software that manages... Télécharger
sofia-sip(freshmeat) Sofia-SIP Sofia-SIP is a SIP user agent library, complian... Télécharger
cupspdf(freshmeat) CUPS-PDF CUPS-PDF is a PDF writer backend for CUPS. It i... Télécharger
endgame_singularity(freshmeat) Endgame: Singularity Endgame: Singularity is a game which simulates ... Télécharger
roguelike-utils(freshmeat) Games::Roguelike::Utils Games::Roguelike::Utils is a Perl module for th... Télécharger
freevikings(freshmeat) FreeVikings FreeVikings is a clone of the DOS game Lost Vik... Télécharger
mediastreamer(freshmeat) mediastreamer Mediastreamer is a portable C library that allo... Télécharger
tiny-core-linux(freshmeat) Tiny Core Linux Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal... Télécharger
dulwich(freshmeat) dulwich Dulwich is a pure-Python implementation of the ... Télécharger
mailcleaner(freshmeat) MailCleaner MailCleaner is an anti-spam/anti-virus SMTP gat... Télécharger
plplot(freshmeat) PLplot PLplot is a library of C functions that are use... Télécharger
dtc(freshmeat) Domain Technologie Control Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a Web-based... Télécharger
minisnmpd(freshmeat) Mini SNMP Daemon Mini SNMP Daemon is a minimal implementation of... Télécharger
daloradius(freshmeat) daloRADIUS daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management... Télécharger
pydhcplib(freshmeat) pydhcplib Pydhcplib is a library to read, write, encode, ... Télécharger
projinfo(freshmeat) Projinfo project information recuperator (Projinfo) is d... Télécharger
ticklebomb(freshmeat) Tickle Bomb Tickle Bomb is a fun puzzle game that runs on p... Télécharger
jnitodo(freshmeat) jnitodo jnitodo is a todo list manager for the console.... Télécharger
freeguide-tv(freshmeat) FreeGuide TV Guide FreeGuide is a TV guide program. It allows you ... Télécharger
glade2c(freshmeat) glade2c Glade2c is a command line tool which generates ... Télécharger
pppd-sql(freshmeat) pppd-sql pppd-sql is a plugin for the Point-to-Point ser... Télécharger
infoquanta(freshmeat) infoQuanta infoQuanta is a light-weight Java library that ... Télécharger
pyflakes(freshmeat) Pyflakes Pyflakes is a program that analyzes Python prog... Télécharger
soundsort(freshmeat) soundsort Soundsort sorts a list of songs in an order whi... Télécharger
pigavision(freshmeat) PigaVision PigaVision is a software utility for using the ... Télécharger
ink(freshmeat) ink Ink is a command line tool which displays the i... Télécharger
pam-imap(freshmeat) pam_imap pam_imap is a PAM module that authenticates aga... Télécharger
calf(freshmeat) Calf Calf is a set of audio effect plugins. Several ... Télécharger
shellinabox(freshmeat) Shell In A Box Shell In A Box implements a Web server that can... Télécharger
ecoder(freshmeat) ecoder ecoder is a Web-based code editor written in PH... Télécharger
accelerando(freshmeat) Accelerando Accelerando is a musical metronome that can spe... Télécharger
i-doit(freshmeat) i-doit i-doit is a Web-based IT documentation and CMDB... Télécharger
exbase(freshmeat) Exbase Exbase is a backup system which aims to replace... Télécharger
cpt(freshmeat) connect proxy tunnel cpt aims to be running in front of any HTTPS se... Télécharger
gnureadline(freshmeat) GNU Readline The Readline library provides a set of function... Télécharger
tracemac(freshmeat) Tracemac Tracemac is a command-line C++ application that... Télécharger
bongolipi(freshmeat) BonGoLipi BonGoLipi is a transliteration tool for convert... Télécharger
storybook(freshmeat) Storybook Storybook is novel-writing software which helps... Télécharger
memcached_functions_for_mysql(freshmeat) Memcached Functions for MySQL This is a set of MySQL UDFs (user defined funct... Télécharger
gdhcpd(freshmeat) GDHCPD GDHCPD is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC ... Télécharger
aquosa(freshmeat) Adaptive Quality of Service Architecture AQuoSA is an open architecture for the provisio... Télécharger
lampiro(freshmeat) Lampiro Lampiro brings XMPP and GTalk to your mobile ph... Télécharger
conges(freshmeat) Conges Conges is a Web application for vacation manage... Télécharger
taglog(freshmeat) taglog Taglog is designed for anyone who spends most o... Télécharger
omr-mysql-php(sfnet) Optical Mark Recognition MySQL and PHP http://omr-ai.sourceforge.net/ described how to... Télécharger
xpn(freshmeat) X Python Newsreader X Python Newsreader (XPN) is a multi-platform n... Télécharger
fckeditor(freshmeat) FCKeditor FCKeditor is an HTML/DHTML editor for ASP, ASP.... Télécharger
jiplet(freshmeat) Jiplet Container Jiplet Container (Java SIP Servlet) is a servle... Télécharger
camaroes(freshmeat) Camaroes Camaroes is a professional and modular troubles... Télécharger
dio(freshmeat) dio dio is a generic input/output program for X. It... Télécharger
clker_comwordpressplugin(freshmeat) Clker.com WordPress plugin The Clker.com WordPress plugin allows you to ea... Télécharger
doxwiki(freshmeat) doxWiki doxWiki is a simple-to-use Wiki for a Web site,... Télécharger
anemondhcpclient(freshmeat) Anemon Dhcp Client The Anemon Dhcp Client is a part of the Anemon ... Télécharger
manqod(freshmeat) manqod manqod is a tool for handling any data for whic... Télécharger
biew(freshmeat) beye BEYE (Binary EYE) is a portable advanced file v... Télécharger
relman(freshmeat) relman relman is a tool that takes your source code, r... Télécharger
r0x(freshmeat) nmap-sql nmap-sql is a MySQL log interface for nmap. It ... Télécharger
alsaequal(freshmeat) alsaequal Alsaequal is a real-time adjustable equalizer p... Télécharger
beankeeper(freshmeat) BeanKeeper BeanKeeper is a full featured, powerful object/... Télécharger
scrum-air(freshmeat) Agile Information Radiator Agile Information Radiator is an application to... Télécharger
nessconnect(freshmeat) Nessconnect Nessconnect is a GUI, CLI, and API client for N... Télécharger
gslist(freshmeat) Gslist Gslist is a console game server browser which i... Télécharger
ck-erp(freshmeat) CK-ERP CK-ERP is an accounting, educational, MRP, ERP,... Télécharger
kdiff-ext(freshmeat) kdiff-ext Diff-ext is an extension for file managers such... Télécharger
echo2(freshmeat) Echo2 Web Framework Echo2 is a reinvention of the Echo Web Framewor... Télécharger
miniwebsvr(freshmeat) MiniWebsvr MiniWebsvr is a small Web server that aims to o... Télécharger
fetchconfig(freshmeat) fetchconfig fetchconfig is a Perl script for retrieving con... Télécharger
backup-manager(freshmeat) Backup Manager Backup Manager is a tool for generating archive... Télécharger
qtada(freshmeat) QtAda QtAda is an Ada2005 language binding to the Qt ... Télécharger
crossvc(freshmeat) CrossVC CrossVC is a cross-platform version control cli... Télécharger
vbdrupal(freshmeat) vbDrupal vbDrupal is a fork of the popular CMS Drupal ti... Télécharger
jgap(freshmeat) JGAP JGAP (pronounced "jay-gap") is a gene... Télécharger
uck(freshmeat) Ubuntu Customization Kit Ubuntu Customization Kit is a tool that helps y... Télécharger
openfiler(freshmeat) Openfiler Openfiler is a powerful, Linux-powered, intuiti... Télécharger
commoncpp2(freshmeat) GNU Common C++ Common C++ is a highly portable C++ class libra... Télécharger
cobol2j(freshmeat) cobol2j cobol2j reads or writes COBOL or RPG data files... Télécharger
sitemapgen4j(freshmeat) SitemapGen4j SitemapGen4j is a Java library to generate XML ... Télécharger
gear-rpm(freshmeat) gear (RPM) gear is a tool for maintaining and building SRP... Télécharger
xslthl(freshmeat) XSLT syntax highlighting XSLT syntax highlighting is an implementation o... Télécharger

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